New Year, Less Clutter: How to Declutter Your Home for a Fresh Start

When it comes time to take down your holiday decorations this year, why not get your whole house organized at the same time? Imagine turning the page on your refrigerator calendar and knowing you have every room under control as the new year begins. Thankfully, with a little determination, a few decluttering ideas, and extra space from Safeguard Self Storage in Tamarac, FL, you can get a jump-start on home organization before the ball drops on the last day of December.

7 Tips on How to Declutter Your Home for the New Year

1. Get Creative in the Bedroom

Organize things in the bedroom with hidden storage solutions. Roll-out storage containers under the bed ensure things like sheets and pillowcases are handy. Stash everyday things in small shelving units under bedside tables. Turn an empty corner into a convenient laundry hamper with a large wicker basket.

2. Optimize Closet Space

If you haven't worn a piece of clothing in a year, consider donating it to a local charity. If it's seasonal clothing, it might be better suited for a self storage unit. For the extra clothes, shoes, or hats you decide to keep at home, try to arrange lidded stacking bins against closet walls for easily accessible and organized closet storage solutions.

3. Make the Living Room “Livable”

Bring down living room clutter levels by clearing off coffee and end tables. Take advantage of unused space with corner bookcases that can hold pictures and favorite knickknacks. Adding a storage ottoman to the room ramps up comfort and expands hidden space for stashing things.

4. Reorganize Your Home Office

Don't let paper clutter rule your home office. Make scanning a part of weekly home office cleanup. Keep important documents and records handy and protected in nearby climate-controlled storage units. Online bill paying and opting out of paper bills is another way to reduce stacks of paper in the office.

5. Put an End to Cluttered Kitchen Cabinets

Inspire culinary creativity by decluttering kitchen cabinets. Get rarely used pots and pans out of the way by moving them to a self storage unit in Tamarac or by donating them. Additionally, try installing hanging racks on the inside of cabinet doors and pull-out shelves in lower cabinets for optimal organization.

6. Expand Your Bathroom Space

Check bathroom cabinets and drawers for duplicates and discard extra combs, brushes, and clips. Throw away everything with expired use-by dates. If you're not sure about an item, stay safe. Toss it. Don't waste space under sinks. Install smaller versions of the pull-out racks you used in the kitchen for a streamlined bathroom experience.

7. Reclaim Your Garage

Most great ideas for how to declutter your home also work in the garage. Give yourself moveable storage space with lidded bins on wheeled shelving units. Mount pegboards on garage walls so that tools are always within easy reach. Keep things off the floor with storage racks suspended from the ceiling and try hanging bicycles or other sports-related equipment from hooks on an empty wall.

Declutter Your Home in the New Year With Help From Safeguard

It feels good to ring in the New Year with a beautifully organized home. It's even better when you know you can keep it that way with nearby climate-controlled storage units in Tamarac. Fortunately, you can count on Safeguard Self Storage for the extra space you need year-round. Swing by our contactless facility in Tamarac today, or feel free to reserve your unit online at any time!


5 Ways to Turn Your Home Office Into an Oasis

If you're trying to figure out how to organize your home office, you're in good company. More and more, we're transitioning away from traditional work environments. It's time to turn your home workspace into a productive oasis. Nearby self storage units in Tamarac, Florida, and these five tips make it happen.

How to Organize Your Home Office: 5 Simple Steps
1. Zone the Room to Fit You

Size up how you can work best in your home office. The computer already has a designated desk, so assign different zones for other tasks. For example, clear a table for processing paperwork. Give yourself a separate station for making calls and taking notes. Carve out a corner for relaxing when you need a break.

2. Organize, Digitize, and Toss

Up workday productivity by decluttering the office one new zone at a time. Set up a box and label system to sort out what stays and what goes. Keep your space clear of clutter with these simple strategies.

  • Digitize as much paper as possible.
  • Throw away outdated gadgets and manuals.
  • Get rid of mystery cords and cables.
  • Turn decluttering into a monthly routine.

3. Think Outside the Office

Don't crowd your new oasis with things you don't use often. Climate-controlled storage units in Tamarac hold office overflow, including extra electronics and must-keep historical documents. It's a secure, affordable alternative to a cramped workspace, and you can rent and manage your Safeguard Self Storage account online.

4. Craft a Comfy Chair

If your home office budget doesn't cover an ergonomic chair, craft your own. Set a plush cushion on that old office chair seat. Install a lumbar pillow by attaching a sturdy cushion to the chair's back with bungee cords. Slip a pillowcase over the new backrest or drape the entire chair in a soft sheet.

5. Create a Soothing Atmosphere

Every workday can get hectic, but it's easier to handle when you have the right office atmosphere. Freshen the air with a relaxing fragrance from a diffuser. Open the blinds and fill the room with natural light.

Top off file cabinets with favorite houseplants. Aloe, bamboo, and philodendron are great choices because they're easy to keep. Spider plants and English ivy make beautiful hanging baskets. When you need to take a hard-earned break, enjoy being immersed in a soothing office atmosphere.

Keep It Under Control With Self Storage in Tamarac, FL

You deserve all the perks that come with working at home. A well-organized office always makes it easier to conquer a busy schedule, so make sure clutter doesn't creep back into your workspace. Let the new Safeguard Self Storage in Tamarac, FL, help keep your home office oasis under control.