Make Way for Memorabilia: A Guide to Starting a Collection

You love vintage stamps. Why not turn that passion into a collection? You wonder if those boxes full of seashells are hiding any treasures. Why not connect with other collectors and find out? There are so many ways to enjoy collecting here in Miami Gardens, FL and plenty of storage units to help you keep it all organized. 

Focus on Your Favorites 

Once you decide on what to collect, get started with a few smart strategies. You could go after every piece of memorabilia from games in Hard Rock Stadium. You'll do better to focus your love of all things Dolphins on specific collectables like bobbleheads or trading cards. 

Whether you adore Barbie dolls or Harley-Davidsons, research your favorite things online. Take a look at auction sites, and get an idea of their cash value. Take a look around the house, and make sure you have room to get started. If you set your heart on collecting antique motorcycles, put self storage on your must-have list too – climate control is the perfect insulation. 

Start with Just One 

Start out by acquiring just one piece at a time. Enjoy the fun and satisfaction of slowly building your collection. Learn as you go by networking with other collectors. You'll begin to better understand the value of your favorite things and use that new skill to make smart buying decisions. 

Turn collecting into treasure hunting with trips to flea markets and thrift stores. Always keep an eye on auction sites for collectibles. Over time, your collection will grow. Think about leasing self storage now so that you can keep things organized as you add to your cache of special things. 

Expand, Curate, and Store 

As your collection expands, keep track of its value, and keep it in good condition too. Use a spreadsheet to inventory and update information about purchase locations, dates, and prices. Turn your storage unit into a clearing house for collectibles, and enjoy these benefits. 

  • Climate-controlled units for curating fragile treasures
  • On-site security features to protect valuables
  • Easy access for rotating new and old collectibles
  • A variety of unit sizes and flexible leasing options

Keep Your Keepsakes with Us 

When something makes you smile, make it your goal to turn that special something into a special collection. We're happy to help with convenient storage units here in Miami Gardens, FL and 13 other locations across the Miami metro area. You can always keep your best keepsakes with us here at Safeguard Self Storage.

Keep Your Collections in Mint Condition with Self Storage

stack of superhero comic books

If you already know September 25 is National Comic Book Day, you're ready to celebrate with fellow pannapictagraphists, or comic book collectors. If you'd rather round up baseball cards, coins or stamps, you're still in great collecting company here in Massapequa, NY where storage units keep everybody's favorite hobbies in mint condition.

Comic Collections Love Climate Control

Every collection from Manga to Marvel deserves a safe haven from our humid Nassau County summers and frigid winters. The best survival strategies for vintage comics start with climate-controlled self storage. Protect your investment by backing each issue with acid-free cardboard and slipping it into a polypropylene or mylar bag. Use hard-shell cases for valuable first editions, and store them in lidded plastic boxes. Keep your collection off the unit floor on shelving or wood pallets.

Collectible Coins Add Up in Storage

You don't have to look far for fellow coin collectors here on Long Island's south shore. Area numismatists trade in everything from special editions to commemorative sets. Stash your buffalo nickels and Mercury dimes in coin folders or albums. This form of safe deposit lets you enjoy every die-cut detail without exposing coins to over-handling. Protect your collection's increasing value by storing it at your local Safeguard self storage facility.

Baseball Cards Are Always Big Hits

Do you daydream about adding a 1952 Mickey Mantle to your collection? If you're still stashing cards on the top closet shelf, think outside the box before investing in that mint-condition Mantle. Get your lineups in order inside protective sleeves, and organize your teams in D-ring binders. Store the binders vertically in plastic boxes safely stacked on shelves in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Stamps in Storage Stick to Their Value

From summer sea breezes to winter thunderstorms, our island climate plays rough with stamp collections. Stored at home, they risk losing their value to warping and decomposition caused by indoor humidity or family accidents. Collectible stamps weather best when they're mounted on archival paper, protected by acid-free albums and stored away from light sources. Climate-controlled self storage delivers a perfect environment for preserving your presidential series, Thomas Edison commemoratives and Inverted Jennies.

Your Treasures Feel At Home With Us

You never know when your passion for collecting might morph from hobby into online sales success. Keep your premium acquisitions in perfect condition for maximum profitability with our affordable storage units here in Massapequa, NY. Safeguard Self Storage salutes your collecting talents, and we join you in celebrating National Comic Book Day.

Explore Russian Culture through Bronx Lithograph Exhibition

Just down the street from our Bronx, NY self storage facilities, there is an exciting show; a true cultural attraction for the neighborhood's enjoyment. Running from now through August 17, 2014, the Derfner Judaica Museum presents "LITHOGRAPHY IN LENINGRAD: Soviet Graphic Arts in the 1950's and 60's." This exhibition enables art lovers and history buffs to view and appreciate 37 lithographs produced by Soviet official artists in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

Lithographs became popular in Russia in the second decade of the 19th century, but the medium itself originated in Germany around 1796. Lithography involves a meticulous process using a stone plate, and lithographers can make print copies for collectors. 

You can view the lithographs at the Derfner Judaica Museum located at 5901 Palisade Avenue. Experience a taste of old world lithographs by official Soviet artists firsthand.

To become a collector of lithographs in your own right, it's important to consult a lithograph expert on the preservation of individual works. Before placing lithopgraphs in Bronx, NY storage lockers, be sure to wrap them in acid-free paper to protect them from light and dirt. You can also place lithographs in a Solander box, which will lock out moisture and further stall the aging process. 

If you have a large collection of old prints and lithographs, we invite you to secure them in our Bronx, NY storage lockers and access them at a convenient time, such as when you want to share them with your grandchildren or exhibit them in a collector's show. Lithographs are an important representation of the cultural eras in which we live and they deserve proper storage.
Contact Safeguard Self Storage to keep your lithographs and other fragile items safe in secure self storage. We offer an array of storage unit sizes to fit any collection, and our climate controlled units keep your valuables safe from environmental factors. Find a Safeguard New York self storage facility near you today!

Five Collectibles That Could Actually Be Worth Something

From the charm of a china doll to the excitement of action figures, older toys are irresistible. These unique collectibles have the potential to become valuable assets, and Safeguard Self Storage is a great place to stash your treasures. Safeguard offers secure self storage units equipped with computer controlled access, individual storage unit door alarms, digital video recording and storage unit graphics with large display. Safeguard also provides climate controlled storage units that protect your favorite things from extreme temperatures so they are preserved as if stored in your home. So treat your collectibles with diligence and care, and your investment just might grow. Here are five vintage toys with wonderful potential.

1. Antique Dolls: These little ladies vary in age, and porcelain figures from the 1800s are worth an average of $700. Their younger cousins include the 1920s Madame Alexander line and often sell for $300. Barbie gets special attention in the collectors’ market with values that range from $300 to as much as $10,000.

2. Vintage Bikes: Yesterday’s favorite transport for kids often holds considerable value on today’s market. An antique model dating to the 1800s might sell for $900, and a classic Schwinn from the 1950s can fetch $400. Your small investment at the local garage sale has the potential to spin into a payoff on wheels.


3. Action Figures: From GI Joe to the Star Wars crew, these miniature characters enjoy a leading role on today’s collectible stage. With original packaging, they can be worth between $50 and $100, and they might be hiding in your attic. Whether your figures are Marvel, DC or Disney, they deserve the safety of secure self storage.

4. Cast Iron Toys: Dating from the late 1800s, these durable toys are a great investment. Their original packaging can ensure an annual appreciation of 15 percent, and that adds up on a coin bank or tiny car valued at several hundred dollars. Miniature planes, circus trains and fire trucks all have big potential.

5. Collectible Comics: First editions can sell for as much as $10,000, and the debut of new characters drives up the value of any series. These colorful collectibles represent a smart investment, but their paper construction makes them fragile even in protective sleeves. Your special comics are best kept in the security of climate controlled storage units.

Whether your collection revolves around vintage toys, rare stamps or unusual coins, condition is the key to preserving its value. Safeguard Self Storage offers the amenities you need while storing your treasures at an affordable price. Visit your neighborhood Safeguard Self Storage today and experience our smart storage solutions for your collectibles.