Why Keeping Your Lawn Mower in the Garage Isn't Ideal

It's easy to turn the garage at your Baton Rouge, LA home into self storage, but the lawn mower doesn't belong out there. Before you crowd that workhorse next to the car again, think about alternatives to storing it in the garage.

Keep Your Space Safe

When home garages turn into storage units, lawn mowers become tripping hazards. Pinholes in the fuel tank can fill the air with unhealthy fumes. A small break in the fuel line can spill combustible liquid on the garage floor. It's hard to keep your space safe when you store lawn equipment in the garage.

Don't Expose Your Mower

Parking it in the backyard isn't a good idea, either. Our humid Gulf Coast climate can rust lawn mower decks, and our hot summers can crack engine covers. Save that trusty equipment with one of these home-based self storage solutions.

Use the Backyard Shed

Let the mower motivate you into cleaning out the backyard shed. Add a little DIY weather-proofing, and you have a safe space for the lawn mower and much more. It's a good weekend project that can add years of life to yard equipment.

Build a Mower House

If you don't have a shed out back, build one for your faithful lawn mower. Imagine a dog house sized to fit the mower with double doors for easy access. Save your view of the landscape by putting the mini shed behind a tree.

Turn Tarps Into Storage Units

Large tarps can protect lawn equipment outside but be sure to secure them against windy weather. Tighten the cover around a lawn mower with bungee cords and keep it in a sheltered corner of the yard. When cold weather sets in, move the mower to a climate-controlled storage unit.

Line Up Cold-Weather Storage

Don't let cold weather chase the lawn mower back into your garage. Lease a unit now so that you'll be ready to park all your yard equipment until next spring. Keep these self storage tips in mind:

  • Always drain the fuel tank and carburetor.
  • Clean the mower's underside, blades, and fins.
  • Store the battery on a shelf or wood pallet.

Park It With Us

It's time to give that cluttered garage a break. Our two Baton Rouge, LA locations feature a variety of units for all types of yard equipment. When you run out of room at home, you can always park it with us here at Safeguard.

Great Storage Tips for College Students

Because of its proximity to Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA and the surrounding area is home to a large number of college students. If you're one of them, you've chosen a great place to get your education. However, whether you're living on campus or taking advantage of off-campus housing, you may face cramped conditions in rooms with little or no extra storage space. Don't worry; between savvy storage tips and Safeguard storage unit rental options, you can find a way to keep your favorite belongings close at hand while you focus on your future.

Valuable Storage Tips for Students

  • Only keep what you really need. You'll probably have several more moves in your future, so getting rid of clothes you never wear or books you read as a kid can save lots of time and effort. Make exceptions for items with sentimental value, but don't be afraid to let go of things that are simply taking up space.
  • Get the right storage products. Inexpensive shelving units and closet shoe racks can be lifesavers. After checking out the dimensions in your new room, look for storage solutions that take up little space.
  • Choose furniture that offers extra storage. Examples include end tables with built-in drawers and ottomans with storage compartments.
  • Utilize your wall space. A blank space is a great place for new shelves. You can also make use of over-the-door storage racks or hooks.
  • Look under your bed. You may have room for long under-bed storage boxes.
  • Consolidate small objects in baskets. Instead of lining small items on shelves, group them by type and place them in decorative baskets; they'll take up less room and help you stay organized.
  • Try vacuum-packing larger seasonal clothing items or linens to maximize space.

Storage Unit Rental for College Students

If there's simply not enough room for everything you need to store, a climate controlled self storage rental unit may be the perfect answer. For a small monthly fee, you can have access to your stuff whenever you need it. When you choose climate controlled storage, your valuable belongings are protected from insects, moisture, mold and extreme temperatures, so you won't have to worry about your favorite books being covered in mildew or your clothes developing weird odors. If you don't have enough storage space in your room, but you don't really have enough to fill a storage unit either, consider sharing a unit with a trusted friend or roommate. With everything you love at your fingertips, home won't seem so far away, 

Five Organization Tips for Big Families Living in Small Spaces

If you have a large family and are living in a small home, then keeping clutter at bay to use your space efficiently is a major challenge. With organization, you can do it. To take full advantage of the space you have available in your home, consider implementing five organization tips:

Putting the Entryway in Order
Large families have an abundance of homework folders, shoes and backpacks. To tame the clutter, purchase a cubby for every member of the family, and place them near the front door. Make it a rule that everyone is to unload their gear into their cubbies upon entering the house.

Adding Structure to Your Kitchen
Purchase drawer and cabinet dividers, or buy wood to customize your own. Be sure to organize the contents of your cabinets according to use. For instance, keep all of your bakeware in one spot, and store your pans in another. Also, consider using small bins to organize the food in your pantry.

Purchasing Furniture that Provides Storage
For living room and family room areas, buy furniture that you can use for storage. An armoire is perfect for storing blankets and toys while an old dresser in your kitchen can help you keep papers and loose items organized.

Installing Custom Closets
Custom closets will ensure that you are using these storage areas as efficiently and effectively as possible. Organization of small bedrooms is vital to maximize the usability of the room. In addition, you can request designs that include dressers and shelves to eliminate these furniture pieces from the room area.

Renting a Storage Unit
Take advantage of a Baton Rouge storage unit rental when your home begins to feel congested. The added space is perfect for stowing holiday décor, out of season clothing items and heirlooms. Safeguard Self Storage Baton Rouge storage lockers are conveniently located and equipped with many security features.

With organization, big families can live comfortably in small spaces. Keep in mind that Baton Rouge storage lockers are available for seasonal items and the valuable possessions that no longer fit inside your home. A Baton Rouge storage unit rental will protect your belongings until you need them. Safeguard Self Storage has storage facilities throughout Louisiana. Find the Louisiana self storage facility most convenient for you:

Safeguard Goes the Extra Mile for Maintenance

The front of the Safeguard Self Storage Ready to Rent tag, which includes a space for unit information, a maintenance check list, and comment section.The back of the Safeguard Self Storage Ready to Rent tag, which ensures the quality of a storage unit.

When renting a Baton Rouge or Metairie storage unit, we want you to be assured that the unit has been properly cared for and maintained. From cleaning to maintenance checks, you can be assured that your Safeguard Baton Rouge storage unit rental is in prime working order. Safeguard’s Ready to Rent tags assure all of our new renters of Metairie storage unit quality. Our Ready to Rent tags are placed on the outside of every vacant self storage unit after a cleaning and maintenance check has been performed and completed to our high standards.

 The front of the tag features a checklist of tasks that need to be performed, while the back features a list of preventative maintenance performed on the unit doors. All storage unit maintenance tasks are performed by our quality minded store teams.

 Front Checklist:

  • Hasp (Works/No Damage)
  • Door (Cleaned Front/Back)
  • Floor (Sweep/Mop)
  • Door Preventative Maintenance Completed
  • Light (Tested/Works)
  • Pull Rope
  • Pest Package in Place 
  • Security Mesh Intact & Secure
  • Unit Alarm Working Properly

Door Preventative Maintenance:

1.    Clean and spray tracks with silicone spray.

2.    Roll down door and spray springs with lithium grease.

3.    Lightly spray hasp with silicone spray.

These measures ensure that our Metairie and Baton Rouge storage units are not only clean, but also in proper condition. Door preventative maintenance is important to storage units because the parts can wear if not cared for properly. This can cause problems when trying to open or close the door, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to access or secure your belongings.

 By cleaning the vacated unit, Safeguard guarantees that every unit is like new – even if it’s been rented before. New customers don’t have to worry about any items being left behind or messes left by previous renters. If the unit isn’t ready, then there is no Ready to Rent tag.

Our Ready to Rent tags are just one more way that Safeguard Self Storage maintains excellent quality and the highest level of customer service in the self storage industry. Contact Safeguard Self Storage today to find a self storage location in your neighborhood, and rest assured knowing that your new storage unit has been properly prepared for you.

It’s Boating Season in Louisiana!

woman smiling while driving a speed boat

It is finally time to take your beloved boat out onto the Bayou State’s beautiful and plentiful waterways, and you will not be alone as your watercraft will be joined by more than 300,000 others. With all of those boats on the water, it is important to make sure that you are safe out there.

One of the most important things that you can do is ensure that you have the required safety equipment on board. For example, there needs to be at least one serviceable personal flotation device for every person on the boat. Other safety equipment that should be on board includes distress signals, fire extinguishers and navigation lights.

It is also important to ensure that your boat is operated safely once it is on the water. It is illegal and dangerous to weave through congested traffic or to operate a watercraft in a reckless manner.  Also, be courteous to other boaters by not creating wakes and also avoid fishermen and swimmers whenever possible.

Obviously, make sure to not drink and drive as the dangers and penalties for doing so while operating a boat are similar to those involved with driving a car while under the influence.

Once you are finished having fun on the water, it is important to have proper boat storage, Safeguard Self Storage would be glad to help you out. If you are looking for Baton Rouge LA storage, a Metairie LA storage unit rental, Marrero storage units or a Harvey self storage, Safeguard can help you protect your investment with boat storage. We offer a total of eight convenient self storage locations, six in the New Orleans Metro Area and two in Baton Rouge. 

When you are ready to utilize boat storage, it is important to make sure that you get a space that will be large enough to comfortably fit your boat and trailer. Your watercraft should also be fully supported whenever it is out of the water. Important areas to focus on here are the bulkheads, engines and keel. In addition, scrubbing its decks and hull and ensuring that it is not stored with any barnacles, gunk or slime will help your boat remain in top shape for as long as possible. 

Once your boat is cleaned and ready to be stored, find a Safeguard Self Storage location convenient for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happy to help you store your boat in an enclosed storage unit or in one of your outdoor storage lots so you can use it for many summers to come.