June 18th is Go Fishing Day!

fishing pole situated next to a tackle box full of fishing equipment
June 18 marks the official "Go Fishing Day." Any fisherman will want his or her equipment ready to go. It is not always easy to keep fishing gear safe and in good condition, especially in crowded household storage such as a garage. The best place to store your fishing gear is in Miami, FL storage units. Safeguard Self Storage has several locations in Florida. Our Pompano Beach storage units provide an area without clutter to keep fishing equipment safe and accessible.

Most people do not have adequate space at home for large fishing equipment, especially boating equipment or lengthy poles. Miami, FL storage units offer affordable and convenient places for fishing gear. Tackle boxes and fishing poles can be kept in one favorable location. A smart way to keep tackle organized is in waterproof, sealable, plastic containers. These can be stacked neatly in a
Safeguard Self Storage unit.

To keep rods safe and to extend their life, it is important to clean the rods of salt, sand and other debris and remove tackle from lines before storing. Any heaviness will cause rods to bend. To prevent tangling, the fishing lines must be taut but not too tight. It is a good idea to purchase or create a free standing rod holding system from wood and PVC pipe to keep your rods spread apart and free from damage. Every Safeguard Self Storage unit provides open space allowing an avid fisherman the ability to store his\her gear as they see fit.

When the mood strikes, it is essential to have fishing gear in good shape and in an easy reachable place. The best way to achieve this is by using a Pompano Beach storage facility. Safeguard Self Storage is the ideal place to store fishing poles, tackle boxes, and other fishing gear.
Find a Safeguard Florida storage unit near you for your fishing equipment and get ready to celebrate "Go Fishing Day" every day without hassle.

It’s Boating Season in Louisiana!

woman smiling while driving a speed boat

It is finally time to take your beloved boat out onto the Bayou State’s beautiful and plentiful waterways, and you will not be alone as your watercraft will be joined by more than 300,000 others. With all of those boats on the water, it is important to make sure that you are safe out there.

One of the most important things that you can do is ensure that you have the required safety equipment on board. For example, there needs to be at least one serviceable personal flotation device for every person on the boat. Other safety equipment that should be on board includes distress signals, fire extinguishers and navigation lights.

It is also important to ensure that your boat is operated safely once it is on the water. It is illegal and dangerous to weave through congested traffic or to operate a watercraft in a reckless manner.  Also, be courteous to other boaters by not creating wakes and also avoid fishermen and swimmers whenever possible.

Obviously, make sure to not drink and drive as the dangers and penalties for doing so while operating a boat are similar to those involved with driving a car while under the influence.

Once you are finished having fun on the water, it is important to have proper boat storage, Safeguard Self Storage would be glad to help you out. If you are looking for Baton Rouge LA storage, a Metairie LA storage unit rental, Marrero storage units or a Harvey self storage, Safeguard can help you protect your investment with boat storage. We offer a total of eight convenient self storage locations, six in the New Orleans Metro Area and two in Baton Rouge. 

When you are ready to utilize boat storage, it is important to make sure that you get a space that will be large enough to comfortably fit your boat and trailer. Your watercraft should also be fully supported whenever it is out of the water. Important areas to focus on here are the bulkheads, engines and keel. In addition, scrubbing its decks and hull and ensuring that it is not stored with any barnacles, gunk or slime will help your boat remain in top shape for as long as possible. 

Once your boat is cleaned and ready to be stored, find a Safeguard Self Storage location convenient for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happy to help you store your boat in an enclosed storage unit or in one of your outdoor storage lots so you can use it for many summers to come.

Say Goodbye to Winter Clutter

coffee table with a tea cup and vase situated on top, with white couch in background

With its emphasis on renewal, spring is a natural time to de-clutter your home. Cleaning out excess items now will free your time for spontaneous late-spring and summer fun. Renting a unit from Safeguard Self Storage is a great way to help you clear out extra "stuff" without tossing everything for good.

Numerous books and TV shows have been written about de-cluttering for a reason. Items that don't fit into your current lifestyle do nothing but create a messy atmosphere and drain your energy. Even if you don't realize it, objects that don't serve a purpose in your life can really weigh you down emotionally.

Now that summer is in the air, lightening your mood and your decor truly makes sense. The problem for most of us lies in our fear of getting rid of the wrong things. We may need them later, or our sentimental attachment may cause us to regret throwing them out or selling them. Fortunately, you don't have to risk "de-clutterer's remorse."

Safeguard Self Storage offers an affordable, secure home for items that create clutter, but have either financial or sentimental value. You can still sort your belongings into "keep," "toss," "sell" and "donate" piles. Items that don't fit unquestionably into any of these categories may be good candidates for storage. 

From Grandma's promise ring or your prom dress to collectibles that could make a comeback, keep your items in great shape and out of harm's way. Clean every item before packing it in a zippered container or box with a well-sealed lid. Consider packing clothing with cedar blocks or mothballs.

Clean, secure storage units in a convenient location make protecting your belongings easy. Whether you keep them under wraps for a year or decades to come, Safeguard Self Storage offers the perfect way to keep those seldom-used items clean and secure yet out of the way. Find a Safeguard location near you to clear out winter clutter and embrace summer!

Safeguard goes 'Green' with Solar Panels

Safeguard has signed an agreement to install solar panel systems at 25 facilities. The units will be placed in select New York and New Jersey locations and expected to generate over 2,000,000 KWH of clean, renewable electricity, meeting at least 95% of each store's energy needs. The first installations will be implemented in late summer of 2014, and all units will be operational by autumn. The panels will help these stores reduce their dependency on the 'grid' and help contribute to a more sustainable future. Safeguard officers expressed their excitement at this new development for the company.

"New York and New Jersey are great first markets for Safeguard Self Storage to invest in solar panel systems because it’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer, electricity costs are high and there are meaningful government incentive programs there to entice us to invest”, said Allan Sweet, Chief Executive Officer. 

“These systems will enable Safeguard Self Storage to breakthrough yet another higher hurdle of profitability for its investor while, at the same time, doing something good for the environment and the communities we serve. We will continue to investigate other markets for which this product might make sense" said Mark B. Rinder, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  

“This is a terrific step forward for Safeguard Self Storage, saving well over $50,000 per month (after installation is complete in October 2014) and, in addition, shielding the company from the inevitable rate increases the utilities will pass on in the future. " said Ken Finlay, Senior Vice President of Operations.  

Provider Trinity Solar Systems has installed over 6,000 systems in the Northeast and presently has solar panel systems in place generating over 85,000,000 KWH of electricity. Trinity Solar recently installed solar panel systems on 23 self-storage facilities in New Jersey owned by an independent operator that is generating about the same amount of electricity that Safeguard Self Storage is expecting to realize from its installation.  



Make the Most of Your Springtime Space

road sign that reads Spring Cleaning Just Ahead


Make the Most of Your Springtime Space

As the last traces of winter weather disappear, the time has come to open the windows of your house and let the fresh springtime air in. Spring has finally arrived and that musky, stale feeling in your house needs to be aired out! It's time for spring cleaning! It may not be your favorite chore, but it certainly is necessary to fully enjoy the spring weather. So put on your cleaning clothes, open the blinds and get ready to let spring in! You might want to consider a full organizational overhaul. Using Thornwood, NY storage units to store excess belongings will help you make the most of your springtime space.


One Room at a Time

The task of tackling springtime cleaning may seem daunting, but if you strategize effectively you'll be finished in no time. Spread out your cleaning over time instead of trying to tackle it all in one day. Go room by room and you can cross off one room a day. We suggest starting with the least lived in rooms; they'll take less time and are less likely to get messy shortly after cleaning.


Work Top to Bottom

Whether you're reorganizing or cleaning, work from top to bottom. Any mess or extra belongings that end up on the floor won't ruin any work you've already done. If you're planning on placing belongings in storage, they can be put aside to be packed.


Pack it up first.

To make your cleaning more effective, get rid of extra belongings first. This way you'll clear up space and avoid having to clean again after reorganizing. Labeling boxes by room and contents can help you find items easily in storage. Click here to see a list of packing supplied available at your neighborhood Safeguard Self Storage.


Cleaning time.

After surfaces have been cleared and you've decided what belongings to store, you can focus on cleaning. Dust off surfaces and blinds, and wipe down glass with glass cleaner. Ceiling fans also collect a lot of dust. When you're done with the furniture and surfaces in the room, you can clean the floors according to their material.


Seasonal Storage

Items that only get used during colder seasons really have no place in a springtime space. Heavy winter clothing and overflowing Christmas decorations can be safely stored in Thornwood, NY storage units until next year. Rather than continuously dealing with shoving these belongings in closets or limited storage space, keep them in a storage unit and out of your way.


Spring cleaning is a good time take stock of your stuff while getting ready for springtime weather. If an overflow of belongings is keeping your house from feeling 'spring fresh', contact Safeguard Self Storage to find a storage unit near you.

Give Back to Mom this Mother's Day with a Tidy House

two children smiling while holding up cleaning equipment


Have you been struggling with what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Gift cards and flowers are the usual go-to choice, but maybe you want to do something more personal. Being a mom is a 24-hour job. While we might not be able to cover all of the tasks, taking some of the weight off their shoulders for Mother’s Day is a great gift! A clean house is a great gift for your mom to come home to. If excess belongings have been crowding the house, consider storing them with Safeguard Self Storage for an uncluttered feeling all year long.  


The Everyday Cleaning

First, take care of the tasks that you deem ‘everyday’ cleaning. Dishes are something that no one enjoys doing, and they usually take the least amount of time. Clear out the dishwasher and load it back up. An empty sink will make a huge difference in the cleanliness of the kitchen. Don’t have a dishwasher? Team up to knock out the dirty dishes. Taking care of laundry is also a great way to show your mom love. Even if it’s just a small load – washing, drying and putting away laundry will lighten her load immensely.


A Deeper Clean

Dusting and cleaning the floors are tasks that don’t get done every day, but will definitely make a difference in the cleanliness of the house. Dusting surfaces, blinds and ceiling fans will make a huge difference in the appearance of the home. Cleaning the floors – which may not get cleaned often but get used every day – is another task you can tackle. 


Remove the Clutter

If there is an overflow of possessions keeping your home messy all year long, consider removing hardly used belongings. These belongings don’t have to be thrown away; you can store them in a self storage unit. Clearing out hardly used items from your household storage will help make room for belongings that are used periodically throughout the year. Unused belongings in main living quarters can also be cleared out for a less stressful living space.



While cleaning may not be your favorite chore, chances are your mom doesn’t enjoy it either. Take care of your mom by taking care of the cleaning this Mother’s Day! Keep the house clear of clutter all year long with self storage. Contact Safeguard Self Storage today to find a storage unit near you!

Moving in the Military: How Self Storage Can Help

man in amilitary uniform posing with his young daughter and pregnant wife


One of the most difficult adjustment issues that modern military service members face is the need to uproot their lives on short notice and reestablish themselves elsewhere. Whether it's a long-term deployment or a routine assignment to a new command, military personnel and their families often experience difficulty dealing with moves. Fortunately, Safeguard Self Storage in IL can make the process a little easier.

Transitioning with All Your Possessions

Military relocation orders don't always give you time to plan ahead. Although most landlords are fine with letting service members break their leases early in such situations, you'll still have to find somewhere to keep all the possessions that were in your home or apartment.

Self storage ensures that you don't have to worry about who's guarding your furniture, electronics and other belongings while you're away protecting the nation. Safeguard self storage in IL utilizes computer-controlled recorded access, individual unit door alarms and digital video recording, so you can feel confident in the security of your items.

Preparing for New Accommodations

The other side of moving isn't any less difficult for military personnel. Your new command may not have base housing ready by the time your loaded moving truck arrives, or you may not be able to find an acceptable lease in advance.

Climate controlled self storage makes it easier to protect furniture and valuable household goods during the hot summer months. Because facilities come in a range of sizes, it's possible to find something that fits your household perfectly and avoid schedule delays that could increase moving company fees. Safeguard self storage also has a variety of moving supplies to help you pack up your valuables properly to protect them from damage.

Whether you'll be molding the next generation of sailors at Great Lakes Training Center or supporting the Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base, moving can be difficult. Ease your family's journey by keeping your belongings safe inside a Safeguard Illinois self storage unit along the way.

Safeguard Self Storage offers 10 convenient locations throughout Illinois. You will find our state of the art self storage locations in the following Chicagoland communities: Chicago South Loop Self Storage, Arlington Heights Self Storage, Des Plaines Self Storage, Palatine Self Storage, Addison Self Storage, Lombard Self Storage, Darien Self Storage, Lyons Self Storage, McCook Self Storage and Bridgeview Self Storage. Find your neighborhood Safeguard Self Storage location now and make your move easier! 

Safeguard Self Storage Continues its Expansion in the New York Market with Completion of the Purchase of Land for a New Facility at 1960 Atlantic Avenue in the Brooklyn, New York

Safeguard Self Storage continues expansion in the New York self-storage market with the purchase of land for its newest location in the very densely populated Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Safeguard closed on the purchase on April 24, 2014 to develop its 68th store nationwide and will be just about a mile north of its Crown Heights store.  The 42,625 square foot self-storage facility will offer this Brooklyn neighborhood 704 storage units in a variety of sizes, with individual unit alarm features and many other amenities.  The store is expected to open in 2015. 

See photo below of the site showing its location in the northern part of Brooklyn (with downtown Manhattan in the upper right corner).

ariel view of the future Safeguard Self Storage site

Safeguard currently has 23 open stores in New York and has two other properties under construction (West Farms in the Bronx and Albany Avenue in Brooklyn presently and, thus, this development will be the company’s 26th store in the state.  As is typical of Safeguard's 63 open stores nationwide, the Bedford-Stuyvesant self-storage facility will be designed with security, convenience and customer service in mind. Amenities at this location will include: heated and air conditioned storage units, a convenient drive-up loading area, computer-controlled access to the building and digital\video recording of the property.

"New York is a great market for Safeguard Self Storage and the company continues to search for every possible opportunity to develop there”, said Allan Sweet, Chief Executive Officer.

“The Bedford-Stuyvesant store, like all of our New York facilities, will be designed to provide an exceptional customer experience.  This new facility will complement our product offering in New York and demonstrates our commitment to, and confidence in, this terrific market. " said Jim Goonan, Senior Vice President of Development. 

Easy Self Storage in the Big Easy


New Orleans, Aka the Big Easy, is home to historic neighborhoods, world-class festivals, unique food and Safeguard’s Louisiana self storage units. The Big Easy is a veritable melting pot of cultures. While the hodgepodge of cultures makes New Orleans a unique and interesting place to visit, a hodgepodge in your self storage unit is not ideal. Here are some easy to follow tips for making the most of your New Orleans storage. 

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

The number one key to a smooth and easy transition to a storage unit is planning. Gathering packing materials, grouping items by category and investing in storage shelves are some of the crucial steps in moving belongings. Labeling boxes or attaching itemized lists can do wonders for when you’re looking for items in the future.

Use Your Space Effectively

Shelving is a great way to utilize space in your storage unit and maintain organization. When filling your storage unit, grouping items by category will help if you ever need to find anything in the future. Also, fill your unit from back to front; place awkwardly shaped items in the front. Don’t forget to use your vertical space as well. Long items can be stored vertically to utilize extra space.

Protect Your Belongings

While Safeguard self storage has secure, climate controlled storage units, precautions should still be taken to protect your belongings. Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or newspaper and place in secure areas, such as furniture drawers. If you can’t completely fill your boxes, stuff the open space with newspaper to prevent them from collapsing when stacked. Treat wood surfaces and use protective covers before storing.

We hope these easy to follow tips will help you have a successful storage experience. If you’re looking for Louisiana self storage units, use one of the many Safeguard self storage locations.

For detailed information about each of our Louisiana stores, please click the appropriate link:

New Orleans Self Storage, Metairie Self Storage, Harvey Self Storage, Marrero Self Storage, Baton Rouge Self Storage.

Philadelphia Attractions

Philadelphia skyline with Schuylkill River in foreground

Philadelphia is home to some of the nation’s most historic artifacts, great food like the famous Philly cheesesteak and an eclectic art culture. These are some of the reasons to put Philadelphia at the top of your list of places to visit or live. If you’re making a move, Safeguard Self Storage offers multiple storage facilities in Philadelphia!

Rocky’s Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to the Rocky statue and the famous Rocky Steps (the east stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art). The Rocky steps have been named the second most famous movie location in the world. Visit the Rocky statue at the base of the museum and then make the trek up the stairs to recreate the legendary scene from the movie. The climb is a must-do for everyone visiting Philadelphia for the first time. Once you reach the top, you can appreciate the view of the Philadelphia skyline or actually visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Cultural Circuit

While some people may only be interested in running up the famous Rocky steps, others may be more interested in the destination. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is the third largest art museum in the country, housing more than 300,000 works and covering 10 acres. The current exhibit features the treasures of Korea. Bringing kiddos with you? The Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall is one of the nation’s premier children’s museums and is filled with hands-on exhibits. Let your inner child roam free in the fun-filled and themed exhibits.

A City for Foodies

Not only is Philadelphia the home of the famous Philly cheesesteak, there are a variety of other food attractions. The Reading Terminal Market is the nation’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s market and has emerged as one of the country’s greatest public markets. DiNic’s Roast Pork and Beef located in the Reading Terminal Market is home to the “Best Sandwich in America,” according to the Travel Channel.

Historic Attractions

There are so many different historic attractions to pick from! Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Valley Forge National Historical Park and the Betsy Ross House. It is also home to the National Constitution Center, the world’s only museum dedicated to the U.S. Constitution. These are just a few of the attractions Philadelphia has to offer history buffs. 

Have we convinced you that Philadelphia is worth visiting? Perhaps you’re thinking of living there instead? Check out Safeguard Self Storage facilities in Philadelphia for an easy transition move.  Safeguard has seven storage facilities in Philadelphia to meet all of your storage needs in this great city.