Explore Russian Culture through Bronx Lithograph Exhibition

by Safeguard 18. July 2014 10:45
A new lithograph exhibition in Bronx, NY is attracting art lovers and history buffs from across the state. Lithographs are an important representation of cultural eras in which we live and require special storage. Learn how to keep your lithographs - and other sensitive collections - safe in secure self storage. [More]

Self Storage Stories - The Wedding Dress

by Safeguard 18. February 2014 12:55
Safeguard self storage can help you preserve your treasured wedding gown for generations to come. Follow these tips to keep a gown in good condition during storage. [More]

Make Room for the Holidays with Self Storage

by Safeguard Self Storage 2. December 2013 10:56
Space is a home's best asset, but space is often at a premium during the holidays. Fortunately, self storage offers a solution! Learn how storage units can help you make more room for family and more ... [More]

Winter Storage in New York City

by Safeguard Self Storage 28. November 2013 10:37
New York City is famous for its harsh winters. It is not unusual for the city to get hit with monstrous blizzards and ice storms and cold is pretty much the norm, with average winter lows around 29 de... [More]
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