Seasonal Clothing Storage: Storing Winter Clothes

A stack of folded winter sweaters.


Just because you love the sun here in Magic City doesn't mean you don't have a wonderful winter wardrobe. Still, those warm threads crowd closets and drawers, so make a summer resolution this year. Promise to pamper your winter clothes with Safeguard Self Storage, and pledge to keep your Miami, FL home organized year-round.

Keep ‘em Clean

Before storing, it’s important to run all your clothes through the wash. That hot chocolate stain from cooler days will only get darker and harder to get out. Remove stains now and make your job a lot easier in the future.

Stack Your Sweaters

Nobody wants four shoulders, but if you hang your clothes during the winter months that’s exactly what you’ll get. Sweaters fall victim to hanger shoulders because they tend to be a little bit heavier than other garments. A good organizational tactic is to loosely stack your sweaters, keeping the heaviest on the bottom.  

If You’ve Gotta Hang It…

But what about the clothes that you have to hang? In this case, try to avoid plastic hanging bags. Although they may seem the most secure, they actually tend to hold in moisture and do not get enough air circulation. A more beneficial alternative would be wrapping your hanging clothes in a breathable fabric.

Swing By

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your stored clothing. This way, you get the opportunity to switch out what you aren’t using in your home, and take what you need from storage.  Do not abandon your storage unit, but use it to your advantage.

It's great to liberate closet space and organize drawers, but always leave one warm sweater at home for an occasional cool Dade County evening. Whether you're stashing winter coats or a sail boat, your options at
Safeguard Self Storage in Miami, FL range from storage lockers to drive-up units. Be prepared to fall in love with affordable self storage, and make it a permanent part of seasonal organizing traditions all year long.

Storing Electronics: What You Need to Know to Keep Electronics Safe

A person holding up a electircal plug-in cord.

A fast pony over at Empire City Race Track can be a sure bet, but you don't want to gamble when it's time to store expensive electronic gear. Computers, televisions and audio equipment need special prep before you move them into self storage. Whether you're relocating, downsizing or just clearing space at home, make sure your best gadgets are ready for household storage in a climate controlled Yonkers, NY facility.

Be Careful with Computers

Laptops, towers and even tablets come with cables, chargers and internal batteries. It's important to disconnect everything before you start packing up, so keep it all straight with small, color-coded stickers. Be sure to remove batteries because they can leak and cause serious damage. Wipe down components with an anti-static microfiber cloth, and double-check drives for overlooked discs. Secure computers in sturdy boxes filled with packing material, tape lids shut to keep out dust, and bundle monitors in bubble wrap.

Fine-Tune Television Prep

Treat your TV to the same careful wipe down that you used on your computers. Climate controlled household storage units are clean environments, but any dust that moves in with your television can creep into its circuits. A flat screen is especially susceptible to scratching, so make sure it's dust-free before covering it with bubble wrap. In a perfect storage world, you'd have the original box for packing, but many facilities sell inexpensive containers designed for modern flat screens; you can also buy special dust covers.

Pamper Audio Equipment

Boom boxes, amps, speakers and headphones need the same climate controlled self storage as all your other electronic gear, and they need the same thorough dusting before you stash them away. When you move audio equipment, wiring and cables put stress on sockets. Disconnect everything, and then clean out socket areas with a compressed air duster. Pack small components in boxes with sealable lids, but don't wrap anything in plastic. Electronics need to breathe, so drape large items with soft sheets, or zip them up in mattress bags.

It doesn't matter if you bought those gadgets from a pricey store in Getty Square or a discount outlet at the mall. Electronic equipment represents an investment that deserves climate controlled self storage and the security of a Yonkers, NY Safeguard Self Storage facility. Treat your gear with care before the move, and you can count on it firing up when you're ready to turn on, tune in and listen up.

How to Store Musical Instruments

A bright orange guitar resting against a black drumset.

If you ask a professional musician here in New Orleans about the importance of personal storage, don't expect him to talk about stashing furniture. Instead, he'll sing the praises of space that keeps the tools of his trade safe when he's not jazzing up the crowds on Bourbon Street. He'll also explain how important it is to properly prep musical instruments for long-term storage in New Orleans.

Baby Your Brass

Every band needs plenty of brass, so keep your horns ready to blow with climate-controlled care in a storage unit rental. Prep each one by taking out the slides, emptying the water and giving the slide legs a good cleaning. It's important to use heavy oil on the valves, casings and bearings because it's less likely to evaporate while your horn stays in storage. A few drops of bearing oil work best in the lead pipe. Snake it clean, and add a few more drops. Grease and replace the slides, and your brass is ready to be stashed.

Store Strings Carefully

Guitars, violins and violas are sensitive to the humidity and temperature extremes in New Orleans, but they stay safe in climate-controlled self storage. Get your instrument ready by detuning the strings down several notes to relax tension on the neck. Clean the body and tuning mechanisms with a dry cloth, and use wax or oil on the fretboard. Be sure to use a polish specially formulated for stringed instruments. Store your strings in a heavy case along with a silica pouch, and slip several plastic bags over the case.

Be Diligent with Drums

Whether you march to the beat of a snare or multi-toms, those skins need the same climate-controlled environment as strings and horns. If you're putting away a full set, personal storage options give you room to spare. Inspect each drum carefully, and disassemble for a thorough cleaning. Wipe everything down with a soft cloth inside and outside the shell and hardware. Reduce tension on the bottom and top heads by half, but make sure they stay tight enough to secure the tension rods. Don’t forget to store your reassembled set off the floor on wood pallets.

From Preservation Hall to Jazz Park, the sounds stay sweet when brass, strings and drums stay in tune. Whether you're new on the scene or a seasoned pro, let
Safeguard storage unit rental back up your New Orleans lineup. And no worries, you won't have to live on red beans and rice to treat your favorite musical instruments to affordable self storage.

Storage Tips for Organizing a Small Office

A filing cabinet drawer full of folders.

You don't need a big office to be successful, but your business needs room to grow. From the north end of Miracle Mile to the center of the Loop, desks disappear under clutter and closets explode with boxes. Every office in Chicago, IL can use a little extra business storage, so get ready to bust out the smart moves that keep you organized.

Start with Everything

If your office landscape looks like a reflection in the Bean, it's time to get back on an even keel. Empty each desk one drawer at a time. Clear out closets, corners and shelves. Take everything out of work stations, storage areas and break rooms, and then take stock. If you haven't used that equipment, looked at those records or flipped through that manual in more than a year, box it up for self storage. You now have room in desks, drawers and closets for taking care of business with well-organized space to spare.

Get Tough and Toss

Business storage here in Chicago is always affordable, but don't let that tempt you into keeping things you really don't need. You're making progress with those boxes ready to go, so get tough, and sort through them one more time. Work with a goal of eliminating half the stuff headed for self storage. Scan and convert paper records into digital files. Donate extra equipment and furniture to a local charity, and enjoy a small write-off. Once you've slimmed down the storage stash, an inventory makes it easier to track what you're moving into your unit.

Organize On- and Off-Site

Now that the office is clean and lean, you need more than good intentions to keep it that way. Make sure desk drawers stay tame with inexpensive dividers. Corral computer cables with cord ties and covers, and fill empty corners with floor-to-ceiling shelving. Extend organizing inspiration to your self-storage unit with labeled boxes and specific space dedicated to equipment, stock and records. This strategy saves sorting time whether you're dropping off or retrieving things, and it keeps the unit organized.

Who needs luxury suites on Wacker Drive when you can make the most of your space anywhere in the city?
Smart self storage solutions at Safeguard help small Chicago, IL businesses grow with affordable flexibility and dependable security. You're doing fine in your space, so make the most of it -- and you just might wind up on top of Willis Tower.

4 Tips for Small Living Room Storage

A plain, small apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

The largest borough in New York, Brooklyn is home to more than 2.6 million people – and continues to grow on a yearly basis. With many diverse neighborhoods to choose from, it’s no wonder Brooklyn appeals to so many different people. From historic Brooklyn Heights filled with row houses to Downtown Brooklyn’s cramped apartments, the real estate selection in the area varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. But with a city as populous as Brooklyn, it’s important to make every square foot count – and investing in a Brooklyn private storage rental may be the solution to your cramped quarters.

Make the most of your living room storage with these helpful tips from Safeguard Self Storage.

Scale Down with Self Storage

The first step to making the most of household storage in your Brooklyn apartment is distinguishing the difference between clutter issues and space issues. Unnecessary clutter in a small space can easily make your living room unlivable. Get rid of belongings that don’t have a home, or declutter your whole household to create more space overall. A private storage rental is the ideal off-site location for any extra clutter you can’t find a place for. 

Select Smart Furniture for Easy Storage

Choose furniture that does double duty as both storage and functionality. Try any of the following suggestions to increase your household storage:

  • Storage ottomans or benches can hide extra blankets, pillows and reading materials.
  • Use a tiered coffee table or coffee table with drawers to store belongings below.
  • Nesting tables are great space savers when the different levels aren’t in use.
  • Built-in shelving allows for extra storage in the walls of your living room.

Make Storage Choices into Design Elements

You can hide clutter in plain sight by choosing household storage that matches the interior design of your living room. Use decorative baskets to hide children’s toys. Add colorful storage boxes to your shelving; clutter stays creatively hidden from sight, and the living space looks artfully designed. Also consider using special, hidden storage items like a picture frame storage box or refurbished medicine cabinet.

Don’t Forget Your Vertical Space

The space in your home includes more than just what’s at normal eye level. Many people may forget to utilize all the extra space you have below furniture and above your head. Utilize under couch storage boxes to hide smaller items like movies and CDs. Storage boxes can also go under end tables, without looking disorganized. You can also use wall space to install shelving; installing shelves over doors is a particularly great way to hide extra storage items. And hanging hooks aren’t just for pots and pans storage in the kitchen! Use decorative ceiling hooks in your living room to hang everything from your bike to tiered, hanging baskets.  

No matter what city you’re in, your space can get crowded with clutter! Check out our blog for other household storage tips, and contact Safeguard Self Storage when you need more than a small storage solution. 

Military Storage in Illinois

Illinois is the fifth most populous state in the U.S., with more than 12 million citizens calling this state home. Chicago is their largest city and is home to more than 2.7 million people, over 70 community areas and the only boot camp for the U.S. Navy: The Great Lakes Training Center. Needless to say, the population of this “Windy City” fluctuates; people flock to this city, and military populations can find themselves uprooted at a moment’s notice. When military orders threaten to relocate you and your family, utilizing self storage lockers in nearby Des Plaines, Illinois can assist you in a variety of ways. Safeguard Self Storage has more than ten self storage locations throughout Illinois and the Chicagoland area. Let’s explore why Chicago Self Storage Bins are a valuable solution for military moves.

Reasons Service Members and Their Families Need Storage Space

Military service members and their families can find themselves moving to a different state at a moment’s notice, or preparing for an impending deployment. Check out the following reasons – and ways – military families use storage lockers.

  • Permanent Change of Station. Getting yourself and your family organized for relocation can be hectic, especially since you might not have much notice. Pack your belongings and store them for move out day, so they don’t crowd up the home you’re still trying to live in. That way, when you’re ready to travel to your new duty station, you can pack up at the self storage facility and be on your way.
  • Temporary Additional Duty. Temporary duty assignments refer to an assignment at a location other than your permanent duty station. These may last days or months in duration. Use storage lockers to keep valuables secure while you aren’t at your place of residence.
  • Deployment. If you’re leaving a family stateside while you deploy, self storage can come in handy for a number of reasons. Your significant other may decide to return to their family and their home state for the duration, and packing up belongings in a storage unit can be an easy way to make that transition. If you’re single, clearing out your barracks, apartment or home may be necessary to allow another person to move in or sublet.
  • Discharge. Leaving the military lifestyle can be an exciting change for some service members, but moving to a new home or even state can be stressful. Use self storage to make the transition between homes – and to civilian life – much easier.

Self Storage Tips for Members of the Armed Forces

Follow some basic self storage tips to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure – no matter where you are.

  • Pack bulky items such as furniture in the back of the storage unit and along the walls.
  • Use pallets to keep items off of concrete floors. This provides better airflow and ensure that items aren’t damaged by moisture.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom.
  • Leave a path so you can easily access items needed more often.
  • Organize the storage unit by room or item type.
  • Draw a diagram of the storage locker so you can locate your belongings easily when you return. (And don’t forget to label the boxes.)
  • Invest in a secure lock with a short padlock to keep it safe from bolt cutters. Disc or cylinder locks are a popular choice.
  • Choose a storage facility with the security amenities to provide peace of mind and one that offers month to month leases so you only pay for the time you need.

Why Choose Safeguard Self Storage

When choosing a storage facility, safety and security of belongings should be a major priority. At Safeguard Self Storage, our storage units have top-of-the-line security features. The Des Plaines, Illinois storage facility includes computer controlled access, digital video recording, individual door alarms and a facility-wide intercom system. Additionally, climate controlled units are available, which are essential for protecting sensitive belongings in long-term storage. These facilities also include other perks such as drive-in loading areas to protect you and your goods from the elements, flat beds carts and dollies to make moving your items in or out a snap and online payments or auto payment plans which make paying for your storage unit easy while you’re away.

These features – and countless others – make Safeguard Self Storage the ideal storage option for military member and their families. Explore our storage facilities in Illinois to find one that fits your needs.

Self Storage Solves Your Pack Rat Problems

Are you a pack rat? Well, fear clutter no more with the help of Safeguard Self Storage! We all tend to collect and hold onto possessions past their time of usefulness, but with this helpful guide, you can ditch your squirreling ways – or find a more convenient home for your treasures.  May 17th is Pack Rat Day, and we’re gearing up to help Baton Rouge residents kick clutter – and their pack rat habit – to the curb.

The Difference Between Hoarding and Pack Rats

We all have a little collector in us, but for those who struggle to let go of items more than most, these tendencies can become more than the norm. Hoarding is a big issue that is more than just being disorganized. While extreme cases have been featured on some hit TV shows, many people may not know the difference between hoarding and being a pack rat. Check out the following signs to see if your habit is turning into hoarding (and nip it in the bud before it becomes a big issue).

  1. You keep collecting items, without having use for the item or a place to display it.
  2. Your collection has taken over – and become piles of clutter that disrupt the livability of your home.
  3. Any room in your home that cannot be used due to clutter, or chairs and pathways are piled with stuff and can’t be used.
  4. You had strong attachments to belongings at an early age.
  5. It’s very difficult for you to part with unwanted items.
  6. You have so much stuff, but you hide it from other people.
  7. If you’re ashamed to invite people to your home.

Decluttering Tips for Pack Rats

  • Take it slow. Don’t try to tackle your whole home at once. Getting rid of a ton of clutter and items in one sitting can be daunting – and possibly cause an emotional reaction from purging so many items. Set aside time every day during the week or on the weekends and tackle one room at a time.
  • Give yourself a time limit. Don’t toil over an item for longer than necessary, and make a definitive decision for every piece. No setting it aside to come back to at a later date. Give yourself a time limit for each item, and decide to keep or toss.
  • Scale down collections. This doesn’t always mean collectibles. As a pack rat, you may be likely to hold onto old school work, report cards or particular projects you were especially proud of. Keep one or two of these items, and throw out the rest. If an actual collection is taking over your home, find a new home for it with mini storage units in Baton Rouge. Safeguard storage facilities in Baton Rouge have climate controlled options to keep collectibles in pristine condition.
  • Throw out unused items. Any items that you aren’t using or that are broken? Toss them out! This doesn’t always mean throwing it out. You could donate items or sell them in a garage sale. 
  • Box it up. If you’re really struggling over an item, box it up for 6 months. If you find yourself opening the box – or going to retrieve from your nearby storage unit – you know that you need to bring it back home. If you find that you can store an item in mini storage without noticing its absence, it’s time to toss it.

How Safeguard Self Storage Helps

Self Storage facilities in Baton Rouge provide a convenient home for all your extra clutter, and can help you make your home more livable. While mini storage can be a great home for all the items you can’t bear to throw out, it’s important to remember to maintain you’re new clutter-free home. Don’t empty your house just to fill it back up again! When you purchase an item, make sure that you really need it. And to keep valuable collections safe, choose Safeguard Self Storage


Retiring in Florida: 3 Ways Self Storage Simplifies Your Life

An older retired couple holding a small globe while standing on a Florida beach.

After years of working, you’re ready for some relaxation! However, deciding when to retire can be a difficult decision to make. For some, it’s signaled by hitting a certain age or reaching a certain number in your bank account. Others might wait until they’re “ready.” A major concern of retirees is boredom; after years of working, what will you do with all your free time? Making a move to a new location – such as Pompano Beach, Florida – can provide the newly retired with a much needed change of pace and scenery. Pompano Beach has a variety of attractions, from shopping to fine dining to simply relaxing on the beautiful beach. Make the most of your retirement – and use Safeguard Self Storage units to minimize your worries in three different ways.

Downsizing with Self Storage

Retirement is generally a sign that all your children are grown and it’s time to settle into a simpler lifestyle. Maybe you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller residence, or getting rid of belongings that you no longer need. Go through your household storage space and decide what you can pass down to your children. Any items you can’t find a home for – but can’t bear to part with – can fit perfectly into a Safeguard self storage unit. Trying to downsize and live a minimalist lifestyle is a big adjustment; move items to an off-site self storage unit to test out this lifestyle, before throwing anything out for good. Seasonal clothing and decorations are right at home in mini storage, since you only need these items during certain times of the year.

Moving to a Different State

With no job to hold you down, there’s no reason you need to stay in your current residence. Have you always dreamed of a beach house in Pompano Beach, Florida? Do you imagine walking out your back door to scenic sandy shores? Like the idea of sunny days nearly all year long? Find a new place to call home in The Sunshine State! Planning a move to a new residence can be exciting – and stressful. Decrease your stress by investing in nearby mini storage. Investing in storage units allows you to unpack at your own pace, or can keep your belongings safe if your new residence isn’t ready yet. You can also keep your storage unit throughout the year to keep clutter at bay.

Taking a Much Needed Vacation

The kids flew the coop to create nests of their own long ago, and now that you’ve settled into retirement bliss, you find yourself twiddling your thumbs. Why not take that extended vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Many retirees may choose to make a permanent move overseas, but if you’re only taking a temporary hiatus from your home with every intention of returning, you need a storage facility with plentiful security amenities to store your valuables while you’re gone. Safeguard Self Storage is the perfect storage solution when you don’t want to leave treasured possessions in your empty residence. Or you can even sublease your place for the duration of your trip! This allows you to have a steady inflow of funds while you’re vacationing, and can decrease your worries of a break in. Move all your belongings to nearby self storage units, so your temporary tenants can make your home their own.

If you’re looking for self storage in Pompano Beach, Florida, or the surrounding area, contact Safeguard Self Storage. We have a great selection of storage units to fit every need – and month to month rentals make it easy for you to store on your schedule!



Home Remodeling Dreams and Realities

A woman looking thoughtfully into space while standing in an empty house.

Miami enjoys sunshine year round, but there's something special about springtime daydreaming in Bayfront Park. If you're turning cloud formations over the Gulf into home remodeling plans, it's time to make those renovation dreams come true. Start with a good strategy, prepare for anything, and put Miami, FL personal storage on your list of remodeling essentials.

Dream Prep Counts

Whether you're expanding the family den, upgrading the kitchen or adding on a sunroom, prepare your remodeling dreams on paper. Start with a wish list that balances what you want with what you need. Follow up with a budget that leaves room for surprises. Once the financial picture is clear, it's easier to decide between hiring a contractor or diving into DIY waters. Work out a schedule, check on necessary permitting, and choose a nearby Miami storage facility to help keep things out of your project's way.

Reality Moves In

Remodeling reality moves in when construction dust covers everything in the house. Kitchen counters look like display shelves at a power tool convention, and building materials stack up on the floor. Home improvement can damage home furnishings, so get everything out of the way before the job starts. Create more working room for your project by letting furniture weather renovation storms in an air conditioned storage unit.

Personal Space Matters

It's noisy, dusty and goes on for days. You can run away to a hotel, or you can stake out personal space at home. Turn a room far from the working area into a comfortable retreat. Create an escape from buzzing saws and pounding hammers with your favorite music player, trusty laptop and a few good books. If your getaway space seems tight, expand it by moving things into the Miami, FL
personal storage unit you're using to protect furniture during the project. Steal away for a few hours every day, and bust remodeling stress in your private comfort zone.

Make your remodeling dreams come true before summer heat settles over the city. It's easier to enjoy life indoors when you have plenty of room, so turn those spring renovation plans into realities. Once you're done, don't let clutter sneak up on that new space. Hang onto your secure Miami storage unit, and let our teams here at
Safeguard Self Storage help you stay organized all year round.


Making a Move with Self Storage

Whether you're moving inside the Loop from the burbs or relocating to the Windy City from another state, pulling up stakes creates all kinds of challenges. If you're a university student, roommates and apartments seem to change as quickly as semesters. Regardless of your situation, it's hard to adapt to all the coming and going. But affordable Chicago, IL self storage takes the stress out of any moving scenario.

Caught Between Locations

Did your home's sale close sooner than expected? Are the residents at the new place slow about vacating? In a perfect moving world, schedules would run as smoothly as all four clocks on the Wrigley Building. When they don't, you're stuck between locations with a truck full of furniture. Take advantage of
Safeguard Chicago storage facilities that offer flexibility when you need it most. Your belongings stay secure, so you can sort out temporary living arrangements while the moving dust settles.

Setting Up a New Home

Imagine taking it easy and arranging the new house just the way you want it. Make that move-in daydream come true by leaving some of your packed belongings in a nearby rental facility. It's easier to organize a home that isn't stuffed from floor to ceiling with moving boxes.
Safeguard Self Storage lets you put the house together at your own pace and gives you room to arrange furniture without dodging the small stuff. With easy access to everything, you resist the temptation to throw it all inside and straighten it out later.

Switching Roommates and Apartments

Student life stays busy year round here in the Second City, and that includes an ever-changing apartment scene. It's hard to find a place that holds everything, and roommates can change with the semester. When a great apartment becomes available, it's easier to switch addresses with Chicago, IL self storage. Whether you need to park excess furniture, store books or stash seasonal gear, a storage unit lets you stay flexible. Many facilities offer move-in discounts and deals on rental trucks that help you balance that student budget.

A successful move depends on many things, but it all gets done, and you eventually settle into that new home. Convenient Chicago storage facilities throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods offer affordable rental options that help ease the transition. Whether you're coming, going or somewhere in between,
contact Safeguard Self Storage to make your move easier.