The Sports Family's Guide to Self Storage

From baseball games to soccer practice, getting the kids to the field on time keeps you on the run. Make it easier to organize your home team here in Palatine, IL by putting nearby storage units into play. This guide offers tips for streamlining your busy schedule as you keep the kids on track.

Get In and Out In a Hurry

As a soccer mom or dad, you know how hard it is to round up kids and equipment. With the clock ticking down, everybody combs through crowded closets and digs around in the garage.

Self storage cuts down on clutter at the house, and it makes grabbing the right gear for the right game much easier. These simple storage hacks quickly convert your unit into the ultimate in-and-out sports storage solution.

  • Load Up Laundry Baskets – These mini storage units are lightweight and easy to load in the car. Their latticed sides give you a clear view of balls and gloves.
  • Stuff Duffel Bags – Stash heavy gear in canvas duffel bags. Luggage tags make great labels, and the bags' sturdy handles let you keep a firm grip on equipment coming and going.
  • Wheel In Shelving – Wheeled shelving units let you rearrange floor plans according to the season. The portable storage also gives you front, back, and side access to stacked baskets and bags.
  • Repurpose Old Bookshelves – You may already have several of these storage solutions in your unit. Turn them into cubbies for small sports gear.

Divide, Conquer, and Suspend Space

Save time by dividing the unit into designated game zones. This strategy lets you and the kids quickly sort and retrieve gear. You can also assign a specific area to each child so that everyone has their own equipment stash.

Increase your efficiency score by keeping things off the floor with hanging shoe racks and sporty backpacks. Personalize these storage solutions with colors and name tags and suspend them on your wheeled shelving. Be sure to hang things within easy reach for your littlest athletes.

You Always Win With Self Storage

Keeping the kids' sporting equipment organized and ready to go is so much easier when you keep self storage in the game. We make it a slam dunk with climate-controlled storage here in Palatine, IL and all across Cook County. Rent a unit today and let Safeguard put your home team on the winning track.

Prepare for the Fall Cool Down by Storing Summer Items

family of four wearing fall clothing throwing leaves into the air

The city is finally starting to cool down, so join your West Rogers Park neighbors in saying goodbye to summer heat. As you make plans for enjoying the fall days, make extra room around the house, too. Start shifting your summer things into self storage where Chicago, IL residents hibernate all their warm-weather stuff.

Clean Out Crowded Closets

If you aren't going to wear it or use it come fall, put it on your list of belongings that belong in winter storage. Clean out crowded closets and clear cluttered shelves with these self storage strategies.

  • Keep summer clothes wrinkle-free in storage with wheeled hanger units.
  • Lightweight bedding stays fresh in plastic bins with snug-fitting lids.
  • Shuffle sandals, flip-flops and slip-ons off to storage in summer canvas totes.

Reclaim Lost Garage Space

When it's time to break out home snow shoveling equipment, you want plenty of garage space. Don't let these summer things crowd you or the car after winter sets in.

  • Store fishing rods in your unit until the next spring trip to West Ridge Preserve.
  • Pitch your tent in with that fishing gear to free up even more room in the garage.
  • Stash seasonal lawn equipment out of the way in your unit.
  • Roll the family bike collection on over to cold-weather storage.

Save Backyard Stuff from Impending Snow

When it's too cold to shoot hoops at Warren Park, you'll be glad your outdoor toys are spending winter in storage. Look around the backyard for other stuff that needs protection from Chicago's freezing temperatures.

  • The inflatable pool will last longer if it gets to spend winter in your storage unit.
  • Make sure the grill fires up next spring by storing it away now.
  • Keep outdoor furniture safely sheltered inside a climate-controlled unit.

Stay Smart with Fall Storage

Once you get the drift of fall storage, it's a great seasonal routine for keeping everything organized. Switching out summer stuff and winter gear frees up space all around your home. It's a smart storage strategy that leaves you with more room around the house year-round.

Shift into Fall With Us

We're looking forward to cooler weather too, and we're ready to take care of your summer things with the best storage solutions in Chicago, IL. Our West Rogers Park facility is located on North California Avenue just north of Mather Park. Let Safeguard Self Storage help you shift your summer stuff into safe storage before winter blows in.

Smooth Sailing into Senior Living

young woman holding a senior lady's hands

Your parents have always been there for you. Now, it's your turn. It's time to talk with the folks about all the great senior living options here in lovely Miramar, FL. Make self storage a part of the conversation, too. When seniors know they can access cherished belongings, it's easier to store those memories and make room for new ones.

Sailing Into Assisted Living: Five Steps to Help Your Favorite Seniors

They might be hesitant at first. Or maybe you’ll be the one with second thoughts. Still, if you all know it's the right move, it’s time to plan. These five steps help keep the transition smooth for both you and your parents.

  1. Make Decisions Together

Moving into a senior facility is a life-changing transition. Make it easier by making decisions as a team. Everyone should have a say in everything from what to look for in a new home to which t items should head to nearby storage units.

  1. Ask Everyone to Pitch In

When moving day arrives, ask friends and family to help. Let your parents direct traffic as everyone pitches to divide belongings between storage and the new address. Finish up with a move-in party to celebrate fresh beginnings.

  1. Help Them Stay Comfortable

Help your favorite seniors get used to new surroundings. Visit often the first few weeks, and make sure they know their new neighbors and facility staff. You want your parents to be comfortable asking for help when you're not there.

  1. Expand Their Social Network

If your parents prefer real face time to Facebook, introduce them to different activities in the area. Most senior facilities offer transportation options that let the folks get out and get involved. The Miramar Community Garden's micro urban farm is a great place to start.

  1. Let Them Have Fun

It's hard for seniors to leave familiar things behind when they move. Ease that sense of loss by arranging to keep some belongings in self storage. If they don't have room at the new place for their birding gear or fishing poles, nearby storage gives them quick access on their way to play in Pineland Park.

Well-Deserved Time to Relax 

After all the moving is done, you and your parents deserve time to relax. You can all sleep easy knowing their favorite things are tucked away, here at Safeguard Self Storage. Our Miramar, FL facilities on Riviera Boulevard are always at your service with the very best storage units available in Broward County.

Give Your Family Space with Self Storage

family in living room with mom, dad, and daughter sitting on the couch and the son coloring on the floor

If your home could grow along with your family, it would already take up half the block. A house filled with fun and love can also fill up with too much stuff and leave everyone feeling fenced in. Here in Chicago, IL, storage units are your key to opening up extra space and reclaiming your home.

Figuring It Out

The whole family needs room to breathe. Still, you wouldn't slow down if you could. The kids keep growing and outgrowing their toys and clothes. Your hobby is an e-commerce hit, leading you to stock inventory under the kitchen table. Dresser drawers serve as file cabinets for important papers. The garage doubles as self storage for the softball team's equipment. In the middle of all this, the kids are ready for separate rooms. Oh yeah, and everyone wants to adopt a puppy. Your family needs space.

Making It Work

You're in good company here in Chicagoland. Families all across the city from North Side to Lincoln Park expand their living space with affordable neighborhood storage units. You can make it work for you too.

  • Secure important papers in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Store extra furniture, and free up floor space at home.
  • Save the kids' hand-me-down clothes and toys without cluttering closets.
  • Rescue the garage by parking sports equipment in your unit.
  • Hang seasonal decorations in storage for easy access year-round.

Enjoying the Benefits

If you haven't checked out the convenience of a storage unit lately, be prepared for pleasant surprises. Most facilities offer drive-up units, month-to-month leasing, and online account management. With extra storage, you’ll finally sort out stuff for garage sales and donations. The house will be easier to clean and the kids will have more room to play. Best of all, you have peace of mind knowing that your things are still nearby with 24/7 access.

Serving You with Room to Grow

How easy is it to reclaim space at the house? It's as easy as stopping by one of our Chicago, IL Safeguard Self Storage locations. We're at your service, with more than a dozen modern facilities across the area from Uptown to Des Plaines. When you store your things with us, your family always has room to grow. Find the facility that’s closest to you:

Your Weekend Getaway Awaits in Self Storage

couple driving in convertible on highway with their hands in the air and wind blowing in their hair

Everyone appreciates the quiet beauty that makes our hamlet a relaxing getaway from big city life. We're also located within easy driving distance of some of the state's best weekend vacation spots. The easiest way to ease down the road starts with convenient self storage. Thornwood, NY is the starting point for all kinds of quick holidays.

Bike Through Graham Hills Park

Located just 2 miles east of town, this weekend retreat is ideal for getting away without going away. More than 5 miles of trails wind through 430 lush acres, so keep your bike ready to roll in one of our area's handy storage units.

Skate Across Kensico Dam

That inline skate gear that cluttered the closet is ready for liberation. Head 2 miles south to the reservoir for some real high flying. Skate across Kensico Dam with fellow rollerbladers, and enjoy a spectacular view.

Get Wet at the Rec Center

If you want to add a swim to your afternoon, stop off at the Mount Pleasant Pool and Recreation Center after you visit the dam. The facilities are always a cool place to beat the heat on a summer day. Leave your water toys in self storage for easier access and cleaner cupboards.

Go Touring Across the State

Leave the car behind, and pack up the RV. Keeping it at your storage facility frees up garage space and keeps your landscaping unblemished. Upstate, the Adirondacks are only a couple of hours away, so you can plan while you drive. Put the region's breweries, wineries and farmer's markets at the top of your must-visit list. Or, if you’d rather, head to the big apple and its boroughs, to take in a part of the city you’ve never seen before.

Camp Out on the Hudson

Stop by your storage unit, grab your camping and fishing gear, and drive 10 miles northwest of town. You're headed for more than 500 acres of outdoor fun on a peninsula off the Hudson's east shore. Croton Point Park is a natural getaway for summertime fun, and it's also the historic location of our state's oldest wine cellars.

Just Drive Over the Next Hill

When you're at home here in our peaceful village, adventure is always just a quick drive over the next hill. It's our pleasure to serve your weekend wanderlust with storage units in Thornwood, NY and all across Westchester County. From storing your bike gear to your stubborn camping supplies, Safeguard Self Storage is ready to make your traveling a little easier.

Make Room for Family This Fourth of July

crowd of people watching fireworks show during dusk

Whether family drives up from out of state or drops in from the skies over O'Hare, their visits always fire up holiday fun. If you're expecting a full house this Fourth of July, expand your entertaining options with nearby storage units. From Addison, IL backyards to the shores of Lake Michigan, it's time for star-spangled celebrations.

Clear A Space

Get a jump on playing host with a little advanced planning. Keep everyone comfortable by giving them space with these self storage tricks.

  • Make room for guest suitcases by sending your luggage to a storage unit for the holiday.
  • Before you store those bags, free up closet space by packing them with jackets and coats.
  • Turn trips to the storage facility into opportunities to declutter guest rooms.
  • Clear the backyard for a Fourth of July cookout by moving lawn equipment to self storage.

Greet incoming family with plenty of room to stash their stuff, and then surprise your expected guests with the unexpected. Treat them to Chicagoland's favorite Fourth of July traditions.

Play at the Ballpark and the Pier

Show them how we play baseball here in Chicago with a game at Wrigley Field. This July 4th, the Cubs take on Tampa Bay for an afternoon as American as apple pie. The game should finish in time for the big Fourth of July blowout at Navy Pier. Light up the night for your out-of-towners with fantastic fireworks over Lake Michigan. It's one of the nation's biggest light shows, and it's all set to hot music by the city's coolest DJs.

Relax Back at the House

If you decide to celebrate at home, start with a walk back into our historic past. Visit the Addison Historical Museum and imagine village life in the 1800s. Take an afternoon stroll through the shade of Cricket Creek Forest Preserve while you work up an appetite for backyard cooking. Prepare your own Ribfest for a farewell feast, and don't be surprised when guests promise to come back next year for savory seconds.

Make Your Plans Easier

Count on Safeguard Self Storage to help you make summertime plans easier with the coolest storage units in Addison, IL. We join you in proudly saluting this great city and nation as we all celebrate the Fourth of July. Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy your family festivities.

Retiree Storage: Mountainside Storage Units Help You Downsize

older couple laughing and walking together

It's liberating, but it can be a big job. You're excited, but you aren't sure where to start. Your plans include making the move from your current home to something smaller in Mountainside, NJ. With nearby self-storage and a little pre-planning, retirement downsizing is easy to manage and simple to maintain.

You've Made a Great Choice

Mountainside, NJ earns its place on the short list of great retirement areas for so many reasons. You’ll enjoy classic suburban living, tree-lined streets and some of the friendliest neighbors in the Garden State. It's an excellent location for downsizing because the area offers a wide range of housing options and plenty of affordable storage units. Whether you're relocating from outside Union County or transitioning from a larger home, here in the borough, life is good just east of the Watchung Reservation.

You Need an Easy Plan

 Downsizing your way into this lovely community means making decisions about a lifetime of personal belongings. From furniture to holiday decorations, you’ll have to figure out what to do with everything. Successful moves always start with a plan, so consider these simple downsizing strategies:

  • Take care of arrangements for leasing a storage unit before you start relocating. This gives you space to transition more easily from the old address to your new home.
  • Get things done more efficiently by taking inventory, one room at a time. Compare square-footage differences between old and new living spaces.
  • Be honest about what you want to take with you, and turn the rest into cash. Gently used items and furnishings that won't be moving with you will move at a weekend garage sale.
  • Belongings with higher resale values often find new homes through upscale consignment shops. Check with different outlets and antique stores in the Mountain Avenue retail district.
  • Talk to local charities about their needs, and match their list to things that you need to part with. When you know your donations are helping someone else, letting go becomes a little easier.

Self Storage Keeps Downsizing Simple

 Downsizing doesn't mean giving up everything, and that's where a storage unit fits into your retirement plans. Keep sentimental treasures, seasonal items and extra bedding in a temperature-controlled unit. Park bikes -- for riding around Echo Lake Park -- next to fishing gear, saved for afternoons on Lake Surprise. Our Mountainside location offers 24 hour digitally recorded video surveillance, individually alarmed storage units and easy-to-use online account management. The extended access hours also provides extra time for you to access everything in your storage unit at your convenience.

It's All Yours Now

This northern slice of the Garden State offers so much, and it's all yours when you retire in Mountainside, NJ. Our Safeguard Self Storage family extends a warm hello and an invitation to visit our local facilities. Welcome to the neighborhood. We know you're going to love downsizing here.

Making Your Home Safe for Kids on International Children's Day

December 13 marks International Children's Day; a perfect day to celebrate the joy that children bring into your life. One way to observe the holiday is to make their lives better by optimizing health and safety conditions in your New Hyde Park, NY home. Here are a few tips to help you childproof your home and make it both safe and fun for your little ones. 

Tips for Childproofing Your Home

Check out this quick-tip list for safety so instead of worrying what your kids can get into, you can enjoy your time with them.

  • Place safety screens around your fireplaces, radiators and heaters.
  • Install childproof covers on all electrical outlets.
  • Make sure that all toxic chemicals, including household cleaners and painting supplies, are out of reach.
  • Move couches, chairs and other furniture away from windows.
  • Be sure that step stools and kitchen chairs aren't close to your stove top.
  • Use corner bumpers to protect your children from sharp edges on tables and other structures.
  • Keep houseplants out of reach.
  • Lower the temperature of your hot water.
  • Make sure your bathtub and shower floors aren't slippery.
  • Never leave lighters, matches or tobacco products where children can reach them.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms outside your children's bedrooms.
  • Shorten the length of blind and curtain cords.
  • Place locks on your bathroom medicine cabinets.
  • Unplug small electrical appliances after using them.
  • Keep all firearms and ammunition securely locked away from children.
  • If your home was built before 1978, have it tested for lead paint.
  • Keep kitchen knives and other sharp utensils out of reach.
  • Never leave cooking food unattended, especially when children are in the kitchen.
  • Install side railings when transitioning from a crib to a standard bed.
  • Never leave heating pads or electric blankets unattended.
  • Develop a family fire escape plan.
  • Install ground-fault circuit interrupters on electrical outlets.
  • Keep activated charcoal and ipecac syrup on hand in case of poisoning emergencies.
  • Install cabinet latches and toilet lid locks.
  • Keep gardening equipment and gas containers stored out of reach.
  • Stabilize unsteady furniture.
  • Keep small glass and ceramic items stored inside a locked display cabinet.

What Can I Do with Leftover Stuff?

While you're making your space child-friendly, you'll probably find a few items that aren't safe to leave in a home with small children. Don't worry, you don't have to give them up forever. Keep them safe in a Safegaurd Self Storage unit until your children are a little older. For a small monthly fee, you can store extra toys, large items, sports equipment, collections and much more. It's easy to find affordable options for home and commercial storage in New Hyde Park, NY. Contact your local storage facilities for availability and pricing details. 

Museum of the Moving Image Teaches You How to Preserve Media

Astoria, NY is home to the unique and fascinating Museum of the Moving Image. The elite museum, located in the building formerly occupied by Astoria Studios, draws visitors and residents of every age and background. After all, who doesn't want to learn more about moving pictures? Besides providing an insight into the history of cinema, video games and digital media technology throughout the century, the museum offers valuable information about the preservation and storage techniques used to keep delicate and irreplaceable media safe.

Plan Your Visit to the Museum 

Astoria's amazing gallery of media history offers far more than vintage reels, although regular screenings of both contemporary and vintage films are a mainstay. The museum features both temporary exhibitions and ongoing installments that explore every aspect of the production, exhibition and marketing of moving images. There's something for everyone. Whether you want to learn about nineteenth century optical toys or how the Internet has been taken over by cats, you'll find endless entertainment and educational opportunities within the walls of this Astoria, IL landmark.

Preserving Your Own Media in Self Storage

Large personal collections of VHS and DVD movies, home movies on film cartridges, super 8 reels and even old video games require extra storage space. You want to keep these media items and the machines that play them safe and viable for special occasions like anniversary parties or strolls down memory lane, so don't dump them in your attic or basement. If you own valuable motion picture film or delicate vintage items, a visit to the museum may reveal information that can help you keep them in pristine condition. Here are a few more tips for storing your valuable media safely. 

  • Control of humidity and temperature is critical. Films, videos and playback equipment of all types should remain dry and protected from extreme cold or heat.
  • Remove all tapes, cartridges and batteries from electronic devices before storage.
  • Cover machines with cotton sheets or canvas to prevent dust accumulation. Do not place plastic wrap directly on component surfaces.
  • When handling super 8 or movie film, try to avoid touching the emulsion side as this can transfer oil from your fingers onto the film.
  • Use acid-free or archival boxes and packing materials.
  • Rewind VHS tapes, and store them vertically.
  • Don't store videos or film near magnets.
  • Don't pack your videos, films, cameras or other devices with moth balls or insecticides.
  • If motion picture film or other media has already deteriorated, or you are unsure of its composition, seek the advice of a restoration professional before storing it.

Choosing a Self Storage Unit

A climate controlled self storage unit is a perfect place to store your media safely and prevent clutter in your home. Climate controlled units keep the temperature steady, so your items aren’t exposed to extreme changes. Check with your local Safeguard Self Storage facility to determine the size and type of unit you'll need. Get started on making your own miniature moving image museum that you can visit whenever you like.