10 Ideas for a DIY Home Renovation

A man and woman painting a wall in their home.

So, you’ve been thinking about the next big home project for your Tamarac, FL, living space. Whether you want to modernize your kitchen plan, add a little more space to one of your rooms, or just need a change in your environment, the ideas for how to renovate a house are as endless as the human imagination. We commend you for taking the leap.

However, at Safeguard Self Storage on West Commercial Boulevard, we also know how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the process. “Analysis paralysis” is only one problem surrounding DIY home remodel ideas, sometimes the issue is you can’t come up with anything at all! And even if you do, where are you supposed to put your belongings while you actually follow through on your renovation plan? It can be a lot.

If you’re not sure to start, Safeguard can help you learn how to plan a Tamarac home renovation, as well as what you can do to create a little more space during the process.

DIY Home Remodel Ideas in Tamarac, FL

Organized home remodeling in Tamarac can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Let’s walk through some of your options.


Painting is nice because it doesn’t (usually) involve the need to break or move any fixed objects/walls. Depending on the type of wall or age of the house, the exact process may differ, but providing a new coat of paint to a room is a relatively quick and affordable means to an upgraded home.

Light it Up

An unseen man screwing in a light bulb.

The power of natural light should not be underestimated in DIY home remodeling. Natural light has a tremendous positive effect on your mood levels, so if you find your home has you feeling down, consider installing a couple windows.

If natural light isn’t an option, then bright artificial light is a satisfactory replacement, especially if the room is really dim or dark. In those circumstances, any extra light will make things feel a lot more welcoming and homey.

Develop an Open Floor Plan 

Developing an open floor plan may require some…“tactical” destruction. Open floor plans are trendy and spacious, but may require knocking down some walls and doorways. Fortunately, once you finish, the market value of your Tamarac home will likely increase, and you’ll have a comfortable, wide-open space to greet you when you come home.

Install a Bar in the Basement 

If your basement (or similar space) is suffering from a lack of distinct character, try installing a bar or café. It’s amazing what some nice tile, glasses, and bottles can do to give your DIY home remodeling an air of novelty. It also makes for a natural home base if you ever want to host a party or sport-watching event. You’ve got to put those tailgating snacks somewhere, right?

Transform the Attic 

For many people in Tamarac, the attic is relegated to the default storage space for seasonal belongings, old memorabilia, and other stuff you don’t need around at all times. However, if you find a new space for those things (such as a small self-storage unit), you can take what’s left of the attic and change it into a room of its own! It will probably take a lot of cleaning, repair, and installing new items, but with some work, this could become an intriguing reprieve from your other living spaces, or even transform into a child’s bedroom.

Say Goodbye to Carpet

A man tearing up old carpet in his home.

Carpet can look good, but it’s not as favorable in households as it once was, especially not if it’s everywhere. A relatively simple way to add a new feel to a room is to say goodbye to the carpet, and replace it with wood or vinyl flooring that matches the feel of the space.

Alternatively, if you aren’t satisfied with the flooring in your kitchen, you could take the less affordable but really pleasing route of laying down a nice tile. This one change can completely alter the way you feel while in the kitchen, which is important since you probably spend a lot of time there.

New Appliances 

This one is pretty simple. Out with the old, in with the new. Upgrade your refrigerator, washing machine, or entertainment center. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Bring in the Backsplash 

The thing about a backsplash is that it can look like basically anything. They come in any color or design you can think of, so all it comes down to is finding one that you want and having it installed. This, especially in combination with the tile floor suggestion, can make your kitchen look like an entirely new room. Perfect for an advanced organized home remodeling.

Remix Your Shower 

It’s a little thing, but swapping out a shower curtain for a door, installing a seat, or changing the showerhead, can turn your shower experience from something mundane into something fresh. The simple act of changing curtains or towels can help a little if you’re on a really tight budget.

Level Up Your Garage 

If you find yourself spending several hours a week in your garage, it wouldn’t hurt to outfit it with things to make it look and function easier. Organization shelves and panels, a skylight, and many other options exist for expanding or developing your garage space into a DIY home remodel more appealing in both the short and the long term.

Decluttering for a Renovation with Safeguard Self Storage

How do you plan a home renovation when there’s nowhere to put all the stuff currently residing in your home? Unless you’re willing to leave a bunch of stuff in the yard for a couple weeks, we assure you, there’s a much better option: a self storage unit in Tamarac, FL.

Safeguard Self Storage wants to help your renovation get off the ground by providing our versatile and affordable storage unit choices for your consideration. Our Tamarac self storage facility offers a wide range of storage unit sizes, features, and specials to help you create space for your DIY home renovation.

New to renting storage? No worries, we have your back. Dive into our storage tips for the fundamentals, so you can feel confident in starting up your Tamarac self storage journey today.