What to Do When You're Limited on Closet Space

In a perfect world, every room in your home would feature at least one walk-in closet. In reality, you do the best with what you have. We offer 10 space-expanding hacks for conquering limited wardrobe capacity. From shoe ladders to close-by self storage, these ideas are great for broadening small closet horizons in Elizabeth, NJ.

Storage Solutions for Small Closets

1. Double Up on Racks: Double closet space by installing two rods across the same area. Hang tops on the upper rack, and use the lower rack for skirts and pants.

2. Put Drawers in the Closet: Cloth pull-out bins come in a variety of sizes. Mount the soft-sided drawers in vertical rows from closet floor to ceiling.

3. Snap in Shoe Racks: Use tension rods to get shoes off the floor. A pair of parallel rods a few inches apart creates an airy rack for your favorite flats.

4. Store on the Door: Turn the closet door into a storage space with a hanging shoe organizer. Fill the clear plastic pouches with purses, scarves and caps.

5. Show Off Your Shoes: Move outside the closet with a shoe ladder against an empty wall. Keep your prettiest footwear on display and ready to go.

6. Hook Up Empty Corners: Every room has four, so notch up extra space for hanging things by mounting wall hooks in empty corners. Valet rods work well too.

7. Rack Up on Wheels: Freestanding wheeled clothes racks become mini storage units outside the closet. They're never in the way because you can rearrange them with just a push.

8. Go Retro With an Armoire: Scout second-hand shops for an armoire that serves as an extra closet with benefits. Many of these clothing cabinets feature built-in shelf storage.

9. Slide Under the Bed: Roll-out trays are ideal for under-the-bed shoe storage. Use pretty wicker baskets under taller beds for everything from purses to hats.

10. Liberate Space with Self Storage: Move seasonal things to a small storage unit, or go wild. Spoil yourself with something big enough to replace a dozen walk-in closets.

Explore Our Storage Solutions

It takes talent to make the most of limited space, and we know you can do it. Don't forget the easiest tip on the list. Stop by our Elizabeth, NJ self storage location, and explore our wide selection of liberating storage units. You can always count on Safeguard to help you conquer limited space.

Retiree Storage: Mountainside Storage Units Help You Downsize

older couple laughing and walking together

It's liberating, but it can be a big job. You're excited, but you aren't sure where to start. Your plans include making the move from your current home to something smaller in Mountainside, NJ. With nearby self-storage and a little pre-planning, retirement downsizing is easy to manage and simple to maintain.

You've Made a Great Choice

Mountainside, NJ earns its place on the short list of great retirement areas for so many reasons. You’ll enjoy classic suburban living, tree-lined streets and some of the friendliest neighbors in the Garden State. It's an excellent location for downsizing because the area offers a wide range of housing options and plenty of affordable storage units. Whether you're relocating from outside Union County or transitioning from a larger home, here in the borough, life is good just east of the Watchung Reservation.

You Need an Easy Plan

 Downsizing your way into this lovely community means making decisions about a lifetime of personal belongings. From furniture to holiday decorations, you’ll have to figure out what to do with everything. Successful moves always start with a plan, so consider these simple downsizing strategies:

  • Take care of arrangements for leasing a storage unit before you start relocating. This gives you space to transition more easily from the old address to your new home.
  • Get things done more efficiently by taking inventory, one room at a time. Compare square-footage differences between old and new living spaces.
  • Be honest about what you want to take with you, and turn the rest into cash. Gently used items and furnishings that won't be moving with you will move at a weekend garage sale.
  • Belongings with higher resale values often find new homes through upscale consignment shops. Check with different outlets and antique stores in the Mountain Avenue retail district.
  • Talk to local charities about their needs, and match their list to things that you need to part with. When you know your donations are helping someone else, letting go becomes a little easier.

Self Storage Keeps Downsizing Simple

 Downsizing doesn't mean giving up everything, and that's where a storage unit fits into your retirement plans. Keep sentimental treasures, seasonal items and extra bedding in a temperature-controlled unit. Park bikes -- for riding around Echo Lake Park -- next to fishing gear, saved for afternoons on Lake Surprise. Our Mountainside location offers 24 hour digitally recorded video surveillance, individually alarmed storage units and easy-to-use online account management. The extended access hours also provides extra time for you to access everything in your storage unit at your convenience.

It's All Yours Now

This northern slice of the Garden State offers so much, and it's all yours when you retire in Mountainside, NJ. Our Safeguard Self Storage family extends a warm hello and an invitation to visit our local facilities. Welcome to the neighborhood. We know you're going to love downsizing here.

Solar Power System Installed at Elizabeth, New Jersey Store

Safeguard Self Storage is committed to fostering environmentally friendly practices, so we are thrilled to announce the installation of new solar power systems at one of our facilities. We began producing solar power at our Elizabeth, New Jersey store on October 17, 2014. The solar power system was acquired from Trinity Solar, a major retailer and installer of solar power systems in the northeastern United States. The solar power system is designed to produce 129.6 KW of electricity, which is expected to supply about 80 percent of the store’s electricity needs.

Our Elizabeth self storage facility has many features that require electricity. These top-of-line features include computer-controlled recorded access, digital video recording, individual door alarms, facility-wide intercom system and much more.

Safeguard Self Storage does not intend to stop there! Installations of solar power systems are underway at 25 other stores in the company’s portfolio in New Jersey and New York. These systems are slated to go online and begin producing power later this year and early 2015. We already have a fully operational solar power system at our Thornwood, New York store, which provides over two-thirds of the store’s power needs. 

The system will drive NOI higher while helping Safeguard and its clientele reduce their impact on the environment. If you’re looking for self storage in your area, contact Safeguard Self Storage today! We’ll ensure that your belongings stay safe, while making sure our facilities stay green. 

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

A smiling young woman wearing cleaning gloves while holding a washing cloth in one hand and a bucket of cleaning supplies with the other hand.

Moving into a new apartment gives you a sense of starting over in a brand new place with clean carpets, freshly painted walls and shimmering appliances. However, moving out of an apartment or a condo creates an entirely different feeling altogether, such as dreading the cleanup and loading your belongings. You also have to check and make sure you've left the place in good condition if you plan to get your security deposit back.


When you move into a new apartment, you have to sign a contract that outlines certain guidelines, such as whether you can customize the apartment to your liking. Some places let you paint the walls as long as you repaint them before you move out. Damage, such as burn spots in the carpet, may also affect whether or not you receive your deposit. Consider these tips when you plan to move so you can leave your apartment in prime condition.


  1. Clean each room thoroughly.
  2. Repair screw holes on the walls.
  3. Repaint the wall with its original color.
  4. Soak the tub in bleach and water to remove stains.
  5. Clean out and wipe down the refrigerator and other appliances.


Between moves, place your furniture and belongings in an Elizabeth storage rental. With the furniture out of your way, you can deep-clean the floors and find stains and debris you might have missed. For your sensitive items, store them in Elizabeth storage units with climate-control, computer controlled access, unit door alarms and digital video recording for maximum peace of mind.


Before you make the move to your next apartment, store your belongings in Elizabeth storage units. Since there's not a lot of time between move-out and move-in dates, you can use an Elizabeth storage rental to move your belongings while you clean your apartment. Afterward, you can get your deposit back and move into your new apartment with ease.


Safeguard Self Storage has an array of storage unit sizes all with month to month rentals so you can keep your items in storage for as long or as short as needed. Safeguard offers self storage solutions for every storage need. Contact Safeguard Self Storage to find out more about unit availability, our affordable rates and current specials!