How to Find a Job in a New City

Finding a new job in your own town can be difficult. Adding a major move into the mix makes the prospect even more intimidating. Planning your move and laying the groundwork for the hiring process won't just calm your nerves. It will also increase the likelihood of a company choosing you over a local. Safeguard Self Storage, with facilities in Hollywood, FL, and other locations, offers these tips for landing an interview in a different city.

Prep Your Profile

Keep an updated copy of your resume at the ready. You'll have one less item on your plate when you start your job search. Make sure the info in your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, too. Turn on the setting showing that you're open to being contacted for new opportunities. Consider writing a relevant, industry-related article and posting it to the platform. You'll stand out as a go-getter who knows his or her business.

To Move or not to Move

Some job seekers aren't able to move without having a position firmly in place. If you have the freedom to do so, relocating in advance could make your search for a new job easier. Of course, if you don't have enough savings in place or aren't willing to do temp work, the financial stress could outweigh the ability to meet for interviews on short notice. Freelancing could be a great way to tide you over financially or even get your foot in the door at a new company. Ease the transition to an unfamiliar locale by learning more about the city in advance. You'll have topics of conversation ready when networking opportunities arise.

Research Your Future Workplace

Make a list of companies where you can see yourself thriving. For each, learn about the corporate culture and the department in which you'd be working. Follow these companies' social media accounts for company updates and job openings. Keep a document with job postings, company contacts, and other relevant info on hand. If your experience is more general, or you're not concerned with working only at certain companies, expand your options by signing up for job alerts connected with relevant keywords.

Safeguard Can Help Your Move Be Successful

When moving to a new city for whatever reason, the logistics of moving your things can be tricky. But self storage can help. Off-site storage units make the transition easier and allow you to ease into a new place or be flexible in searching for a home.

Prevent clutter at your new place or safeguard your belongings while you find permanent digs with self storage. Safeguard Self Storage helps customers in Hollywood, FL, and other cities settle in while starting a new job.

How to Start Your Own Food Truck Business

A vintage green van parked on a beach in Hollywood, FL.
The food trucks at ArtsPark serve as your inspiration every Monday. You love the food, the atmosphere and the idea of being your own boss. Now it's time to turn your own unique recipes into the next delicious thing on wheels. All it takes is a great truck, a solid plan and a secure
Hollywood, FL self storage unit.

Roll on Older Wheels

Very few first-timers buy a brand new truck off the showroom floor. If your budget insists on something used, take advantage of older wheels that adapt to custom work. Many food trucks were delivery vans in a previous life, and these sturdy vehicles are easy to gut and retrofit. Apply the cash difference between old and new to the steam tables, warming ovens and refrigeration units you'll need to equip your truck.

You Just Need One

All you need is one irresistible dish that you prepare better than anyone else. Leave full-course menus to restaurants, and concentrate on something that makes you stand out from all the other food trucks. Whether you're serving gourmet burgers or handmade chocolates, figure out the logistics of your specialty. Identify the best suppliers for ingredients, calculate food costs and factor in your time and labor.

Cook Up Smart Marketing

Marketing is as simple as putting up flyers, and it's as involved as monitoring social media channels. Both strategies bring in business with minimum impact on the budget. Maximize your professional profile by supplying local charity events with tasty support. Barter for things like printing and web design by offering to cater in exchange for services. Save the expense of traditional advertising by cooking up smart, money-saving marketing plans.

Include Seasonal Storage

It's easy to feed all those appetites on the boardwalk during the high season, but be sure to include downtime in your plans. When the crowds thin out, you want to make sure you have a secure site for parking. Ask about drive-up indoor storage with enough extra space to double as a staging area when you're ready to roll next season. That food truck is your investment in the future, so it deserves a climate-controlled home base.

When you start your own business, the menu for success has to incorporate smart planning and plenty of determination.
Safeguard Self Storage applauds the entrepreneurial spirit that drives your food truck dreams. We're always here to support your hard work with the best storage solutions available across all of Broward County.