5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Stay Cool this Summer

We all enjoy summer weather until the heat invades our personal home space. Scorching temperatures outside can make an apartment feel like an oven. It can even affect some of your favorite belongings.

When the AC struggles to keep up, you need a few easy hacks to help bring back the chill. Fortunately, climate controlled storage units at Safeguard in Valley Stream, NY, can keep your stuff protected while you focus on how to stay cool in your apartment the summer.

Five Cool Things You Really Need This Summer

1. Serious Seals

Put your DIY talents to work by sealing windows and doors with rope caulk or felt strips. Make sure exterior door sweeps are in good shape. Colorful draft blockers on windowsills also help beat the heat and brighten up the apartment.

2. Better Curtains

If you have extra curtains stashed away in self storage, bring them home. Layered window coverings block summer heat and help hold down utility bills. Think about buying thermal curtains made with acrylic foam linings.

3. Cooler Lights

Figuring out how to stay cool in the summer can be good for the planet. Reduce heat inside by replacing lights with eco-friendly LED bulbs. Energy-efficient LEDs generate less heat and last longer than traditional lights.

4. Frosty Bowls

It is too hot to cook, so fill those big metal and ceramic mixing bowls with ice cubes. Set them in front of fans around the apartment and hit the switch. Relax as you bask in steady, chilly breezes.

5. Personal Coolers

Wrap yourself up in personal cooling systems that do not cost a dime. Place wet bandanas or cloths in the freezer for half an hour. Slip one around your neck, another around a wrist, and one on top of your head. Trade out as needed for a chill you can enjoy over and over.

Items That Deserve Climate-Controlled Storage Units

As hard as the heat can be on you, think about how it affects some of your belongings. Check around the apartment and gather up items that need summertime protection in self storage. Don't overlook these valuables:

  • Expensive electronics
  • Older media such as DVDs
  • Artwork and photographs
  • Sensitive musical instruments
  • Antique furnishings and collectibles
  • Comic book and stamp collections

Staying Cool and Secure With Safeguard

Knowing how to stay cool in the summer makes life a little easier. Knowing your favorite things are in a new storage facility designed to keep them safe and secure, climate-controlled storage makes it even better. Give us a call here at Safeguard Self Storage in Valley Stream, NY, today and let us help you weather the seasons all year-round.