Decluttering Your Home After the Holidays

Woman neatly organizing items in closet

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by leftover clutter from the holidays, you’re not alone. Whether it’s putting away holiday decorations, finding a spot for new household items, or simply decluttering your home, we have tips to help you get started. Decluttering your house can help you stay organized and stress-free. We’ll walk through how to declutter your home and organize it, and offer tips on how to keep it organized.

How To Declutter Your Home

Not sure where to start when it comes to decluttering your home? We have tips and tricks that can help make the process easier. For example, starting a list or sorting out items is a good place to start. A tip for avoiding overwhelm is to break up the process into pieces or stages. A lot of times looking at the big picture of a project can be intimidating. Whether it’s picking out a room to start in or setting goals, taking these steps can help you start the process.

Organization Tips and Tricks

Woman creating a to-do list in a planner next to glasses

Being organized can help you stay focused and it can promote productivity. While you may be organized in other areas of your life such as at work, it’s important to implement those habits at home, too. Having designated areas for personal belongings can help you in your daily routine. Whether it’s investing in storage containers and organizers, buying furniture that includes inside storage, or downsizing your items, organization can help you avoid clutter and piles of miscellaneous items.

Sort Out and Categorize Your Belongings

As you begin to clean out and organize your home, it can be helpful to group items together either by their designated room or category. The best part of organizing is that you have the freedom to go about the process as you wish. You can be creative throughout the process by adding in your personal style—for instance, picking out storage containers that have a design you like or furniture that doubles as storage.

Utilize Storage Organizers

Cube storage organizer with a variety of white, tan, and gray containers.

Luckily, you have options when it comes to picking out storage organizers. There are many different types of storage organizers based on different storage needs. A common household storage organizer is the cube organizer. These organizers are square shelves that contain fabric cubes or boxes for storing items. The fabric cubes come in different colors and designs, so you can choose them based on your home décor. These organizers are available at stores including Target and Walmart that are affordable, which is a plus.

Another great way to store household items is with wire rack shelves. Whether you’ve run out of pantry space, need to organize items in your garage, or additional space for items in your closet, a wire rack can help. Wire racks are fairly versatile as many come with wheels and can be easily moved as needed. If you have plastic totes full of seasonal décor, or shoes and other miscellaneous items that need a home, you can easily stack them on a wire shelf.

Use Storage Furniture

Another option for storing personal belongings around the home is storage furniture. There are a variety of different types of furniture pieces that include hidden storage space. When you need a spot to store spare books or electronics when you aren’t using them, consider a couch or chair that has built-in storage space. Other common storage furniture pieces are benches or chests. Not only do benches add additional seating and style to your home, but they can also double as storage for shoes, purses, and more.

Get Creative With Your Space

As your collection of belongings may expand for a variety of reasons, you’re required to get creative with the space that you have. Whether you’re adjusting to a new lifestyle, are in the middle of a move, or simply have taken on new hobbies that require extra belongings, it’s important to make space in your home for the things most important to you.

Whether it’s getting crafty with dual-function storage spaces or investing in storage organizers, you can find the right fit for you. However, sometimes you may run out of new ways to get creative with your belongings. Utilizing self storage can help you free up space in your home and keep you organized.

Find Your Self Storage Unit at Safeguard Self Storage

Free up space in your home and find your storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage. We have a wide selection of storage units available to accommodate your storage needs. Additionally, you can take advantage of modern storage features that can make the storage process easier. Find a Safeguard Self Storage location near you to get started!

How to Store Your Summer Clothes for Winter in Chicago

A couple packing their clothes for winter.

Chicago is amazing in the fall. From Oktoberfest and haunted tours to seasonal events at Brookfield Zoo, there's no better place to enjoy the gorgeousness of autumn than the Windy City. You'll need to make room for those cozy sweaters and warm jackets, though. Learn how to store clothes properly as we transition from steamy summer weather to the cooler months.

You'll learn how to prepare your clothes for winter storage. We'll walk you through the dos and don'ts of packing your clothes for storage to keep pests away, to avoid mold, and preserve your clothes’ original condition. We've also outlined tips for proper summer clothing storage.

Why Knowing How to Store Clothes for Each Season Matters


Knowing how to pack clothes for storage helps preserve your wardrobe and make seasonal transitions easier. Packing your garments with care also helps prevent pests and ensures your clothes retain their original shape. Incorrectly placing them in storage, however, can result in sagging, stretching, and holes. You've spent hard-earned cash on those clothes, so knowing how to store them properly will only increase your return on investment in your wardrobe.

Preparing Your Clothes for Winter Storage


The condition of your clothes before you store them makes a difference, too. Putting your apparel away without washing or dry-cleaning can spell disaster. Even if you wore an item briefly without cleaning it, you could end up with a smelly piece of clothing when you go to retrieve it in the spring. 

Before packing any boxes, wash and dry your clothes thoroughly (or have them dry-cleaned if necessary). If you're worried about clothes-eating moths making a meal out of your spring and summer knits, put dried lavender in a breathable pouch with your clothes. You can also try cedar wood blocks, but don’t let the blocks actually touch your clothes. The oil in cedar wood can transfer to the fabric and become an everlasting part of that garment.

Mild scents you didn't even notice could become permanent after fermenting in storage over winter. The same goes for spots. You may be tempted to overlook a minor spill, but putting your garment away unwashed can turn a tiny discoloration into a nasty stain. Additionally, pests find sweat and other gross odors alluring, making a pre-storage wash vital.

How to Pack Clothes for Storage


Knowing how to store clothes may seem simple, but certain techniques can protect your wardrobe. Before we tell you how to store seasonal clothes, we'll start with what not to do:

  • Don't use wire hangers
  • Avoid the mold risk that comes with plastic dry-cleaning bags
  • Don't let cedar wood blocks or mothballs touch your clothing

Hanging delicate clothes is risky. Lessen the risk of dimples, creases, tears, or misshaping by using padded hangers. Consider investing in a garment rack for hanging delicate clothes that shouldn’t be folded. You can get a stylish one for your home to act as a piece of decor or an inexpensive, space-saving one if you plan to stash it away in your basement or a storage unit.

Carefully folding clean clothes and placing them in plastic containers away from sunlight and dampness is optimal. To save even more space, roll up your clothes after you've folded them. You'll be surprised at how many more pairs of shorts and T-shirts you can pack into a container!

Speaking of containers, choose to spend a little more cash on plastic bins. Many nearby retailers offer a variety of sizes, and these plastic bins slide easily under beds and into closets and stack neatly to help save space. If you have the choice between a plastic bin or a cardboard box, go the plastic route; not only will those plastic bins last for years to come, but cardboard boxes can make your clothing more susceptible to damage from moisture, mold, and bugs.

Where to Store Your Summer Clothes


Basements, garages, and attics can seem like good options. They're out of the way yet within easy reach. But basements and garages can be damp, making them breeding grounds for mildew and mold. 

Sunlight exposure and moisture are common hazards in attics. If you can, use a guest room closet or reserve a storage unit near your home. Alternatively, climate-controlled units offer the ultimate protection with temperature and moisture control. 

Once you've found the right option for you, follow these tips for proper storage:

  • Choose same-sized containers
  • Place heavier containers on the bottom
  • Put off-season and seldom-used items in the back, leaving room for an aisle

Label each container to make retrieving your swimsuits, tees, tanks, and shorts easier next spring.

Free Up Space for Your Fall Wardrobe with Safeguard

The return of fall means a new opportunity to streamline organizing your belongings. As you prepare to clean and pack your things, set aside anything you don't love or haven't worn for a year; some minimalists even toss anything they haven't worn for six months. While we recommend the tearing-off-the-bandage method, giving yourself a one-day decision deadline may make parting with those once-loved items easier.

Now that you know how to store seasonal clothes the way experts do, you’ll need the perfect place to protect your off-season clothes and other belongings and free up space in your home. 

Safeguard Self Storage offers secure, conveniently located units in several Chicagoland storage facility locations. Contact us for assistance, or reserve a unit online today.

Dust Off the Cobwebs with Self Storage for Your Costumes

a group of friends wearing halloween costumes

The back of your closet can be very scary. Your favorite costumes collect cobwebs and gather dust while they wait for another Halloween here in Baton Rouge, LA. Self storage can save the spookiest wardrobe from wasting away by treating it to these easy tricks.

Keep It Clean

Take an important tip from our very own Theatre Baton Rouge, and always clean your costumes at the end of each season. Here's how our local thespians do it before they transfer stage-worn items to their storage units:

  • Launder linen and cotton items in the gentle cycle with cold water.
  • Save delicate detailing by turning things inside out before washing.
  • Let costumes air-dry to avoid any chance of shrinkage and discoloration in a hot dryer.
  • If you're not sure about how to treat costume fabric, ask a dry cleaning professional for advice.

Hang It with Care

Whether it's your costume for Evil Dead cosplay or ghostly garb for the downtown Halloween Parade, it deserves a proper hanging in self storage. You can invest in wardrobe bags or conjure up your own inexpensive covers in these ways:

  • Pad hangers with generous layers of muslin or quilt batting to support fabric.
  • Make garment bags from twin or queen sheets folded in half and sewn up one side.
  • Increase your handmade covers' protection factor by adding drawstrings to tops and bottoms.
  • Don't smother hanging costumes with plastic bags that seal out fresh air.
  • Store your wardrobe on wheeled racks draped with sheets to ward off dust.

Watch the Devil in the Details

When the kids' outfits from their first Boo at the Zoo Day turn into precious keepsakes, archive those memories along with other costume treasures. Protect their little masks and your witches' hats with these storage strategies:

  • Transform old pillow cases into costume catch-all bags with drawstring closers.
  • Cushion small items by wrapping them in acid-free tissue paper, and store them in lidded plastic bins.
  • Save hats and accessories from getting crushed by stuffing them with bubble wrap.
  • Keep your costume collection refreshed by refolding and rotating things several times a year. 

We Make Magic Happen

Imagine never being afraid of beloved disguises falling prey to spider webs and hungry moths. Picture your finest getups stashed in the climate-controlled environment of our storage units. Let Safeguard Self Storage make the magic happen with our Baton Rouge, LA locations. Store with us, and save your costumes from the scariest depths of your dark closets.

Prepare Your Vehicles for Winter with These Storage Tips

small car parked in a parking lot with a white tarp covering

The end of summer means our Chicagoland sizzle is almost over, but it also means our seasonal snows are just a few calendar pages away. Start thinking about winterizing your favorite rides now, and you'll be ready to roll everything into self storage before Bridgeview, IL freezes over.

Move the Motorcycle Inside

The Veteran's Run from our Bridgeview Courthouse doesn't signal the end of summer, but plenty of area cycles will head for nearby storage units over the next few months. Don't put your bike at risk by leaving it outside all winter.

  • Get the bike ready for storage by removing oil, brake fluid and antifreeze.
  • Disconnect the battery, and store it on shelving in your storage unit.
  • Keep motorcycle wheels off concrete flooring with a wooden pallet.
  • Invest in a quality cover to protect engine components from dust.

Secure the Boat From Snow

When the chill off Lake Michigan chases you in for the winter, say goodbye to stalking largemouth bass. Say hello to staking out self storage that keeps your boat shipshape until spring.

  • Clean your watercraft inside and out, and make sure everything's dry to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Change out antifreeze and oil, and use fogging oil to protect engine components.
  • Remove the battery, and keep it dry and off the ground.
  • Support the hull with a cradle, jack stands or blocks.
  • Pamper your boat with a final waxing and a ventilated canvas cover.

Keep the Car Warm This Winter

If you have an extra car that needs to hibernate away from home, you can go with outdoor parking options at a fully gated storage facility. If the city turns into Chiberia (Chicago + Siberia) again this winter, you might prefer a drive-up indoor unit. In or out, give your wheels a little love and attention before long-term storage.

  • Change the oil, top off the tank, and add fuel stabilizer. (Outdoor Storage Only)
  • Flush and replace brake fluid with a silicone-based fluid.
  • Inflate tires to maximum PSI, and disconnect the battery.
  • Clean and detail the car from roof to undercarriage.
  • Protect it with a quality car cover that breathes.

Stay Ready to Roll

It doesn't take a snowpocalypse to make storage units your best choice for protecting vehicles from winter weather. Safeguard Self Storage offers harbor for boats, cycles, and wheels with drive-up units and outdoor parking in Bridgeview, IL. Store your favorite rides with us, and you'll be ready to roll come spring.

Prepare for the Fall Cool Down by Storing Summer Items

family of four wearing fall clothing throwing leaves into the air

The city is finally starting to cool down, so join your West Rogers Park neighbors in saying goodbye to summer heat. As you make plans for enjoying the fall days, make extra room around the house, too. Start shifting your summer things into self storage where Chicago, IL residents hibernate all their warm-weather stuff.

Clean Out Crowded Closets

If you aren't going to wear it or use it come fall, put it on your list of belongings that belong in winter storage. Clean out crowded closets and clear cluttered shelves with these self storage strategies.

  • Keep summer clothes wrinkle-free in storage with wheeled hanger units.
  • Lightweight bedding stays fresh in plastic bins with snug-fitting lids.
  • Shuffle sandals, flip-flops and slip-ons off to storage in summer canvas totes.

Reclaim Lost Garage Space

When it's time to break out home snow shoveling equipment, you want plenty of garage space. Don't let these summer things crowd you or the car after winter sets in.

  • Store fishing rods in your unit until the next spring trip to West Ridge Preserve.
  • Pitch your tent in with that fishing gear to free up even more room in the garage.
  • Stash seasonal lawn equipment out of the way in your unit.
  • Roll the family bike collection on over to cold-weather storage.

Save Backyard Stuff from Impending Snow

When it's too cold to shoot hoops at Warren Park, you'll be glad your outdoor toys are spending winter in storage. Look around the backyard for other stuff that needs protection from Chicago's freezing temperatures.

  • The inflatable pool will last longer if it gets to spend winter in your storage unit.
  • Make sure the grill fires up next spring by storing it away now.
  • Keep outdoor furniture safely sheltered inside a climate-controlled unit.

Stay Smart with Fall Storage

Once you get the drift of fall storage, it's a great seasonal routine for keeping everything organized. Switching out summer stuff and winter gear frees up space all around your home. It's a smart storage strategy that leaves you with more room around the house year-round.

Shift into Fall With Us

We're looking forward to cooler weather too, and we're ready to take care of your summer things with the best storage solutions in Chicago, IL. Our West Rogers Park facility is located on North California Avenue just north of Mather Park. Let Safeguard Self Storage help you shift your summer stuff into safe storage before winter blows in.

Take Pleasure in the Magic City's Outdoor Water Recreation

Miami, FL is known as the “Magic City.” Its nickname is attributed to its rapid growth, but summer visitors may consider it magical for the seemingly endless list of ways to have fun. When the weather gets warm, people from every state flock to its beautiful beaches and lakes to enjoy a wide variety of exciting water sports and activities. If you're ready for to plan your visit, here is a quick overview of what awaits you in Miami. 

Play It Safe

The following activities require the special equipment listed. If you already have sports gear that's collecting dust in your Safeguard storage lockers, check to make sure that it's still viable and safe before using it. Sustaining an injury due to equipment failure is a quick way to ruin your Miami adventure. 

Water Recreation in the Magic City


  • Snorkeling is a good way to admire the beauty of underwater environments for extended periods of time. To go snorkeling, you'll need a snorkel mask, a snorkel and fins. A wetsuit may be needed in cool water.
  • Kayaking and canoeing are similar sports that are enjoyed in lakes and rivers. They are both elongated, lightweight boats, but there are key differences in their designs. Basic equipment needed for either include a stable boat and paddles, a life jacket or personal flotation device, a flashlight and a helmet.
  • Boating is extremely popular in Miami, and you don't need to own a boat to enjoy it. Boat rentals and guided boat tours are both available. If you do own a boat, be sure to supply it with flotation devices or life jackets, a working whistle or horn, a visual signal and a fire extinguisher.
  • Fishing is a relaxing way to enjoy the Magic City's natural beauty. The equipment needed will depend on where you're fishing and what type of fish you're trying to catch. In general, a fully stocked tackle box, a quality rod and reel and appropriate bait is a great start. Don't forget to bring boating safety equipment, sunscreen and plenty of drinking water.


Learn more about Miami, FL outdoor recreation venues, tours, sports events and other opportunities by visiting the Miami and Beaches website.

Self Storage Units Keep Summer Gear Safe and Secure

Unfortunately, the season of water adventures doesn't last forever. If you need extra space for storing your gear during the colder months, Safeguard offers secure self storage units in the Miami area. Contact us today for more information about our clean, affordable storage lockers, and let us help you get a head start on next year's summer magic.

Five Ways Storage Units Can Help During the Holiday Season

Most people think of storage facilities when they're planning a move or remodeling their homes, but self-storage units are essential to the holiday season, too. Whether you own a home or a small business, temporary storage offers a great solution for everyday problems. If you're not taking advantage of home and commercial storage in Hollis, NY this year, you could be missing out on making the holiday season less stressful and more fun. Here are five great ways to utilize Safeguard Self Storage this year.

How Storage Facilities Can Make the Holiday Season Easier

  1. A storage unit is a great place to hide surprise gifts until Santa Clause arrives. Curious little ones who sneak into closets and basements will never suspect a thing. Keep the magic and mystery intact by storing your gifts out of reach. You can even use the space to wrap presents privately.
  2. Lights, trees and inflatable lawn ornaments can take up a huge amount of space in your attic or basement. Pack them away safely in a storage unit until it's time to decorate. If you rent a climate-controlled unit, you'll never have to worry about temperature extremes or moisture causing damage to your most valued decorations, gift-wraps and cards.
  3. Holidays often involve overnight guests. If you have a small home, it can get crowded quickly. A storage unit gives you a place to store large items, like exercise equipment, so that you have more room for your visitors. It also provides a place to store air beds, extra linens and folding tables when your guests leave.
  4. The holiday season is all about good will. It's a perfect time to reach out and help those less fortunate. If you want to collect items to donate to charity or give to homeless people in your area, a storage unit is a perfect place to keep them safe until it's time to distribute them.
  5. If you own a business, you can use extra storage space to hold promotional materials for holiday events, bulk gift items, office decor, party supplies and off-season merchandise or marketing materials.

Check Out Storage Facilities in Hollis, NY

Whether you need home or commercial storage, affordable options are available near you. The holidays are just around the corner, so don’t wait until the last minute to contact your top local storage facility for details about available unit sizes and types, facility hours and monthly rates.  

Make Room for Holiday Guests in Your Brooklyn Apartment

With more than 2.5 million people calling it home in 2014, Brooklyn is the most densely populated borough in New York. If you live in an apartment, your free space may be severely limited. Holidays pose special challenges when friends and family members come to visit. It may be difficult to accommodate overnight guests in such a crowded environment, but it is possible to make room. Here are a few valuable tips from Safeguard Self Storage to help you set up your small apartment and provide a comfortable stay. 

Making Room for Your Brooklyn Visitors

  • Buy high-end air mattresses. Some models include electric deflation features that remove all air and produce a flat mattress in about five minutes. They're quick and easy to use, and when deflated, they take up little room.
  • With the right furniture, any room can become a bedroom. Replace traditional furniture with multi-functional pieces such as futons, day beds and sleeper sofas.
  • Oversize bean bags make great beds for small children. When they're not in use, you can stack them in a corner.
  • Keep plenty of folding chairs on hand for extra seating at mealtimes and holiday parties.
  • Install shelves on walls above beds and sofas to create additional storage space. Leave them empty or almost empty. Your guests can use them for personal items and holiday gifts.
  • Utilize vertical space in closets to make more room for your guests' luggage. Sturdy, stackable plastic bins can help you easily organize the top of your closet.
  • If you have space available under your bed, use an under-bed storage box to store extra linens, towels and other guest essentials.
  • In a tiny space, privacy can be hard to find. Buy large, folding privacy screens to separate sleeping spaces when you have multiple guests.
  • If you have patio space, don't let it go to waste. Encourage guests to spend more time outside by making your outdoor space appealing. Provide a small table and chairs, and create a welcoming atmosphere with outdoor electric heaters, candles and patio lights. If the area is secure, it can also be used as an eating area or a play area for visiting children.

Get Help from Your Local Storage Rental Facility

You don't have to tolerate extra mattresses or folding chairs cluttering your apartment after your guests depart. Affordable storage units are available to store and protect these items until they are needed again. You can also use your storage unit to keep valuable collections and fragile items safe from visiting kids or pets. Contact Safeguard Self Storage to learn more about climate-controlled private storage units available in the Brooklyn area 

5 Events to Celebrate October in the Big Easy

New Orleans is a city that never sleeps, and has a variety of attractions to draw both visitors and new residents. This October, New Orleans residents have plenty to celebrate, and an influx of visitors want to be part of the festivities. Here are some of the events that Safeguard Self Storage wants to highlight, and how storage can help you get ready to party! 


First things first, Oktoberfest celebrations are happening throughout the country during October, so it stands to reason there’d be a flurry of events in New Orleans during this month. For the last three weekends in October, New Orleans residents will be enjoying German food, music, culture, and fun. These celebrations are held annually, and will be occurring on October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, and 27. Taking place just ten miles from downtown New Orleans, this event draws attendees near and far. Try your strength at the Masskrugstemmen beer stein holding contest or try authentic German foods like Sauerbraten. There’s something here for everyone!

New Orleans Film Festival

Founded in 1989, the New Orleans Film Festival provides an opportunity for filmmakers to show off their latest works, which can include full-length features, shorts, and documentaries. The New Orleans Film Festival has become one of the nation’s top-ranked film festivals, and attracts thousands of people and industry professionals. This year the festival will be held from October 14-22, starting at Orpheum Theater in downtown New Orleans. There will be more than 170 selections featured during the festival.

Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival

 New Orleans is the Home of the Blues, and we’re celebrating at the 10th annual Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival. This event is free, taking place in Lafayette Square Park from Friday, October 16 to Sunday, October 18. But it’s not just music and BBQ that you get to enjoy! There’s a huge arts market, with works from the best regional and local vendors.

Voodoo Music & Arts Experience

Another big crowd drawer, the Voodoo Music & Arts Experience is second only to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Like many New Orleans events, this festival started small and has turned into a mega-event. Called “Voodoo” or “Voodoo Fest” for short, over the years this event has drawn more than a million people and booked over 2,000 acts. It’s scheduled to coincide with Halloween, and will take place from Friday, October 30 to Sunday, November 1. Held at the Festival Grounds in City Park, Voodoo has the motto, “Worship the Music.” We suggest that you do! 

Halloween in New Orleans

October wouldn’t be complete without a Halloween celebration, and New Orleans knows how to celebrate! Second only to Mardi Gras, New Orleans residents get wild and crazy for Halloween, dressing up in costumes and partying in the street. And as “The Most Haunted City in America,” we wouldn’t expect any less! Experience haunted tours through the French Quarter or browse through the many Voodoo shops to learn a little history. Thinking of bringing your family out for Halloween? No problem. Audubon Zoo holds an annual “Boo at the Zoo” on October 16, 17, 23, and 24.

Self Storage Makes Celebrations Easy 

Whether you’re an attendee, a vendor, or a filmmaker, Safeguard Self Storage in the Big Easy, can make your life, well, easier. Preparing for the festivities and running out of room for your set up supplies? Find an affordable storage locker to store your stuff. Attracted to this lively city and thinking of making the move? Use self storage to ease your transition. We have locations throughout Louisiana! Contact us today to see how we can help make your life easier – and enjoy the festivities!


Seasonal Clothing Storage: Storing Winter Clothes

A stack of folded winter sweaters.


Just because you love the sun here in Magic City doesn't mean you don't have a wonderful winter wardrobe. Still, those warm threads crowd closets and drawers, so make a summer resolution this year. Promise to pamper your winter clothes with Safeguard Self Storage, and pledge to keep your Miami, FL home organized year-round.

Keep ‘em Clean

Before storing, it’s important to run all your clothes through the wash. That hot chocolate stain from cooler days will only get darker and harder to get out. Remove stains now and make your job a lot easier in the future.

Stack Your Sweaters

Nobody wants four shoulders, but if you hang your clothes during the winter months that’s exactly what you’ll get. Sweaters fall victim to hanger shoulders because they tend to be a little bit heavier than other garments. A good organizational tactic is to loosely stack your sweaters, keeping the heaviest on the bottom.  

If You’ve Gotta Hang It…

But what about the clothes that you have to hang? In this case, try to avoid plastic hanging bags. Although they may seem the most secure, they actually tend to hold in moisture and do not get enough air circulation. A more beneficial alternative would be wrapping your hanging clothes in a breathable fabric.

Swing By

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your stored clothing. This way, you get the opportunity to switch out what you aren’t using in your home, and take what you need from storage.  Do not abandon your storage unit, but use it to your advantage.

It's great to liberate closet space and organize drawers, but always leave one warm sweater at home for an occasional cool Dade County evening. Whether you're stashing winter coats or a sail boat, your options at
Safeguard Self Storage in Miami, FL range from storage lockers to drive-up units. Be prepared to fall in love with affordable self storage, and make it a permanent part of seasonal organizing traditions all year long.