Making Space for the Holidays: What to Put in Storage

woman smiling while cleaning off home decor with a towel

Every year, it's the same story. You tell yourself you'll pull off the holidays in Martha-Stewart-meets-Mrs.-Claus style. Despite diminishing energy and a lack of extra storage space, you make feeble promises to shop, decorate, wrap gifts and start planning holiday meals well in advance.

This season, take a cue from savvy household managers and place out-of-season items in a well-maintained storage unit. Secure, affordable self storage units allow you to cast aside warm-weather items for a few months and make room for winter decorations, dinnerware and gifts. Storing transitional clothes, outdoor furniture, seasonal decor and other out-of-season items in a clean, air conditioned and heated self storage facility provides peace of mind while keeping clutter at bay.

Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, holiday dishes and other decorations have a way of displacing everyday items. Having extra storage is a great way to make room for special seasonal pieces without creating an extra mess to clean up after the festivities are over. When warm weather rolls around again, that additional space will make spring cleaning easier and provide a home for your winter items as well.

Safeguard Self Storage offers the best self storage options around. We realize how important your family's sentimental, practical and valuable items are to your household. That's why we strive to earn your trust by providing a safe, spacious home for your belongings.

Business Storage is Smart Business

man in a business suit holding a large cardboard box

With the economy picking up steadily, local businesses in Pennsylvania are gearing up for brighter prospects and rapid growth. Space management has become a top priority and many companies are in the process of revamping their existing business models. Choosing reliable business storage can be a smart decision, one that is economical and practical at the same time. 

Company storage can be the perfect answer to your growing business needs

 An unsightly and over-cluttered office space might not exactly portray your business in the right light. You might be hampering your employee productivity and worse still, losing customers. If things are getting out of hand, it is probably the best time to invest in an affordable self storage in PA. Not only do you gain added space, the benefits of reliable storage are endless.

Get organized 

By storing away your excessive items, furniture or products, you will have a highly organized office space. A clutter-free workplace can boost employee efficiency and morale, not to mention the fact that your business becomes more welcoming to visitors. 

Save money 

Self storage in PA can be very economical. Rather than using your expensive office space for storage, you can acquire the much-needed space for a fraction of the cost by using self storage units. 

Increase sales 

Instead of using a portion of your store for storage you can place your excess stock in a self storage unit and turn that space into additional retail area. By increasing the square footage of your sales space additional sales and revenue are sure to be created.


Self storage amenities

Self storage units used for business purposes should be air conditioned and heated to protect the contents form the elements. Other helpful storage unit features for business professionals include computer controlled access, digital video recording, storage unit alarms, indoor loading areas, free use of carts and dollies, cargo elevators and package acceptance. Extended access hours are also very important as they allow business people access to their storage unit based on their busy schedule. Having a steady supply of items stacked away in storage can be ideal for seasonal sales or an unexpected surge in business.

Packing and moving is substantially simplified

With easy access to moving and packing supplies, transporting your company items can be a breeze. Moreover, you will be able to take advantage of the expertise of our team of self storage professionals at any of our seven Pennsylvania self storage locations.  We also accept deliveries, so you can spend your time working, not working through clutter.

Safeguard Self Storage is a premier provider of reliable and high-quality business
storage solutions in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to lead the self storage industry in product quality, service and value. Contact us today to discuss your unique business storage needs. We would love to be your self storage provider as we offer the best options available in company storage

How Do I Store My Seasonal Clothing?

 Summer's over, and you don't need your bathing suit or shorts any longer. However, your closets and drawers are overflowing. It’s probably time to clean out your spring and summer wardrobe and put them into a self storage unit. This is an excellent way to solve your clutter problems. Before putting your clothing in self storage you’ll want to make sure they are properly prepared for their winter hiatus. Simply follow these self storage tips to keep your clothes smelling fresh after six months:

Clean First

Before you start packing your clothes, thoroughly wash, dry and neatly fold them. Any food particles or stains will grow worse over time. Some chemicals will even bleach the color right out of the fabric, and oily residue from your skin will give your clothes that musty odor. If you need to dry-clean your clothes, keep them in the garment bags to add additional protection while in your self storage unit.

Storage Containers

Nice clothing should be placed in wardrobe boxes to keep them neat and clean. For your regular clothing you can use smaller boxes or plastic containers. Be sure to label your storage boxes so you can easily identify what items are in what box. Also, if you plan to retrieve some items before other leave them in the front of the storage unit for easy access.

Choosing a Storage Facility

Basic self storage is great for storing durable furniture and appliances, but delicate items like clothes, books, and electronics won't last in humid locations. Temperatures above 80 degrees or below 32 degrees can actually damage clothing fibers and darken stains, but cold temperatures will cause water to condense, which can also damage your property. You will want to select a facility that offers climate controlled storage.

To safely store your seasonal clothing, call safeguard self storage. We offer numerous climate controlled storage solutions for all your seasonal clothes. You can rent as little or as much storage space as need for your items in a secure self store facility, and you'll never need to worry about running out of room again. You took a lot of time, effort and money to purchase your wardrobe; it deserves a temporary home like safeguard self storage. Don’t Just Store It. Safeguard It! 

A Smarter & Cheaper Way To Move

Each year over 40 million Americans move from one location to another. If you are one of these individuals who will be moving soon follow these simple ideas to make your move as easy and cost effective as possible.

Start early:

Packing always takes longer than you think. Start two to three weeks prior to moving day so you can keep organized. Start with the items you use the least. Here is a wonderful link to a moving checklist to help make the process easier.

Purchase the packing supplies needed:

Purchase quality packing and moving supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, newsprint, packing peanuts, dish and glass packs and tape to prevent damage to your valuables during the moving process.

Pack strategically:

Mark the boxes you will need first in your new home with a star. Items such as sheets, towels, toiletries, and a fresh set of clothes will be needed day one. If your new home is smaller than your old home you should think about renting a self storage unit. A self storage unit will allow you to store your memories without cluttering up your new home. Be sure to label boxes of items to be placed in self storage accordingly. Not sure that size self storage unit you will need? Use this link to help determine the size storage unit you will need.

Create a packing area:

Choose a room that does not get much use or an area of your home to serve as a packing station. Build boxes of assorted sizes so they are ready as needed. Momentum is key to packing success. Keep a supply of markers, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and newsprint in the area.

Think heavy small – light large:

Be sure to pack heavy items such as books in small boxes and light objects in large boxes. This makes moving the boxes easier and quicker while preventing damage to the contents.

Don’t pack air:

Leave the contents in dressers and chests. Emptying these items increases packing time and wastes storage space. You can also place items inside hollow appliances such as washing machines, dryers and microwave ovens.

Use trash bags:

Boxes are great because they are easy to handle and are stackable. Trash bags are nice because they squish. Fill large trash bags with soft non-breakable items. They can be stuffed into trunks and moving trucks in areas that boxes can’t.

Pack hanging clothes right:

Please your expensive hanging items in a wardrobe box to prevent any damage.

Don’t pack blankets or beach towels:

Use these items as furniture pads to protect your items during the moving process.

Stack and pack lampshades:

These items usually take a beating during the moving process. Remove each shade and stack them small into large and then put them together in one box. This will help insure that they arrive in your new home intact.

Label your boxes on two sides:

Mark every box with it’s contents and destination (such as kitchen or self storage) on more than one side. Also note if the contents are fragile.

Be prepared:

Have everything ready before the movers arrive or you pick up the rental truck. Disassemble furniture that will need to be taken apart. Place nuts and bolts in an envelope and tape the envelope to the furniture. Roll up area rugs tight and tape them together. The more organized you are the less time your will spend on movers who charge by the hour or on truck rental.

Load in sections:

If you are loading a moving truck yourself, maximize every inch of space and keep items from shifting by loading in sections from the floor up. Load heaviest items first, in front and on the floor. Pack tightly and to the top, then move to the next section.

5 Essential Storage & Packing Tips

five boxes stacked upon each other with a roll of toilet paper and two books situated on top

Moving and packing items to be placed in storage can be both frustrating and time consuming if you lack a game plan. If you are considering using self storage, the first thing you should put into storage is some thought. You will need to understand available unit sizes so you don’t rent too much or not enough space. You will also need to know how to pack and store your items properly to prevent damage during the moving and storage process. Here are a few tricks to ensue your moving and storage experience is effective and stress free.

Pack & Store Items Well – Use sturdy boxes or plastic containers to prevent scratches and dings to your items during the moving and storage process. Wrapping fragile items in newsprint or bubble wrap will add additional protection. Seal all boxes with tape to prevent dust from affecting the contents. Place heavy items in small boxes so they don’t become too heavy to move. Lightweight items can be placed in larger boxes keeping the large boxes manageable. Place heavy items on the floor of your unit and stack lighter items on top.  

Use Protective Covers - Plastic wrap or covers are essential for protecting furniture, mattresses, and box springs from getting damp or dirty during the move. Furniture pads will also prevent items from getting scratched during the moving and storage process. 

Lawn and Garden Equipment - All fluids inside lawn and garden machinery should be drained prior to storing to avoid corrosive damage. Lawn tools such as rakes, shovels or hoes should be stored in trash cans to prevent them from damaging other items in the storage unit.

Use Your Head, Not Your Back – Be smart and use hand trucks or carts to move heavy items around. Our stores are equipped with flatbed carts for our customers use while on the property. Use our carts and your back will thank you in the morning.

Make The Most of Your Storage Space – Use the cubic footage in the storage unit to store more items. Long horizontal items should be stored vertically when possible to save on square footage. Store items inside of large appliances, dresser draws or on shelves to maximize the available space. Label all boxes so items are easy to find and place frequently used items in the front of the unit for easy access. If you have a lot of items that you access frequently you should create isles in the storage unit. This will ensure you can access all of these items quickly and easily. 

Utilizing self storage should help alleviate stress about where to store your items. Packing and storing your items correctly should eliminate all moving related anxiety. For more information regarding proper moving and self storage techniques contact your storage professional today.

What to Look for When Choosing Self Storage?

Have you been considering self storage lately? That’s a good thing, because chances are you have been staring at a pile of stuff for a while. Self storage can give you piece of mind that your home is uncluttered and your things are being well maintained. But, before you go gung-ho and throw your stuff in the first storage unit available, you might want to consider these storage tips.

Convenience: There are a number of factors that make up convenience that you should consider: Location, the closer you live to your storage facility, the better. If you plan on making frequent visits, a location that is close, is ideal. Location amenities are also important, items such as flatbed carts to move your items from your car or truck to your unit are a huge help as are cargo elevators to move your items easily to upper floors. Does the facility have a drive in loading area to protect you and your items from inclement weather? Are the hallways wide enough to allow for easy passage to your unit?

Storage Hours: Check your storage facility’s office and access hours and make sure they work with your schedule. Some facilities require that you provide a day’s notice before entering your storage unit. If this doesn’t work, consider different self storage. You should be able to access your items at reasonable times seven days a week.

Security Features: One of the most important factors when deciding on a storage facility is the security system. These systems are designed to deter crime keeping you and your items safe. Does the storage facility have several deterrents in place? How are the individual units secured? Safeguard self storage provides state of the art security systems with computer-controlled access, individual door alarms, digital video recording and facility-wide intercom systems.

Trust and Confidence: Did you feel comfortable doing business with the storage company after visiting the location and discussing your storage needs with the store team? Did they provide you with exceptional customer service? Did they demonstrate to you that they want your business? Use your instincts to help you decide what storage company\location makes the most sense for you.

Special Storage: Do your items need a storage unit with a little more TLC? Air conditioned and heated storage units provide a friendly environment for delicate items. These storage units are designed to safeguard your items from the elements as if they were stored inside your home.

Size: As you probably can guess the size all depends on how much stuff you have to store. Do yourself a favor and go a bit bigger, because you might find more stuff to store along the way. A larger unit also makes it much easier to access your items when you have some additional room to move around in the unit. A larger space may also prevent damage to your items as you will not need to stack items on top of one another as much.

So now that you’ve considered moving that pile of items, it’s time to lock in on a storage facility. Safeguard Self Storage can help you every step of the way. We can reserve your storage unit in minutes, so contact us today!

Does Air Conditioned & Heated Storage Really Make a Difference?


With 50% of all self storage customers being first time users one may ask how does air conditioned and heated storage make a difference? This is an important question, as many factors play into the decision to store in a climate controlled environment. Air conditioned and heated storage, simply put, makes a world of difference and here’s how: 

Elemental Protection – Standard, non-climate controlled storage units are usually found in buildings constructed of metal or tin. These building are generally susceptible to the elements as wind, rain and humidity find ways to penetrate the outer seams and openings. These types of buildings are also affected by major temperature swings as they tend to heat up rapidly during summer days and then cool down at night causing condensation. This moisture can cause warping of wood, yellowing of paper and mildew to grow on stored item.  During the winter months these buildings can become extremely cold causing stored goods to crack or chip. Temperature controlled storage units are designed to protect stored items from large temperature variations preventing moisture and mildew from forming which help items maintain their stored condition.

Sensitive Belongings – documents, photos, antiques, family heirlooms, and other valuables may not survive long term in regular outdoor storage. Choosing a climate controlled storage unit could save you from experiencing significant damage to weather sensitive items. 

Peace of Mind – Knowing that your items are stored in a climate controlled environment, protected from the elements just like your home or office will provide great comfort.  Air conditioned and heated storage units were designed so your items come out of storage in the same condition as when you put them in. What a concept!  

Making the right decision about self storage types is just as important as the decision to store. Making the wrong decision, in the long run, could cause more harm than good. To fully understand what self storage unit type and size is right for you, contact a storage professional today.

Storage Safe: Heavy Rain & Flooding is No Match For Lombard, IL


The Village of Lombard, Illinois experienced heavy rain and flooding last month accumulating up to six inches in some areas. While the sewage drains and pumps remained fully operational throughout the storm the quality design of our Lombard Storage Facility kept our building and property out of harm’s way.

At our facility in Lombard, 5.8” of rain was funneled from our roof, away from our storage building and deposited into drains around the perimeter of the property. The retention pond filled to capacity, but receded nicely the next morning.

Although the Village President had declared a state of emergency due to flooding of homes and businesses, our facility remained an island amid the rising water. All day our dedicated staff took calls from concerned customers worried about their stored belongings.

It was a pleasure to notify them that our facility was perfectly safe and dry. If you are considering storing your belongings, chose Safeguard Self Storage and discover why we say; don’t Just Store It, Safeguard It!

~Courtesy of Gil Beres

Safeguard Joins in Fight Against Counterfeit Storage


Safeguard is proud to team up with Mayor Bloomberg and the city of New York to establish the first Self-Storage Operator Code of Best Practices. The new codes will ensure self-storage facilities follow best practices to help prevent against the storage of counterfeit items in storage units.

The “Code of Best Practices” Includes the Following Items:

- Manager walkthroughs will be performed daily and a record keeping system establish where, upon unusually activity, further investigational measures will take place.

- Video recording system to be enhanced to sufficiently monitor the property.

- Tenant record system will require photo ID’s of tenants to remain on file for a year after they move out.

- Rental agreements forbid storage or sale of counterfeit items in storage facilities.

Kathleen McGee, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement issued this statement, “We welcome Safeguard Self Storage as a partner in reducing the proliferation of illegal goods and look forward to working with other storage operators in our continued efforts against counterfeiting”.

Safeguard’s mission is to lead the self-storage industry in product quality, service and value. And, as always, Safeguard will strive for continuous improvement in all that we do. Our goal is to provide high-quality products and services that customers can trust and that distinguish Safeguard in the marketplace.

Look out Albany Avenue, Safeguard is coming with another great New York self storage facility!

 rendering of the new Safeguard Self Storage facility on Albany Avenue
(Early profile rendering of the Safeguard Self Storage Albany Avenue location in Brooklyn)


We just closed on the purchase of land on Albany Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Many New Yorkers probably know us already, as 21 of our 60 open storage facilities are in the New York metro area. Why wouldn’t we build a 22nd location in the area? We love it here.

This new facility, which doesn’t have a firm completion date yet (but fear not, we have plenty of other facilities in the New York area to tide you over until then), will have 786 individual units in a variety of sizes. That’s 50,000 square feet of space for all your storage needs.

As is typical of a Safeguard self storage facility, the Albany Avenue location will be designed with security, convenience and customer service in mind. Amenities at this location will include:

  • heated and air conditioned space
  • a convenient drive-up loading area
  • computer-controlled access to the building
  • digital/video recording of the property

(That’s a lot of amenities. If there were any more I’d have to rent a unit just to store the remaining bullet-points in that list…ahem…is this thing on?)

Jim Goonan, Senior Vice President of Development, says about this Albany Avenue location:

"The Albany Avenue location, like all of our New York facilities, will be designed to provide an exceptional customer experience. This new facility will complement our product offering in New York and demonstrates our commitment to, and confidence in, this market. As many already know, we have two other stores under construction at this time, one of which will open later this month at Utica Avenue not far from this Albany Avenue site."

Be sure to Like us on Facebook to find out when our new Albany Avenue location will open and to stay updated on everything Safeguard Self Storage.

Exterior of the Safeguard Storage on Albany Avenue

This Albany Avenue building in New York will soon be a brand new Safeguard Self Storage facility. See below for an artist’s rendering of the finished facility…yes, we’re between artists at the moment.

 poorly drawn image of the Safeguard Self Storage facility on Albany Avenue