Get Your Car Ready for the Philadelphia Auto Show

Here at Safeguard, we love storing your cars. Whether you use your personal storage in Philadelphia as a temporary home for your vehicle, or you are interested in purchasing your dream car in the future, it’s important to know how to keep it in tip top shape and ready to show off. Check out some inspiration at The Philadelphia Auto Show being held from January 31, 2015 to February 8, 2015. Explore all 650,000 square feet of the display floor to find up-and-coming stars in the automotive industry as well as classic, luxury, green and exotic vehicles. 

Get Your Own Car Ready to Impress

If you have a gorgeous classic car or a formidable racing vehicle tucked away in private storage, it's the perfect time to bring it out to show the world. Whether you're registering your vehicle or just driving it to the venue, you can arrive at the auto show in style. Use the following tips to get your car ready to turn heads.


  • Soup up your engine. Visit a shop that specializes in customizing cars, and have your engine enhanced by professionals. Once your car is ready to hold its own with the high-end dragsters, make the engine gleam with metal polish and a chamois. If you're not accustomed to driving vehicles with high-powered engines, get some pointers from a seasoned professional, and take a few practice drives. You'll want to be ready to roll with the big guys when it's time for the show.
  • Have the car's exterior detailed and its frame polished. Unless you're trying to preserve the look of a classic car, consider enhancing the body. If you desire, replace your headlights, muffler or other body elements with newer, sleeker designs. Don't overlook small details; repair small glass and mirror defects.
  • Update your interior. Customize your steering wheel, install television monitors, or add mp3 docking stations and gaming consoles. Replace old seats and upholstery.
  • Put on your coolest sunglasses and hit the road. With your car's new look and feel, you're ready to impress both judges and peers.

When It's Time to Go Back Into Private Storage

The fun can't last forever. Before returning your vehicle to your personal storage unit in Philadelphia, PA, be sure to prepare it for an extended stay. Clean it thoroughly, change the oil, and top off the gas tank. If you're not able to start the car periodically, install a trickle charger to maintain battery power. Remove the car's wheels, and store it on jack stands to protect the tires. To learn more about secure, affordable vehicle storage, contact your local Safeguard Self Storage facilities for availability and pricing details.  

10 Tips for Moving in Winter

 In Philadelphia, you never really know what kind of winter you are going to get. Some years it’s milder, but still others bring severe snowstorms. If you're making a move in the winter season, you need to be properly prepared. Use these moving tips from Safeguard Self Storage to ensure a safe and efficient move into your new Philadelphia home – and use storage units when unpredictable winter weather threatens to ruin your move. 

Check the Weather

Because of the inconsistency of Philadelphia winters, you’ll want to stay updated on the weather forecast. Check the days that you plan to move, and make sure there aren’t any impending storms on the horizon. You’ll want to avoid winter storms at all costs. Also, check the road conditions and traffic reports. Choose a safe route that has low traffic to ensure your safety.

Make Sure You Have Help

Recruit some friends and family to help you with the move. The more people you have, the less time you’ll spend moving out of your old home and into your new one. Whether they owe you a favor or you bribe them with payment, you’ll want to round up any able participants – and you’ll want to do it early so there’s time to plan and arrange schedules.

Clear a Path

Snow and ice covered paths are already a danger during regular transit. When carrying and moving belongings, this equation can lead to injuries. Clear the driveway and walkway at both your present home and your new one. Get rid of any and all potential tripping hazards to ensure a safe and efficient move.

Find a Temporary Home for Pets

Pets can get underfoot, so it’s best to find a temporary home for them during move in day. Either find a place to board them or send them to a friend’s house. If you can’t find a temporary home away from home for them, try locking them in a room of your new house. We’d suggest a bathroom since tile and linoleum floors make it easy to clean up any mishaps.

Pack Winter Gear Last and Unload it First

Don’t pack any winter gear that you’ll need for move-in day. Any winter gear you do pack – that you won’t be using on that day – should be packed last and unpacked first. You’ll most likely be making use of these belongings sooner rather than later, so you’ll want to have them readily on hand in your new home.

Be Careful With Temperature-Sensitive Items

Any temperature-sensitive items can be damaged in the extreme cold. This includes items like house plants and china pieces that can crack or get fine lines in extreme cold. Take special precautions with these items, such as packing them last or transporting them in your car rather than the back of a moving truck.

Dress in Layers

Keep yourself warm by dressing in layers. You’re likely to work up a sweat while moving, so having layers that are easy to remove helps you regulate your body temperature.

Protect Your New Home

Trekking in and out of your new home all day can lead to tracking dirt and grime in with you. Place towels and rugs down on the floors to keep them clean. You can also keep towels and rags on hand to wipe down your shoes before going inside your new home.

Prepare for Emergencies

Winter weather can be unpredictable and you’ll want to have some emergency supplies on hand in case your move in day gets ruined by a winter storm. If your new home is a long distance from your current home, consider investing in nearby storage unit to make the transition an easy one. You can move your belongings to a nearby Philadelphia storage unit and unpack periodically rather than taking it on in one day.

Turn – or Keep – Utilities On

Leave the utilities on in your current home until move out day, and make sure to have the utilities turned on in your new home before move in day. You won’t want to be stuck in either home without your utilities in winter – especially heat.

Self Storage Amenities You Will Need

When storing during the winter month’s you will want to select a storage facility that offers Climate Controlled Units. These spaces are heated during the cold winter and air conditioned during the warn summer and designed to protect items from temperature fluctuations while in storage. Also look for storage locations with drive-in loading areas to keep you and your items safe from the elements while loading and unloading. Security items such as computer controlled access, unit door alarms and digital video recording will provide you with peace of mind while your items are in storage.

Moving in winter might not be ideal, but for those looking to get a good deal in the slower season for home sales, it can be a great option. Make sure your move is a good experience by utilizing these tips and Safeguard storage units to ease your transition. Find a unit near you today and start making your move!

Keep Kids Organized for School

A smiling young girl standing in the kitchen holding textbooks and a brown lunch bag while her mother smiles at her from behind.When your kids go back to school, organization is the key to managing the family. Once school starts, you'll have busy schedules to keep track of since most kids participate in numerous extracurricular activities. Parents must also deal with homework due dates, overflowing backpacks and making sure their child brings the class snack on the right day.

Schedule Organization Tips

Consider tracking everyone's schedules and responsibilities on a large whiteboard since you can hang it in your kitchen where each family member is likely to see it. Purchase one with a preprinted calendar or draw one on the board. List each person's name along with the days on which activities are held. The whiteboard allows you to add and eliminate activities when changes occur.

Homework Area

When you have more than one child in school, it can be challenging to track everyone's papers and extra school items. Organization cubes can help. Let your children select a cube color, and make it a rule that at the end of the day, each child's homework and school supplies must be placed in the cube. When your kids bring home special mementos that you want to keep, Safeguard storage units in Philadelphia can help you manage the paper clutter in your home.

Backpack Containment

To prevent backpacks from overwhelming your kitchen, set up a containment area. Place a coatrack or hooks near the location where your kids enter your home every day to make it easy for them to put their backpacks away. During the summer, you may wish to store the backpacks, fall clothing, sports equipment, and other school supplies in your Philadelphia self storage unit.

Storage Units in Philadelphia Can Help

Treasured schoolwork, beloved art projects, band instruments and sports equipment results can be stored in your Philadelphia self storage unit. With the extra space, you can keep your home organized and clutter-free while holding on to the memories of your children's schooldays.