New Job, New Setting: Tips for Filling Up an Empty Office

Downtown revitalization has really made a difference in Jamaica, NY. Plenty of office space and business storage across Queens makes the area a great place for startups. Get ready for your new job by turning that empty office into a setting primed for business success. 

Maximize Your Desktop 

It's your primary work area, so make your desktop work for you. Back up traditional trays and containers with accessories that maximize productivity. Keep track of notes on the fly with a flat, desktop calendar. Keep track of your phone with a dock that features expandable charging options. 

Don't let personal stuff clutter the desktop. Invest in a sturdy coat rack that can handle jackets, umbrellas, and even a light blanket for chilly days in the office. Fill up desk drawers with things like noise-canceling headphones and a personalized first aid kit.

Zone Your Workspace 

Break up the space in your new office by using furniture placement to designate zones. As you arrange things, allow plenty of room for foot traffic around these strategic areas.

  • Your Work Desk: Position your primary work station in a quiet place, and pair it with a comfortable chair.
  • A Paper Zone: Create an area for handling paperwork by grouping file cabinets, book shelves, and small tables.
  • An Electronics Center: Let scanners, copiers, printers, and charging stations share space and cable organizers.

Save Room and Money 

Business storage is a smart investment when you're setting up a new office. A climate-controlled storage unit lets you archive paper billing and invoicing, trade publications and important records. Off-site storage saves office space with extra room for everything from spare furniture to sales samples. 

Compare the cost of commercial square footage with an affordable self storage unit. It makes good business sense to free up expensive floor space at the office with cost-effective storage space just down the street.

We're Proud to Serve 

It doesn't take long to turn new office space into a productive home for business success. You can depend on Safeguard Self Storage to make it easier with six facilities across Queens, including our Jamaica, NY location. We're proud to serve the neighborhood and the borough with business storage solutions that fit every business model.

Sea Life at City Island

image of dawn rising over a fishing dock

Whether you cruise along East Tremont and Pelhelm Parkway or sail a skiff across Eastchester Bay, City Island is waiting to brighten up your summer. Beat the heat with cool fun, fill your plate with fresh seafood, and get your feet wet. Retrieve your favorite water gear from self storage in Bronx, NY, and head for our borough's fishing village.

Sail Back in Time

Here at the far western end of Long Island Sound, it's easy to picture a rich history built by fishermen, sailors, and dockhands. City Island treasures its colorful past, and you can stroll right through it at the Nautical Museum. Located in the island's original public school building, this venue is a special step back in time. Carefully curated exhibits include old photos, original maps, and models of different ships that sailed the harbor more than 100 years ago. Museum staff also host wonderful walking tours around the island. 

Dine Deliciously Casual

It's easy to feel right at home when you're dining with locals who love to share the borough's freshest seafood. Set your sights and your appetite for any of these island specialties:

  • Lobster rolls
  • Sauteed scallops
  • Fresh stuffed flounder
  • Crab cakes
  • Deep fried shrimp
  • New England clam chowder

 Local fishermen keep the island's restaurants stocked with the freshest catch every day, so you can always find seasonal favorites on the menu. It's casual, delicious dining – especially when you enjoy it at a shoreside table.

Launch Summertime Fun

Do you like to sail, kayak, or ski? Or are you happier on the shore casting your luck into the bay? Folks who love it all stay prepared for everything with nearby storage units. Water sports around City Island range from high-end yacht races and competition rowing to boat rentals and pier fishing. Just keep your gear in self storage, and grab what you need before you head over the bridge. It's summertime, as well as time to become a part of the cool sea life here on City Island.

Stash Your Skiff

When you have a summer destination surrounded by a scenic shoreline, you have a great escape from busy city life. When that sweet spot is City Island just a few miles away, your gateway to warm-weather fun is always wide open. We're nearby, too, on East Tremont with top-notch storage units in Bronx NY. Whether you want to stash your skiff or park your poles, Safeguard is just around the corner.

Try Cold Water Fishing in Massapequa Cove

True anglers don't hang up their fishing poles when winter arrives in Massapequa, NY. In fact, they get going in full swing for some cold-weather trout and bass fishing. Every fall, the Freshwater Fisheries Division in Nassau County fills the waterways with 3,500 trout ranging from brown and brook to the rainbow variety. If you're into fishing and don't mind the cold, now's the time to stuff your tackle box with supplies and to head out for a day on the water. You can make your next fishing trip so easy to prepare for by placing all those necessary supplies in a nearby, convenient and accessible storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage.


Winter Fishing in Massapequa Cove

Massapequa Cove isn't just a place to go trout fishing. You’ll also find carp, largemouth bass and deep-hole fish such as stripers. The brackish water has several holes that reach 40 feet below the surface, where porgies, kingfish and blowfish swim. If you prefer to stay near the shoreline, you’ll still be able to reach flounder in depths ranging from six to 15 feet.

What Bait Should You Use?

If you're looking for trout, it's best to go with the traditional garden worm. You might get lucky using lures on newly released hatchery trout, but they're smart and will quickly figure out which food to eat and to avoid. Though you can find some trout in Massapequa Cove, you'll reel in your three-fish bag limit in the larger Massapequa Reservoir.

Flounder is easily attracted with clams on a hood and a live porgy will help you reel in a largemouth bass.

Best Places to Fish Around the Cove

For early morning fishers, the cove has countless docks that offer a great place to toss out a hook. You can usually find a nice spot along a dock to reel in quite a few fish. If you're familiar with the area, anywhere between Jones Creek and Fort Neck Point offers great fishing spots. Nassau County has numerous ponds and other waterways teeming with fish for anglers throughout the year.

Store Your Gear at Safeguard Self Storage

Fishing gear can take up quite a bit of space, especially for serious anglers. Create a fishing locker with one of the convenient storage units at Safeguard Self Storage in Massapequa, NY. Our storage units have enough room for everything from fishing poles to tackle boxes to keep you on the water when space at home is tight.



Graham Hills Park Bike Trails Will Help You Stay Healthy in 2017

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, only 9.2 percent of people feel successful in achieving their goals. That's not a statistic anyone wants to hear when making a resolution for a new year. For those living in Thornwood, NY, it's easy and fun to keep your New Year's health resolutions thanks to the Graham Hills Park biking trails and the ease of Safeguard self storage.

Stay Fit and Have Fun at Graham Hills Park

Graham Hills Park stretches across Westchester County and features 10 trail miles. You can load up your bike and reach the park in less than 10 minutes as it sits just 4.8 miles from Thornwood, NY. Once there, you're greeted by spans of beautiful trees and winding trails for adventuring in the Great Outdoors.

Named for Dr. Isaac Gilbert Graham, a Revolutionary War army surgeon, this park is the go-to place for those who enjoy biking in the wilderness. You can ride along these single-track bike trails in both directions as they lead you through diverse habitats. You can either bike or walk the trails and even bring your dog along for the journey.

The Benefits of Biking

Biking through the trails in Westchester County have many health benefits, including the following, among others:

  • Burning calories
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Improving endurance
  • Boosting energy

Cardiovascular exercises like biking improve heart health and reduce your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes. Biking is also gentle on your joints, so you can exercise for longer without feeling aches and pains in your legs and feet.

Happy Biking From Safeguard Self Storage

If getting in shape is your New Year's resolution, biking the trails at Graham Hills Park is a great way to get fit while having fun. However, don’t let your space constraints at home get in the way of your health goals. Store your bike and biking gear at Safeguard Self Storage. With convenient, nearby storage units, our facility is perfect to store your bike while you’re not on the trails.



Plans for New Safeguard Self Storage in Long Island Underway

Safeguard Self Storage has announced the purchase, on November 20, 2014, of a land parcel to build a self-storage facility on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa, New York. The store will be the 73rd store for the company nationally when completed and the 27th store in the New York metropolitan area. Three other developments which will be the company’s 24th, 25th and 26th stores in New York are either under construction or about to start demolition prior to construction.

“The New York area is the company’s most important market and this purchase will build on the company’s efforts to increase its critical mass there,” says Allan Sweet, Safeguard’s Chief Executive Officer. “We have been building in New York for over a decade.”

The 61,825 square-foot facility will provide 766 storage units in various sizes. Amenities at this location will include heating/air conditioning, drive-up loading area, computer-controlled building access and digital/video recording of the property. As with most other Safeguard Self Storage stores in New York, the facade of the store will boldly communicate the company’s brand and logo – see the rendering (above) of the Safeguard Massapequa façade.

“This store will be the company’s easternmost location in New York and will fill a real need in this densely populated area of Long Island where there are few other options for storage,” said Jim Goonan, Safeguard Senior Vice-President of Development.

 3D rendering of the Sunrise Hhighway Safeguard Self Storage facility in Massapequa, NY.

Prepare your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

Some areas of the country do not have a climate suitable for riding a motorcycle year round, even for the most dedicated bikers. When it is time to store your motorcycle for the winter, it is important to store it properly to maintain good condition. A great way to protect your bike from the elements without cluttering your garage is by using Safeguard Self Storage. Take these steps before storing your bike ensure it will be ready to run on the first day of spring.

 1.    Run the engine until it reaches operating temperature, then turn it off.

 2.    Change the engine oil as well as the transmission and primary chain case fluid.

 3.    Replace the oil filter if it is near the next scheduled oil-change interval.

4.    Restart the engine to circulate the new oil.

5.    Dain the gas from the gas tank.

6.    Remove the battery

Whether you use a garage or one of the many available Chicago storage units, do not place the battery directly on a concrete floor. You should place the bike on a platform so that the tires do not rest on any concrete surface, because it increases the risk of dry rot and flat spots. If no stand is available, ensure that you rotate the tires on a regular basis. Ensure tires are properly inflated. Wash and wax or polish painted and chrome parts. Lubricate the chain as well as the throttle and clutch cables.

Cover your motorcycle with a cotton cover or blanket rather than a plastic tarp that could trap moisture and condensation. Dry, well-ventilated Safeguard Self Storage units which are equipped with computer controlled access, individual unit door alarms and digital video recording are an ideal location to store your bike for the winter. Click on a link below to find your Chicago Self Storage Unit or New York Self Storage Unit.


Find storage units in Chicago. 

Find storage units in New York.



Safeguard Self Storage Announces the Opening of a New Self Storage Facility in Bronx, New York just north of Manhattan

Safeguard Self Storage expanded its presence in the New York metropolitan self-storage market again with the opening of its newest location, a 57,000 net rentable square foot addition to its existing facility on Bronx Boulevard in Bronx, New York about four miles northeast of Manhattan. Safeguard opened its 63rd store nationwide and its 23rd store in the New York metropolitan market today.

front view of Safeguard Self Storage facility

Safeguard Bronx II Self-Storage

Safeguard Self Storage, a provider of premium self-storage solutions, opened its twenty-third operating location in the New York metropolitan self-storage market. This facility, conveniently located at 4323-4327 Bronx Boulevard in the Bronx will continue to help provide this community's growing demand for high-quality storage units and self-storage space.

Safeguard has a deeply established presence in the New York market, now with 23 open locations. Less than three months ago, Safeguard Self Storage opened its 21st operating location on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, New York and acquired its 22nd location in Thornwood, New York (about 20 miles further north) a month later.  As is typical of Safeguard's 63 stores nationwide, the Bronx II self-storage facility is designed with security, convenience and customer service in mind. Amenities at this location include: heated and air conditioned space, a convenient drive-up loading area, computer-controlled access to the building and digital\video recording of the property.

"Safeguard's strong development ability enabled the company to acquire the land and design and build this exceptional 57,000 square foot facility in a densely populated area to help serve this market.  This new store complements the company's development and acquisition of new locations.  The company owns four other properties in development, two of which are in New York and one of which is also in the Bronx and two of which are in South Florida.", reported Allan Sweet, Chief Executive Officer of Safeguard Self Storage. 

"This new store expands the company’s presence and adds to the critical mass that the company has developed around the Safeguard brand in the New York metropolitan area", said Mark B. Rinder, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. 

"The Bronx Boulevard location, like all of our New York facilities, is designed to provide an exceptional customer experience and is tried and true for the company.  Safeguard built the Bronx I store on the same street, nearly immediately adjacent to this new store and opened it in 2005.  Thus, we know this market well.  With this new store open, we continue to move full speed ahead on the company’s West Farms location in the Bronx and expect to open that store next year” said James Goonan, Senior Vice President of Development who has been leading the development activities of Safeguard portfolio for 13 years. 

Ken Finlay, Senior Vice President of Operations added, "Its convenient location (immediately off the exit ramp from the Bronx River Parkway), the plethora of amenities and the company’s dedication to providing outstanding customer service, makes renting with Safeguard the best storage option in the Bronx and the surrounding area.  What makes Safeguard unique is the relationship that we develop with our customers--they are very important to us.   We look forward to continuing to serve the residents and business people of the Bronx that we’ve gotten to know over the past eight years. It's a great community and we're proud to be part of it."

Bronx II, NY Location: 
Safeguard opened the Bronx II, NY self-storage location on August 14th, 2013. This facility has 893 storage units in 57,000 leasable square feet with a variety of unit sizes currently available. The Bronx II store team is led by the same team which Walter Mejia, Facility Manager and Denise Hardy, Assistant Manager, and Andrea Wallace, Assistant Manager.

Mark B. Rinder - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Safeguard Self Storage | Atlanta

Does Air Conditioned & Heated Storage Really Make a Difference?


With 50% of all self storage customers being first time users one may ask how does air conditioned and heated storage make a difference? This is an important question, as many factors play into the decision to store in a climate controlled environment. Air conditioned and heated storage, simply put, makes a world of difference and here’s how: 

Elemental Protection – Standard, non-climate controlled storage units are usually found in buildings constructed of metal or tin. These building are generally susceptible to the elements as wind, rain and humidity find ways to penetrate the outer seams and openings. These types of buildings are also affected by major temperature swings as they tend to heat up rapidly during summer days and then cool down at night causing condensation. This moisture can cause warping of wood, yellowing of paper and mildew to grow on stored item.  During the winter months these buildings can become extremely cold causing stored goods to crack or chip. Temperature controlled storage units are designed to protect stored items from large temperature variations preventing moisture and mildew from forming which help items maintain their stored condition.

Sensitive Belongings – documents, photos, antiques, family heirlooms, and other valuables may not survive long term in regular outdoor storage. Choosing a climate controlled storage unit could save you from experiencing significant damage to weather sensitive items. 

Peace of Mind – Knowing that your items are stored in a climate controlled environment, protected from the elements just like your home or office will provide great comfort.  Air conditioned and heated storage units were designed so your items come out of storage in the same condition as when you put them in. What a concept!  

Making the right decision about self storage types is just as important as the decision to store. Making the wrong decision, in the long run, could cause more harm than good. To fully understand what self storage unit type and size is right for you, contact a storage professional today.

Safeguard Joins in Fight Against Counterfeit Storage


Safeguard is proud to team up with Mayor Bloomberg and the city of New York to establish the first Self-Storage Operator Code of Best Practices. The new codes will ensure self-storage facilities follow best practices to help prevent against the storage of counterfeit items in storage units.

The “Code of Best Practices” Includes the Following Items:

- Manager walkthroughs will be performed daily and a record keeping system establish where, upon unusually activity, further investigational measures will take place.

- Video recording system to be enhanced to sufficiently monitor the property.

- Tenant record system will require photo ID’s of tenants to remain on file for a year after they move out.

- Rental agreements forbid storage or sale of counterfeit items in storage facilities.

Kathleen McGee, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement issued this statement, “We welcome Safeguard Self Storage as a partner in reducing the proliferation of illegal goods and look forward to working with other storage operators in our continued efforts against counterfeiting”.

Safeguard’s mission is to lead the self-storage industry in product quality, service and value. And, as always, Safeguard will strive for continuous improvement in all that we do. Our goal is to provide high-quality products and services that customers can trust and that distinguish Safeguard in the marketplace.

Look out Albany Avenue, Safeguard is coming with another great New York self storage facility!

 rendering of the new Safeguard Self Storage facility on Albany Avenue
(Early profile rendering of the Safeguard Self Storage Albany Avenue location in Brooklyn)


We just closed on the purchase of land on Albany Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Many New Yorkers probably know us already, as 21 of our 60 open storage facilities are in the New York metro area. Why wouldn’t we build a 22nd location in the area? We love it here.

This new facility, which doesn’t have a firm completion date yet (but fear not, we have plenty of other facilities in the New York area to tide you over until then), will have 786 individual units in a variety of sizes. That’s 50,000 square feet of space for all your storage needs.

As is typical of a Safeguard self storage facility, the Albany Avenue location will be designed with security, convenience and customer service in mind. Amenities at this location will include:

  • heated and air conditioned space
  • a convenient drive-up loading area
  • computer-controlled access to the building
  • digital/video recording of the property

(That’s a lot of amenities. If there were any more I’d have to rent a unit just to store the remaining bullet-points in that list…ahem…is this thing on?)

Jim Goonan, Senior Vice President of Development, says about this Albany Avenue location:

"The Albany Avenue location, like all of our New York facilities, will be designed to provide an exceptional customer experience. This new facility will complement our product offering in New York and demonstrates our commitment to, and confidence in, this market. As many already know, we have two other stores under construction at this time, one of which will open later this month at Utica Avenue not far from this Albany Avenue site."

Be sure to Like us on Facebook to find out when our new Albany Avenue location will open and to stay updated on everything Safeguard Self Storage.

Exterior of the Safeguard Storage on Albany Avenue

This Albany Avenue building in New York will soon be a brand new Safeguard Self Storage facility. See below for an artist’s rendering of the finished facility…yes, we’re between artists at the moment.

 poorly drawn image of the Safeguard Self Storage facility on Albany Avenue