The Decision to Go Small: Is Downsizing Right for You?

Are you thinking about moving to a smaller home here in East Williamsburg? Downsizing can be an exciting lifestyle transition. How can you be sure it's a good fit for you? Take stock, plan ahead, and let Brooklyn, NY storage units help move you into the future. 

Why Do You Want to Downsize? 

Most people who downsize feel like they're living in more house than they really need. You may be tired of dealing with routine upkeep and annual expenses. A smaller place might appeal to your eco-friendly nature. 

Whether you want to be closer to family or further away from urban life, think through your motivations. It's easier to plan for a big change when you're confident about why you're making the decision. 

Will It Really Save Money? 

Hit the calculator, and add up the numbers. Start with smaller mortgage payments. Factor in lower utilities and maintenance costs. Figure in the profit from selling your current home. The totals usually work in favor of downsizing. 

Apply those savings to moving costs. Invest in downsized furniture and self storage to help with the transition. You can even use your new cash flow to start a retirement account or turn a hobby into a home-based startup. 

How Do You Declutter?

Turn decluttering into an incentive for staging the house like a pro. Try to see each room through the eyes of a buyer, then use that vision to create a clean home that leads to a quicker sale. 

Storage units help take the worry out of decluttering. Stash furniture destined for the new place in your unit. Use the extra space to store things you plan on selling or donating after you move. 

Self Storage Makes It Easier

As you work out downsizing plans, give yourself room and time to work out the details and make the transition easier. 

  • Lease a unit now for storing things during the relocation.
  • Simplify new floor plans by measuring and comparing old and new spaces.
  • One room at a time, decide on what moves with you and what goes into storage.
  • Plan on keeping your unit so that the new home remains organized and clutter-free.

We're Always Here to Help

Living in a smaller place comes with many advantages – getting there shouldn't ever slow you down. Let Safeguard Self Storage make your move easier with storage units in East Williamsburg and all across Brooklyn, NY. Wherever you're headed, we're always here to help.

Holiday Shopping in Philadelphia: Things to Keep in Mind

It's time to dash into the excitement of another wonderful Yuletide season. Every year, Philly gifts us with incredible shopping opportunities. As you make plans for stuffing stockings, remember these four awesome things about holiday shopping in Philadelphia, PA.

1. Philly-Centric Favorites Are Classics

Our favorite Philly shopping traditions are true retail classics. The players may change, but the holiday magic always stays the same in these venerable venues. 

  • Love Park's Christmas Village: Immerse yourself in the Old World charm of one of the city's best outdoor markets.
  • Rittenhouse Row's Holiday Fashion Crawl: Shop with upscale swagger, and mingle with local fashionistas.
  • Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market: Connect with local crafters, artists, designers, and even confectionaries.

2. Acres of Retail Offer Everything

Get all of your holiday shopping done under one brightly decorated roof and still have time to visit with Santa. It's fun to join the holiday crowds at Philly's merriest malls. 

  • Shops at Liberty Place: This dome-topped landmark is home to more than 60 shops and lots of festive events.
  • Macy's Center City: Fulfill your retail dreams surrounded by city history and stunning architecture.
  • King of Prussia Mall: Conquer your gift list while browsing 400 fabulous stores north of downtown.

3. Artisan Shopping Always Rocks

Venture beyond boutiques on a quest for the unique. Explore these indie outlets for one-of-a-kind gifts, and discover holiday shopping that really channels your originality. 

  • Midtown Village: Indulge your love for everything vintage in the incredible shops on Antique Row.
  • Reading Terminal Market: Take care of your gift list and your grocery list at the country's oldest farmers market.
  • South Philly Handmade Brigade: Cool rules in this warehouse dedicated to handcrafted originals.

4. Self Storage Wraps It All Up 

Self storage is the perfect place to hide packages. Gift boxes, ribbons, and bows don't clutter closets. Set up a small table, and you even have a staging area for wrapping presents like a real Secret Santa. Storage units belong on everyone's holiday shopping list, and they're great for staying organized year-round too.

We're Here With Holiday Cheer 

If you shop until you merrily drop, we understand. When you need space for tinsel, toys, and tree stands, we can help. With several Safeguard locations in Philadelphia, PA, we're here for you with plenty of storage units and lots of holiday cheer.

How to Make Space for Your Family This Thanksgiving

How much table space can one family share with a Thanksgiving turkey? Will everyone fit under the same roof? Take charge of the holidays this year by making sure you have room to spare. Even the smallest home in Hollis, NY can handle Turkey Day festivities with a little help from nearby self storage.

Start Planning Early 

It's a family celebration, so let family help with the planning. Ask for firm RSVPs, and use that headcount to figure out how much space and food you'll need. Follow up with a request to check storage units for extras like chairs, plates, and serving dishes. If they can bring it, you can scratch it off your must-find list. 

Give Everyone Room

Get ready for a full house by reorganizing the home front. Guests need to hang up coats, so clear clutter out of closets. Give everyone room to mingle by moving small furniture pieces to self storage. Expand your space with a climate-controlled unit that holds everything while you hold down the fort.

Make Space in the Kitchen

Inventory kitchen essentials like pots, pans, and serving dishes. If you don't plan on using it, move it to a lower cabinet. Use spaces below countertops as temporary storage units so that you can easily reach the things you really need. This frees up room in upper cabinets for extra plates and glassware too.

Share Smiles at the Table

Let family enjoy being together without talking over the Thanksgiving turkey. Set up a self-service buffet for your main course and sides. Turn this same space-saving idea into a separate beverage station, and be sure to keep dining table decorations low-profile. You want everyone to see and share holiday smiles and conversations.

Get Ahead of Next Year 

Swap out the small furniture you temporarily moved to storage with Thanksgiving pots, pans, and dishes. Box up Turkey Day decorations, tablecloths, and placemats, and give them a climate-controlled home away from home. Congratulate yourself for getting ahead of next year. It's time to indulge in a holiday break with a well-deserved nap. 

Share a Storage a Tradition 

Once you make storage units a part of Thanksgiving, it's hard to imagine celebrating without them. You can share all that spare square footage, too. From Hollis, NY to our other locations around the New York City metro, Safeguard has space for everything from everyone on your guest list. Make shared self storage your family's newest and roomiest holiday tradition.

After the Breakup, How to Transition Back to Single Living

You know you're not alone. Almost everyone deals with a breakup sooner or later. You may still feel alone, but that's okay. Now, you can start transitioning back to the glorious independence of a single life. It's actually a very good place to be in Hialeah, FL. Here’s how self storage can help you get there.

Conquer Your Space 

If you're staying in the old place, make it all yours. If you're moving out, make the unfamiliar comfortable with old stuff. Wherever you settle, conquer your space with strategies for a fresh start. 

  • Look for nearby storage units, and lease extra room just for you.
  • Rearrange everything from furniture to kitchen cabinets.
  • As you reorganize, dedicated a few minutes each day to decluttering.
  • Use your unit for stashing items destined for donation or a garage sale.
  • Deep clean where you've never cleaned before even if the place is new.

Celebrate Your Clean Slate

Congratulate yourself on turning a blank canvas into a new life. Step back, and enjoy it. Don't let sentimental attachments get in the way. If you're still hanging onto things you bought with the ex, move them to self storage. 

Every inch of space belongs to you now. Take up both sides of the closet and the bed. Fill up shelves with new things bought just for the new place. Ask friends to raid their storage units for leftover breakup belongings. Pool everything together, donate it all to local organizations, and throw a party celebrating everyone's clean slates.

Embrace Your Independence 

Almost everyone feels down after a breakup, but that feeling will pass. You're ready to bounce back and make a new life that's entirely yours. With several self storage facilities across Miami including our Hialeah, FL location, Safeguard salutes your new independence. Embrace it because – with the help of storage – you know you're going to love it.

Self Storage: Construction Companies' Offseason Space Solution

When the busy season winds down, you need to park equipment and supplies. Your construction business doesn't fit in the garage anymore, and you're still working on several offseason jobs. Solve these space and access problems with affordable self storage in Lyons, IL and throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

Slow Down and Take Stock 

Now is the time to put downtime to good use. As the schedule eases up, scout different types of storage units in your area. Small units work for tool and supply storage, while drive-up units are great for unloading heavy equipment.

You can lease secure facility parking for company trucks, vans, and forklifts. Everything stays centrally located, and you don't have to worry about theft or vandalism back at the job site. When you're between projects, tools and equipment are always in one place for inventory, inspection, and repair.

Organize and Stock Up 

A climate-controlled storage unit keeps tools and equipment insulated from freezing Chicago weather. It also keeps you comfortable as you organize everything for quick access. Labeled plastic bins make it easier to retrieve multiple toolsets, while wood pallets and shelves keep supplies within easy reach. 

Take advantage of offseason pricing on some of those supplies. Save money now with bulk buying strategies that put you ahead of the next quarter's budget. You have plenty of room in an affordable storage unit that leases for a fraction of the cost of warehouse space. 

Relax and Enjoy Self Storage Benefits 

Saving money always counts, but self storage also adds value to your construction business and gives you a competitive edge. 

  • Tools and equipment stay in top condition and ready to go.
  • High-tech, on-site security systems give you peace of mind.
  • You don't have to schedule around equipment pick-up from multiple locations, as it’s all in one place.
  • You can order supplies and have them delivered to your storage facility.
  • Online tools like account management and our unit size calculator save valuable time.
  • Flexible leasing options let you expand and downsize according to the season.

Build Your Success Year-Round

Every offseason is an opportunity to catch your breath and make plans for the future. As your construction company continues to build on its success, let Safeguard help expand your capabilities. With accessible storage units in Lyons, IL and locations all across Chicagoland, we're uniquely positioned to help your business grow year round.