Start a Poetry Night in Your Garage

Miami celebrates Poetry Month in April as numerous venues host live poetry readings throughout the city. Poetry Month started as a way to introduce poets and poetry to as many kids, students and adults as possible. Today, it's an annual celebration and a great time to read or recite poetry from your favorite poet. Even better, you could host your own poetry night at home. Safeguard Self Storage is showing you four easy ways to get started today!

How to Host Your Own Poetry Night

1. Pick a spot.

Your garage, den or living room make great spots for hosting a poetry reading. By having it in the garage, you can open up the door and invite the night air inside. If you have a furnished attic, it could also serve as an ideal location for hosting the event. 

2. Create some invitations.

Get those invitations out well before the event. You can write a small poem in an email blast and send it to your friends or simply text everyone using your smartphone. Create a poetic invitation to send on social media, and make sure to include the date, time, location and a required RSVP.

3. Gather your supplies. 

You'll need a microphone and speakers if you want everyone to hear you loud and clear. You can rent a microphone and speaker from a local rental company or purchase a cheaper on-the-go system from a retail store. In addition, make sure to provide enough seating, beverages and food for your guests.

4. Host the party.

With the date set, the seating ready, the microphone hooked up and the food on hand, it's time to host your party. Test the microphone ahead of time, and get the volumes sorted out. Start with a cheerful introduction, and give people time to get acquainted with one another before the poetry reading begins. 

Celebrate Poetry Month This April

While you wait for the next Poetry Month to come around, store all of your supplies at Safeguard Self Storage. Our climate-controlled storage units will protect your speaker system and provide enough room for your chairs and other supplies. When it's time to host another event, your items will be right where you stored them and ready to go. Get started by contacting us today! 

Spring Clean for Self Storage

A woman wearing rubber gloves inspecting a coffee table for dust.

All across the Bayou, from Harvey to Marrero to Metairie and beyond, spring has sprung – and that means one thing for many folks around here: It’s time to bust out the mops, brooms, dusters and rags and get to scrubbing every surface in our home neglected over the cooler months. As you spend days going from room to room, cleaning out the closets, emptying drawers, going through those old boxes in the attic, you realize pretty quickly that you need to do something about all of the extra stuff lying around.

Some of it can be discarded, but what about the things that are too important to get rid of? You could dust off your book of spells and craft an enchantment that creates extra space in your home from thin air. Or you could forget the magic for now and settle your space issues with convenient nearby self storage. 

A storage unit, it is. Let’s get started on finding a unit and prepping your things for storage.

How to Spring Clean Your Items for Storage

The first step to getting your things prepped for storage is to figure out how much storage space you really need. Our handy Space Estimator works with our Unit Size Guide to help you figure that out. And of course, our friendly staff is more than happy to lend a hand, too.

Once you’ve reserved your unit, turn your attention towards your items. Since you are using climate-controlled storage, you won’t have to clean you things after you put them in. But giving them a good scrub now will ensure they come out of self storage looking just as good as they went in. Use this checklist to help you clean and prep the most commonly stored items.

1. Start with Dusting: Wood, metal, plastic, paper – you have it, it needs to be dusted. Use a quality duster instead of a rag. Not only will this help keep all the dust in place, but dusters are soft enough that you can use it on just about any surface without harm.

2. Clean and Polish: Climate-controlled units will prevent damage to your sensitive belongings, but it’s still a good idea to give them a little polish before you store. Wood polish is perfect for your furniture and wood decorations. Saddle soap will clean and protect all of your leather pieces like belts, shoes, furniture and gloves. Warm water and dish soap works well for metal objects like wall décor.

3. Protect Everything: Moving items, no matter how carefully, can result in damage. Prevent this by wrapping your furniture in moving blankets, using plenty of bubble wrap on your breakables, and sticking support tape in the shape of an ‘X’ on your glass mirrors.

4. For the Fabrics: Keep your fabric-based items fresh by following a few guidelines. Don’t hang heavy clothes, as hangers can imprint them after time. Wash all of your clothes and treat for stains prior to storing. Place tissue paper in between your stacked clothing to keep it wrinkle-free.

Since you’re using climate controlled storage, you won’t need to take extra steps such as placing cedar chips throughout. But you can add dryer sheets or other scented items throughout your unit to keep it fresh no matter how long you store.

Now that you know what to do to prep your items for storage, it’s time to get started! Before you move it all in, check out our other space-saving and packing tips to get you here with ease. We look forward to serving you and your storage needs! 

Celebrate This Festive Food Month in Chicago Right at Home

Several glasses of wine and food samples sitting on a table in a restaurant.

For those who love to try new delicacies, you don't want to miss the food festivals going on in Chicago this month. Whether it's Bacon Fest, the Artisan Food Festival or the Taste of the Gold Coast, there are plenty of chances to fill your belly with delicious treats all month long. However, if you're unable to make it to the festivities, don't worry. You can host a special Around the World Festival right at home!  

Hosting a Food Festival at Home

1. Pick the themes.  

An Around the World Festival should include several foods from different parts of the world. Consider your favorite foods and places that you like to visit. You could include Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Japan, and serve a dish from each location.  

2. Select the dishes.  

Pick one dish to represent your selected countries. For example, you could serve pizza from Italy, marzipan from Spain, brats and kraut from Germany, crème brûlée from France and hibachi steak from Japan. Choosing these foods gives you three main meals and two desserts, treating your guests to a taste of sweet and savory.

3. Invite the guests.

Pick a date and a time that's good for you, your family and guests. Afterward, start inviting everyone at least two weeks ahead of time. Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can also call ahead or text everyone before the big event.

4. Prepare the meals.

  • Chef Emeril Lagasse has a delicious pizza recipe for your festival, including how to prepare and serve it.
  • You'll need blanched almond flour, powdered sugar, almond extract, food-grade rose water and an egg white to make marzipan. This recipe will put you on the right track to pleasing your guests.
  • You can pick up a pack of brats and a bag of sauerkraut at your local grocer for a quick and easy meal plan.
  • It takes about 10 minutes to prepare crème brûlée and another 30 minutes to bake it. This delicious recipe will make you look like a professional chef to your guests.
  • Sautéing the steak with veggies is the key to making great hibachi steak. Follow this recipe for an authentic taste of Japan.  

5. Set up sectioned themes.

Make your home festival livelier by sectioning off different areas for each location. You can split the kitchen down the middle and have France on one side and Germany on the other. Devote the den to Spain, the living room to Italy and the patio to Japan.  

Enjoy Your Around the World Festival

When it's time to clean up, store your decorations, chairs and tables in storage bins at Safeguard Self Storage. We'll keep everything safe and secure until your next big event.  

5 Ways to get Spring Back Into Your Step

Spring has finally arrived in Lyons, IL and with it brings blue skies, yellow sunshine and warmer temperatures. For those who have counted the days since winter first began, now's the time to jump for joy and put your winter clothing back in mini storage. Whether it's planting new bulbs or playing with your kids outdoors, we're sharing a few ideas to help put the spring back in your step this season. 

1. Plant a flower garden.

Welcome in the spring air with a colorful garden filled with pansies, daffodils and tulips. These spring flowers have vibrant petals and create a wonderful fragrance in your yard. You can tackle the project over the weekend or knock it out in a day with some help from your kids. When you’re done with the project, just store all the heavy-duty gardening tools in your nearby storage unit so you don’t clutter up the garage. 

2. Make a handcrafted bird feeder. 

Create wonderful memories by crafting spring projects with your kids. To craft a homemade bird feeder, you'll need: 

  • A paper towel roll
  • Peanut butter
  • A bowl of bird seed
  • A butter knife

Spread the peanut butter on the paper towel roll, and spin it in the bird seed. You can then hang the bird feeder on a tree branch and watch the birds swoop in for a treat.

3. Practice yoga in the yard.

Take advantage of the nice weather with some yoga in the backyard. You'll stretch out your muscles from their winter dormancy and feel more alive and ready to take on the rest of the year.

4. Enjoy a walk around the neighborhood.

If the winter kept you bundled up indoors, now's your chance to get some exercise. Get out your spring clothes from your storage unit, put on your comfortable sneakers and make your way outdoors. A walk will help you burn off those calories from the holidays and get you in shape for summertime on Lake Michigan.

5. Play outdoor games with your kids.

Whether it's "Red Rover" or "Simon Says," playing outdoor games with your kids shakes off those winter blues. You can play hopscotch on the sidewalk, shoot hoops in the driveway or bring out the jump rope for some old-fashioned fun. 

Enjoy a Pleasant Spring in Lyons 

Safeguard Self Storage wishes everyone in Lyons, IL a happy spring! When it's time to put away your winter clothing, we have heated and air-conditioned storage lockers equipped with computer controlled access and individual door alarms designed to keep your items safe and secure until the next season. You can also use our storage units to help clear out some space once it's time to spring-clean your home!

Explore the Deep Sea with These Submarine Crafts

A nautical themed children's room, with porthole decorations, life preservers, etc.

The Mississippi River, Lake Salvador and the Gulf of Mexico – Harvey, LA is surrounded by water everywhere. From the rivers to the sea, each body of water has a ton of aquatic life for your family to discover. On March 18, Safeguard Self Storage is celebrating Submarine Day by sharing awesome ways to learn about underwater exploration – including tips for turning your child’s room into an oasis under the sea.


Learning more about Underwater Life

Downtown Harvey, LA sits seven miles from the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. Whether it's stingrays, seahorses or sharks, you can see all types of aquatic life, as well as animals like the otter that love both water and land. During your visit, make sure to take the kids to the Penguin Pass, which takes them backstage for a chance to meet the penguins up close.

On March 18, celebrate Submarine Day with a trip to the aquarium. Your kids will see and learn about different kinds of fish and watch them up close as they swim in the tank. You can also use this experience to come up with some really cool underwater ideas for a DIY room decorating project.

Creating an Underwater Room for Kids

With a little imagination and a few items, you'll transform your kid’s room into an underwater world. For the lighting, replace the standard bulbs in the lamps with light and dark blue bulbs. Using a textured lamp shade will help to cast a water pattern on the walls, and the blue light will add to the effect.


If you’re artistically inclined, a few painted fish and coral will add the perfect touch to your sea faring adventure. For those whose talents lie elsewhere, vinyl wall art is a great option for semi-permanent decorations.

A large cardboard box makes the perfect submarine for kids, but you'll have to alter it a little bit. Paint it a bright yellow color, and cut portholes in the sides so that your children can look out. You can also add designs to the outside and paint controls and pressure gauges inside.


Enjoy Submarine Day From Safeguard Self Storage 

Transforming your children's room into an underwater playground might mean getting rid of some things. Of course you don't want to throw everything out, so use long term storage to your advantage. Long term storage comes in handy when you lack space at home and want to hold on to things for the future. With a storage unit from Safeguard, your items will be safely out of the way until you need them again!

Toss Tradition Aside and Propose on St. Patrick's Day

A man covering a woman's eyees before he reveals an engagement ring to her.

When most Chicagoans think of March, they think of one giant celebration: St. Patrick's Day. With all the festivities going on, it's easy to forget that Proposal Day also happens this month. If you missed your chance on Valentine's Day, toss tradition out the window, and propose to your significant other on St. Patrick's Day instead. If you're short on ideas, Safeguard Self Storage has a few tips for popping the question on this lucky day in Chicago.

5 Ways to Propose on St. Patrick's Day

1. A Romantic Walk Along the Chicago River

On March 12, the annual Dyeing of the Chicago River takes place. For five hours, the entire river will glow a beautiful emerald green color, giving you the perfect chance to pop the question with thousands of onlookers eagerly awaiting the answer.

2. A Clover Charm to Symbolize Good Fortune 

Nothing symbolizes luck quite like the four-leaf clover. Skip buying a four-leaf clover charm online. Instead, hit up the local parks, and search for one or two yourself. Making the charm by hand will have more meaning and provide you with a little extra luck when it's time to ask the big question.

3. A Scavenger Hunt in Lincoln Park

Create an adventure out of the occasion with a real-life scavenger hunt. You can write down all the clues and place them separately in plastic green eggs. Start the hunt with one clue, and have your significant other continue the search until the big reveal.

4. A Sweet Message Spelled Out on Guinness Beer Glasses 

Not everyone likes sappy, romantic-type stuff. For the person who enjoys a good beer and fun times, pop the question at the pub. Invite a few friends along for the occasion, and have a round of Guinness served in four special glasses that spell out the question: "Will You Marry Me?"

5. A Moment Alone After the Parade

Quite a few parades take place during March, but the main parade happens from noon until 8 p.m. on the 17th. After some dancing, drinking and celebration, sneak off for a romantic moment, and pop the question under the stars.

Safeguard Self Storage Wishes You Luck on St. Patrick's Day

After your significant other says "yes," you'll need to make plans for the future. When it's time to move in together and take the next step, we have storage bins available in many different sizes to clear up space back at home. Whether you need a large storage unit or a couple small storage lockers, our exceptional team of self storage experts make moving in together easier by ensuring you get the perfect storage unit. A storage space equipped with computer controlled access, individually door alarm, digital video recording, drive in loading area and our vast selection of packing and storage supplies will protect your belongings until you get settled in.


Set Sail During Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Hit the water with sailors from all over the world during Bacardi Miami Sailing Week. This outdoor event takes place on Biscayne Bay in sunny Miami, FL from March 6th to March 12th and kicks off the season for many boaters. Whether you're ready to race or showing up for the excellent views, Safeguard Self Storage has tips for getting your boat out of storage and prepping it for this week-long celebration.  

A Preseason Checklist before Hitting the Water 

1. It's all about general maintenance.  

When you first take your boat out of storage, it's important to perform a general cleaning and dusting of everything. Clean the hull and the teak, wash the windows and hatches, check the wiper blades and spray down the canvas. You might also want to give your boat a nice coat of wax.


2. Take care of the hull.

Look for any scratches or abrasions on the hull, and repair them as necessary. Covering your boat properly during storage will prevent minor damage from happening in the future. You should also inspect the trim tabs and perform a complete check of the rudder and fittings, rub rails, zincs, and the shaft.  

3. Check the upper and lower decks.

Check and test the seacocks below deck, and inspect the stanchion, lifelines and chain plates above deck. It's also a good idea to lubricate the blocks and pad eyes as well as clear any debris from the limber holes.  

4. Inspect the electrical system.  

Give your boat's electrical system and components a once-over. Inspect the battery's water level, clean any corrosion off the terminals, test all the gauges and check every lighting fixture on your boat. You should also inspect the antennas and check the electronics for maximum operation.

5. Do a complete check of everything.


Look everything over on your boat from the head system to the sails. Flush the water tank, replace the spark plugs and inspect the fuel lines for any leaks. It's also wise to inspect your boat trailer and prep it for the season, such as lubricating the wheel bearings, cleaning the winch and checking the safety chains.

Enjoy Sailing in Miami, FL This March


If you need a place to store your items while you're in town, Safeguard Self Storage has you covered. Whether you're storing your boat or wanting extra space until you get situated, we have storage units available with as much room as you need, and our team of storage experts will make sure you get the storage space that's right for you. Find a unit in and around Miami, now!


5 Things to do with Your Leap Day in Chicago

Some people complain about not having enough days in the week to do what they want. Here's some good news for you all: It's a leap year, which gives you exactly one more day in February to get out and explore your Chicago surroundings, or even stay in and catch up on all of your chores or activities. There are so many ways we can take advantage of this day in Chicago, such as heading out to the orchid show at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Whatever you like to do, it’s a great feeling knowing you have one more day this year to make the most of it! Safeguard Self Storage is sharing a few ideas to get you started.

5 Things to Do on Leap Day

1. Attend the Pedway Brunch Tour.

It might still be winter in Chicago, but the Pedway has heat and plenty of stories waiting for you. The tour starts with breakfast at the Hyatt Regency, followed by a walking tour and brunch at the American Craft Kitchen. If you're worried about calories, you'll burn them off on your walks along the Pedway.

2. Check out the orchid exhibition.

The orchid show takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and features more than 10,000 orchids. Bring a camera for some fantastic shots, and chill out indoors where it's warm and filled with fragrant blooms. 

3. Get started on spring-cleaning.

Why wait until March or April when you can knock out your spring-cleaning chores on the last day in February. If you're running out of household storage space, now's the perfect time to gather up unused items and donate them to charity. You can even use self storage as a way to make space in an old bedroom and convert it into an office or a study.

4. Veg out for the day.

Go ahead and chill out for the day; you deserve it after all the work you do. Take this extra day to binge-watch shows on Netflix or to lounge on the couch. You can also do both of those things and knock out two birds with one stone.

5. Visit the Shedd Aquarium.

Chicago, IL is packed full of history and science museums, including nature centers like the Shedd Aquarium. Head over to this warm, indoor public aquarium for an afternoon. It has 32,000 different animals on display and various exhibitions to enjoy on your extra day.

Make the Most of Your Leap Day Opportunities

Whether you're looking to visit a nearby attraction or stay in and tackle your lack of household storage, leap day gives you the time to make it all happen. If you decide to spring-clean, use Safeguard Self Storage to store your belongings and make a fresh start for the rest of the year!

Become a Master Fisher in Jefferson Parish Waters

A man fishing on a lake while standing in a boat.

If you live in Marrero, LA, you’re already familiar with two things: the beautiful scenery and the great fishing. Some of the best fishing spots in the country sit within this area, such as Grand Isle and Lafitte, two places with abundant waterways and plenty of fish. Despite this, you may not yet have become that master fisher you so wish you were. Safeguard can help with this! If you have extra storage space in your tackle box, you'll need to fill it to the top before you set out on your adventure to southern Louisiana. 

Don't Forget the Essentials 

When it comes to your tackle box, you'll want to stock it with all the necessities. You should also have a tackle box that has numerous storage compartments for holding all of your tools, extra line and gear. If you fish using minnows, a small tackle box should do fine as long as it has enough storage space for:

  • Bobbers
  • Hooks
  • Sinkers
  • Fishing line

If you want to have everything on hand, from multi-tools to jigging spoons, a larger tackle box with at least 24 compartments should do. Look for a tackle box that also has an extra storage compartment for carrying bulky items like reels and stringers.

Tips for Reeling in the Prize

Crappie, redfish and speckled trout are your prized targets this time of year. However, you can't just go in hoping to cast out at the right spots. You'll need a few tips to keep in mind once you head out on the water.

  • Crappie: If you're fishing without a bobber, pay close attention to the line. Crappie hit the bait very lightly, so you might not even know you have one on the hook. You should also fish along the visible shoreline to find their beds. When setting the hook, gently flick your wrist; otherwise, the hook may tear free from its mouth.
  • Redfish: Follow the tide when looking for these fish. It's best to stay within the shallow water, but move very slowly to keep them from swimming away. You might also have better luck using spoon flies as they attract the fish without much effort.
  • Speckled Trout: Pay attention to the gulls overhead and on the water. They usually fly or sit right above the fish. Move within casting range of the birds, and throw your line in – you may get lucky on the first cast.

A Fishing Trip in Marrero, LA 

Now that you know what you’re doing, odds are you’re going to need even more room for gear. With Safeguard storage units, you have a dedicated spot to keep everything before and after each fishing trip. Safeguard storage units in Marrero, LA come with air-conditioning and heating, computer controlled access and 24-hour video recording, designed to keep your gear safe no matter the weather or the time of day.  And with drive-up units available, you can even store your boat! 

Space-Saving Tips for Your Bronx Apartment

What the Bronx lacks in space, it makes up for in lots of personality. That’s why, despite the tiny living conditions, people keep flocking from all over the country – and even the world. Don’t let your little living space take over your life; get it back with smart household storage. In fact, there are many different areas in your apartment that you could dedicate to storing more things. You only have to know where to look. 

1. Hang a rack on the doors.

Once you start thinking of your door as just another part of the wall, you'll see the opportunity for more household storage space. You can purchase inexpensive racks to hang from the top of the doors. Hang one on the inside of your closet door for holding shoes and one in the bathroom for storing your amenities. Use racks here and there to store all those little things that get in the way.

But don’t stop at racks. Shelves come in all shapes and sizes and they can go from a few feet above the floor all the way to the ceiling. The only thing limiting you is your creativity!

2. Get a cubbyhole bed.

Replace your bed with something more functional. A cubbyhole bed has small storage compartments underneath for storing everything from extra blankets to shoes and bedroom accessories.

For those who can’t just up and replace their entire bed, think outside the bed box. Dresser drawers from a no-longer-used dresser can be quickly painted and touched up with floor gliders to offer you simple storage space under the bed. 

3. Invest in functional furniture. 

Don't just set your feet on a plain ottoman. Get rest and functionality in one with a storage ottoman. It looks like a traditional footrest but has a secret lid for storing away remotes, magazines and other items. There are even some storage ottomans with built-in storage compartments for extra organization. 

More than that, you can look into furniture add-ons, such as an arm tables, over-the-arm storage bags and caddies.

4. Make more counter space.

If you're short on counter space, extend your prep area with a cutting board that perches above the stove burners. Mount a paper towel holder on the inside of a cabinet door to gain even more space, and use a small kitchen cart for holding those extra items and keeping them out of the way until you need them.

Don’t forget about your walls and even your ceiling in the kitchen. Hanging pots and pans and even a spice rack is a good way to get the stuff out of the cabinets and off the counters, but still in easy reach.

5. Downsize your living area. 

You don't really need a large couch in a small apartment. If you can't part ways with the family sofa, consider moving it to a storage rental in the meantime. You'll have more space to bring in something smaller and more reasonable for your living area.

The same goes for the rest of your furniture. All your bulky furniture ends up taking entire feet of usable space. Just like with your couch, though, you can keep it in the family for years to come with a storage rental.

Creating Space Out of Thin Air

Need help creating more space in your apartment? Use a Safeguard storage rental nearby your Bronx apartment to clear out the clutter and make more room. Whether you need extra closet space or to store furniture until you move, you can keep your belongings safe and secure in a personal storage unit at Safeguard Self Storage.