Storage and the City: Your Solution to Area Real Estate Rates

It's easy to love living in East Tremont with all of the great things New York City has to offer, but it's hard to imagine upsizing your home. Our densely packed neighborhood keeps real estate prices above the national average. How can you live larger without busting the budget? Think small, and expand your space with an affordable storage locker here in Bronx, NY.

Make More Room with a Small Space

A 5-foot by 5-foot self storage unit serves up 25 square feet of space. That's more room than most apartment closets. Just imagine how well your organizing talents can work in a locker-sized unit.

Clean Out the Kitchen

  • Turn a locker into off-site kitchen cabinets for seldom-used pots and pans.
  • Empty the junk drawer, and give all that stuff a home away from home in storage.
  • Clear counters and reclaim space by moving small appliances to the locker.
  • Keep extra dishes safe for special occasions on shelves in your unit.

Go Seasonal with Storage

  • Let extra blankets and comforters stay put in your climate-controlled storage locker.
  • Save closet space by rotating clothes in and out of the unit according to the seasons.
  • Celebrate the holidays with decorations that don't get tangled and broken in locker storage.
  • Stop by your unit to swap out fishing rods for bird-watching gear on the way to Crotona Park.
  • Move vacation necessities like coolers and suitcases out of the garage and into storage.

Stash Personal Stuff

  • File important personal papers in climate-controlled storage for long-term safekeeping.
  • Reclaim home space by reorganizing hobby supplies in your locker space.
  • Use the unit as a holding area to keep garage sale items ready for market.
  • Convert self storage into an affordable clearing house for your home business inventory.
  • Use the locker to save special souvenirs from games at Yankee Stadium.
  • Liberate drawer space by recycling the kids' hand-me-downs through your storage unit.

Expand Your Space with Us

Whether you rent or own, there's never enough room for everything at home in New York City. We solve the problem with affordable storage lockers at all three of our Bronx, NY Safeguard locations. Whether you're in East Tremont, Concourse Village, or Wakefield, our knowledgeable storage professionals are standing by to help you expand your home space.

College Apartment Checklist: 10 Essential Items You Need

young man opening door to apartment

With spring semester right around the corner, it's time to move back into your college apartment. Consider living in an off-campus apartment for more room to yourself, but it also means having to fill up your space with the essentials. Before you head back to college in Bronx, NY, use our checklist to help keep track of what you'll need for the semester ahead, and what can stay in storage.

10 Must-Have Items for Your College Apartment

1. Desk Organization

Though you could study on your bed, it's better to have everything organized at a desk. Furnish your desk with a lamp, an ergonomic chair, a dry-erase board and a couple of desk-side storage spaces for an ideal study nook.

2. Dining Room Essentials

If you want to eat, you'll need utensils. An affordable 8- or 16-piece dinner set with matching flatware will keep you and your guests fed. Some glassware, salt and pepper shakers and placemats will complete the look.

3. Living Room Entertainment

Futons are inexpensive and make great furniture for college apartments. You'll also need a TV, a DVD or Blu-ray player, speakers and maybe a video game console to complete your entertainment setup.

4. Closet Storage

Make the most of your closet space by organizing things on hooks. You can also get some stacking drawers, dividers and organizers to help take advantage of every inch of your closet space. Self-storage is also an affordable option to alleviate your closet restraints.

5. Bedroom Comforts

You'll need more than a bed and a few pillows. Make sure to pick up an alarm clock, a nightstand and a lamp. A wastebasket, fan and a full-length mirror are also must-have items to ensure your comfort.

6. Bathroom Necessities

Don't forget the hand and body towels, a soap dish and a wastebasket. Having a plunger on hand will help in case of emergencies.

7. Kitchen Supplies

Unfortunately, you can't order out every night; so fill your kitchen with small, affordable appliances. Invest in a microwave, blender, toaster oven and a coffeemaker, and don't forget the odds and ends like dish towels, utensil trays and a trash can.

8. Laundry Items

It's nice to have a laundry basket or a tote to transport your clothes to the laundry facility. You should also consider buying an iron or a steamer to remove the wrinkles from your clothes before class.

9. Cleaning Products

A clean apartment is a happy apartment, so don't skip out on the cleaning products. All-purpose cleaner, a vacuum and a mop are all important items.

10. Home Safety

Apartments come equipped with smoke detectors, but you should also keep a fire extinguisher within reach. Keeping a first-aid kit on hand is also a good idea.

Safeguard Self Storage Welcomes You Back to College

If your college apartment is short on space, store your belongings with us. We have storage units in Bronx, NY that are perfect for seasonal items, giving you enough room to store extra school supplies, home decor and clothing for the coming spring semester.

How to Keep Your Business Organized with Self Storage

A store business owner standing in front of a checkout lane.

For many Bronx, New York residents, starting up a business is a dream -- but with tight quarters and hefty prices, sometimes that dream becomes wishful thinking. Safeguard wants to share how self storage can be the sidekick you need to help your business run without running you out of money. Most people think of storage from a private perspective, but it works as the perfect commercial accessory.

Affordability. Money can be tight when you’re running a business. Finding a smaller location can save you money but cause problems later down the line. By having a designated place for business overflow, you’ll be able to solve your space issue. Instead of purchasing another space, it’s time to consider a storage unit to provide the extra room you need. On average, self storage can run almost 60% cheaper than renting a commercial building. You’ll be saving not just money, but also customers by welcoming them into a de-cluttered and organized space.

Functionality. Running a business means hitting inevitable speed bumps along the way. Success lies in how those speed bumps are dealt with. Let’s say you’re running a business out of a fairly small space but are able to get by because you schedule shipments to come during off hours so they can be handled accordingly. Well, it’s Wednesday and your shipment just showed up at noon. You’ve still got a full afternoon ahead of you and two more days left in the week. Your store is full of inventory, customers are turning away, and you’re stuck with no options.

If the business owner had a Safeguard Self Storage unit to take care of these kinds of situations, the problem would be handled with ease. Self storage gives you the chance to store your excess inventory, samples, supplies and paperwork. Our Bronx Boulevard location even offers climate controlled units that will keep computers and electronics in great condition as well as protect important documents from warping or yellowing. Self storage will become your indispensable back up plan that keeps your business running smoothly.

Flexibility. By utilizing a storage unit for your business, it opens the door for new endeavors. Do you want to remodel your store? You have the perfect place to temporarily hold your large furniture and other items. The holidays are coming up and instead of grabbing that box in the hallway that you always seem to trip over, you take a quick ride over to your storage unit where your festive décor has been safely stored. It could even be an option for downsizing or relocating. Regardless of the situation, storage provides you with the cushion to make those decisions happen.

Between affordability, functionality and flexibility, you almost can’t afford not to incorporate self storage into your business. If you’re running a business in Bronx, New York, it’s time to check out our Safeguard Self Storage locations and find a storage unit that will work for your business.