Security Matters: Safeguard Self Storage Security Features

by Safeguard 25. February 2015 04:42

When you opt to put your personal belongings in Philadelphia, PA storage units, you want to choose a storage facility that offers outstanding security features. Gain peace of mind by choosing a Philadelphia, PA storage unit from an industry leader such as Safeguard Self Storage. Here are the security features that Safeguard offers.

Computer-Controlled Access

Instead of offering a facility that is open to the general public, Safeguard Philadelphia, PA storage facilities feature computer-controlled access that ensures only customers have access to the storage units. Computers verify the customer code and then records the activity as access the storage area and their personal storage unit.

Individual Unit Door Alarms

Each Philadelphia Safeguard storage unit is equipped with a unit door alarm that will notify the store team should the unit be opened without the access code being entered into the system. The system works like a burglar alarm would on a home.

Digital Video Recording

Digital video recording is a security feature that offers two primary benefits. First, potential thieves will be deterred by the presence of cameras at every point of entry \ exit of the property. Second, any thieves who dare to brave the Safeguard security features should be caught on camera, making it easier to identify and prosecute them.

Store-Wide Intercom System

While Safeguard offers a plethora of security features intended to make you feel comfortable while you are in the facility, there are times when you might feel uneasy anyway. To give you total peace of mind when you are accessing your personal belongings, we offer a store-wide intercom system that lets you contact our store team for assistance during office hours. 

High-Quality Storage Unit Locks

If you want to go above and beyond the security features that
Philadelphia, PA storage units offer, you can purchase a high-quality unit lock directly from Safeguard. These locks are specifically made to keep storage units locked tight and deter would-be thieves from attempting to gain access.

Locate a storage facility near you today! Safeguard Self Storage has 7 Philadelphia, PA storage facilities:


Furniture Storage 101

by Safeguard 23. February 2015 06:59

Whether you are transitioning to a new home or need to get rid of some of your current furniture to make room for new pieces, keeping your furniture properly stored is an important step in maintaining the condition of these pieces. Follow these storage tips from Safeguard Self Storage to correctly prepare your furniture for Chicago, IL self storage.

Preparing Furniture for Storage

Preparation is the most important step of storing your furniture. If it is possible to disassemble the pieces that you will be storing, it is best to do so. This makes it easier to move them, and each piece will be easier to cover for storage purposes.

Clean each piece thoroughly with mild soap, making sure that furniture is completely dry before being moved to storage. Some wood pieces also require a coating of wax in order to protect the piece, but be sure to determine the type of wood and finish before choosing the appropriate type of wax to use. 

Upholstered items can be cleaned with a handheld shampooer. As with wooden furniture, be sure that the entire piece is dry before moving it to storage.

The Importance of Furniture Covers

Furniture covers keep your pieces protected from dirt and dust to ensure that they will remain just as clean and pristine as they were the day you placed them in Chicago, IL storage units. Use cloth covers to maintain a breathable surface and prevent damage.

Finding the Best Unit for Furniture Storage

The delicate nature of furniture means that choosing the right
Chicago, IL storage units is a must. Furniture that contains any type of wood should generally be placed in a unit that is climate controlled (air conditioned & heated), as extreme temperatures and rapid changes in temperature can cause the wood to warp. Plush or upholstered furniture should also be stored in climate controlled storage units, as high humidity has the potential to cause molding in these materials.

For added peace of mind for your Chicago, IL storage unit, consider investing in a storage insurance policy. These policies can protect your belongings should something unexpected happen while the items are in storage. Find a nearby Safeguard Self Storage facility today, and get your extra furniture stored today.

We have 11 self storage facilities throughout Illinois with more being developed:

·         Addison - 21W379 Lake Street

·         Arlington Heights - 523 W Algonquin Road

·         Bridgeview - 9800 S. Harlem Avenue

·         Chicago - South Loop - 1353 S. Wabash Avenue

·         Darien - 8131 Lemont Road

·         Des Plaines - 2020 Mannheim Road

·         Lombard - 638 E. St Charles Road

·         Lyons - 4310 1st Avenue

·         McCook - 9001 West 47th Street

·         Palatine - 1136 E. NW Highway

·         West Rogers Park - 6014 N. California Ave.


Beat the Miami Heat: Climate Controlled Storage in Florida

by Safeguard 20. February 2015 04:30

If you intend to store sensitive possessions in Safeguard Self Storage in Florida, they may need protection from extreme temperatures, dust and humidity. Fortunately, climate controlled Miami, FL storage units are available. Climate controlled units are air conditioned like your home to provide the ultimate protection by managing the storage space’s interior temperature. This type of unit also prevents dirt and debris from coming into contact with your delicate items. 

Many valuables need the kind of protection that climate controlled units can provide. Articles like clothing, pictures and documents along with paintings, books, electronics and antiques require a high level of protection when they are in storage. For long-term storage, climate controlled units are the best storage option.

Protection from Temperature Fluctuations 

Temperature variations can cause old book covers to crack and classic vinyl records to warp. Extreme temperature changes can also damage wood-based items. For instance, furniture pieces and musical instruments can split or rot when they are stored in places that experience drastic changes in temperature. Paintings, business records and books can also be damaged by high and low temperatures.

Dust and Pest Defense 

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a storage unit’s interior air quality, but dust and debris also cause damage. If you’re storing electronics, a climate controlled Miami, FL private storage unit is the best way to protect them. Most storage facilities install air circulators to keep the air in your unit clean and free of dirt. 

Safeguard Self Storage also protects storage units from bugs and rodents by utilizing local pest control services. This feature will protect your fabric items along with your wood-based pieces.  Climate controlled
Miami, FL storage units are equipped with a high level of security features to provide you with peace of mind. If you have sensitive items that need top notch self storage, contact Safeguard Self Storage to find a climate controlled storage unit in your area.

We have 7 self storage facilities serving the good people of Miami, FL with more being developed:

·         Palmetto Bay\Perrine – 17171 South Dixie Highway

·         Miami – Palmetto Expressway – 16701 Park Centre Blvd.

·         West Miami – 7691 NW 12th Street

·         Miami Design District – 515 NW 36th Street

·         Coconut Grove – 2650 SW 28th Lane

·         Miami – Gratigny Parkway – 12000 NW 27th Ave.

·         Miami – 800 West Flagler Street



Five Organization Tips for Big Families Living in Small Spaces

by Safeguard 18. February 2015 04:34

If you have a large family and are living in a small home, then keeping clutter at bay to use your space efficiently is a major challenge. With organization, you can do it. To take full advantage of the space you have available in your home, consider implementing five organization tips:

Putting the Entryway in Order
Large families have an abundance of homework folders, shoes and backpacks. To tame the clutter, purchase a cubby for every member of the family, and place them near the front door. Make it a rule that everyone is to unload their gear into their cubbies upon entering the house.

Adding Structure to Your Kitchen
Purchase drawer and cabinet dividers, or buy wood to customize your own. Be sure to organize the contents of your cabinets according to use. For instance, keep all of your bakeware in one spot, and store your pans in another. Also, consider using small bins to organize the food in your pantry.

Purchasing Furniture that Provides Storage
For living room and family room areas, buy furniture that you can use for storage. An armoire is perfect for storing blankets and toys while an old dresser in your kitchen can help you keep papers and loose items organized.

Installing Custom Closets
Custom closets will ensure that you are using these storage areas as efficiently and effectively as possible. Organization of small bedrooms is vital to maximize the usability of the room. In addition, you can request designs that include dressers and shelves to eliminate these furniture pieces from the room area.

Renting a Storage Unit
Take advantage of a Baton Rouge storage unit rental when your home begins to feel congested. The added space is perfect for stowing holiday décor, out of season clothing items and heirlooms. Safeguard Self Storage Baton Rouge storage lockers are conveniently located and equipped with many security features.

With organization, big families can live comfortably in small spaces. Keep in mind that Baton Rouge storage lockers are available for seasonal items and the valuable possessions that no longer fit inside your home. A Baton Rouge storage unit rental will protect your belongings until you need them. Safeguard Self Storage has storage facilities throughout Louisiana. Find the Louisiana self storage facility most convenient for you:

Protect Your Stored Belongings with a Secure Lock

by Safeguard 16. February 2015 10:08

Modern self storage facilities are not a particularly popular target for thieves as these types of structures typically have security features that act as strong deterrents to this type of activity. Security features should include computer controlled access, individual door alarms, digital video cameras and store-wide intercom systems. However, if you intend to store valuable possessions, be sure to select a secure lock for your Safeguard Self Storage Brooklyn, NY mini storage unit. Popular options include disc locks, cylinder locks and closed shackle padlocks.

Disc Locks

Disc locks feature enhanced security elements. This type of lock can withstand attacks involving picking equipment, sledgehammers and drills. A disc lock has a sturdily constructed shackle that attaches tightly around the door latch of a storage unit. This design element makes it next to impossible for would-be thieves to attach bolt cutters to the shackle of the lock. The locking mechanism of a disc lock also has anti-pick components. This kind of lock is the most popular securing device for self storage units.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are especially secure because they are placed inside of the latch of your Brooklyn, NY mini storage unit. This setup is similar to the locking mechanism found on expensive equipment. Cylinder locks cannot be cut off the door’s latch since they don’t protrude away from it. In addition, they are extremely tough and resistant to being drilled or picked.

Even More Protection

Some home insurance policies may cover the property that you store in an off-premise storage facility, but they may not protect you in all types of loss situations. Therefore, when you place belongings in storage, consider taking out a supplemental insurance policy for extra protection. By placing a disc or cylinder lock on the unit most insurance companies will waive the policy deductible should any issues occur. 

Safeguard’s Hollis, NY storage facilities strive to protect your belongings from temperature fluctuations, moisture, dust and pests. To make sure your unit is extra secure, purchase a lock that will discourage thieves. Before buying any lock, contact Safeguard Self Storage to confirm the securing device’s compatibility with the unit’s latches, or just purchase a high security disc or cylinder lock from Safeguard at a great price. For added peace of mind, take out an extended insurance policy for your stored goods. For your convenience there are different insurance policies available at Safeguard Self Storage with coverage provided by Bader Insurance. Safeguard Self Storage has locations throughout New York. Click here to find a Safeguard New York storage facility near you.

Starting a Small Business from Home

by Safeguard 30. January 2015 08:00

If you're starting a new business, you can keep overhead low by working from home and using a self-storage unit for your business-related items. A Bronx, NY business storage unit or Lombard, IL business storage unit from Safeguard gives you extra space you might not have at home, without breaking the bank.

Starting a Home-Based Business

To start working from home, you need to create a dedicated space to conduct your business. Therefore, you may have to clean out a spare bedroom or make space in a living room for a desk and any office furniture and items you need.

1. Find a space.

Locate an area in your home that can serve as your work space. Clean out a cluttered bedroom, and store the items in a storage unit. If you don't have a spare room, select an area in a walk-in closet or in a corner somewhere with the least distractions.

2. Set up an office.

Create a simple office space with a desk, an ergonomic chair, a table lamp and a laptop. Place a floor filing unit next to the desk to store paperwork and to organize all your files. Keep things simple to prevent cluttering the space with unnecessary items.

3. Set your hours.

Treat your home business as you would any job. Set your hours of operation, and stick to your schedule. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals, and track each day to see how well you're progressing.

Get Extra Office Space with Self Storage

With a spare room and a self-storage unit, you can have an office and an inventory warehouse for your home-based business. A Bronx, NY business storage or Lombard, IL business storage unit offers plenty of space for merchandise, and you can always set up shelving for additional space and keep everything clean and organized. If you’re interested in creating extra space in your home or storing your business items, find a Safeguard Self Storage near you. 


Get Organized in the New Year

by Safeguard 26. January 2015 04:58

Getting organized in the New Year means more than buying a new calendar and keeping track of your events. It also means de-cluttering your home or office space and removing all distraction and stress from your life. With Safeguard’s Miramar, FL storage units or a Hollis, NY storage unit rental, you have a place to store your clutter so that you can focus on achieving your goals in a cleaner, more organized space.

It's hard to throw out things you've collected over the years and part with items that have sentimental value. It's also difficult to find extra space for those items and still keep your room organized and tidy. If you have a cluttered home or office, you can get organized easily by changing your outlook in the New Year.

1. Keep what matters the most.

Start in each room, and place all the things you plan to keep in one pile. Set the things you can depart with in a separate pile. Pack your keepsakes in boxes, label them with a black marker and store them in a Safeguard Self Storage unit.

2. Organize all paperwork in filing cabinets.

It's easy to clutter a desk with old and new paperwork. Invest in a desk-side filing cabinet, and file the paperwork away for a more organized work area.

3. Simplify your space.

Furniture and decor add up over time. Simplify your space by moving unnecessary items to a storage unit. You can store your belongings in the unit for safekeeping or organize it all and have a yard sale later for extra income.

Get Organized With Self Storage

De-clutter your home or office space with a Hollis, NY storage unit rental or a Miramar, FL storage unit. You can enjoy a more organized, stress-free environment and keep your belongings securely packed away. Find a Safeguard Self Storage near you to help you start the New Year off right. 


Make Room for Holiday Visitors

by Safeguard 22. December 2014 08:07

When you live in an exciting, world-class city like Chicago or New York, you likely have many visitors. Especially this time of year, friends and family enjoy traveling to the big city to enjoy the lights, shopping and festivities of these destination cities. Due to the desirability of these areas, attainable real estate tends to run on the small side. You may not have ample room for guests in your apartment or house, but self storage can help you make space for visitors. Whether you'll be hosting one friend or an entire family, Chicago, IL self storage and Brooklyn, NY household storage will allow you to be a gracious host and show off your town during the holidays.

You can clear out an extra room or area in your house to create a temporary guest room for any visitors. An office, den, or entertainment space can be converted into a comfortable guest quarters with a few simple tweaks. First you will want to move excess furniture and clutter out of the area and stash it in a Safeguard Self Storage unit. Use an air mattress, sofa or futon as a bed for guests. Provide clean linens, towels and a pretty soap for a special touch. It’s not a bad idea to ensure an area for guests to keep their belongings during their stay, such as a small set of drawers or a wicker basket. A vase with fresh flowers will brighten the room.

If seasonal decorations clog your attic, basement or spare room, consider taking this opportunity to simplify all holiday decorating. Gather the year's decorative items, group them by holiday and place them in clear plastic containers. Create an inventory list for each tub and place them in your Safeguard Self Storage unit so it faces outward. You'll be able to see each container's contents at a glance; this practice translates especially well to post-Christmas decoration storage.

Now that you've placed seasonal items in storage and thoroughly cleaned your home, preparing for holiday guests will be infinitely easier. Whether you reserve Brooklyn, NY household storage or Chicago, IL self storage, your organizational efforts will become part of your annual holiday preparations. This affordable option also keeps non-seasonal items secure all year long. Contact Safeguard Self Storage today for secure, convenient holiday or year-round storage options.  

Keep Santa's Secret Safe with Self Storage

by Safeguard 19. December 2014 13:04

One of the trickiest things about preparing for the holidays is secretly wrapping and storing Christmas gifts. That's especially true when there are little ones underfoot, and particularly difficult when large, bulky gifts are involved. Instead of chasing everyone away to wrap in peace and hoping no one stumbles upon the bounty, why not opt for a Metairie, LA storage rental? A storage unit will give you the privacy and peace you need to get every last detail just right before Christmas morning rolls around. With our Miami, FL storage units, there's no need to spend a fortune, either.

Shop and Drop with a Metairie LA Storage Rental

Arriving home with a car full of gifts that still need to be wrapped can be a stressful situation. At any step along the way, a family member could cross your path and discover what will be waiting beneath the tree in a few weeks' time. Imagine how much easier it would be to do your shopping and then drop everything off at a nearby self storage unit instead. Your gifts will be safe in a Miami, FL storage unit, so you can completely eliminate the risk of being caught red-handed.

Move Santa's Workshop to a Storage Unit

Nothing is better than seeing everyone's surprised faces as they open their presents on Christmas morning. By storing your gifts in a Safeguard Metairie, LA storage rental, you can rest assured that the beans will remain un-spilled until the big day. This is an affordable, easy way to eliminate the stress of sneaking around in the days and weeks leading up to the holidays. Storage units are available in the local area, so there's no need to drive far to keep everything you've purchased under wraps and away from prying eyes.


Contact Safeguard Self Storage in Metairie, LA, Miami, FL, or any of our locations across Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania for holiday storage or year-round self storage needs.  

October is National Stamp Collecting Month

by Safeguard 27. October 2014 11:29

In 1981, the U.S. Postal Service proclaimed October to be National Stamp Collecting Month. Originally intended as an event to encourage stamp collecting by American children between the ages of 8 and 12, NSCM is now celebrated by philatelists and stamp enthusiasts of all ages. To commemorate the annual event, the USPS releases new stamps in late September and throughout the month of October.

Kinds of stamps to collect

Topical stamp collectors put together groups of stamps that feature everything from airplanes to wild animals. Space-themed stamp collections are popular, too. Every stamp collection is unique, but they all have one thing in common: educational fun.

Anyone can enjoy stamp collecting

Stamp collecting has been called the hobby of kings, but you certainly don't have to be royalty to enjoy this delightful American pastime. Starting a collection doesn't require any financial layout; simply peel the canceled stamp off the next envelope that you receive via snail-mail.

Once you've begun to amass a sizable collection, you will probably want to save your stamps in a scrapbook devoted to your new avocation. Paper postage stamps must be kept away from bright sunlight and sources of humidity. If you don't have a safe place to keep your collection at home, look into Safeguard’s Bronx, NY self storage facilities. If you're closer to Yonkers, Safeguard also has plenty of Yonkers, NY storage lockers to safely stash your collection. Safeguard Self Storage offers the amenities you need in a Bronx or Yonkers Self Storage Unit such as computer controlled recorded access, digital video recording, unit door alarms, air conditioned and heated storage units and drive in loading areas all designed to keep your stamps or anything else you may store in good condition.

Protecting your collection

The biggest enemies of ephemera are sunlight and water. Either can destroy a sentimental and valuable stamp collection. When stored properly, however, a stamp collection can last longer than a lifetime. If you are no longer adding to your childhood stamp collection, you can preserve it for your grandkids in a climate-controlled storage unit at your neighborhood Safeguard Self Storage.





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