Why Keeping Your Lawn Mower in the Garage Isn't Ideal

It's easy to turn the garage at your Baton Rouge, LA home into self storage, but the lawn mower doesn't belong out there. Before you crowd that workhorse next to the car again, think about alternatives to storing it in the garage.

Keep Your Space Safe

When home garages turn into storage units, lawn mowers become tripping hazards. Pinholes in the fuel tank can fill the air with unhealthy fumes. A small break in the fuel line can spill combustible liquid on the garage floor. It's hard to keep your space safe when you store lawn equipment in the garage.

Don't Expose Your Mower

Parking it in the backyard isn't a good idea, either. Our humid Gulf Coast climate can rust lawn mower decks, and our hot summers can crack engine covers. Save that trusty equipment with one of these home-based self storage solutions.

Use the Backyard Shed

Let the mower motivate you into cleaning out the backyard shed. Add a little DIY weather-proofing, and you have a safe space for the lawn mower and much more. It's a good weekend project that can add years of life to yard equipment.

Build a Mower House

If you don't have a shed out back, build one for your faithful lawn mower. Imagine a dog house sized to fit the mower with double doors for easy access. Save your view of the landscape by putting the mini shed behind a tree.

Turn Tarps Into Storage Units

Large tarps can protect lawn equipment outside but be sure to secure them against windy weather. Tighten the cover around a lawn mower with bungee cords and keep it in a sheltered corner of the yard. When cold weather sets in, move the mower to a climate-controlled storage unit.

Line Up Cold-Weather Storage

Don't let cold weather chase the lawn mower back into your garage. Lease a unit now so that you'll be ready to park all your yard equipment until next spring. Keep these self storage tips in mind:

  • Always drain the fuel tank and carburetor.
  • Clean the mower's underside, blades, and fins.
  • Store the battery on a shelf or wood pallet.

Park It With Us

It's time to give that cluttered garage a break. Our two Baton Rouge, LA locations feature a variety of units for all types of yard equipment. When you run out of room at home, you can always park it with us here at Safeguard.

Spring Cleaning: A Complete Guide for Your Storage Unit

You're finally done with spring cleaning. Your home looks beautiful, but you have a few things that need to move to a Baton Rouge, LA storage unit. When was the last time you straightened up that handy household storage spot? Are you sure it still has room to spare? Storage units need spring cleaning too, but the job doesn't have to turn into another seasonal project. Just follow these quick tips, and you'll be done in no time.

Open, Look, and Label

Take a peek inside the boxes in your unit. Make sure each one has a label large enough to note details about its contents. Use bright markers to color-code boxes by rooms and closets.

Round Up Clutter

Get tough with household storage that's crowding you out of the unit. If you haven't retrieved something in more than a year, it's a good candidate for a garage sale or one of the city's weekend flea markets.

Consolidate What You Keep

If you just can't give up that rock collection, round it up into one container. Let your old LSU textbooks keep each other company in the same boxes. Free up room in the storage unit by consolidating keepsakes.

Reorganize Your Layout

Store the books and rock collection in the back of the unit. Save space up front for things you need more often like fishing gear for afternoons at Blackwater. As you reorganize your floor plan, leave clear pathways between stacks.

Switch Out Seasonal Stuff

Make room for incoming winter belongings by liberating warm-weather stuff. Move out sportswear and summer bedspreads as you move in coats and heavy blankets. By turning two jobs into one, you’ll finish in half the time.

Sweep, Refresh, and You're Done

Climate-controlled storage units keep things in great shape, but a little dust can creep in. Bust it with a quick spring cleaning sweep. Keep inside air fresh by placing open containers of baking soda in corners and under shelves.

Be Sure to Give Us a Wave

When you finish spring cleaning in your storage unit, give us a wave on your way out. We're taking care of annual chores too at our Coursey Boulevard and Jefferson Highway locations. All of us here at Safeguard Self Storage in Baton Rouge, LA wish you a beautiful spring and an easy summer, and we hope our storage tips and storage units help unclutter your mind and home.

Food and Functionality: Improving Your Kitchen Layout

Full view of a kitchen

Wonderful meals and great company make every kitchen the heart of a home. Whether you're building a new house or planning a remodel, think about this special room's function, design, and space. Make the project deliciously easy by including Baton Rouge, LA self storage in your recipe for the perfect home kitchen.

Build with Universal Design

When you're going over new home floor plans, talk with your builder about universal design in the kitchen. This approach helps make a room both functional and comfortable for everyone in the house. Use the principle to customize things like free floor space, door widths, and counter heights.

As you work out details for the new kitchen, pay close attention to the locations of the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Picture each of these busy spots as a point on a triangle. Ideally, you want a clear path that lets you move easily from one station to the other.

Remodel Looks and Function

With a kitchen remodel, focus on upgrading both the room's looks and its function. New backsplashes add colorful accents while protecting walls over sinks and stoves. Pendant lights are another easy way to freshen up decor and brighten up prep and cooking areas.

Marry form and function by turning wasted kitchen space into handy storage units. Open up areas under corners where countertops meet with lazy Susan shelving and folding doors. Install drawers in the kitchen island, and make it a decorative center of attention with pot racks hanging overhead. Free up extra remodeling room by moving old kitchen furniture to a nearby storage facility. 

Say No to Kitchen Mistakes

It's easy to get caught up in the fun of kitchen design. It's also easy to overlook common mistakes that can spoil the best building and remodeling plans.

  • Open shelves are pretty, but they're dust magnets too.
  • Garbage and recycling bins need their own hiding spaces.
  • Kitchen islands breathe easier with three feet of free space on all sides.
  • Refrigerator doors need four feet of clearance to open properly.
  • Too much trendy decor wears out its welcome in just a few years.

Save Space with Us

Once you set up your perfect kitchen, keep it organized while you expand your culinary horizons with room to spare. Just shelve deep fryers, boiling pots, and cast iron skillets at one of our convenient Baton Rouge, LA storage units. Here at Safeguard Self Storage, we're always cooking up great ways to help you save space.

A Guide to Moving Your Grad Out

A recent graduate moving her belongings from her parents' house to her car

It's December, and your favorite college student is finally picking up a diploma and moving back home. It's never too early to guide your newly graduated son or daughter towards a better fit in a place of their own. Here in Baton Rouge LA, self storage makes that transition easier for everyone.

Help Them Move On

When graduates take up residence in their old bedrooms at home, they're just part of the new normal. It's become a routine passage from school to the working world, and you can help. Even the smartest grads need a little guidance. Start with a family strategy session. Sketch out long-term goals, but set a definite move-out date. Discuss plans for getting started at the new place and funding options to cover moving expenses. This is a good time for leasing an affordable storage unit to make the change in address a little easier.

Share Budget-Friendly Ideas

Moving into an apartment means coming up with deposit money, but first-time renters often don't anticipate ongoing expenses. As you share your wallet offsetting costs, share advice on how to stretch a new household budget.

  • Teach your grad couponing, grocery shopping and home-cooking skills.
  • Scout out used furniture at second-hand stores and garage sales.
  • Introduce the new grad to bargains on clothes and more at thrift shops.
  • Streamline the move by leasing an inexpensive storage unit nearby.
  • Stress transportation savings gained by using the city's CATS transit system.

Make Self Storage Permanent

Most young adults make a local storage facility a permanent part of new living arrangements. It's ideal for holding dorm room leftovers, so it gives recent grads flexibility as they furnish new quarters. Climate-controlled storage protects course books headed for resale, and it keeps seasonal clothes from crowding apartment closets. You can enjoy the extra space too. By sharing a unit with grads headed out the door, you help them with relocation and living expenses. Most modern facilities offer online account management, so you can teach another important life-lesson: how to take care of a monthly account.

Our Storage Solutions Always Fit

As they head towards a bright future, we salute graduates at Louisiana State University, Southern University, and campuses all across Baton Rouge, LA. Safeguard Self Storage salutes parents, too, who work hard to make it happen. You can count on us to do our part with affordable storage solutions that always fit you and your graduates.

Tips for Getting In and Out of Your Storage Unit with Ease

woman holding heavy boxes

It's convenient and affordable, but how can you make self storage here in Baton Rouge, LA even better? When you know how to maximize your unit for easy access, anything is possible. Whether you're planning a first lease or looking for more room in existing space, these tips keep you organized while you’re coming and going.

Get Ready With a Plan

You're headed down to the Atchafalaya for some bass fishing. You can barely get the boat out of the crowded garage, and you lose time looking for your gear. Storage units solve these problems and more, when you start with a plan.

• Use a storage facility's online space estimator to determine the best unit size for your things.

• Choose self-storage facilities close to home or on the way to your favorite fishing spot.

• Consider leasing a drive-up unit for heavy things like furniture and appliances.

Get Set to Box

Once you've decided on a unit size and location, it's time to start boxing. Are you thinking about opening your own setup at the Deep South Flea Market? Do you need a place to store personal and business records? Whether you're stashing treasures or stockpiling books, these tips work for all your packed items.

• Choose boxes similar in size for easy stacking.

• Use big labels that give you room for a short list of contents.

• Discourage dust buildup in long-term storage by taping lids shut.

• Stuff bubble wrap or packing peanuts in partially filled boxes to keep tops from caving in.

Floor Plans Aren’t Only for Your Home

Streamline your self storage ins and outs with a smart unit floor plan. Do it right, and you’ll have parking space for your bike between cruises along Cypress Bayou, with room leftover for your favorite LSU cheer gear.

• Keep things you don't use often at the back of the unit.

• Stack boxes in rows to create aisles for easy access.

• Stabilize stacks by laying boards across grouped boxes.

• Use wood pallets to raise everything off the floor.

• Stay mobile with wheeled shelving units.

Come See Us Soon

Our teams are always glad to share insider knowledge, so come see us soon. We're here to serve with two Safeguard Self Storage locations in Baton Rouge, LA and six additional locations in the Metro New Orleans Area. It's our job to make sure you have the best storage experience possible, so let us help you make the most out of your unit.

Stand Out at the Baton Rouge Arts Market

Vibrant arts market in Baton Rouge, LA

If you love arts and culture, you're living in the right place. The Baton Rouge Arts Market showcases the best of local talent and artisanship. Held on the first Saturday of each month, the open-air event features handmade pottery, jewelry, photographic art, stained glass and much more. If you have a hobby or favorite craft, the Arts Market provides an opportunity to share your talent with the world. This month, Safeguard Self Storage is offering savvy tips for setting up your own booth at the market and becoming part of the Louisiana arts scene. 

Creating a Booth That Stands Out

  • Aim for an airy, open and welcoming ambiance. Avoid creating a cave-like space.
  • Decorate your booth with a variety of colorful, eye-catching materials such as fabrics, balloons, and streamers.
  • Cover display tables with a cloth. For the best results, choose a solid color that contrasts the color of your products.
  • If you can hang your items on a wall, do so; this makes them easier to examine and the items more noticeable from the street.
  • Avoid clutter. Too many items grouped together are distracting and overwhelming to customers.
  • Provide business cards. Customers who love your work may contact you later.
  • Make sure to provide clear, highly visible signage that employs theme and color as well as text. Your prospective customers should be able to get an idea of who you are and what you're offering from a distance.

Sales and Marketing Tricks

  • If your product can be sampled on-site, provide free samples to entice customers.
  • Make your prices obvious and visible. No one should have to hunt for them. Offer special deals for multiple-item purchases.
  • Talk to everyone who comes to your booth. Be friendly, helpful, and open, and don’t be afraid to sing the praises of your products.
  • Take advantage of social media to get the word out.
  • Make and distribute flyers ahead of the sale date. Use lots of color, and add a picture of one of your finest creations.
  • Get to know other Baton Rouge vendors who are familiar with the market. They can offer even more tips for optimizing your sales and having a great time.

Storage Units Make Your Project Easier

If you need extra space for your crafts, supplies or marketing materials, Safeguard Self Storage has air-conditioned and clean storage units with easy access at prices that won't cut into your profits. Contact us today for more information about rates and availability.