Why Keeping Your Lawn Mower in the Garage Isn't Ideal

It's easy to turn the garage at your Baton Rouge, LA home into self storage, but the lawn mower doesn't belong out there. Before you crowd that workhorse next to the car again, think about alternatives to storing it in the garage.

Keep Your Space Safe

When home garages turn into storage units, lawn mowers become tripping hazards. Pinholes in the fuel tank can fill the air with unhealthy fumes. A small break in the fuel line can spill combustible liquid on the garage floor. It's hard to keep your space safe when you store lawn equipment in the garage.

Don't Expose Your Mower

Parking it in the backyard isn't a good idea, either. Our humid Gulf Coast climate can rust lawn mower decks, and our hot summers can crack engine covers. Save that trusty equipment with one of these home-based self storage solutions.

Use the Backyard Shed

Let the mower motivate you into cleaning out the backyard shed. Add a little DIY weather-proofing, and you have a safe space for the lawn mower and much more. It's a good weekend project that can add years of life to yard equipment.

Build a Mower House

If you don't have a shed out back, build one for your faithful lawn mower. Imagine a dog house sized to fit the mower with double doors for easy access. Save your view of the landscape by putting the mini shed behind a tree.

Turn Tarps Into Storage Units

Large tarps can protect lawn equipment outside but be sure to secure them against windy weather. Tighten the cover around a lawn mower with bungee cords and keep it in a sheltered corner of the yard. When cold weather sets in, move the mower to a climate-controlled storage unit.

Line Up Cold-Weather Storage

Don't let cold weather chase the lawn mower back into your garage. Lease a unit now so that you'll be ready to park all your yard equipment until next spring. Keep these self storage tips in mind:

  • Always drain the fuel tank and carburetor.
  • Clean the mower's underside, blades, and fins.
  • Store the battery on a shelf or wood pallet.

Park It With Us

It's time to give that cluttered garage a break. Our two Baton Rouge, LA locations feature a variety of units for all types of yard equipment. When you run out of room at home, you can always park it with us here at Safeguard.

Lilacia Park After Lilac Time

hand holding mug of coffee above table with lilac clippings

The wine tasting was wonderful, and the parade was perfect. Lilac Time came to a lovely close, but beautiful Lilacia Park always stays open. The serene setting inspires year-round fun and energizes home gardeners. Supplies emerge from storage units across Lombard, IL as we head into another season for cultivating blossoms in our backyards. 

Summertime Plans at Lilacia

There are many ways to enjoy the flowers in our park, including a stroll back through its history. Did you know the original lilacs here were cuttings brought over from France? Learn more about the park’s miniature great outdoors at the Helen Plumb Library just to the south, and then put these ideas on your list of things to do at Lilacia:

  • Tweet, pin and share pictures of your favorite blooms
  • Commemorate special events with outdoor photo shoots
  • Have a family reunion around the picnic tables
  • Plan an outdoor summer wedding right here in Lilacia 

Gardening Inspiration and Tips

As the park's lilacs give way to summertime blossoms, take inspiration from the hard-working folks who keep Lilacia's 8.5 acres looking so beautiful. Simple strategies like pinching back flowers help promote well-balanced growth. If you remove blooms before they fade, you can prevent them from setting seed and slowing down production. Give container plants plenty of water to weather our Illinois summer, and consider nurturing hardy annuals like geraniums, begonias, impatiens, and marigolds. 

Storage Strategies for Green Thumbs

Home gardeners and storage units are natural partners in this part of Illinois. Climate-controlled self storage helps you take care of equipment and supplies. It's a great way to: 

  • Protect bagged fertilizer from summer rains off Lake Michigan
  • Stack extra flower pots and containers for easy access
  • Keep gardening equipment from taking over the garage

Smart organizing strategies free up your green thumb for bringing out the best in your garden. Plant your seeds just right, and they might rival the beauties featured on next year's Lilac Heritage Tour. 

Always Here for You

We're lucky to have such a unique green space here in the heart of our village. Lilacia Park is our own little getaway, so enjoy its special tranquility all summer long. Enjoy your home garden too, and keep the tilling easy with Lombard, IL self storage, located a few miles east of the park. Just like Lilacia, our Safeguard facility on St. Charles Road is always open and here for you year-round.

Don't Hold Your Horses, It's Opening Day

jockeys riding horses on a grass horse race track

All your daydreams about the daily double come true on May 5. It's Opening Day at Arlington International Racecourse, and the ponies are off and running. Odds are good you'll find equestrian inspiration at the historic track in Arlington Heights, IL. With self storage just down the road, you can assemble your own gear for local horseback adventures.

A Special Day at the Races

Opening Day at Arlington Park has been a Cook County spring tradition since 1927 when 20,000 race fans officially christened the track as a winner. The park returns that love every year with Opening Day festivities.

  • Live entertainment options spotlight fan-favorite DJs on the Miller Life Band Stage.
  • Try your luck by entering to win one of 10 season passes or two super-surprise packages.
  • Enjoy a free pass to Opening Day by printing your general admission ticket online.

Whether you reserve box seats, indulge in a luxury suite, or just lean on the rails, you don't want to miss the action that makes this day at the races so special.

Your Turn in the Saddle

At the end of Opening Day, turn the excitement of thoroughbreds thundering around the track into a horseback riding hobby right here in Arlington Heights. Area stables offer everything from beginners' classes to competition riding. Once you're comfortable in the saddle, nearby storage units serve as convenient tack rooms for staging trail rides through Cook County's beautiful forest preserves.

Harnessing Your Riding Habit

Arlington Park facilities can stable more than 2,000 horses, but you can harness the riding habit with climate-controlled self storage that holds all the tack and gear you need. Store your gear properly to keep it in better condition.

  • Turn wheeled clothes racks into hanging storage for bits, girths and helmets.
  • Rest saddles on stands tall enough to keep stirrups off the floor.
  • Keep saddle blankets fresh in lidded plastic bins.
  • Stash leather cleaning supplies in handy hanging shoe storage systems.

With a secure storage unit, you're always ready to hit the trail, and you always have a home for your gear when it's time to ride into the sunset.

The Best Across the Board

You can follow the action at Arlington Park all season and still find time to explore our great urban outdoors on horseback. When you need space to keep your gear in shape, we have you covered from track to trails. Count on Safeguard across the board for the best storage units in Arlington Heights, IL.

Enjoy Warmer Weather at Deer Grove Forest Preserve

men riding bike on trail in wooded area

The folks in charge of Cook County's Forest Preserve District had a revolutionary idea back in 1916. They set aside 500 acres of green space to offset urban expansion, and their vision grew into our 1,800-acre Deer Grove Forest Preserve. Its natural beauty is impossible to resist, so give in, and get out. Join your neighbors raiding Palatine, IL storage units for outdoor gear, and join the warm-weather fun.

Follow Miles of Looping Trails

What kind of distance can you travel on two wheels? Get that mountain bike out of self storage, and conquer 10 miles of rugged trails. How far can you go on foot? Test your jogging talents on 4 miles of paved paths. Deer Grove's looping trail system offers infinite opportunities to stay on the move or just enjoy a relaxing nature walk.

Fly Over Reclaimed Prairies

Whether you build them or buy them, set your wings for takeoff over Deer Grove East. Join other model plane enthusiasts at the designated field just off Dundee Road, west of North Hicks. Your current Academy of Model Aeronautics membership card serves as your license for flying crafts over the preserve's recently reclaimed prairies.

Fish Deer Grove Lake

Local anglers keep their tackle boxes handy in nearby storage units, because Deer Grove Lake fishing opportunities are open year-round. You can lay back and catch sunfish or bang the banks for largemouth bass. Count on chorus frogs and blue-spotted salamanders to keep you company while you net bluegill and reel in bullhead cats.

Camp in the Urban Wilderness

Don't miss Camp Reinberg as you drive through the middle of Deer Grove on North Quentin Road. Deep oak forests surround the camp's tent sites, cabins, and picnic tables. Pitch your own, or reserve lodging, and plan on a weekend filled with activities. Preserve staff members do a great job organizing nature hikes and educational programs. 

Stay Prepared for Urban Adventures

Here in northwest Cook County, we all enjoy easy access to the great outdoors, just outside our backdoors. You can enjoy easy access to your favorite warm-weather gear with convenient self storage at our Palatine, IL facility located just southeast of Deer Grove Preserve. You can always be prepared for urban adventures when you store your things with Safeguard.