Keep Your Collections in Mint Condition with Self Storage

by Admin 7. September 2017 13:00
Read our storage tips to keep your collections – everything, from comics to stamps – in tip-top shape. [More]

Your Weekend Getaway Awaits in Self Storage

by Admin 27. July 2017 09:00
Thornwood, NY is the perfect place to start your weekend getaway. Self storage will help keep your stuff for easy access and shorter prep time. [More]

Try Cold Water Fishing in Massapequa Cove

by Safeguard 23. February 2017 10:00
Cold weather fishing at Massapequa Cove is commonly successful. With a storage unit, fishing gear can be ready for any impromptu fishing trip. [More]

Graham Hills Park Bike Trails Will Help You Stay Healthy in 2017

by Safeguard 2. February 2017 10:00
The Graham Hills Park trails will help keep you on top of your New Year’s Resolutions. Keep your equipment accessible with a self storage unit. [More]

Motorcycle Storage for Bronx Commuters

by Safeguard 23. October 2015 10:00
As winter approaches Bronx, NY, it’s time to pack up your bike and safely store it. Use these tips from Safeguard Self Storage! [More]

Storage Tips for Small Kitchens

by Safeguard 21. April 2015 09:52
Small kitchens can make cooking a culinary nightmare. Follow this easy how-to guide for getting more cooks back in the kitchen, without sacrificing space! [More]

October is National Stamp Collecting Month

by Safeguard 27. October 2014 16:29
Keep your stamp collection safe in a self storage unit. [More]

Aging Parents and their Belongings

by Safeguard 30. September 2014 09:49
Safeguard’s state-of-the-art storage units in Yonkers, NY can provide safe and secure storage for your parent's treasured belongings. Our storage units in Yonkers are equipped with computer controlled access, unit door alarms and digital video recording for your peace of mind. [More]

New Device Maximizes Small Spaces

by Safeguard 25. September 2014 11:58
A new, high-tech invention, called CityHome, uses robotic technology to transform closets and small spaces into an area that provides greater storage and functionality than its size would suggest. The astonishing storage system includes kitchen appliances, a bed, table, and closet and storage space to maximize small spaces. [More]

Explore Russian Culture through Bronx Lithograph Exhibition

by Safeguard 18. July 2014 10:45
A new lithograph exhibition in Bronx, NY is attracting art lovers and history buffs from across the state. Lithographs are an important representation of cultural eras in which we live and require special storage. Learn how to keep your lithographs - and other sensitive collections - safe in secure self storage. [More]
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