Military Storage in Illinois

by Safeguard 22. May 2015 04:35
Military members and their families can find themselves moving at a moment’s notice. Check out how self storage offers solutions to a military move. [More]

Safeguard Self Storage’s Guide to New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest

by Safeguard 16. April 2015 04:42
Get ready to shake your way to New Orleans for this year’s Jazz and Heritage Fest, or simply known as – Jazz Fest. Safeguard Self Storage Harvey, LA self storage and Safeguard Self Storage... [More]

Small Business Storage for Home Entrepreneurs

by Safeguard 14. April 2015 06:00
Are you running a small business from your home? Get organized with the help of Addison storage unit rental! [More]

Records and Information Management Month

by Safeguard 7. April 2015 04:30
It’s Records and Information Management Month! Get organized with these quick tips – including using Ridgefield storage lockers. [More]

Tiny Houses in the United States

by Safeguard 31. March 2015 04:44
If it seems like space is limited in your home, you should take a look at the many tiny houses that have been springing up around the country! [More]

Choosing a Storage Unit Without Seeing it First

by Safeguard 26. March 2015 04:40
What happens if you need Bronx, NY personal storage but don't live anywhere near New York City? You're not alone. People rent Safeguard Self Storage units sight unseen all the time, and they do so for all kinds of reasons. [More]

Beat the Miami Heat: Climate Controlled Storage in Florida

by Safeguard 20. February 2015 04:30
If you intend to store sensitive possessions in Safeguard Self Storage in Florida, they may need protection from extreme temperatures, dust and humidity. [More]

Safeguard to add Solar Power Capabilities at more Facilities

by Safeguard Self Storage 22. January 2015 05:53
Safeguard Self Storage has always been committed to safeguarding your treasured belongings, and we also strive to safeguard our planet by employing environmentally friendly practices. We are excited t... [More]

New Safeguard Self Storage Now Open in Miami

by Safeguard Self Storage 5. December 2014 09:34
We are excited to announce the opening or our new Safeguard Miami, FL storage facility! [More]

Solar Power System Installed at Elizabeth, New Jersey Store

by Safeguard 21. October 2014 04:48
Safeguard Self Storage is committed to fostering environmentally friendly practices, so we are thrilled to announce the installation of new solar power systems at our Elizabeth, New Jersey store. [More]
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