A Storage Unit Could Be the Key to a Summer Vacation of a Lifetime

The semester is finally over, but you're not headed home yet. You're in that wonderful place between school and a well-deserved summer vacation. Still, you have to juggle moving off campus and organizing your trip. You need a little help. You need a convenient, affordable storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage in Marrero, LA.

Self Storage Unlocks Vacation Money

Leasing a unit can actually help keep money in your pocket. You don't have to rent trucks or trailers to haul belongings between home and campus. Share storage space with a friend, and split rental costs in half.

Plan ahead by stashing things in the unit for an end-of-semester sale. Cash in on textbooks, clothes, room decorations, and extra furniture. The proceeds quickly add up to jump-start funding for your trip.

You're Already Ready to Go

Imagine making one quick stop before hitting the road. Picture pulling up to your unit, loading the car, and heading out for summer vacation. A storage facility close to campus makes it easy.

Make it happen by keeping a few pieces of traveling gear packed and ready to go. Luggage and backpacks stay fresh and dry for months in a climate-controlled unit.

You Hold the Keys to Anywhere

A secure storage unit gives you summer break flexibility. Load it up with things you need for destination vacations and seasonal staycations. You can go anywhere or stay put.

  • Store camping gear for the great outdoors.
  • Keep bikes in shape for cross-country trips.
  • Stock up on favorite stay-at-home hobby supplies.
  • Cache equipment for coaching local kids' sports.

It's Easier to Come Home

When you run out of vacation time, self storage makes it easier to transition back to campus. Your family enjoys seeing you before the semester starts back up. They're also relieved you aren't moving things in and out of the house and garage at the last minute.

Vacation gear and dorm room stuff coexist well in the unit, so take advantage of that arrangement. When it's time for another break from school, storage makes it easier for you and the people you love.

Plan Your Summer Vacation With Us

Safeguard Self Storage helps students maximize semester breaks in Marrero, CA, and more than 70 other locations across six states. We offer a variety of unit sizes, great discounts, and online account management. It's your vacation, so take control. Unlock the possibilities with a storage unit that fits your needs all year-round.

Top 10 Instagram Spots in Little Havana

man in black shirt demonstrating how Cuban cigars are made

It's one of Miami's most colorful and exciting neighborhoods. Little Havana offers endless opportunities to make the most of Social Media Day this June 30th. Combine the location and the date, and start thinking like an online entrepreneur. Launch a startup in Miami, FL, let nearby storage units back you up, and make your mark on the digital landscape in one of these 10 sizzling spots. 

1. Marlins Park

Shine bright on Instagram at this year's MLB All-Star Game. Knock it out of the social media park with posts from Miami's hometown field right here in Little Havana. 

2. Domino Park

Celebrate the simple pleasure of playing a treasured tradition. Locals bring extra chairs from their storage units and relax under shady pavilions. 

3. Calle Ocho

Share the neighborhood's unique vibe up and down Southwest Eighth Street. The beautiful stretch features lovely Mediterranean architecture and its own Walk of Fame. 

4. Tower Theater

Post the debut of your video career from this legendary Art Deco movie theater located in the heart of the district's cultural scene. 

5. Nuevo Siglo Supermarket

Dine on Cuban classics at the counter, and become social media certified foodie. Photos of delicious dishes like chorizo, churrasco steak, and sugar cookies with guava will have your likes skyrocketing. 

6. Azucar Ice Cream Factory

Forget filters. The desserts at this specialty shop are picture-perfect just like its colorful interiors. Tag and share dreamy ice cream treats. 

7. El Credito

Snap inspiration for your budding enterprise outside this landmark family business. Enjoy a hand-rolled cigarro while you relax in the historic site's cigar lounge. 

8. West Eighth Street Galleries

Stay motivated to finish those canvases you're keeping in self storage by posting favorite images from Little Havana's eclectic collection of art galleries. 

9. Cubaocho Performing Arts Center

Invite followers to join your rave about this performance venue that blends sizzling nightlife and live music in a tangle of artistic interiors. 

10. Viernes Culturales

Save the last Friday of every month for the neighborhood's very best street fair. It's a vibrant scene for shout-outs celebrating Cuban music, art, and cuisine. 

Snap, Share and Launch

Celebrate Social Media Day by sharing the best of your good times in Little Havana. Use your Instagram connections to let followers know you're in business too. Hashtag that niche, share with all of Miami-Dade County, and let Safeguard help you launch your future with self storage in Miami, FL.