Prepare for Paddling and Kayak Season in Baton Rouge

by Safeguard 15. July 2015 05:00

Louisiana is home to one of the world’s most fascinating cities, and is a unique mix of culture, food, and music. But while most people seek out Louisiana for the Big Easy, Baton Rouge offers a variety of activities for kayakers and canoers alike. Discover the hidden treasure that cause kayakers to seek out Baton Rogue, LA, then grab your kayak from your Safeguard Self Storage units and prep it for the ride of your life.

Get Your Kayak Ready for the Water

Proper storage is key to keeping a kayak in top condition for years to come. Many kayaks can deform or bend over time if the boat’s weight isn’t distributed evenly. Plastic hulls are more susceptible to damage, but deformation can occur with fiberglass and wooden boats as well. If you followed the proper procedures when you stored your kayak at the end of last season, then damage should be minimal – if any. Storing your kayak in a Baton Rouge storage unit should add extra protection from harsh elements throughout the year.

Now that kayak season is back in force, it’s time to get your kayak ready to hit the water. Follow these maintenance and upkeep tips and start paddling down Ward Creek or the Blind River.

  • Fixing a depressed hull. If stored improperly, the hull of your kayak can become deformed or depressed. Use the sun to help you restore a depressed hull. Heat can help restore a kayak to its original shape. Leave your kayak in the sun for a day, and it will most likely pop back to its original shape.
  • Check parts for damage. UV rays can damage parts over time, and if you didn’t replace these parts before storing your kayak, they’ll need to be replaced before casting off. Look at the rigging, hardware, bungees and perimeter lines to ensure they’re in good shape. If you’re kayak has a rudder or skeg, check the deployment lines, cables, pedals, and pivot hardware. Repair or replace anything that that needs it now! You don’t want to be caught in open water with a faulty part.
  • Repairing structural damages. The material of your kayak will determine how easy it is to fix cosmetic damages such as scratches, holes and gouges. Boats made from composite plastics – like Fiberglass and Kevlar – have an outer gelcoat that resists scratching better than boats made from polyethylene. The glossy finish may make the scratches more apparent but it can easily be polished. Major structural damage can also be patched, and even whole sections of the hull can be rebuilt.
  • Replace accessories. Getting ready for a new season may also require new gear, such as a bulkhead or seat. Check out your current gear to decide if anything is worth replacing or if you want to add any new features you missed last year, like a rod holder.
  • Stock up on emergency gear. Make sure your kayak is fully stocked with an emergency repair kit, first-aid kit, and bailout bag.
  • Wash and wax. While storing your kayak in personal storage can keep it protected from most dust and dirt, it’s still beneficial to give your kayak a thorough cleaning before hitting the water. After washing and drying your kayak, apply quality wax to protect it from harmful UV radiation. 

Kayaking in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Now that your boat is ready to hit the water, you can plan your must-visit spots for the season. Baton Rouge has a surprising amount of pristine kayak locations, and we’re letting you in on this city’s best kept secrets.

Paddle Abandoned Fort Proctor at Lake Borgne. On the shores of Lake Borgne lays the abandoned 19th century Fort Proctor, built to protect water routes toward New Orleans. Due to delays and the outbreak of the Civil War, the fort was never garrisoned and its design was obsolete after end of war artillery improvements. To reach this destination, launch off at Shell Beach, travel through the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet (MRGO), navigate through the Bayou Yscolskey, and a few hundred feet into Lake Borgne. The fort has endured well over the years, and provides a fun day of exploration.

Greenwood Community Park. The 18-acre lake in Greenwood Community Park is a great place for new kayakers to test their skills, or for your first paddle of the season. Kayak and canoe rentals are available on site if you don’t bring your own. The park is located off Highway 19 in Baker, and provides beautiful views. You can launch easily off the marked wooden docks.

Bayou Fountain at Highland Road Park.  Paddle through beautiful trash-free trails that are marked by handmade mile markers. Start at Highland Road Park and travel to Manchec Park for a total of around 6 miles. This route is great for beginners, and is moderately easy to get in the water when the levels are high. The launch point is through the woods. 

There are many kayaking trips to discover in Louisiana. Start exploring this state today to find a waterway that calls to you. And when the season ends, protect your kayak from the elements by storing it in a personal Safeguard Self Storage unit

Safeguard Self Storage Arrives in Hollywood, Florida

by Safeguard 8. July 2015 05:00

While it’s not home to the stars, Hollywood, Florida still attracts a variety of residents and businesses to its sandy shores. Safeguard Self Storage joins the ranks of people and organizations that are proud to call this beachfront community home. Safeguard closed on the purchase, its 67th store nationwide, on June 22, 2015. Located at 3090 Sheridan Street, our newly acquired Hollywood storage facility is directly across from Topeekeegoo Yugnee Park and conveniently near I-95.

Allan Sweet, Chief Executive Officer of Safeguard Self Storage said, "Safeguard's strong capital position enabled us to complete the acquisition in just 42 days from execution of the contract to closing. This acquisition complements the company's aggressive ground-up development."

Learn more about this facility and all it has to offer Hollywood residents!

Storage Units and Options

“The high quality of this store made completion of the acquisition easier than expected and helps provide deepening critical mass for us in this market." said James Goonan, Senior Vice President of Development, who led the effort to acquire this store for the Safeguard portfolio.

Much like the city it calls home, the Hollywood storage facility is larger than life! There are 1,920 storage units available that come in a variety of sizes and options, and 128,797 leasable square feet – meaning we always have room for you. Climate controlled storage units range from 12 square feet (3x4) to 250 square feet (10x25). These units are ideal for protecting items from the Florida heat, and ensure that any extreme temperature changes aren’t felt by your sensitive belongings. Convenient drive-up storage units are also available for easy packing and unpacking, and quick access ability. Ranging from 50 square feet (5x10) to 400 square feet (10x40), you can fit everything from boxes of seasonal clothing to the contents of entire rooms. Parking spaces are available in two sizes: 10x20 and 10x40. Whether you have a car, boat, or even RV, we’ll save a spot for you.

Security Features

The name of the company says it all: Safeguard. And our storage facilities throughout the U.S. are equipped with top of the line security features, no matter what city you call home. The Hollywood, Florida facility features these same security measures. Your storage unit is fully fenced in with computer controlled access to keep any would-be trespassers out; only tenants get a unique pin for entry. Additionally, the premises are equipped with digital video recording and is fully lit, so you can feel secure day or night.

Special Offerings

Many of our facilities offer special features for customer convenience, and the Hollywood location is no exception. Deliveries are accepted on-site, so you don’t ever have to worry about packages sitting on your doorstep or having to wait at home to sign for a package. Moving supplies are also sold on-site in case you run out while you’re unpacking.

Whether you need a place to store your boat during the off season, or an off-site home for your comic book collection, Safeguard Self Storage in Hollywood, Florida has a space ready for you.

“We look forward to getting to know and serve the residents and business people of Hollywood. It's a great community and we're proud to be part of it," said Ken Finlay, Senior Vice President of Operations.

Contact our facility today and our helpful staff will help you find the space that serves your storage needs!

How Philadelphia Made Independence Day Possible

by Safeguard 1. July 2015 05:00

As people gather throughout the United States to celebrate the birth of American independence, Safeguard Self Storage wants to reflect on the events that led up to this great day, and the city where it all started. Whether you’re grilling out with family or enjoying the local fireworks show, let us take some time to remember the day the U.S. declared independence from Great Britain – and why Philadelphia, PA is one very important city.

The Birth of a Nation

The Revolutionary War started in April 1775, at which time few colonists wanted complete independence from Great Britain. Any colonist who wanted complete independence where considered radical. By mid-1776, many colonists favored independence due to growing hostility. The Second Continental Congress met on June 7 at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia and Richard Henry Lee made a motion calling for independence. While the consideration of Lee’s resolution was postponed on June 11, a five-man committee was appointed to draft a formal statement declaring independence from Great Britain. This team consisted of: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin and Robert. R. Livingston.

The Declaration of Independence

Lee’s resolution of independence was voted in by a near-unanimous vote on July 2. The Second Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, which was written mainly by Jefferson. Even though the vote for independence took place on July 2, the birth of American independence was celebrated on the 4th of July. John Adams believed that the birth American independence should be celebrated on July 2, and even declined invitations to attend July 4th events as protest.

Copies of the Declaration of Independence were distributed on July 5, and The Pennsylvania Evening Post was the first newspaper to print the document on July 6. The first public readings of the Declaration were held on July 8 in Philadelphia’s Independence Square – accompanied by band music and the ringing of the bells.

Early Celebrations of Independence Day

As the Declaration of Independence spread across the country, people celebrated with bonfires, firing of canons and muskets, and concerts. The first annual celebration of independence took place in Philadelphia on July 4, 1777; they adjourned Congress and celebrated with bells, fireworks and bonfires. These celebrations eventually spread throughout the country, and observations became more common when the War of 1812 ended. In 1781, Massachusetts became the first state to mark July 4th an official state holiday. Congress made July 4th a federal holiday in 1870; this was expanded in 1941 to be a paid holiday for all federal employees. 

Safeguard Celebrates Independence

While the political importance may have declined since the birth of Independence Day, this national holiday remains an important symbol of patriotism. As you fire up the grill this holiday and gather with friends and family, it’s important to know what you’re celebrating. When the fireworks die down and the parade route ends, remember that Safeguard Self Storage offers security, stability and independence from clutter all year. Celebrate your individual independence by using public storage to serve your needs. Find a storage facility near you and get ready to celebrate year-round.

Seasonal Clothing Storage: Storing Winter Clothes

by Safeguard 26. June 2015 05:00


Just because you love the sun here in Magic City doesn't mean you don't have a wonderful winter wardrobe. Still, those warm threads crowd closets and drawers, so make a summer resolution this year. Promise to pamper your winter clothes with Safeguard Self Storage, and pledge to keep your Miami, FL home organized year-round.

Keep ‘em Clean

Before storing, it’s important to run all your clothes through the wash. That hot chocolate stain from cooler days will only get darker and harder to get out. Remove stains now and make your job a lot easier in the future.

Stack Your Sweaters

Nobody wants four shoulders, but if you hang your clothes during the winter months that’s exactly what you’ll get. Sweaters fall victim to hanger shoulders because they tend to be a little bit heavier than other garments. A good organizational tactic is to loosely stack your sweaters, keeping the heaviest on the bottom.  

If You’ve Gotta Hang It…

But what about the clothes that you have to hang? In this case, try to avoid plastic hanging bags. Although they may seem the most secure, they actually tend to hold in moisture and do not get enough air circulation. A more beneficial alternative would be wrapping your hanging clothes in a breathable fabric.

Swing By

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your stored clothing. This way, you get the opportunity to switch out what you aren’t using in your home, and take what you need from storage.  Do not abandon your storage unit, but use it to your advantage.

It's great to liberate closet space and organize drawers, but always leave one warm sweater at home for an occasional cool Dade County evening. Whether you're stashing winter coats or a sail boat, your options at
Safeguard Self Storage in Miami, FL range from storage lockers to drive-up units. Be prepared to fall in love with affordable self storage, and make it a permanent part of seasonal organizing traditions all year long.

Storing Electronics: What You Need to Know to Keep Electronics Safe

by Safeguard 19. June 2015 05:00

A fast pony over at Empire City Race Track can be a sure bet, but you don't want to gamble when it's time to store expensive electronic gear. Computers, televisions and audio equipment need special prep before you move them into self storage. Whether you're relocating, downsizing or just clearing space at home, make sure your best gadgets are ready for household storage in a climate controlled Yonkers, NY facility.

Be Careful with Computers

Laptops, towers and even tablets come with cables, chargers and internal batteries. It's important to disconnect everything before you start packing up, so keep it all straight with small, color-coded stickers. Be sure to remove batteries because they can leak and cause serious damage. Wipe down components with an anti-static microfiber cloth, and double-check drives for overlooked discs. Secure computers in sturdy boxes filled with packing material, tape lids shut to keep out dust, and bundle monitors in bubble wrap.

Fine-Tune Television Prep

Treat your TV to the same careful wipe down that you used on your computers. Climate controlled household storage units are clean environments, but any dust that moves in with your television can creep into its circuits. A flat screen is especially susceptible to scratching, so make sure it's dust-free before covering it with bubble wrap. In a perfect storage world, you'd have the original box for packing, but many facilities sell inexpensive containers designed for modern flat screens; you can also buy special dust covers.

Pamper Audio Equipment

Boom boxes, amps, speakers and headphones need the same climate controlled self storage as all your other electronic gear, and they need the same thorough dusting before you stash them away. When you move audio equipment, wiring and cables put stress on sockets. Disconnect everything, and then clean out socket areas with a compressed air duster. Pack small components in boxes with sealable lids, but don't wrap anything in plastic. Electronics need to breathe, so drape large items with soft sheets, or zip them up in mattress bags.

It doesn't matter if you bought those gadgets from a pricey store in Getty Square or a discount outlet at the mall. Electronic equipment represents an investment that deserves climate controlled self storage and the security of a Yonkers, NY Safeguard Self Storage facility. Treat your gear with care before the move, and you can count on it firing up when you're ready to turn on, tune in and listen up.

How to Store Musical Instruments

by Safeguard 12. June 2015 05:00

If you ask a professional musician here in New Orleans about the importance of personal storage, don't expect him to talk about stashing furniture. Instead, he'll sing the praises of space that keeps the tools of his trade safe when he's not jazzing up the crowds on Bourbon Street. He'll also explain how important it is to properly prep musical instruments for long-term storage in New Orleans.

Baby Your Brass

Every band needs plenty of brass, so keep your horns ready to blow with climate-controlled care in a storage unit rental. Prep each one by taking out the slides, emptying the water and giving the slide legs a good cleaning. It's important to use heavy oil on the valves, casings and bearings because it's less likely to evaporate while your horn stays in storage. A few drops of bearing oil work best in the leadpipe. Snake it clean, and add a few more drops. Grease and replace the slides, and your brass is ready to be stashed.

Store Strings Carefully

Guitars, violins and violas are sensitive to the humidity and temperature extremes in New Orleans, but they stay safe in climate-controlled self storage. Get your instrument ready by detuning the strings down several notes to relax tension on the neck. Clean the body and tuning mechanisms with a dry cloth, and use wax or oil on the fretboard. Be sure to use a polish specially formulated for stringed instruments. Store your strings in a heavy case along with a silica pouch, and slip several plastic bags over the case.

Be Diligent with Drums

Whether you march to the beat of a snare or multi-toms, those skins need the same climate-controlled environment as strings and horns. If you're putting away a full set, personal storage options give you room to spare. Inspect each drum carefully, and disassemble for a thorough cleaning. Wipe everything down with a soft cloth inside and outside the shell and hardware. Reduce tension on the bottom and top heads by half, but make sure they stay tight enough to secure the tension rods. Don’t forget to store your reassembled set off the floor on wood pallets.

From Preservation Hall to Jazz Park, the sounds stay sweet when brass, strings and drums stay in tune. Whether you're new on the scene or a seasoned pro, let
Safeguard storage unit rental back up your New Orleans lineup. And no worries, you won't have to live on red beans and rice to treat your favorite musical instruments to affordable self storage.

Storage Tips for Organizing a Small Office

by Safeguard 5. June 2015 05:00

You don't need a big office to be successful, but your business needs room to grow. From the north end of Miracle Mile to the center of the Loop, desks disappear under clutter and closets explode with boxes. Every office in Chicago, IL can use a little extra business storage, so get ready to bust out the smart moves that keep you organized.

Start with Everything

If your office landscape looks like a reflection in the Bean, it's time to get back on an even keel. Empty each desk one drawer at a time. Clear out closets, corners and shelves. Take everything out of work stations, storage areas and break rooms, and then take stock. If you haven't used that equipment, looked at those records or flipped through that manual in more than a year, box it up for self storage. You now have room in desks, drawers and closets for taking care of business with well-organized space to spare.

Get Tough and Toss

Business storage here in Chicago is always affordable, but don't let that tempt you into keeping things you really don't need. You're making progress with those boxes ready to go, so get tough, and sort through them one more time. Work with a goal of eliminating half the stuff headed for self storage. Scan and convert paper records into digital files. Donate extra equipment and furniture to a local charity, and enjoy a small write-off. Once you've slimmed down the storage stash, an inventory makes it easier to track what you're moving into your unit.

Organize On- and Off-Site

Now that the office is clean and lean, you need more than good intentions to keep it that way. Make sure desk drawers stay tame with inexpensive dividers. Corral computer cables with cord ties and covers, and fill empty corners with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Extend organizing inspiration to your self-storage unit with labeled boxes and specific space dedicated to equipment, stock and records. This strategy saves sorting time whether you're dropping off or retrieving things, and it keeps the unit organized.

Who needs luxury suites on Wacker Drive when you can make the most of your space anywhere in the city?
Smart self storage solutions at Safeguard help small Chicago, IL businesses grow with affordable flexibility and dependable security. You're doing fine in your space, so make the most of it -- and you just might wind up on top of Willis Tower.

4 Tips for Small Living Room Storage

by Safeguard 29. May 2015 04:46

The largest borough in New York, Brooklyn is home to more than 2.6 million people – and continues to grow on a yearly basis. With many diverse neighborhoods to choose from, it’s no wonder Brooklyn appeals to so many different people. From historic Brooklyn Heights filled with row houses to Downtown Brooklyn’s cramped apartments, the real estate selection in the area varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. But with a city as populous as Brooklyn, it’s important to make every square foot count – and investing in a Brooklyn private storage rental may be the solution to your cramped quarters.

Make the most of your living room storage with these helpful tips from Safeguard Self Storage.

Scale Down with Self Storage

The first step to making the most of household storage in your Brooklyn apartment is distinguishing the difference between clutter issues and space issues. Unnecessary clutter in a small space can easily make your living room unlivable. Get rid of belongings that don’t have a home, or declutter your whole household to create more space overall. A private storage rental is the ideal off-site location for any extra clutter you can’t find a place for. 

Select Smart Furniture for Easy Storage

Choose furniture that does double duty as both storage and functionality. Try any of the following suggestions to increase your household storage:

  • Storage ottomans or benches can hide extra blankets, pillows and reading materials.
  • Use a tiered coffee table or coffee table with drawers to store belongings below.
  • Nesting tables are great space savers when the different levels aren’t in use.
  • Built-in shelving allows for extra storage in the walls of your living room.

Make Storage Choices into Design Elements

You can hide clutter in plain sight by choosing household storage that matches the interior design of your living room. Use decorative baskets to hide children’s toys. Add colorful storage boxes to your shelving; clutter stays creatively hidden from sight, and the living space looks artfully designed. Also consider using special, hidden storage items like a picture frame storage box or refurbished medicine cabinet.

Don’t Forget Your Vertical Space

The space in your home includes more than just what’s at normal eye level. Many people may forget to utilize all the extra space you have below furniture and above your head. Utilize under couch storage boxes to hide smaller items like movies and CDs. Storage boxes can also go under end tables, without looking disorganized. You can also use wall space to install shelving; installing shelves over doors is a particularly great way to hide extra storage items. And hanging hooks aren’t just for pots and pans storage in the kitchen! Use decorative ceiling hooks in your living room to hang everything from your bike to tiered, hanging baskets.  

No matter what city you’re in, your space can get crowded with clutter! Check out our blog for other household storage tips, and contact Safeguard Self Storage when you need more than a small storage solution. 

Military Storage in Illinois

by Safeguard 22. May 2015 04:35

Illinois is the fifth most populous state in the U.S., with more than 12 million citizens calling this state home. Chicago is their largest city and is home to more than 2.7 million people, over 70 community areas and the only boot camp for the U.S. Navy: The Great Lakes Training Center. Needless to say, the population of this “Windy City” fluctuates; people flock to this city, and military populations can find themselves uprooted at a moment’s notice. When military orders threaten to relocate you and your family, utilizing self storage lockers in nearby Des Plaines, Illinois can assist you in a variety of ways. Safeguard Self Storage has more than ten self storage locations throughout Illinois and the Chicagoland area. Let’s explore why Chicago Self Storage Bins are a valuable solution for military moves.

Reasons Service Members and Their Families Need Storage Space

Military service members and their families can find themselves moving to a different state at a moment’s notice, or preparing for an impending deployment. Check out the following reasons – and ways – military families use storage lockers.

  • Permanent Change of Station. Getting yourself and your family organized for relocation can be hectic, especially since you might not have much notice. Pack your belongings and store them for move out day, so they don’t crowd up the home you’re still trying to live in. That way, when you’re ready to travel to your new duty station, you can pack up at the self storage facility and be on your way.
  • Temporary Additional Duty. Temporary duty assignments refer to an assignment at a location other than your permanent duty station. These may last days or months in duration. Use storage lockers to keep valuables secure while you aren’t at your place of residence.
  • Deployment. If you’re leaving a family stateside while you deploy, self storage can come in handy for a number of reasons. Your significant other may decide to return to their family and their home state for the duration, and packing up belongings in a storage unit can be an easy way to make that transition. If you’re single, clearing out your barracks, apartment or home may be necessary to allow another person to move in or sublet.
  • Discharge. Leaving the military lifestyle can be an exciting change for some service members, but moving to a new home or even state can be stressful. Use self storage to make the transition between homes – and to civilian life – much easier.

Self Storage Tips for Members of the Armed Forces

Follow some basic self storage tips to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure – no matter where you are.

  • Pack bulky items such as furniture in the back of the storage unit and along the walls.
  • Use pallets to keep items off of concrete floors. This provides better airflow and ensure that items aren’t damaged by moisture.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom.
  • Leave a path so you can easily access items needed more often.
  • Organize the storage unit by room or item type.
  • Draw a diagram of the storage locker so you can locate your belongings easily when you return. (And don’t forget to label the boxes.)
  • Invest in a secure lock with a short padlock to keep it safe from bolt cutters. Disc or cylinder locks are a popular choice.
  • Choose a storage facility with the security amenities to provide peace of mind and one that offers month to month leases so you only pay for the time you need.

Why Choose Safeguard Self Storage

When choosing a storage facility, safety and security of belongings should be a major priority. At Safeguard Self Storage, our storage units have top-of-the-line security features. The Des Plaines, Illinois storage facility includes computer controlled access, digital video recording, individual door alarms and a facility-wide intercom system. Additionally, climate controlled units are available, which are essential for protecting sensitive belongings in long-term storage. These facilities also include other perks such as drive-in loading areas to protect you and your goods from the elements, flat beds carts and dollies to make moving your items in or out a snap and online payments or auto payment plans which make paying for your storage unit easy while you’re away.

These features – and countless others – make Safeguard Self Storage the ideal storage option for military member and their families. Explore our storage facilities in Illinois to find one that fits your needs.

Self Storage Solves Your Pack Rat Problems

by Safeguard 15. May 2015 04:22

Are you a pack rat? Well, fear clutter no more with the help of Safeguard Self Storage! We all tend to collect and hold onto possessions past their time of usefulness, but with this helpful guide, you can ditch your squirreling ways – or find a more convenient home for your treasures.  May 17th is Pack Rat Day, and we’re gearing up to help Baton Rouge residents kick clutter – and their pack rat habit – to the curb.

The Difference Between Hoarding and Pack Rats

We all have a little collector in us, but for those who struggle to let go of items more than most, these tendencies can become more than the norm. Hoarding is a big issue that is more than just being disorganized. While extreme cases have been featured on some hit TV shows, many people may not know the difference between hoarding and being a pack rat. Check out the following signs to see if your habit is turning into hoarding (and nip it in the bud before it becomes a big issue).

  1. You keep collecting items, without having use for the item or a place to display it.
  2. Your collection has taken over – and become piles of clutter that disrupt the livability of your home.
  3. Any room in your home that cannot be used due to clutter, or chairs and pathways are piled with stuff and can’t be used.
  4. You had strong attachments to belongings at an early age.
  5. It’s very difficult for you to part with unwanted items.
  6. You have so much stuff, but you hide it from other people.
  7. If you’re ashamed to invite people to your home.

Decluttering Tips for Pack Rats

  • Take it slow. Don’t try to tackle your whole home at once. Getting rid of a ton of clutter and items in one sitting can be daunting – and possibly cause an emotional reaction from purging so many items. Set aside time every day during the week or on the weekends and tackle one room at a time.
  • Give yourself a time limit. Don’t toil over an item for longer than necessary, and make a definitive decision for every piece. No setting it aside to come back to at a later date. Give yourself a time limit for each item, and decide to keep or toss.
  • Scale down collections. This doesn’t always mean collectibles. As a pack rat, you may be likely to hold onto old school work, report cards or particular projects you were especially proud of. Keep one or two of these items, and throw out the rest. If an actual collection is taking over your home, find a new home for it with mini storage units in Baton Rouge. Safeguard storage facilities in Baton Rouge have climate controlled options to keep collectibles in pristine condition.
  • Throw out unused items. Any items that you aren’t using or that are broken? Toss them out! This doesn’t always mean throwing it out. You could donate items or sell them in a garage sale. 
  • Box it up. If you’re really struggling over an item, box it up for 6 months. If you find yourself opening the box – or going to retrieve from your nearby storage unit – you know that you need to bring it back home. If you find that you can store an item in mini storage without noticing its absence, it’s time to toss it.

How Safeguard Self Storage Helps

Self Storage facilities in Baton Rouge provide a convenient home for all your extra clutter, and can help you make your home more livable. While mini storage can be a great home for all the items you can’t bear to throw out, it’s important to remember to maintain you’re new clutter-free home. Don’t empty your house just to fill it back up again! When you purchase an item, make sure that you really need it. And to keep valuable collections safe, choose Safeguard Self Storage

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