How Self Storage Can Help You Live in a Tiny House

The tiny house movement in Pompano Beach, FL, gets bigger every year. It's a lifestyle that comes with some restrictions, but it's an alternative that offers freedom too. If you're on your way down the road to ultimate downsizing, get ready for an amazing experience.

The Benefits of Living Small

Living small doesn't mean giving up the good life. Your focus on getting by with less comes with a surprising number of advantages. Get ready to enjoy the benefits of living in a little house:

  • Lower utility bills and maintenance costs
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption
  • A smaller carbon footprint in an eco-friendly home
  • Renewed commitment to decluttering with self storage
  • The satisfaction of living large with just the essentials

Downsizing Before the Move

The things you think you want aren't always the things you really need. The transition from a traditional house to 400 square feet puts it all in focus:

  • Start downsizing by tackling one room at a time.
  • Lease a self storage unit to hold things as you organize the move.
  • Give old belongings new life by donating to local charities.
  • Sell extra valuables through online listings and auctions.

Organizing Your Tiny House

You don't have a single square inch to waste in your new little home. Turn that constraint into a creative force for organizing every space from floor to ceiling.

  • Max out closets with double-hung clothes rods.
  • Mount single shelves over windows and doors.
  • Save space with bench storage and sofa beds.
  • Hang pots and pans from the kitchen ceiling.
  • Make extra space with floor-to-ceiling corner shelves.

Tips That Make Tiny Easier

As you turn your tiny house into a tiny home, don't let old habits clutter up new interiors. Keep your small spaces wide open with these room-saving tips.

  • Ask friends to donate house-warming gifts to charities.
  • Zone rooms into areas that serve multiple functions.
  • Move one thing out for each new thing you move in.
  • Use self storage as a backup for seasonal decluttering.

Storage Solutions That Fit

Enjoy keeping things simple and living large in your new small space. We're here to help with affordable storage units in Pompano Beach, FL, and all across the Broward County area. When you need storage solutions that always fit, we're always just around the corner.

A Guide to All the Packing Supplies You Need for Your Move

Nothing can put a damper on moving day quite like not being equipped with all the packing supplies you need. Whether you're relocating out of state or just across Pompano Beach, FL, our self storage experts recommend getting ready for the move with these essential packing supplies.

Make Moving Easy: 10 Must-Have Packing Supplies

Fresh Cardboard Boxes

Moving boxes should be like storage units: clean and secure. Old cardboard boxes hide problems like mold, mildew, and bugs, so buy fresh containers at your nearest storage facility.

Plenty of Bubble Wrap

This packing essential comes in a variety of configurations. Stock up on perforated sheets, pocket-shaped pouches, and bags with self-sealing tops.

Tissue and Wrapping Paper

Tissue paper is ideal for fragile treasures while wrapping paper works best with non-breakables. Avoid newspaper because its print can stain belongings.

Cardboard Dividers

Cardboard separators turn moving cartons into portable self storage units for small items. The dividers add strength to boxes while they keep breakables protected.

Packing Tape, Dispensers and Box Cutters

When you buy packing tape, invest in tape guns and box cutters. These simple tools let you securely seal and quickly open packed moving cartons.

Labels and Markers

Apply large, clearly marked labels to all your boxes. Use bright felt-tip pens to color-code packed cartons by room.

  1. Wardrobe Boxes: Take care of clothes during the move with these sturdy cardboard closets. Each unit features a hanging rack and front access panel. Many models include attached carrying handles.
  2. Mover's Stretch Wrap: Wrap this plastic around furniture to secure drawers and seat cushions. Use it to bundle, fasten, and bind boxes and belongings. The versatile wrap sticks to itself without leaving any residue.
  3. Furniture Pads and Blankets: Moving can be rough on oversized items, so protect fabric and trim with furniture pads and blankets. Use your mover's stretch wrap to secure pads around couches, chairs, and even appliances.
  4. Cotton Mattress Bags: When you finally get to the new address, you want a good night's sleep. A cotton mattress bag keeps your bed fresh and dust-free even through a long-distance move.

Make Us Your Moving Supply Source

You don't have to travel far to get ready for a move. We carry everything you need at our Pompano Beach, FL facility and multiple locations across the state. When you need the best moving supplies and storage units in Florida, you can count on us here at Safeguard Self Storage. Rent a unit today, and make your move an easier one.

How to Store the Gear from Your Atlantic Ocean Adventures

Here in the Heart of the Gold Coast, you dive, fish, and paddle year-round. All that Atlantic Ocean fun adds up to stacks of gear in the garage. Treat yourself to extra space at home, and take good care your favorite water sports equipment in the process – park it in affordable storage units here in Pompano Beach, FL.

A Quick Guide to Storing Saltwater Gear

Before storing your sports gear, rinse away traces of salt with fresh water. The residual salt can corrode or cause abrasions on your gear. Then, to prevent mold or mildew, let everything air dry, and then follow these tips for safekeeping each type of aquatic equipment in self storage.

Scuba Diving Gear

  • Store face masks in their cases, and loop regulator hoses into coils without bending.
  • Turn wetsuits inside out to dry, and store on flat shelving, or double-over wide plastic hangers.
  • Use wooden pallets to elevate scuba equipment off the unit’s floor.

Fishing Equipment

  • Long salt rods that break down store best vertically in rod sleeves.
  • Remove line from fly reels, check for frays, and store loosely coiled on shelving.
  • Protect expensive fiberglass and graphite rods in climate-controlled self storage.


  • Inspect the body for dings, lubricate metal parts, and tighten bolts and screws.
  • An average 9- to 12-foot kayak fits comfortably in a 10-by-20-foot unit with room to spare.
  • Support the hull's bow and stern on a wooden rack designed for watercraft storage.
  • You can also suspend a kayak from the ceiling top-side down with wide straps.

Paddle Boards

  • Protect hard paddle boards in self storage by keeping them inside their day bags.
  • A slight release of air pressure helps the seals on inflatable boards stay in good condition.
  • Save space for extra gear by storing 15-foot paddle boards in 10-by-25-foot units.

Convenient Storage, Just West of the Beach

Whether you store equipment long-term or in between weekend adventures, you can count on us at Safeguard Self Storage. Our Pompano Beach, FL storage units are two miles west of the beach on North Federal Highway, and we have four more locations across Broward County. Our Safeguard teams always extend Florida's warmest welcome to you and your aquatic gear.

Extra Storage for Your Pompano Beach Home

front view of a sea green beachhouse with palm trees and pebbles lining the stone driveway

You gaze out over the Atlantic making weekend plans. Living on the beach puts you in a perfect position to hit the surf or barbecue on your backyard turf. You turn around, head inside, and trip over the kayak oars. It might be about time your castle here in Pompano Beach, FL gets self storage help.

Storage Is a Smart Investment

Have you ever thought about storage units as smart real estate investments? Your property commands a nice price on the market, so don't fill up expensive living space with things you don't use every day. Tropical storms can toss patio furniture and grills through windows, and that's hard on homeowners insurance. Water gear and beach toys track sand in the house, and that's hard on floors. Storing things in a secure unit saves money on wear, tear, and upkeep around a beach house come rain and shine.

The Returns Add Up

Imagine room in the garage for your car. Picture closets where clothes and fishing poles don't collide. A storage facility can't add square feet to your home, but it makes the place feel more spacious. That's an amenity you really appreciate when you have stay-over company.

Put your jet ski and paddle board in self storage. Stow away scuba gear and tackle boxes. Everything you haul to the beach is easier to access when it's all in a nearby unit, and that gives you more time on the water. Add up convenience, time saved, and extra space at the house. You have a solid return on your storage investment.

Just Follow a Few Guidelines

You really can capitalize on affordable storage space, but keep the venture safe by following a few guidelines. If you need supplies, check with your friendly on-site storage experts.

  • Use wood pallets to keep things off the floor.
  • Leave room between stacks for optimum air circulation.
  • Always make sure things are dry before storing.
  • Combat humidity by using fabric sheets as dust covers.
  • Discourage Broward County bugs with cedar blocks in unit corners.

Make Room in Your Castle

This weekend, make plans to start enjoying extra space in your beach house by enjoying our secure storage units. Our Safeguard Self Storage facility here in Pompano Beach, FL are just minutes away from the shore, so stop by and meet the team. We're always ready to help you make room to spare in your beach home castle.

June 18th is Go Fishing Day!

fishing pole situated next to a tackle box full of fishing equipment
June 18 marks the official "Go Fishing Day." Any fisherman will want his or her equipment ready to go. It is not always easy to keep fishing gear safe and in good condition, especially in crowded household storage such as a garage. The best place to store your fishing gear is in Miami, FL storage units. Safeguard Self Storage has several locations in Florida. Our Pompano Beach storage units provide an area without clutter to keep fishing equipment safe and accessible.

Most people do not have adequate space at home for large fishing equipment, especially boating equipment or lengthy poles. Miami, FL storage units offer affordable and convenient places for fishing gear. Tackle boxes and fishing poles can be kept in one favorable location. A smart way to keep tackle organized is in waterproof, sealable, plastic containers. These can be stacked neatly in a
Safeguard Self Storage unit.

To keep rods safe and to extend their life, it is important to clean the rods of salt, sand and other debris and remove tackle from lines before storing. Any heaviness will cause rods to bend. To prevent tangling, the fishing lines must be taut but not too tight. It is a good idea to purchase or create a free standing rod holding system from wood and PVC pipe to keep your rods spread apart and free from damage. Every Safeguard Self Storage unit provides open space allowing an avid fisherman the ability to store his\her gear as they see fit.

When the mood strikes, it is essential to have fishing gear in good shape and in an easy reachable place. The best way to achieve this is by using a Pompano Beach storage facility. Safeguard Self Storage is the ideal place to store fishing poles, tackle boxes, and other fishing gear.
Find a Safeguard Florida storage unit near you for your fishing equipment and get ready to celebrate "Go Fishing Day" every day without hassle.

Guide to Flea Market Shopping

Flea market shopping is a great way to find unique, rare and affordable finds, and the Festival Flea Market Mall in Pompano Beach is one of the best places to start your search. Festival Flea Market Mall offers more than 500 shops, so there is something for everyone there. Before starting your flea market search, however, you should keep these tips in mind for finding and storing the best finds.                                            

Choose the Right Flea Market

Some flea markets have more to offer than others. For example, the Festival Flea Market Mall offers many more potential finds than most other area flea markets. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't check out the smaller flea markets as you never know what you might find if you do.

Look for the Unexpected

Although you might have a few things in mind that you want to search for during your shopping trip, you shouldn't forget to look for the unexpected. You could find real treasures if you have an open mind.

Check Items Carefully

It's always a good idea to check items carefully for any defects or problems. You might choose to pass on an item if you find that it is damaged, or you might be able to haggle for a better price due to any imperfections.

Practice the Art of Haggling

One of the main benefits of flea market shopping is that you can find amazing deals on great items, so you shouldn't pay too much. Don't be afraid to negotiate for a better price, and consider passing on an item if the seller is asking for more than you think it is worth.

Choose the Right Storage Option

It can be easy to accumulate a lot of clutter in your home if you go flea market shopping regularly, but you can use Safeguard Self Storage for Pompano Beach household storage. Not only can you use your storage unit to safely stash your flea market finds, but you can also use it for your other Pompano Beach household storage needs, such as for tucking away seasonal items when they aren't in use. Safeguard Self Storage offers the amenities that you will need to protect your flea market finds such as air conditioned storage units, computer controlled access, storage unit door alarms, digital video recording, covered loading areas, and free use of carts and dollies onsite. We also make paying for your Pompano Beach storage unit a breeze by offering auto payment, online payment and phone payment options. Visit your local Safeguard Self Storage in Pompano Beach and find a good home for all of your newfound treasures. Happy shopping!