How much storage space do you really need?


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You know you need storage space, but exactly how much room do you need in your self storage rental? You might be tempted to go for the cheapest option or simply take a wild guess. These methods will most likely result in too much or too little space, both of which could cost you money in the long run. Reserving too large a unit will cause you to pay for more square footage than you need. Booking too small a space could force you to rent an additional unit to accommodate all your stuff.

Fortunately, Safeguard's space estimator takes the guesswork out of choosing a self storage rental. All you need to do is make a list of all the items you'll need to store. Enter the quantity of each nightstand, air conditioning unit, dresser, printer or other household or business item. Hit the "calculate" button and voila! Your estimated need for square footage will appear. Of course, estimates are based on average sizes of various items, so keep this in mind when calculating unusually sized pieces.


You don't have to do it alone. In addition to our handy calculator, you'll have access to a self storage customer service expert to answer any questions or offer assistance with the estimating tool. Our goal is to help you find the right size and type storage unit for your belongings, so rest assured you'll get the guidance you need. When it comes to choosing the perfect self storage rental for your household or business, help is always available at Safeguard Self Storage. 

Holiday Displays Light Up Germantown

christmas trees and lights twinkling in an outdoor setting 


Once the Christmas lights begin twinkling around Germantown, PA, you’ll surely feel the holiday spirit. The city’s residents and business owners have a tradition of stylishly decorating their homes and storefronts.

Holiday Events

 Be sure to take a drive around town to view the city’s many holiday lights. Areas such as Rittenhouse Square and East Passyunk Avenue feature spectacular Christmas décor. Consider stopping by Love Park to view the Christmas decorations. Also, many of the residences on the outskirts of town feature eye-catching holiday displays. When you attend one of the city’s tree lighting events, you can enjoy hot chocolate and Christmas music. In addition, the Festival of the Trees exhibit is displayed at the 10 Arts at The Ritz-Carlton. Other traditional festivities include the Dickens Christmas Party and the Holiday Open House and Craft Fair. At the historic 1770 Germantown Mennonite Meetinghouse, you can participate in the simple ritual of candle lighting. The congregation sings carols, and the event’s organizers provide refreshments after completing the annual tradition.


Packing Tips for Christmas Decorations

After viewing the sparkling holiday lights of Germantown, you’ll be ready to create your own Christmas display. By using self storage in Philadelphia PA, to store your holiday décor and lights, you’ll have easy access to your festive belongings when the Christmas season arrives. A storage unit will help you properly organize your Christmas decorations to avoid breakage. Make sure that you’re thoroughly wrapping delicate items and storing them together. You’ll also have the extra space to lay out all of your décor to sort and store it in collections. When you store your decorations in groups, it will be easier to unpack them the following year.


Storage Units in Philadelphia PA

Safeguard Self Storage has seven convenient locations in Philadelphia. Storage units are available in a variety of sizes, and the Safeguard stores are equipped with the amenities you need while storing your items such as heated as air conditioned units, drive-in loading areas, computer controlled access, individual unit door alarms and digital video recording. All of these storage amenities will provide you with peace of mind while your items are in storage and you’ll also appreciate the ease of transferring your Christmas decorations from the storage unit during the holidays using our flatbed carts as well as back to the storage facility once the season has ended.

Peace on Earth and Peace of Mind: Self Storage & Security During the Holidays

man dressed in black with ski mask attempting to unwrap a Christmas gift

Although the holiday season is supposed to be cheerful, happy and a time to help others, it can also be a time of increased theft. Many thieves target people during the weeks leading up to the holidays because they expect to find valuable gifts in their homes or vehicles. A theft could seriously put a damper on your seasonal cheer. However, there are steps that you can take to help keep yourself from being the target of theft this holiday season.

First of all, remember to keep valuables hidden and in a secure location at all times. If you must leave gifts in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk where they cannot be seen, and always make certain to lock your car doors. Make sure that gifts aren't visible from outside of your home to tempt burglars. If you will be traveling during the holiday season, you may want to leave a light on in your home and ask a neighbor to collect your mail while you are away to avoid the impression of an empty home.

As enjoyable as it is to share your holiday plans on Facebook or Twitter, this information can make you a target for tech-savvy thieves. Try and wait until after you return from a trip to share your location and travel photos on social media outlets

Another option is to rent a secure self storage unit as a safe place for your gifts and other valuables. Not only will stashing your presents in a unit help prevent theft, but it will also help prevent curious children from seeing "Santa's" stash and will keep the gifts out of your way as you prepare for the holidays.

Whether you are hiding gifts from thieves or sneaky youngsters, Safeguard Self Storage offers state of the art security features such as computer controlled access, digital recording, individual door alarms and facility-wide intercom systems to help protect your valuables. With a well-secured unit from Safeguard, you can enjoy greater peace of mind and holiday cheer this season. 

Make Room for the Holidays with Self Storage

a family of four posing near a Christmas tree and assorted gift boxes

Space is a home's best asset, but space is often at a premium during the holidays. Fortunately, self storage offers a solution! Learn how storage units can help you make more room for family and more holiday fun.

Seasonal Items
Make a place for the Christmas tree and all of those decorations by putting seasonal items and unused furniture in a storage unit. Now, your decorations can be the center of attention instead of that thrift store couch. The winter is the ideal time to store camping equipment, mountain bikes, patio furniture, clothing and items that won't be used until next spring.

Room for Guests
The holidays are that special time of year when the guest room really is actually used for guests. Before your visitors arrive for the big meal, clear out the sewing machine, laundry, stamp collection or anything else that has turned your guest room into an unusable space. Put your extra things in a convenient self storage unit until your festivities are over.

Protect Possessions
Protect your prized collection of fragile antiques, art, mirrors and other delicate items by putting them into a self storage unit while all of those nieces, nephews and grandchildren are running around the house. Storing your knick-knacks is a great way to clear off the mantel and low-level spaces that attract small hands.

Climate controlled storage is heated during the cold winter months and air conditioned during the warm summer months so it is perfect for making extra room and freeing up cluttered areas. Store seasonal items for part of the year, or take advantage of short-term self storage options for a few months. If you walk around your home, you'll probably be able to fill up several boxes with items that aren't needed during the holiday season. After the holidays are over, you can store those extra chairs and put your knick-knacks back on the mantle.

If you need extra
storage space for the holidays, don't worry. Just head to your local Safeguard Self Storage! We offer convenient storage locations with state of the art storage amenities with month-to-month storage unit rentals and our customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Winter Storage in New York City

New York City in Winter

New York City is famous for its harsh winters. It is not unusual for the city to get hit with monstrous blizzards and ice storms and cold is pretty much the norm, with average winter lows around 29 degrees. Self storage is a great way to keep your belongings out of the elements. But make sure the storage you choose is the appropriate kind.

If you are considering storing delicate items in NY self storage this winter, consider opting for a heated and air conditioned storage unit. These units protect belongings by keeping the temperature range between 55 and 85 degrees, the optimal range for self storage. Having a controlled environment to store household items, family heirlooms and photographs is especially helpful during the winter to keep them in the same condition as when stored.

One main benefit of heated and air conditioned storage is protection from inclement weather. These units keep rain and snow from penetrating into the storage unit. In addition, the units also protect valuables from dirt, dust and pests. Those who have fragile antiques or sensitive musical instruments can safely store their items without worry about the elements affecting their items. 

Another advantage of climate-controlled storage is atmospheric regulation. Each storage unit maintains a consistent temperature to protect the stored items from humidity. In a non-controlled environment many undesirable things can happen to your stored items such as, wooden-based furniture pieces can crack or split from the constant cycle of freezing and thawing, paper items can yellow and mold may form on material or cloth. Those who have valuable items to store should choose a Bronx self storage company that offers heated and air conditioned units. 

Those who are in search of Queens NY self storage, Brooklyn NY self storage, or Bronx self storage should consider choosing Safeguard to meet their needs. Safeguard offers climate-controlled storage so that people can protect their valuables. Besides that, Safeguard is the premiere storage company in New York. 

How Many Turkeys Could You Fit in an Illinois Self Storage Unit?

baked whole turkey

It's wild turkey hunting season in Illinois, just in time for Thanksgiving. All over the state and all over the country people have gobblers on the brain! In honor of our favorite Thanksgiving dish, Safeguard Self Storage has attempted to answer this all important question: How many Thanksgiving Turkeys could you fit into a Safeguard Illinois self storage unit?

To solve this mystery, we need to determine the dimensions of a turkey. Assuming these are cooked birds, of the average holiday turkey is 16-pounds, 13 inches long, 9.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches high. These measurements equal 926.25 cubic inches, or 0.55 cubic feet.

Safeguard offers lots of different storage unit sizes to meet various storage needs. For the purpose of this question will explore how many turkeys could fit in our 5-by-5, 10-by-10, and 10-by-20 self storage units. These units are about 80, 800, and 1600 cubic feet respectively. According to our calculations diving each unit's interior space by the dimensions of the average turkey, here is what we estimate:

animated turkey with a pilgrim style hat


5-by-5 small unit: Could hold 145 Thanksgiving turkeys!

10-by-10 medium unit: Could hold 1,454 Thanksgiving turkeys!!

10-by-20 large unit: Could hold 2,909 Thanksgiving turkeys!!!


Although food storage is not allowed (who would really want to store the superstar of a Thanksgiving Dinner in a storage unit), Safeguard's air conditioned and heated storage space rentals offer secure, convenient storage for many other items. We even offer aspace estimator to help you determine how large of a storage unit you need. If you are looking for efficient and affordable self storage, contact Safeguard Self Storage today. 

Safeguard Self Storage Announces the Acquisition of Thornwood Self Storage Located in Thornwood New York

exterior view of Safeguard Self Storage facility in Thornwood, New York

Safeguard Self Storage is happy to announce the acquisition of Thornwood Self Storage located in Thornwood, New York. Safeguard has an active presence in Westchester County, with three existing stores located in Elmsford, Yonkers, and New Rochelle. To better serve the self storage needs of the Westchester Area we are expanding our storage services to 950 Broadway Thornwood, NY 10594.  

This new Safeguard Self Storage facility is located across the street from the Town Center Mall at Thonwood which includes such stores as Shoprite Supermarket, CVS, Petland, and Amy’s Hallmark store. The self storage facility is also easily accessible from surrounding neighborhoods such as Pleasantville, Armonk, Chappaqua, and Valhalla.

The Thornwood self storage location offers a variety of features such as heated and air conditioned units, computer controlled access, individual door alarms, video recording and a full line of packing and storage supplies for sale in our office. With storage units ranging in size from 17 square feet to 200 square feet, the facility is equipped to help you store anything from small holiday items to the full contents of a home or business. Our highly qualified and trained solutions staff can help you find the right storage unit for your storage needs and answer all your self storage questions. Along with all these advantages, you will find that our extended access hours and flexible online payment options make us the most convenient choice for storage in Thornwood, NY.

Located in close proximity to Westchester Community College and Pace University, this facility is a great choice for college storage. Use our Thornwood storage units to keep your extra dorm furniture or seasonal clothing safe during long breaks or semesters abroad. The facility is also a great resource for merchants of the Pleasantville Farmer’s Market. Our storage units are perfect for storing stands, signs, and non-perishable inventory.

If you are looking for a fantastic storage company in Thornwood, New York, Safeguard is the premiere choice. Stop by our new facility today and take advantage of all the great features we have to offer.

Haunted Storage Unit in Baton Rouge?

exterior view of a Baton Rouge storage facility and office building

When you think of Baton Rouge storage units, a ghost encounter may not be the first thing that pops into your head, but that may be because you haven’t heard about the Guaranty Income Life and Broadcasting Building. Located on Government Street, this building once housed the Baton Rouge General Hospital, and the bottom floor was the site of the hospital morgue. Now an office complex, the bottom floor is used for business storage. The facility is known for its chilling paranormal activities and is considered one of the most haunted places in Baton Rouge.

No Climate Control Here

When the hospital was renovated into an office building, the old morgue freezer was transformed into a file
storage facility, and the rest of the bottom floor now houses a few office spaces and a cafeteria. Even though the freezer is no longer in existence, security guards have reported nighttime temperature drops on the bottom floor only. It is widely believed among paranormal investigators that this “cold spot” phenomenon is an indication of ghostly activity. Adding fuel to the supernatural fire is the fact that bizarre sounds can often be heard coming from this area, and the elevators have been known to operate on their own after building occupants have left for the day. Because of these frightening occurrences, security guards rarely visit this floor. 

Baton Rouge Self Storage

While you may want to visit this haunted storage facility for a little spooky fun this Halloween season, when it comes to your own storage needs, you’ll likely want to keep the goose bumps to a minimum. For a decidedly less spine-tingling
Baton Rouge storage facility, consider Safeguard Self Storage. Instead of giving you chills, we offer air conditioned and heated storage units, computer controlled access, individual storage unit door alarms, digital video recording, convenient access hours, moving and packing supplies and a helpful staff dedicated to meeting all of your storage needs.  Contact us today to learn why Safeguard Self Storage is the premier Baton Rouge self storage company. Don’t Just Store It. Safeguard It!

Making Space for the Holidays: What to Put in Storage

woman smiling while cleaning off home decor with a towel

Every year, it's the same story. You tell yourself you'll pull off the holidays in Martha-Stewart-meets-Mrs.-Claus style. Despite diminishing energy and a lack of extra storage space, you make feeble promises to shop, decorate, wrap gifts and start planning holiday meals well in advance.

This season, take a cue from savvy household managers and place out-of-season items in a well-maintained storage unit. Secure, affordable self storage units allow you to cast aside warm-weather items for a few months and make room for winter decorations, dinnerware and gifts. Storing transitional clothes, outdoor furniture, seasonal decor and other out-of-season items in a clean, air conditioned and heated self storage facility provides peace of mind while keeping clutter at bay.

Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, holiday dishes and other decorations have a way of displacing everyday items. Having extra storage is a great way to make room for special seasonal pieces without creating an extra mess to clean up after the festivities are over. When warm weather rolls around again, that additional space will make spring cleaning easier and provide a home for your winter items as well.

Safeguard Self Storage offers the best self storage options around. We realize how important your family's sentimental, practical and valuable items are to your household. That's why we strive to earn your trust by providing a safe, spacious home for your belongings.

Business Storage is Smart Business

man in a business suit holding a large cardboard box

With the economy picking up steadily, local businesses in Pennsylvania are gearing up for brighter prospects and rapid growth. Space management has become a top priority and many companies are in the process of revamping their existing business models. Choosing reliable business storage can be a smart decision, one that is economical and practical at the same time. 

Company storage can be the perfect answer to your growing business needs

 An unsightly and over-cluttered office space might not exactly portray your business in the right light. You might be hampering your employee productivity and worse still, losing customers. If things are getting out of hand, it is probably the best time to invest in an affordable self storage in PA. Not only do you gain added space, the benefits of reliable storage are endless.

Get organized 

By storing away your excessive items, furniture or products, you will have a highly organized office space. A clutter-free workplace can boost employee efficiency and morale, not to mention the fact that your business becomes more welcoming to visitors. 

Save money 

Self storage in PA can be very economical. Rather than using your expensive office space for storage, you can acquire the much-needed space for a fraction of the cost by using self storage units. 

Increase sales 

Instead of using a portion of your store for storage you can place your excess stock in a self storage unit and turn that space into additional retail area. By increasing the square footage of your sales space additional sales and revenue are sure to be created.


Self storage amenities

Self storage units used for business purposes should be air conditioned and heated to protect the contents form the elements. Other helpful storage unit features for business professionals include computer controlled access, digital video recording, storage unit alarms, indoor loading areas, free use of carts and dollies, cargo elevators and package acceptance. Extended access hours are also very important as they allow business people access to their storage unit based on their busy schedule. Having a steady supply of items stacked away in storage can be ideal for seasonal sales or an unexpected surge in business.

Packing and moving is substantially simplified

With easy access to moving and packing supplies, transporting your company items can be a breeze. Moreover, you will be able to take advantage of the expertise of our team of self storage professionals at any of our seven Pennsylvania self storage locations.  We also accept deliveries, so you can spend your time working, not working through clutter.

Safeguard Self Storage is a premier provider of reliable and high-quality business
storage solutions in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to lead the self storage industry in product quality, service and value. Contact us today to discuss your unique business storage needs. We would love to be your self storage provider as we offer the best options available in company storage