What Can I Put in a 5x5 Storage Unit?

Self storage in New Orleans, LA, doesn't have to be big to be a big help. A 5-by-5 storage unit is surprisingly roomy with 25 square feet of storage space. Add a typical 8-foot ceiling, and overall dimensions measure a generous 200 cubic feet. These are just a few ways to make the most of your small unit:

Items To Put In Your 5x5 Storage Unit

Student Self Storage

Why haul things all the way home and back again? Travel light between semesters by parking your desk, chair, and dresser in a 5-by-5 unit. You should still have room for a twin mattress and several boxes.

Spare Remodeling Space

Make room at the house for a decorating makeover. Give your interior design talents plenty of space to work by moving things to temporary storage. Month-to-month leasing options keep storage units budget-friendly.

Seasonal Clothes

Save closets and drawers from overcrowding. Rotate seasonal clothes in and out of your small storage unit. Use a combination of shelves and lidded bins to convert vertical storage into a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe room.

Seasonal Decorations

Scare up space for Halloween decorations inside a compact unit. Celebrate extra room at home by moving Christmas lights, ornaments, and tree stands to secure storage. It's a year-round solution for storing seasonal decorations.

Liberated Outdoor Gear

Sports equipment, fishing tackle, and camping gear get lost in a crowded garage. Keep it all in one convenient storage space. Outdoor gear is easier to find and always ready to go in small storage units close to the house.

Winterized Garden Tools

Why trip over garden tools in the garage all winter? Give them a comfortable, cold-weather home. Everything fits in a 5-by-5 unit with enough room for the lawn mower. Be sure to empty its fuel tank before storing.

Extra Hobby Supplies

Start enjoying your favorite pastime again. Declutter hobby space at the house by keeping extra supplies in your unit. Double storage strategies by using an old bookshelf in the unit to keep supplies organized.

Compact Business Storage

Expand business potential at work or home with an extra 25 square feet of climate-controlled storage. Secure important records, back up inventory, and store extra equipment in your 5-by-5 unit.

Small Spaces That Always Fit

We believe in offering storage solutions that always fit. If you need a small unit, Safeguard Self Storage in New Orleans, LA, has one just your size. Stop by soon and let our storage professionals show you around.