Get Organized in the New Year

by Safeguard 26. January 2015 04:58

Getting organized in the New Year means more than buying a new calendar and keeping track of your events. It also means de-cluttering your home or office space and removing all distraction and stress from your life. With Safeguard’s Miramar, FL storage units or a Hollis, NY storage unit rental, you have a place to store your clutter so that you can focus on achieving your goals in a cleaner, more organized space.

It's hard to throw out things you've collected over the years and part with items that have sentimental value. It's also difficult to find extra space for those items and still keep your room organized and tidy. If you have a cluttered home or office, you can get organized easily by changing your outlook in the New Year.

1. Keep what matters the most.

Start in each room, and place all the things you plan to keep in one pile. Set the things you can depart with in a separate pile. Pack your keepsakes in boxes, label them with a black marker and store them in a Safeguard Self Storage unit.

2. Organize all paperwork in filing cabinets.

It's easy to clutter a desk with old and new paperwork. Invest in a desk-side filing cabinet, and file the paperwork away for a more organized work area.

3. Simplify your space.

Furniture and decor add up over time. Simplify your space by moving unnecessary items to a storage unit. You can store your belongings in the unit for safekeeping or organize it all and have a yard sale later for extra income.

Get Organized With Self Storage

De-clutter your home or office space with a Hollis, NY storage unit rental or a Miramar, FL storage unit. You can enjoy a more organized, stress-free environment and keep your belongings securely packed away. Find a Safeguard Self Storage near you to help you start the New Year off right. 


Make Room for Holiday Visitors

by Safeguard 22. December 2014 08:07

When you live in an exciting, world-class city like Chicago or New York, you likely have many visitors. Especially this time of year, friends and family enjoy traveling to the big city to enjoy the lights, shopping and festivities of these destination cities. Due to the desirability of these areas, attainable real estate tends to run on the small side. You may not have ample room for guests in your apartment or house, but self storage can help you make space for visitors. Whether you'll be hosting one friend or an entire family, Chicago, IL self storage and Brooklyn, NY household storage will allow you to be a gracious host and show off your town during the holidays.

You can clear out an extra room or area in your house to create a temporary guest room for any visitors. An office, den, or entertainment space can be converted into a comfortable guest quarters with a few simple tweaks. First you will want to move excess furniture and clutter out of the area and stash it in a Safeguard Self Storage unit. Use an air mattress, sofa or futon as a bed for guests. Provide clean linens, towels and a pretty soap for a special touch. It’s not a bad idea to ensure an area for guests to keep their belongings during their stay, such as a small set of drawers or a wicker basket. A vase with fresh flowers will brighten the room.

If seasonal decorations clog your attic, basement or spare room, consider taking this opportunity to simplify all holiday decorating. Gather the year's decorative items, group them by holiday and place them in clear plastic containers. Create an inventory list for each tub and place them in your Safeguard Self Storage unit so it faces outward. You'll be able to see each container's contents at a glance; this practice translates especially well to post-Christmas decoration storage.

Now that you've placed seasonal items in storage and thoroughly cleaned your home, preparing for holiday guests will be infinitely easier. Whether you reserve Brooklyn, NY household storage or Chicago, IL self storage, your organizational efforts will become part of your annual holiday preparations. This affordable option also keeps non-seasonal items secure all year long. Contact Safeguard Self Storage today for secure, convenient holiday or year-round storage options.  

Keep Santa's Secret Safe with Self Storage

by Safeguard 19. December 2014 13:04

One of the trickiest things about preparing for the holidays is secretly wrapping and storing Christmas gifts. That's especially true when there are little ones underfoot, and particularly difficult when large, bulky gifts are involved. Instead of chasing everyone away to wrap in peace and hoping no one stumbles upon the bounty, why not opt for a Metairie, LA storage rental? A storage unit will give you the privacy and peace you need to get every last detail just right before Christmas morning rolls around. With our Miami, FL storage units, there's no need to spend a fortune, either.

Shop and Drop with a Metairie LA Storage Rental

Arriving home with a car full of gifts that still need to be wrapped can be a stressful situation. At any step along the way, a family member could cross your path and discover what will be waiting beneath the tree in a few weeks' time. Imagine how much easier it would be to do your shopping and then drop everything off at a nearby self storage unit instead. Your gifts will be safe in a Miami, FL storage unit, so you can completely eliminate the risk of being caught red-handed.

Move Santa's Workshop to a Storage Unit

Nothing is better than seeing everyone's surprised faces as they open their presents on Christmas morning. By storing your gifts in a Safeguard Metairie, LA storage rental, you can rest assured that the beans will remain un-spilled until the big day. This is an affordable, easy way to eliminate the stress of sneaking around in the days and weeks leading up to the holidays. Storage units are available in the local area, so there's no need to drive far to keep everything you've purchased under wraps and away from prying eyes.


Contact Safeguard Self Storage in Metairie, LA, Miami, FL, or any of our locations across Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania for holiday storage or year-round self storage needs.  

October is National Stamp Collecting Month

by Safeguard 27. October 2014 11:29

In 1981, the U.S. Postal Service proclaimed October to be National Stamp Collecting Month. Originally intended as an event to encourage stamp collecting by American children between the ages of 8 and 12, NSCM is now celebrated by philatelists and stamp enthusiasts of all ages. To commemorate the annual event, the USPS releases new stamps in late September and throughout the month of October.

Kinds of stamps to collect

Topical stamp collectors put together groups of stamps that feature everything from airplanes to wild animals. Space-themed stamp collections are popular, too. Every stamp collection is unique, but they all have one thing in common: educational fun.

Anyone can enjoy stamp collecting

Stamp collecting has been called the hobby of kings, but you certainly don't have to be royalty to enjoy this delightful American pastime. Starting a collection doesn't require any financial layout; simply peel the canceled stamp off the next envelope that you receive via snail-mail.

Once you've begun to amass a sizable collection, you will probably want to save your stamps in a scrapbook devoted to your new avocation. Paper postage stamps must be kept away from bright sunlight and sources of humidity. If you don't have a safe place to keep your collection at home, look into Safeguard’s Bronx, NY self storage facilities. If you're closer to Yonkers, Safeguard also has plenty of Yonkers, NY storage lockers to safely stash your collection. Safeguard Self Storage offers the amenities you need in a Bronx or Yonkers Self Storage Unit such as computer controlled recorded access, digital video recording, unit door alarms, air conditioned and heated storage units and drive in loading areas all designed to keep your stamps or anything else you may store in good condition.

Protecting your collection

The biggest enemies of ephemera are sunlight and water. Either can destroy a sentimental and valuable stamp collection. When stored properly, however, a stamp collection can last longer than a lifetime. If you are no longer adding to your childhood stamp collection, you can preserve it for your grandkids in a climate-controlled storage unit at your neighborhood Safeguard Self Storage.





Create Your Own Haunted House

by Safeguard 24. October 2014 11:58

Create Your Own Haunted House

This year, enjoy a fun family activity by creating your own haunted house for Halloween. With the right decorations, lighting and music, your home will be the place that trick-or-treaters will be delighted to visit. Once you’re finished embracing the spirit of Halloween with décor, you can stash it out of the way in a self storage unit. With a New Orleans storage unit rental, you can keep your home’s space neat and organized. 

Getting Started

 To create the scariest haunted house in your neighborhood, select a spooky theme. Consider making your home look like an abandoned asylum or eerie cemetery. Be sure to involve your family in the theme selection by taking a vote. Also, limit your use of commercially produced props. Instead, be creative and repurpose household objects or purchase a few affordable items from your local secondhand store.

You can create ‘eyeballs’ in a tree by painting two white beach balls with black ‘pupils’, and placing them in a tree in your yard. Do it yourself ‘spider webs’ can be crated with trash bags (cute them like a paper snowflake) or cotton batting. Spooky window silhouettes of spiders, bats, witches and ghouls can be cut from black cardboard for an eye-catching effect. Your imagination is the limit!

Keep in mind that you can use a Philadelphia storage unit to store your holiday décor once the season has passed.

Eerie Effects

If your family has selected a cemetery theme, raise the fright level with graveyard gates. You can even make them creak by including sound effects. On Halloween night, increase your graveyard’s spookiness with a floating layer of hazy mist. To do this, use a fog machine or dry ice. Your children can enhance the eeriness of the fog by dropping glow sticks into the vessel containing the dry ice. When it's time to store your Halloween decorations, rent a Philadelphia storage unit that is large enough to hold all of your seasonal paraphernalia.

Storage Tips

If you own Halloween decorations that you want to enjoy year after year, be sure to store them safely in your New Orleans storage unit rental. For example, enclose breakable items in bubble wrap before placing them inside a storage crate or box. Also, set large items near the back of your self storage unit, and place your smaller belongings close to the front. With organization and meticulous packing, your Halloween décor will be ready to scare trick-or-treaters year after year.

Find a Safeguard Self Storage near you for all of your holiday and seasonal storage needs. 

Solar Power System Installed at Elizabeth, New Jersey Store

by Safeguard 21. October 2014 04:48

Safeguard Self Storage is committed to fostering environmentally friendly practices, so we are thrilled to announce the installation of new solar power systems at one of our facilities. We began producing solar power at our Elizabeth, New Jersey store on October 17, 2014. The solar power system was acquired from Trinity Solar, a major retailer and installer of solar power systems in the northeastern United States. The solar power system is designed to produce 129.6 KW of electricity, which is expected to supply about 80 percent of the store’s electricity needs.

Our Elizabeth self storage facility has many features that require electricity. These top-of-line features include computer-controlled recorded access, digital video recording, individual door alarms, facility-wide intercom system and much more.

Safeguard Self Storage does not intend to stop there! Installations of solar power systems are underway at 25 other stores in the company’s portfolio in New Jersey and New York. These systems are slated to go online and begin producing power later this year and early 2015. We already have a fully operational solar power system at our Thornwood, New York store, which provides over two-thirds of the store’s power needs. 

The system will drive NOI higher while helping Safeguard and its clientele reduce their impact on the environment. If you’re looking for self storage in your area, contact Safeguard Self Storage today! We’ll ensure that your belongings stay safe, while making sure our facilities stay green. 

Aging Parents and their Belongings

by Safeguard 30. September 2014 04:49

Are you a Baby Boomer with aging parents in NY? If so, you may wish to consider the best ways to watch out for the good people who raised you as they ease into their old age. There may well come a time when good old Mom and Dad will need to make a major change of residence.

Maybe your elderly parent wishes to remain independent, but their long-time house is just too big for them to manage anymore. If this is indeed the case, help them throw a fabulous yard sale before they move to a smaller dwelling. Treasures they cannot bear to part with can be carefully crated and kept in air conditioned and heated self storage in Yonkers, NY.

If your parent can no longer live alone due to infirmity, you might want to make the loving gesture of inviting your aged loved one to move in and share your home. If you are unable to do so, perhaps a sibling can. In either case, there's a good chance that some or even most of your parent's belongings will need to be put into temporary safekeeping. Safeguard’s state-of-the-art storage units in Yonkers, NY can provide exactly that.

If your aging parent is able to make good decisions, by all means allow them to choose what things to sell, what things to give away, and which treasures to put into climate controlled self storage in Yonkers. If your folks have always been fiercely independent, that's not likely to change simply because they have to downsize a lifetime of belongings.

Keep available at least a few special items that make your parent feel at home and and store the rest in Safeguard Self Storage NY storage units in Yonkers which are equipped with computer controlled access, unit door alarms, digital video recording and storage facility wide intercom system for peace of mind. Also, Safeguard Self Storage is located at 188 S. Broadway for the ultimate in convenient access. Ready to learn more? Call (914) 222-1519 and ask us how to get your first month of storage for only 99 cents!

New Device Maximizes Small Spaces

by Safeguard 25. September 2014 06:58

A new, high-tech invention, called CityHome, uses robotic technology to transform closets and small spaces into an area that provides greater storage and functionality than its size would suggest. The astonishing storage system includes kitchen appliances, a bed, table, and closet and storage space to maximize small spaces. A boon for New Yorkers, CityHome brings “Star Trek” spaceship technology to urban living in cramped quarters. (See the demo here.) This inventive device could prove life-changing for city dwellers, especially when used in conjunction with storage units to stow away excess belongings.

Self Storage in Manhattan

One of the mainstays for urban living is using NY storage units in Manhattan to make better use of living space, store seasonal items and provide air conditioned and heated storage for treasured mementos and family heirlooms. Safeguard Self Storage in Manhattan offers many custom storage options to keep your items safe, sound and out of the way of your daily life.

Designing Your Life so that Each Part Reflects Deliberate Intentions

Large homes might feel spacious and airy, but urban dwellers understand the premium costs associated with free space. People with large living spaces fill them with nonessential possessions, and the space generates stress for maintaining the space and affording rents, mortgages and utilities. Tips for maximizing space in small NY apartments include:

  • Regularly inventory your possessions, and discard unwanted items.
  • Store items at Safeguard NY storage units in Manhattan to make room for seasonal accessories.
  • Store items that aren't immediately needed on high shelves or under beds.
  • Closets are usually haphazard repositories, but careful organization can more than double storage space.
  • Store small wares in decorative baskets to stay organized and eliminate clutter.
  • Consider sharing large items with family, friends or business associates.
  • Rolling carts can conveniently store items that are only used occasionally.
  • Use ottomans, credenzas and end tables that double as storage space.

Thinking creatively and embracing an uncluttered lifestyle help NY residents get the maximum benefits from small living spaces. Safeguard Self Storage in Manhattan and surrounding areas offers signature benefits for the urban lifestyle in the most densely populated city in the United States. New Yorkers enjoy the greatest city in the world, and residents can proudly store those items they don't immediately need to maximize their small apartments and live large in America's urban utopia.

Keep Kids Organized for School

by Safeguard 23. September 2014 06:27

When your kids go back to school, organization is the key to managing the family. Once school starts, you’ll have busy schedules to keep track of since most kids participate in numerous extracurricular activities. Parents must also deal with homework due dates, overflowing backpacks and making sure their child brings the class snack on the right day.

Schedule Organization Tips

Consider tracking everyone's schedules and responsibilities on a large whiteboard since you can hang it in your kitchen where each family member is likely to see it. Purchase one with a preprinted calendar or draw one on the board. List each person’s name along with the days on which activities are held. The whiteboard allows you to add and eliminate activities when changes occur.

Homework Area

When you have more than one child in school, it can be challenging to track everyone’s papers and extra school items. Organization cubes can help. Let your children select a cube color, and make it a rule that at the end of the day, each child’s homework and school supplies must be placed in the cube. When your kids bring home special mementos that you want to keep, Safeguard storage units in Philadelphia can help you manage the paper clutter in your home.

Backpack Containment

To prevent backpacks from overwhelming your kitchen, set up a containment area. Place a coatrack or hooks near the location where your kids enter your home every day to make it easy for them to put their backpacks away. During the summer, you may wish to store the backpacks, fall clothing, sports equipment, and other school supplies in your Philadelphia self storage unit.

Storage Units in Philadelphia Can Help

Treasured schoolwork, beloved art projects, band instruments and sports equipment results can be stored in your Philadelphia self storage unit. With the extra space, you can keep your home organized and clutter-free while holding on to the memories of your children’s schooldays. 

Safeguard Self Storage for Pharmaceutical Reps

by Safeguard 9. September 2014 07:32

Pharmaceutical company representatives typically spend a lot of time on the road. Travelling is a must when samples need to be taken to dozens of medical offices, and reps visit between four and eight physicians every day. Carrying samples and other gear in a personal vehicle can become overwhelming, and these items take up valuable space at home. Safeguard’s Chicago storage units offer these professionals an option for keeping their samples and equipment close at hand without letting these products take over their lives.

Unique Requirements in Chicago Storage Units  

 Pharmaceutical reps have a unique set of requirements when they are searching for Chicago, IL private storage. 

 1.    Climate Control. Chicago, IL business storage allows reps to keep their samples safe from extreme temperatures. Many medications need to be kept in a cool, dry location, and indoor storage units meet this requirement.

 2.    Security. Supplies will need to be kept in a secure location. Safeguard Self Storage facilities are equipped with the security features such as computer controlled access, digital video recording and individual storage unit alarms to help protect your items. Reps can rest assured knowing Safeguard Self Storage facilities use state-of-the-art security features to safeguard your belongings.

 3.    Accessibility. Longer access hours and easy accessibility means samples are available from storage when reps need them. Safeguard’s Chicago storage units have drive-in loading areas for easy access. Pharmaceutical reps can drive in, load and unload their gear, and be on their way quickly. Convenient storage facility locations also make it easy for reps to get what they need and get on the road again.

 4.    Size Options. Different storage unit size options allow reps to rent a space that works for their needs. Bins or temporary shelving can be used in conjunction with labels to help reps find exactly what they need before a meeting with a medical professional. 

Investing in Chicago, IL Business Storage

Chicago, IL private storage units fulfill the needs of pharmaceutical reps. It is important for samples to be kept secure in a climate-controlled environment, and storage units ensure that this is possible. Invest in Chicago, IL business storage and start living a clutter-free life. Storage facilities help you to keep your business supplies nearby and conveniently out of your home. Safeguard Self Storage has storage facilities throughout Illinois. Contact Safeguard Self Storage to find a storage facility near you.



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