Protecting Your Valuables from Inclement Weather

The weather isn't always predictable in Metairie, LA. One minute it's sunny; the next it's raining. The seasons change and bring cold temperatures deep into the South. If you keep your valuables outdoors, it's important to protect them from the elements. Safeguard Self Storage has a few tips on how to prevent unnecessary damage during the colder months.

3 Ways to Protect Your Things in Bad Weather

Invest in a portable shed.

Portable sheds are the ideal option for those who have enough space in their backyards and need to keep their items protected from the elements. They come in many different sizes to shield everything from a lawnmower to a truck. You can select from easy-up sheds with plastic coverings or invest in a metal or resin shed if you have the budget. A shed will keep everything protected from heavy winds, rain and other inclement weather situations.

Use weatherproof tarps.

If you don't have the budget for a shed, nothing beats a tarp for protecting your valuables outdoors. Weatherproof tarps keep the rain off your mower, gardening equipment, and vehicles while allowing the air to flow beneath, preventing mold and mildew from growing on your items. They come in different colors and sizes and sometimes include eyeholes to keep them tied down when the wind picks up speed.

Make temporary space in the garage.

Sometimes you have to bring your items indoors when bad weather strikes. Maybe a hurricane has targeted the area or a cold front has dipped and brought frigid temperatures. You'll want to move things aside in the garage to make room for your outdoor items. You don't want hurricane-force winds to blow away your things or the cold to damage temperature-sensitive equipment. Bring them all inside until the weather gets back to normal in your area.

No Space? Try Climate Controlled Storage Units

If you don't have the space or your budget doesn't allow it, consider keeping your stuff nice and dry in our climate-controlled storage units. Safeguard Self Storage has indoor units that are air conditioned and heated to keep your items at a consistent temperature and protect them year-round no matter what Mother Nature has in store for Metairie, LA.

Keep Your Collections in Mint Condition with Self Storage

stack of superhero comic books

If you already know September 25 is National Comic Book Day, you're ready to celebrate with fellow pannapictagraphists, or comic book collectors. If you'd rather round up baseball cards, coins or stamps, you're still in great collecting company here in Massapequa, NY where storage units keep everybody's favorite hobbies in mint condition.

Comic Collections Love Climate Control

Every collection from Manga to Marvel deserves a safe haven from our humid Nassau County summers and frigid winters. The best survival strategies for vintage comics start with climate-controlled self storage. Protect your investment by backing each issue with acid-free cardboard and slipping it into a polypropylene or mylar bag. Use hard-shell cases for valuable first editions, and store them in lidded plastic boxes. Keep your collection off the unit floor on shelving or wood pallets.

Collectible Coins Add Up in Storage

You don't have to look far for fellow coin collectors here on Long Island's south shore. Area numismatists trade in everything from special editions to commemorative sets. Stash your buffalo nickels and Mercury dimes in coin folders or albums. This form of safe deposit lets you enjoy every die-cut detail without exposing coins to over-handling. Protect your collection's increasing value by storing it at your local Safeguard self storage facility.

Baseball Cards Are Always Big Hits

Do you daydream about adding a 1952 Mickey Mantle to your collection? If you're still stashing cards on the top closet shelf, think outside the box before investing in that mint-condition Mantle. Get your lineups in order inside protective sleeves, and organize your teams in D-ring binders. Store the binders vertically in plastic boxes safely stacked on shelves in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Stamps in Storage Stick to Their Value

From summer sea breezes to winter thunderstorms, our island climate plays rough with stamp collections. Stored at home, they risk losing their value to warping and decomposition caused by indoor humidity or family accidents. Collectible stamps weather best when they're mounted on archival paper, protected by acid-free albums and stored away from light sources. Climate-controlled self storage delivers a perfect environment for preserving your presidential series, Thomas Edison commemoratives and Inverted Jennies.

Your Treasures Feel At Home With Us

You never know when your passion for collecting might morph from hobby into online sales success. Keep your premium acquisitions in perfect condition for maximum profitability with our affordable storage units here in Massapequa, NY. Safeguard Self Storage salutes your collecting talents, and we join you in celebrating National Comic Book Day.

Take Pleasure in the Magic City's Outdoor Water Recreation

Miami, FL is known as the “Magic City.” Its nickname is attributed to its rapid growth, but summer visitors may consider it magical for the seemingly endless list of ways to have fun. When the weather gets warm, people from every state flock to its beautiful beaches and lakes to enjoy a wide variety of exciting water sports and activities. If you're ready for to plan your visit, here is a quick overview of what awaits you in Miami. 

Play It Safe

The following activities require the special equipment listed. If you already have sports gear that's collecting dust in your Safeguard storage lockers, check to make sure that it's still viable and safe before using it. Sustaining an injury due to equipment failure is a quick way to ruin your Miami adventure. 

Water Recreation in the Magic City


  • Snorkeling is a good way to admire the beauty of underwater environments for extended periods of time. To go snorkeling, you'll need a snorkel mask, a snorkel and fins. A wetsuit may be needed in cool water.
  • Kayaking and canoeing are similar sports that are enjoyed in lakes and rivers. They are both elongated, lightweight boats, but there are key differences in their designs. Basic equipment needed for either include a stable boat and paddles, a life jacket or personal flotation device, a flashlight and a helmet.
  • Boating is extremely popular in Miami, and you don't need to own a boat to enjoy it. Boat rentals and guided boat tours are both available. If you do own a boat, be sure to supply it with flotation devices or life jackets, a working whistle or horn, a visual signal and a fire extinguisher.
  • Fishing is a relaxing way to enjoy the Magic City's natural beauty. The equipment needed will depend on where you're fishing and what type of fish you're trying to catch. In general, a fully stocked tackle box, a quality rod and reel and appropriate bait is a great start. Don't forget to bring boating safety equipment, sunscreen and plenty of drinking water.


Learn more about Miami, FL outdoor recreation venues, tours, sports events and other opportunities by visiting the Miami and Beaches website.

Self Storage Units Keep Summer Gear Safe and Secure

Unfortunately, the season of water adventures doesn't last forever. If you need extra space for storing your gear during the colder months, Safeguard offers secure self storage units in the Miami area. Contact us today for more information about our clean, affordable storage lockers, and let us help you get a head start on next year's summer magic.

Beat the Miami Heat: Climate Controlled Storage in Florida

Palm trees on a sunny beach in Florida.

If you intend to store sensitive possessions in Safeguard Self Storage in Florida, they may need protection from extreme temperatures, dust and humidity. Fortunately, climate controlled Miami, FL storage units are available. Climate controlled units are air conditioned like your home to provide the ultimate protection by managing the storage space’s interior temperature. This type of unit also prevents dirt and debris from coming into contact with your delicate items. 

Many valuables need the kind of protection that climate controlled units can provide. Articles like clothing, pictures and documents along with paintings, books, electronics and antiques require a high level of protection when they are in storage. For long-term storage, climate controlled units are the best storage option.

Protection from Temperature Fluctuations 

Temperature variations can cause old book covers to crack and classic vinyl records to warp. Extreme temperature changes can also damage wood-based items. For instance, furniture pieces and musical instruments can split or rot when they are stored in places that experience drastic changes in temperature. Paintings, business records and books can also be damaged by high and low temperatures.

Dust and Pest Defense 

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a storage unit’s interior air quality, but dust and debris also cause damage. If you’re storing electronics, a climate controlled Miami, FL private storage unit is the best way to protect them. Most storage facilities install air circulators to keep the air in your unit clean and free of dirt. 

Safeguard Self Storage also protects storage units from bugs and rodents by utilizing local pest control services. This feature will protect your fabric items along with your wood-based pieces.  Climate controlled
Miami, FL storage units are equipped with a high level of security features to provide you with peace of mind. If you have sensitive items that need top notch self storage, contact Safeguard Self Storage to find a climate controlled storage unit in your area.

We have 7 self storage facilities serving the good people of Miami, FL with more being developed:

·         Palmetto Bay\Perrine – 17171 South Dixie Highway

·         Miami – Palmetto Expressway – 16701 Park Centre Blvd.

·         West Miami – 7691 NW 12th Street

·         Miami Design District – 515 NW 36th Street

·         Coconut Grove – 2650 SW 28th Lane

·         Miami – Gratigny Parkway – 12000 NW 27th Ave.

·         Miami – 800 West Flagler Street