Retiring in Florida: 3 Ways Self Storage Simplifies Your Life

An older retired couple holding a small globe while standing on a Florida beach.

After years of working, you’re ready for some relaxation! However, deciding when to retire can be a difficult decision to make. For some, it’s signaled by hitting a certain age or reaching a certain number in your bank account. Others might wait until they’re “ready.” A major concern of retirees is boredom; after years of working, what will you do with all your free time? Making a move to a new location – such as Pompano Beach, Florida – can provide the newly retired with a much needed change of pace and scenery. Pompano Beach has a variety of attractions, from shopping to fine dining to simply relaxing on the beautiful beach. Make the most of your retirement – and use Safeguard Self Storage units to minimize your worries in three different ways.

Downsizing with Self Storage

Retirement is generally a sign that all your children are grown and it’s time to settle into a simpler lifestyle. Maybe you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller residence, or getting rid of belongings that you no longer need. Go through your household storage space and decide what you can pass down to your children. Any items you can’t find a home for – but can’t bear to part with – can fit perfectly into a Safeguard self storage unit. Trying to downsize and live a minimalist lifestyle is a big adjustment; move items to an off-site self storage unit to test out this lifestyle, before throwing anything out for good. Seasonal clothing and decorations are right at home in mini storage, since you only need these items during certain times of the year.

Moving to a Different State

With no job to hold you down, there’s no reason you need to stay in your current residence. Have you always dreamed of a beach house in Pompano Beach, Florida? Do you imagine walking out your back door to scenic sandy shores? Like the idea of sunny days nearly all year long? Find a new place to call home in The Sunshine State! Planning a move to a new residence can be exciting – and stressful. Decrease your stress by investing in nearby mini storage. Investing in storage units allows you to unpack at your own pace, or can keep your belongings safe if your new residence isn’t ready yet. You can also keep your storage unit throughout the year to keep clutter at bay.

Taking a Much Needed Vacation

The kids flew the coop to create nests of their own long ago, and now that you’ve settled into retirement bliss, you find yourself twiddling your thumbs. Why not take that extended vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Many retirees may choose to make a permanent move overseas, but if you’re only taking a temporary hiatus from your home with every intention of returning, you need a storage facility with plentiful security amenities to store your valuables while you’re gone. Safeguard Self Storage is the perfect storage solution when you don’t want to leave treasured possessions in your empty residence. Or you can even sublease your place for the duration of your trip! This allows you to have a steady inflow of funds while you’re vacationing, and can decrease your worries of a break in. Move all your belongings to nearby self storage units, so your temporary tenants can make your home their own.

If you’re looking for self storage in Pompano Beach, Florida, or the surrounding area, contact Safeguard Self Storage. We have a great selection of storage units to fit every need – and month to month rentals make it easy for you to store on your schedule!



Home Remodeling Dreams and Realities

A woman looking thoughtfully into space while standing in an empty house.

Miami enjoys sunshine year round, but there's something special about springtime daydreaming in Bayfront Park. If you're turning cloud formations over the Gulf into home remodeling plans, it's time to make those renovation dreams come true. Start with a good strategy, prepare for anything, and put Miami, FL personal storage on your list of remodeling essentials.

Dream Prep Counts

Whether you're expanding the family den, upgrading the kitchen or adding on a sunroom, prepare your remodeling dreams on paper. Start with a wish list that balances what you want with what you need. Follow up with a budget that leaves room for surprises. Once the financial picture is clear, it's easier to decide between hiring a contractor or diving into DIY waters. Work out a schedule, check on necessary permitting, and choose a nearby Miami storage facility to help keep things out of your project's way.

Reality Moves In

Remodeling reality moves in when construction dust covers everything in the house. Kitchen counters look like display shelves at a power tool convention, and building materials stack up on the floor. Home improvement can damage home furnishings, so get everything out of the way before the job starts. Create more working room for your project by letting furniture weather renovation storms in an air conditioned storage unit.

Personal Space Matters

It's noisy, dusty and goes on for days. You can run away to a hotel, or you can stake out personal space at home. Turn a room far from the working area into a comfortable retreat. Create an escape from buzzing saws and pounding hammers with your favorite music player, trusty laptop and a few good books. If your getaway space seems tight, expand it by moving things into the Miami, FL
personal storage unit you're using to protect furniture during the project. Steal away for a few hours every day, and bust remodeling stress in your private comfort zone.

Make your remodeling dreams come true before summer heat settles over the city. It's easier to enjoy life indoors when you have plenty of room, so turn those spring renovation plans into realities. Once you're done, don't let clutter sneak up on that new space. Hang onto your secure Miami storage unit, and let our teams here at
Safeguard Self Storage help you stay organized all year round.


Making a Move with Self Storage

Whether you're moving inside the Loop from the burbs or relocating to the Windy City from another state, pulling up stakes creates all kinds of challenges. If you're a university student, roommates and apartments seem to change as quickly as semesters. Regardless of your situation, it's hard to adapt to all the coming and going. But affordable Chicago, IL self storage takes the stress out of any moving scenario.

Caught Between Locations

Did your home's sale close sooner than expected? Are the residents at the new place slow about vacating? In a perfect moving world, schedules would run as smoothly as all four clocks on the Wrigley Building. When they don't, you're stuck between locations with a truck full of furniture. Take advantage of
Safeguard Chicago storage facilities that offer flexibility when you need it most. Your belongings stay secure, so you can sort out temporary living arrangements while the moving dust settles.

Setting Up a New Home

Imagine taking it easy and arranging the new house just the way you want it. Make that move-in daydream come true by leaving some of your packed belongings in a nearby rental facility. It's easier to organize a home that isn't stuffed from floor to ceiling with moving boxes.
Safeguard Self Storage lets you put the house together at your own pace and gives you room to arrange furniture without dodging the small stuff. With easy access to everything, you resist the temptation to throw it all inside and straighten it out later.

Switching Roommates and Apartments

Student life stays busy year round here in the Second City, and that includes an ever-changing apartment scene. It's hard to find a place that holds everything, and roommates can change with the semester. When a great apartment becomes available, it's easier to switch addresses with Chicago, IL self storage. Whether you need to park excess furniture, store books or stash seasonal gear, a storage unit lets you stay flexible. Many facilities offer move-in discounts and deals on rental trucks that help you balance that student budget.

A successful move depends on many things, but it all gets done, and you eventually settle into that new home. Convenient Chicago storage facilities throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods offer affordable rental options that help ease the transition. Whether you're coming, going or somewhere in between,
contact Safeguard Self Storage to make your move easier.


Storage Tips for Small Kitchens

Microwaves, blenders, food processors, and other kitchen appliances crammed on a kitchen counter.

Does a freezing December picnic over at Smokey Oval Park sound better than trying to cook in your small kitchen? Are you tired of putting together great meals in a tight space? Conquer culinary confines, get organized with convenient Richmond Hill mini storage, and unleash the power of hidden kitchen space.

Set Existing Space Free

Your kitchen plays host to an assortment of space-stealing culprits. Countertop appliances, over-sized pans and big serving bowls are the worst offenders. Round them up, and pack them off to nearby Richmond Hill self storage. Kicking out clutter frees up space and reveals existing possibilities. Are you stuck with a skinny cabinet that doesn't hold much? Take off the door, and turn it into a vertical wine rack. Would the convenience of a built-in cutting board make life easier? Insert framing in the knife drawer, and turn it into a retractable base for your trusty prep piece.

Clear the Counters and Decorate

Once you've discovered concealed possibilities, investigate the kitchen again. Old cookbooks, canister sets and knickknacks make great candidates for a yard sale. Stash them in your
Safeguard Self Storage unit, and cash in when you're ready. Decorate blank walls with small racks for hanging utensils or slender shelves for favorite spices. Get potted plants off the counter by suspending them in front of sunny windows. Brighten up tight spaces with under-cabinet lighting, and fill empty corners with pretty stacking baskets that double as decorative storage. 

Put Your DIY Warrior to Work

If you're handy with a hammer, stretch kitchen space by focusing on small projects with big payoffs. Why waste the wall behind an open door? Install shallow cabinets for storing things you don't use very often. Is there a dead area lurking beneath the corner where countertops meet? Open it up with a folding door, and install lazy Susan shelving inside. Keep DIY projects on track by keeping things out of the way at nearby Richmond Hill mini storage, and treat yourself to built-in luxuries like vertical sliding cabinets and gliding drawer systems.

Every tight space has delicious potential. Mix affordable Richmond Hill self storage into your space-saving recipes, and you have big solutions for small kitchens. When you need to open things up, depend on Safeguard Self Storage. We're always here for you with
locations throughout Queens and the surrounding boroughs.


Safeguard Self Storage’s Guide to New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest

An illustration advertising the 2014 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest.

Get ready to shake your way to New Orleans for this year’s Jazz and Heritage Fest, or simply known as – Jazz Fest. Safeguard Self Storage Harvey, LA self storage and Safeguard Self Storage Metairie, LA self storage is helping you make the most of this year’s celebration with the ultimate guide to the nation’s biggest and most popular Jazz Fest of the year. We have the tips and tricks on what to eat, who to watch and all the little details you’ll need to maximize your fest experience.

A Long History

45 years ago, a group of local music and culture lovers got together, “To promote, preserve, perpetuate and encourage the music, arts, culture and heritage of communities in Louisiana through festivals, programs and other cultural, educational, civic and economic activities.” What started as a small festival that brought in few folks has grown tremendously into the nation’s most popular celebration – with hundreds of thousands flocking to New Orleans to attend.

While it does feature jazz-style music, the festival also includes Blues, Gospel, Cajun, Funk, Hip Hop, Rock, Folk, Latin, Pop, Mardi Gras Indian Music, and a whole lot more local and worldwide genres.

And there’s other things to do than just listen to music. Great food, crafts, art and a wide variety of locally-inspired wares fill up every nook and cranny of the Fair Grounds Race Track Area.

This Year’s Talent

The list of stars performing at the Jazz Fest is endless, with names like Elton John, No Doubt, The Who, Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Buffett, Keith Urban, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hozier, Tony Bennett paired with Lady Gaga, Cowboy Mouth, John Legend and countless others. While these will undoubtedly be some of the main events, you can experience somewhat less-known, but no less talented musicians and performers with the pro tip below. 

Safeguard Self Storage Harvey, LA Self Storage Pro Tip:

It’s not just the “big” names that are worth listening to. Check out any one of the following bands for an amazing musical experience. 

  • Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk with guest Uncle Art Neville
  •  New Orleans Nightcrawlers
  • Kermit Ruffins & the BBQ Swingers
  • Aaron Neville
  • Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
  • Juvenile and Mannie Fresh

What You’ll Find

Tent after tent, stage after stage is filled with culture. There’s the Jazz Tent, and next the Blues Tent. After that you have the Gospel Tent, followed by the Heritage Stage and the Fais Do-Do Stage that houses the Cajun and Zydeco Music.

You’ll also be surrounded by local arts and crafts, and delicious Louisiana Food such as dark rue gumbo, softshell crab, alligator, crawfish and oysters.

            Safeguard Self Storage Metairie, LA Self Storage Pro Tip:

The Congo Square Marketplace is the place to go for a rich cultural experience, filled with handmade clothes, jewelry, and art from the Ivory Coast, Senegal and surrounding areas. Make sure to stop and watch the craft demos in progress, as the experience of watching art come alive can’t be compared.

The Details

Fair Grounds Race Course
1751 Gentilly Boulevard, just 10 minutes from the French Quarter

April 24, 25, 26 and April 30, May 1, 2, and 3
From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Ticket Info:
There are a variety of ticket options for day passes, VIP packages and more. Check them all out here.

Safeguard Self Storage Harvey, LA Self Storage Pro Tip:

Don’t worry too much about getting standard day passes in advance; they always have extra tickets available. If you’re looking for a VIP experience, hurry and get your package if it’s not already sold out. 

Safeguard Self Storage Metairie, LA Self Storage Pro Tip:

Staying near the concert is always an amazing experience – but it gets really expensive. Consider using alternate sources, such as hotels outside of New Orleans such as Eastbank cities of Metairie or Kenner or Westbank cities such as Harvey or Gretna.

Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a veteran of the festival, the Safeguard Self Storage Guide to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest will help you make the most of your experience. While you’re there, take some time to explore The Big Easy; you’ll quickly discover it has something to offer both residents and visitors alike.

Fall in love with the city during your stay? We don’t blame you! Make a New Orleans move easier with Safeguard Self Storage. We have self storage locations throughout New Orleans, so call today – and find a storage solution for that fits your unique needs.

Small Business Storage for Home Entrepreneurs

A businessman with three boxes sitting on top of him while he rests his head against his desk and holds a phone receiver.

If you need inspiration for a home-based business, consider Doris Christopher. The Pampered Chef got its start in her basement back in 1980, and the global company's headquarters are still located just west of North Swift Road. Are you thinking about following those famous footsteps? Start up your strategies for home-based success with smart Addison personal storage solutions.

Start With Room to Expand

From inventory and business files to tools and working space, a growing home business quickly takes over the house. Stuffing your entrepreneur's spirit into a corner of the den doesn't leave room to expand. Imagine adding floor space dedicated to everything that fits your business plan. With versatile
Addison storage unit rental options, you can develop expansion strategies as you need them. If you run across a great deal on essential materials, stock up your self storage shelves. Park seasonal equipment, protect business records or set up your own distribution center.

Keep Costs Low and Security High

One of the biggest advantages of home
business self storage is that it helps balance the books every month. Savings add up when you don't have to deduct utility bills, general maintenance or the price of commercial floor space. Factor in unit door alarms, on-site digital recording, and you have a security packed, cost-effective alternative to converting your home into a warehouse. Safeguard Self Storage facilities offer many storage options and excellent move-in specials. Overhead stays low, so it's easier to save those hard-earned dollars and invest them back into your business.

Stay Flexible Close to Home

Running a successful home-based business brings out your best juggling skills. Slow spells keep inventory on the shelves, but you have to be ready for sales to pick up. When bulk deals roll around on materials or equipment, you can't pass up money-saving opportunities. Adapting to a changing business environment is vital to building a home-based company's success. The commercial benefits of nearby Addison personal storage give you the same competitive edge as larger operations. You control overhead and stay flexible regardless of the market.

With all of Chicagoland just to the west, it's hard to resist the call of opportunity. Whether you're ready to conquer online commerce from the kitchen or start up a home-based contracting business, always remember that you're the most valuable asset in your company. Count on
Safeguard Self Storage to help with affordable Addison storage unit rental strategies designed for home business success.

Records and Information Management Month

A warehouse filled with stacks of folders.

Springtime means it's baseball season at Veteran's Park, but there's more to April than organizing team schedules. Did you know that this is officially Records and Information Management Month? Home and business owners all over the area take advantage of convenient Ridgefield storage lockers this time of year to set their records straight.

Centralize Your Storage Strategy

No one celebrates RIM Month with a parade, but you can celebrate it by making it part of your spring routine. Home desk drawers aren't the best filing systems for important receipts. A box in the broom closet doesn't protect business tax records. Still, these are go-to
storage solutions that work until you can't find that one critical piece of paper. If you've tried saving scanned documents to CDs, you know how easily the discs get lost. You need a simple, central solution to paper chases and record frustrations, and that’s the convenience of a nearby Ridgefield storage unit rental.

Separate, Save and Archive

Go through drawers, boxes and file cabinets, and separate routine papers from important records. It's a challenge to replace documents like birth certificates, social security cards and passports, so collect them for storage. Round up filed tax forms, financial records and estate papers. Don't overlook vehicle registrations, home and business inventories and insurance policies. Commit irreplaceable family photos to CD, and include them in your record archives. If the thought of losing it gives you a headache, it belongs in a secure self storage unit.

Pamper Paper and Digital Files

Important records headed for storage deserve a little pampering, so choose sturdy boxes with lids that tape shut or lidded plastic containers. Tuck paper files into plastic sleeves, and use anti-static packaging for digital media. This type of bundling lets you mark the outside of each item for quick reference. As you fill up containers, put older items in first, and label each box with an overview of its contents. Documents and CDs don't like humidity, but most Ridgefield storage lockers offer climate-controlled environments as well as pallets that keep everything off the floor.

Once you've organized important papers and records in self storage, take another look around the house or office. This time of year inspires everything from clutter cleanup to garage sales, and affordable Ridgfield storage unit rental makes it all easy. Spring is finally in the air, so put things in order with
Safeguard Self Storage, and go enjoy that ballgame.

Tiny Houses in the United States

A person holding a miniature model of a house in their hands.

If it seems like space is limited in your home, you should take a look at the many tiny houses that have been springing up around the country! You may have a pressing need for Darien, IL household storage, but the owners of these homes probably need it even more. With Lombard, IL extra storage, the owners of even the tiniest houses can have their cake and eat it too. Tiny houses are incredibly cute; they're also delightfully affordable. Owners can easily afford to store their extra belongings in Chicago, IL self storage facilities.

We've rounded up five great examples of tiny houses for your enjoyment:

  1. ProtoHaus - Located in Longmont, Colorado, this 125-square-foot abode is about as tiny as it gets. Built mostly out of recycled materials and decked out with solar panels, this itty-bitty house is also very energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  2. Painted Lady - Clocking in at 312 square feet, this charming little home in Round Top, Texas, packs lots of features into such limited space. Dotted with uniquely shaped stained glass windows and front and back porches, it's a great example of tiny home architecture.
  3. Shotgun Shack - Despite only being 320 square feet in size, this tiny house has full-size appliances. It's located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, and also features a built-in sofa that converts into a guest bed.
  4. Rancher - Featuring two cozy lofts, this 336-square-foot home is a real gem. You'll find it in Wheelock, Texas. Perhaps its best feature is its screened-in back porch.
  5. Gingerbread Cottage - This ultra-adorable, 240-square foot home is made out of reclaimed lumber. Located in Canyon Lake, Texas, it also features a round loft bedroom and antique wood floors.

As cute as these tiny homes are, you'd probably like more space – not less! Chicago, IL self storage offers an easy solution. By taking advantage of Safeguard’s Illinois storage facilities, you can free up much-needed space in the home without spending a fortune. If you're tired of feeling crammed in with too much stuff, find a Safeguard Self Storage facility near you and start packing.



Choosing a Storage Unit Without Seeing it First

A blindfolded woman shrugging her shoulders with her palms facing upward.

What happens if you need Bronx, NY personal storage but don't live anywhere near New York City? You're not alone. People rent Safeguard Self Storage units sight unseen all the time, and they do so for all kinds of reasons. A long-distance move is a possible reason for people to choose a storage unit without seeing it first. Regardless of why you need a Bronx, NY storage rental sight unseen, take heart: It's a lot easier than you probably think. You just need to take your time and do a little research beforehand.

Find a Bronx NY Storage Rental from Afar

Thanks to the internet, it's easy to find the different self storage options available in various parts of the country. Don't choose the first facility to pop up on the list, though. Make a list of the top contenders, and then perform more in-depth research to figure out the kinds of amenities and features that are offered by each. Price comparison can also be done online but make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Determining the size of unit you will need can be trickier. Safeguard Self Storage has a variety of tools online – including a
space estimator – that can help you determine the best size storage unit for your storage needs.

Contact Top Self Storage Facilities

Contact the top
Bronx, NY personal storage facilities on your list before choosing one. The staff can help you decide the appropriate size of locker or unit, and they can answer any questions you may have about the available security and convenience features. This will also give you a clearer idea about the quality of the services that are provided. Some of the questions to consider are:

  • Does the storage facility have air conditioned & heated units?
  • What kind of security does the facility offer?
  • Where is the facility located?
  • What are the terms of the lease agreement? Are leases long-term or on a monthly basis?
  • Is the storage unit equipped with a unit door alarm?
  • Does the facility provide a drive in loading area to keep you and your items out of the elements?
  • Does the facility provide carts & dollies and cargo elevators to make it easy to move your items in and out of the property?
  • Does the facility offer payment plans and\or online payments?

By taking a methodical approach, you'll find that choosing a storage unit without seeing it first is actually quite simple. Safeguard Self Storage units can be reserved no matter where you are. Contact your near-by Safeguard Self Storage facility and rent a storage unit today.


Making Your Perfect Craft Room

Tubes of paint, paint brushes, buttons, paper, and craft flowers resting on a table.

Has your arts and crafts hobby outgrown your home? If it feels like your home is being overrun by crafts supplies, or if you just need a more peaceful setting in which to practice your trade, a New Orleans, LA storage rental is your solution. Crafters like you use Metairie storage facilities to enable their hobbies.

 Whether you opt to store spare supplies in a nearby storage unit, decide to store completed projects for sale in the future or turn a Metairie, LA self storage unit into a full-fledged craft room, you'll be delighted by how versatile and affordable self storage can be for crafters.

Reorganize Your Crafts with Metairie Storage Facilities

Maybe you have a spare room at home where you enjoy working on crafts. The problem, however, may be finding space for all those supplies and completed projects.
Find a nearby Kenner storage facility and move extra supplies and projects there instead. You’ll create a safe home for your various craft supplies and will be able to focus on the task at hand. As an added bonus, your home will be a lot less cluttered.

The whole family is sure to appreciate all the space your Metairie self storage unit frees up, so locate a conveniently located storage facility and get started today. Contact Safeguard Self Storage for unit availability and move-in specials and start getting your crafts in order!