Avoid Winter Weather as a Miami Snowbird

If you're a retiree who is sick of the winter weather in your hometown, become a snowbird in beautiful Miami, FL. The winters are short and warm, and there are tons of resources available to make the snowbird lifestyle easy. Put your valuables in a mini storage facility, and join the flock. 

What Is a Snowbird? 

Snowbird is a term used for retirees who escape cold weather by making a temporary home in a warmer climate. Most live in their hometowns during the warmer half of the year and spend the cooler half in their second homes. Some buy condos or houses in the remote area while others rent apartments, travel in motor homes or stay at RV campgrounds. Because of its great weather, Miami, FL, is a prime destination for migrating snowbirds, so the city caters to them by providing plenty of rental options, storage facilities and great amenities. If you're ready to live the snowbird lifestyle, here are a few pointers to help you get off to a good start. 

How to Live the Snowbird Lifestyle

  • Prepare to make a few sacrifices if needed. The longer you live as a snowbird, the easier it gets, but there may be some challenges to overcome.
  • Get to know others living the snowbird lifestyle. They are priceless sources of advice and information.
  • Make sure you can maintain contact with your grandchildren. You will miss them. Fortunately, all you need is a smartphone to keep them close.
  • Don't forget that your pet will need a safe place to live if it cannot travel with you.
  • Buy two wardrobes. Leave each in its respective location if possible.
  • Consider renting your home to students while you are away for the winter. The extra income can make life easier. When you return in summer, rent out your Miami home for a premium seasonal price.
  • If your primary home will be unoccupied during the winter, invest in a good security system, and take steps to ensure that the house does not appear empty. Put porch lights and interior lamps on timers, and have the post office hold your mail.

Storage Facilities Are Miami, FL, Snowbirds' Best Friends

When you're a snowbird, renting self-storage units in two states can make both moves easier. Storing belongings at your home location ensures that burglars won't get your most valuable items. If you're renting out your house while you're away, you won't have to worry about your tenants damaging or misusing your personal possessions. A storage unit is also ideal for keeping lawn furniture and gardening equipment safe in case of severe weather, especially if you're leaving your house empty. When winter is over, keep your patio furniture, summer toys and sports equipment safe in a Miami, FL, storage unit until the next summer. To explore your options, visit Safeguard Self Storage on the web. 

Retiring in Florida: 3 Ways Self Storage Simplifies Your Life

An older retired couple holding a small globe while standing on a Florida beach.

After years of working, you’re ready for some relaxation! However, deciding when to retire can be a difficult decision to make. For some, it’s signaled by hitting a certain age or reaching a certain number in your bank account. Others might wait until they’re “ready.” A major concern of retirees is boredom; after years of working, what will you do with all your free time? Making a move to a new location – such as Pompano Beach, Florida – can provide the newly retired with a much needed change of pace and scenery. Pompano Beach has a variety of attractions, from shopping to fine dining to simply relaxing on the beautiful beach. Make the most of your retirement – and use Safeguard Self Storage units to minimize your worries in three different ways.

Downsizing with Self Storage

Retirement is generally a sign that all your children are grown and it’s time to settle into a simpler lifestyle. Maybe you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller residence, or getting rid of belongings that you no longer need. Go through your household storage space and decide what you can pass down to your children. Any items you can’t find a home for – but can’t bear to part with – can fit perfectly into a Safeguard self storage unit. Trying to downsize and live a minimalist lifestyle is a big adjustment; move items to an off-site self storage unit to test out this lifestyle, before throwing anything out for good. Seasonal clothing and decorations are right at home in mini storage, since you only need these items during certain times of the year.

Moving to a Different State

With no job to hold you down, there’s no reason you need to stay in your current residence. Have you always dreamed of a beach house in Pompano Beach, Florida? Do you imagine walking out your back door to scenic sandy shores? Like the idea of sunny days nearly all year long? Find a new place to call home in The Sunshine State! Planning a move to a new residence can be exciting – and stressful. Decrease your stress by investing in nearby mini storage. Investing in storage units allows you to unpack at your own pace, or can keep your belongings safe if your new residence isn’t ready yet. You can also keep your storage unit throughout the year to keep clutter at bay.

Taking a Much Needed Vacation

The kids flew the coop to create nests of their own long ago, and now that you’ve settled into retirement bliss, you find yourself twiddling your thumbs. Why not take that extended vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Many retirees may choose to make a permanent move overseas, but if you’re only taking a temporary hiatus from your home with every intention of returning, you need a storage facility with plentiful security amenities to store your valuables while you’re gone. Safeguard Self Storage is the perfect storage solution when you don’t want to leave treasured possessions in your empty residence. Or you can even sublease your place for the duration of your trip! This allows you to have a steady inflow of funds while you’re vacationing, and can decrease your worries of a break in. Move all your belongings to nearby self storage units, so your temporary tenants can make your home their own.

If you’re looking for self storage in Pompano Beach, Florida, or the surrounding area, contact Safeguard Self Storage. We have a great selection of storage units to fit every need – and month to month rentals make it easy for you to store on your schedule!