A Guide to Furnishing Your New Place From Scratch

You're so excited about moving into a new house or apartment. It's time to upgrade the old furniture. If you don't have much to work with, you might be starting from scratch. Pre-move strategies, shopping inspiration, and household storage make furnishing your new East Rockaway, NY home so much easier. 

Take a Deep Breath 

Moving to a new address puts a big dent in your wallet. Maximize what you can spend on furniture by taking a deep breath and asking yourself: 

  • What will my budget look like after moving expenses?
  • How do I balance what I want with what I need?
  • Can my old stuff generate cash at a yard sale?

Crunch the numbers. You might be surprised at just how much buying power you really have. 

Take Stock and Measure 

As you take stock of old furnishings, let a tape measure help you make decisions. Start with big items like the sofa and dining table. If they fit the new floor plan, they fit your plan to stretch the furniture budget. 

Start a list of things you want to keep, things you can part ways with, and things that aren't worth moving. If something doesn't make the "keep" or "toss" list, stash it in self storage until you can donate it or covert it to cash with a yard sale. 

Buy New with Confidence

Once you're sure about what you need, shop for new furniture with confidence. Keep an eye on the budget, compare prices, and look for quality. A new bed that costs a little more will last much longer than a bargain buy. 

If you're furnishing a place from scratch, stick with the basics. That new bed, a sofa, and a dining set are enough to get you started. Your pocketbook will thank you for not rushing things. 

Don't rule out the savings you can find at thrift stores and yard sales. Friends and family can be a great resource too. Ask if they have anything that they might donate to your move-in cause. 

Enjoy Your New Home 

It's fun to hit the decorating reset button, so make the most of your move. Take your time, furnish the new place just the way you want it, and let us help you stay organized. Give yourself plenty of room to enjoy your new home with household storage at our Safeguard Self Storage facilities here in East Rockaway, NY and all across the city.

Furniture Storage 101

A man tightening screws on a table that is lying upside down on the floor.

Whether you are transitioning to a new home or need to get rid of some of your current furniture to make room for new pieces, keeping your furniture properly stored is an important step in maintaining the condition of these pieces. Follow these storage tips from Safeguard Self Storage to correctly prepare your furniture for Chicago, IL self storage.

Preparing Furniture for Storage

Preparation is the most important step of storing your furniture. If it is possible to disassemble the pieces that you will be storing, it is best to do so. This makes it easier to move them, and each piece will be easier to cover for storage purposes.

Clean each piece thoroughly with mild soap, making sure that furniture is completely dry before being moved to storage. Some wood pieces also require a coating of wax in order to protect the piece, but be sure to determine the type of wood and finish before choosing the appropriate type of wax to use. 

Upholstered items can be cleaned with a handheld shampooer. As with wooden furniture, be sure that the entire piece is dry before moving it to storage.

The Importance of Furniture Covers

Furniture covers keep your pieces protected from dirt and dust to ensure that they will remain just as clean and pristine as they were the day you placed them in Chicago, IL storage units. Use cloth covers to maintain a breathable surface and prevent damage.

Finding the Best Unit for Furniture Storage

The delicate nature of furniture means that choosing the right
Chicago, IL storage units is a must. Furniture that contains any type of wood should generally be placed in a unit that is climate controlled (air conditioned & heated), as extreme temperatures and rapid changes in temperature can cause the wood to warp. Plush or upholstered furniture should also be stored in climate controlled storage units, as high humidity has the potential to cause molding in these materials.

For added peace of mind for your Chicago, IL storage unit, consider investing in a storage insurance policy. These policies can protect your belongings should something unexpected happen while the items are in storage. Find a nearby Safeguard Self Storage facility today, and get your extra furniture stored today.

We have 11 self storage facilities throughout Illinois with more being developed:

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