Roommates Aren't Just for Homes: A Self-Storage Roommate Could Be What You Need

There's barely room in your garage for the car. You have more seasonal clothes than closets. You might be a student who needs to pack things away over summer break. The reasons for leasing storage space in Valley Stream, NY quickly add up. But if you don’t think you need to rent a unit all by yourself, a storage roommate is a great option.

Sharing Makes It Easier

When you share self storage, you share more than the cost. It's an arrangement that fits your budget, and it gives you storage flexibility. You don't have to worry about getting everything into one small space. Sharing lets you upgrade to a larger unit with room to spare.

You don't have to do all the heavy lifting by yourself either. Two sets of hands get everything moved in faster. Free access to on-site carts and dollies make the job even easier. Once you're settled, it only takes one visit to retrieve things for both you and your storage roomie.

Planning Makes It Work

Go online with your soon-to-be unit roommate and explore storage options. Look for locations close to both home bases. The best self storage facilities provide online tools that let you calculate how much space you need. Review leasing arrangements together and settle on a price that works with both your budgets.

Once you've leased a unit, divide the floor space in half. Check with on-site management for a free or discounted moving truck to handle the first load. You can probably move in with just one trip. Keep keypad access and security information on your smartphones for easy reference.

Roommate Rules Are a Must

Whether you're family or best friends, roomie rules keep you on the same page. Keep the peace by following these simple guidelines for sharing storage space.

  • Decide on whose name will appear on the lease.
  • Agree on how to pool resources and make monthly payments.
  • Consider purchasing additional insurance to cover everything in storage.
  • Share housekeeping duties in the unit several times a year.
  • Always respect each other's belongings and stay in touch about future plans.

Let Us Bring You Together

If you're still not sure about pairing up, our Valley Stream, NY storage experts stand ready to help. We can answer your questions, show you around, and share tips that keep self storage affordable and simple. When you're ready to team up, you can count on our teams here at Safeguard.