Taking Stock: A Guide to Keeping Storage Units Organized as the Seasons Shift

With each change of the season here in Miramar, FL, local storage units stay busy with people moving things in and out. It's a great way to keep the house decluttered, but it's a quick way to turn your unit into a jumbled mess. If you're having trouble keeping your self storage options organized year round, we can help. Our storage pros are happy to share smart strategies that work with every season.

Resolve to Reorganize

It's never too late to make resolutions that make a difference. Focus that positive attitude on reorganizing your storage unit. Go through all your boxes, and make sure seasonal items are grouped together. Turn the job into an opportunity to take stock of exactly what you have in storage. As you sort through things, develop an inventory list, and use markers to color-code box labels with your system.

Rule Your Stacks

Once you've organized box contents, make it all easier to access by following these stacking rules:

  • Designate four separate areas for stacking boxes filled with seasonal items.
  • Store things you don't need often on the bottom of your stacks.
  • Avoid avalanches by keeping stacks below shoulder height.
  • A brick-wall pattern stack lets you move one box without moving them all.

Plot an Easy Layout

Don't let the storage unit turn into a maze that challenges your navigating skills. As you create different sections for different seasons, leave pathways with enough room to turn around while carrying boxes or pushing a dolly.

Freestanding shelving breaks up banks of boxes, gives you a view through the unit, and helps with air circulation. Keep things you use most often near the front, and post a copy of your inventory just inside the unit door.

Sail Through the Seasons

Now you're set to easily retrieve summer vacation gear, fall gardening equipment, and winter holiday decorations. You can head out for spring camping trips while you keep clutter under control at the house. Quarterly self storage inventories are all you need to sail through the seasons and keep your unit in top shape.

Count on Us Year-Round

You can count on us here at Safeguard Self Storage all year long. We offer a wide selection of convenient and affordable storage units in Miramar, FL, and we're at your service with 13 other locations across the Miami Metro area. Stop by soon to let us set you up with smart storage solutions that fit every season.

Seasonal Clothing Storage: Storing Winter Clothes

A stack of folded winter sweaters.


Just because you love the sun here in Magic City doesn't mean you don't have a wonderful winter wardrobe. Still, those warm threads crowd closets and drawers, so make a summer resolution this year. Promise to pamper your winter clothes with Safeguard Self Storage, and pledge to keep your Miami, FL home organized year-round.

Keep ‘em Clean

Before storing, it’s important to run all your clothes through the wash. That hot chocolate stain from cooler days will only get darker and harder to get out. Remove stains now and make your job a lot easier in the future.

Stack Your Sweaters

Nobody wants four shoulders, but if you hang your clothes during the winter months that’s exactly what you’ll get. Sweaters fall victim to hanger shoulders because they tend to be a little bit heavier than other garments. A good organizational tactic is to loosely stack your sweaters, keeping the heaviest on the bottom.  

If You’ve Gotta Hang It…

But what about the clothes that you have to hang? In this case, try to avoid plastic hanging bags. Although they may seem the most secure, they actually tend to hold in moisture and do not get enough air circulation. A more beneficial alternative would be wrapping your hanging clothes in a breathable fabric.

Swing By

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your stored clothing. This way, you get the opportunity to switch out what you aren’t using in your home, and take what you need from storage.  Do not abandon your storage unit, but use it to your advantage.

It's great to liberate closet space and organize drawers, but always leave one warm sweater at home for an occasional cool Dade County evening. Whether you're stashing winter coats or a sail boat, your options at
Safeguard Self Storage in Miami, FL range from storage lockers to drive-up units. Be prepared to fall in love with affordable self storage, and make it a permanent part of seasonal organizing traditions all year long.