7 Things You've Always Needed to Keep Your Home Organized

Home organization doesn't have to be a challenge. It shouldn't be something that stays one step ahead of your best intentions. You can conquer it. You just need smart strategies, clever organizing tricks, and convenient self storage. These seven simple tips from Safeguard Self Storage in Metairie, LA, keep even the busiest home organized and clutter-free.

7 Items That Are Great for Organization

1. A Stop at the Door

Start decluttering the house at the front door with decorative hooks and shelves for bags and jackets. Toss keys, sunglasses, and phones into a big, bright bowl on a small entryway table.

2. A Dresser in the Closet

Move an unused dresser into the closet. Position it against an open wall or slide it under hanging clothes. Fill it up with anything that doesn't have its own place.

3. Self Storage Under the Beds

Keep home organization easy and out of sight with rolling under-bed storage. Gliding trays can hold everything from seasonal clothes and bedding to the kids' toys.

4. Drawer Baskets Under the Sinks

Stacked, mesh basket drawers are a perfect storage fit under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Their open construction keeps humidity at bay, so feel free to fill them up with countertop clutter.

5. Restaurant Kitchen Rails

Take a decluttering tip from commercial kitchens. Mount simple, space-saving rail organizers on walls or inside cabinet doors. Hang sliding hooks on the rods and fill them up with kitchen stuff.

6. Ottomans With Room to Spare

Make home organization fashionable, inviting, and comfortable with a cushy storage ottoman. The functional furniture seats extra guests while it keeps clutter tucked away. Storage ottomans are great in the kids' playroom, too.

7. An Easy-to-Use Scanner

Once a week, convert papers that pile up into digital files. Transfer invitations, receipts, insurance documents, and general paperwork to your computer or cloud storage. Be good to the planet by recycling your scanned papers.

Expand Home Space With Self Storage

Now that you're in control of general clutter, give yourself room to spare. A storage unit is perfect for expanding your organizing strategies with these simple tricks.
• Free up kitchen cabinets by storing seldom-used pots, pans, and countertop appliances in your unit.
• Seasonal decorations stay safely out of the way in climate-controlled self storage.
• Set up clutter bins in the unit to catch things you plan on selling or donating.
• A small file cabinet in one corner keeps important papers and documents safe until you need them.
• Give the car room to breathe by moving garage clutter to your unit.

Congratulations on Conquering the Challenge

It feels great to be on top of home organization. We're happy to help with affordable storage solutions that work hard for you. When you need extra space, Safeguard Self Storage in Metairie, LA always has plenty of room.