Smooth Sailing into Senior Living

by Admin 14. September 2017 13:00
Moving loved ones into a care facility can be a tough decision. Safeguard makes it easier by preventing memories from getting lost in the shuffle. [More]

Strut Your Stuff This Month at the King Mango Strut Parade

by Safeguard 29. December 2016 10:00
Looking for a lively year’s-end festival in Little Havana? Safeguard Self Storage has more info on the goofy, provocative King Mango Strut Parade. [More]

Starter Tips on Getting Your Home Staged & Sold

by Safeguard 20. August 2015 10:00
The housing market is booming in Miami, FL and it’s time you took advantage of it. Safeguard shares some tips on staging your house with a storage unit rental. [More]

Safeguard Self Storage Arrives in Hollywood, Florida

by Safeguard 8. July 2015 10:00
Safeguard Self Storage opens a newly acquired storage facility in Hollywood, Florida. Get to know all about it! [More]

Retiring in Florida: 3 Ways Self Storage Simplifies Your Life

by Safeguard 8. May 2015 09:42
Deciding to retire can be the start of a great journey. Simplify your new retirement routine by using self storage in these three helpful ways. [More]

Home Remodeling Dreams and Realities

by Safeguard 28. April 2015 09:05
Let Miami storage help keep your remodeling dreams from turning into a nightmare, with this helpful guide to home renovations. [More]

Beat the Miami Heat: Climate Controlled Storage in Florida

by Safeguard 20. February 2015 09:30
If you intend to store sensitive possessions in Safeguard Self Storage in Florida, they may need protection from extreme temperatures, dust and humidity. [More]

New Building in Miami

by Safeguard 11. July 2014 14:28
To better accommodate your storage demands, our Palmetto Expressway Store in Miami, FL is opening a new building with an additional 192 units. [More]

June 18th is Go Fishing Day!

by Safeguard 18. June 2014 13:39
Celebrate Go Fishing Day by learning how to properly store your fishing gear! Look into renting a self storage unit today to protect your belongings! [More]

Enjoy Florida Golf- With Less Hassle

by Safeguard Self Storage 3. January 2014 16:01
Climate controlled mini storage in Coconut Creek, Florida can help you enjoy your hobby. [More]
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