How To Winter-Proof Things Before Your Holiday Vacation

You're finally planning that well-deserved holiday vacation from Ozone Park, NY. You want to make sure things stay safe while you're gone. Storage units are perfect for securing valuables, but how do you winter-proof things back at the house?

10-Step Winter Proof Checklist

Start Inside

Have the furnace inspected by a certified HVAC technician. Change the filters and program the thermostat before you leave.

Use Surge Protectors

If winter weather knocks out your home's electricity, a power surge could damage your valuable gadgets. Use surge protectors to minimize the risk to TVs, computers, and stereos.

Close the Damper

Cold air seeping down the chimney chills the house and fires up the furnace. Keep out winter humidity and save money by closing the fireplace damper and doors.

Pull the Drapes

This is another easy way to keep freezing temperatures from creeping into your home. Close the window blinds and pull and secure the drapes.

Declutter Your Garage

If it's vulnerable to winter damp, it's not safe in the garage. Move boxed belongings and lawn equipment to secure, climate controlled self storage (heated and air conditioned).

Wrap Outdoor Pipes

Don't let frozen burst pipes ruin your holiday vacation homecoming. Keep exterior plumbing from freezing by wrapping it with foam insulation sealed with weather-proof tape.

Protect Hoses and Faucets

Disconnect and drain garden hoses. Use faucet cover protectors to shield the fixtures from snow and ice. You can also wrap them with the same insulation you use on the pipes.

Check the Gutters

Winter storms can overflow gutters and leave the roof edge covered with ice dams. A little time on the ladder now can save expensive damage to shingles and soffits while you're on vacation.

Keep Critters Out

Squirrels, roof rats, and opossums love to nest in warm attics. Keep them out of your house by making sure gables, vents, and flashing are secure.

Trim the Trees

High winds can snap bare branches and send them crashing through windows. Cut back limbs so that trees don't bang against walls or scrape the roof. This helps keeps critters at bay too.

You're Ready to Go

As you hit the holiday vacation road, enjoy taking peace of mind with you. It feels good to know your things are safe in self storage and your home can handle the coldest winter. Here at Safeguard, we're glad to do our part with secure storage units that always make it easy to head out the door. What are you waiting for? Rent a storage unit in Ozone Park, NY, today!

Miami Mini-Vacation Spots That Aren't Just for Tourists

beach boardwalk scene with palmtrees and ocean in the background, during sunset

Why spend vacation dollars visiting faraway places when you live in the Cruise Capital of the World? From the small islands off our west Miami shoreline to the city's cultural centers, explore these five wonderful spots most out-of-towners miss. Let out that boating, biking and beach gear from your Miami, FL self storage, and launch an unforgettable getaway right here at home. 

1. Set Your Sights North

Let the tourists trip over each other down at South Beach. Head up north, and hit the sand between 67th and 87th streets. This culturally rich stretch charms with a '50s atmosphere you won't find anywhere else in the city. North Beach is also a great destination for discovering delicious new mom-and-pop cafes. 

2. Get Your Kayak Wet

Just 3 miles farther up from North Beach puts you in Oleta River State Park with access to more than 1,000 acres of natural beauty on Biscayne Bay. These parts of north Miami are filled with canoes and kayaks, so bring your favorite watercraft, and join the local fun. 

3. Sip a Glass of Cortado

Head back into the city for a traditional sip of Cuban espresso while you relax in the heart of Little Havana. Raise your cortado glass as a toast to the area's monthly Viernes Festival. Dance to live music, visit neighborhood galleries, and feast on Latin cuisine. Don't miss free walking tours that give new life to Little Havana's history. 

4. Climb a Two-Story Sand Castle

Kids love helping grownups storm sand castle walls at the Miami Children's Museum. The unique, hands-on fortress is one of dozens of interactive learning experiences waiting to liven up your local family vacation. Just drive over to Watson Island for museum exhibits that even include a kid-size TV studio. 

5. Go Fat-Biking on the Beach

One of our most scenic bike routes becomes a boardwalk south of 21st Street, but Florida State Road A1A doesn't have to slow you down when you hit the sand. Just get your fat-bike with its oversized tires out of storage, and Miami, FL beaches are wide open to two-wheel cruises up and down the shoreline. 

Local, Easy, and Fun

Our Florida sunshine always sets up the perfect scene for enjoying a mini-retreat, so keep your favorite getaway gear ready to go in one of our west Miami storage units. Our Safeguard teams know how to help you make all your vacation adventures local, easy, and fun.