Get Outside and Enjoy the Beauty of These Brooklyn Green Spaces

Just west of the historic Ebbets Field site, more than 580 green acres extend an open invitation to residents of New York's most populous borough. It's impossible to resist the call of the great outdoors in Prospect Park. Choose your sport, pick your favorite spot, and get your best gear out of self storage. Brooklyn, NY natives are hitting the courts, running the courses and charging the fields.

Hold Your Parade Ground

The Prospect Park Alliance is proud of its recent efforts between Parkside and Canton Avenues. The restored 40-acre Parade Ground serves up tennis matches, fields baseball games and kicks off soccer competitions. Nearby self storage keeps lucky locals in close touch with everything they need to hold their favorite ground and play their favorite sports. If you love competition, you can't beat the action in this southern corner of the park.

Skate at the Lake

Head northeast from the Parade Ground, and get your game on for all kinds of activities in the park's Lakeside area. Duck inside the sprawling Lefrak Center for seasonal play that covers your love for both ice and roller skating. Satisfy casual taste buds at two of the park's best cafes, and then take the fun back out into the sunshine. Lakeside serves up boating, fishing and all kinds of water play with generous sides of jogging and biking around Brooklyn's only lake.

Relax in Dozens of Gardens

Once you've released your inner sports enthusiast, slow down, and stroll up to the park's north side. Immerse yourself in the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Relax, and explore more than a dozen carefully tended garden areas and botanical collections. Contemplate serenity at the Lily Pool Terrace, and treat your senses to a walk through the Fragrance Garden. This part of Prospect gives home to one of Brooklyn's best green spaces. You know that you've found it when you see all the happy, young faces growing flowers and tending crops at the Children's Garden.

Bring your biggest appetite for a barbecue picnic, or try your luck with a little catch-and-release angling. Make plans to party, play and relax outside in Prospect Park all summer long. Keep the living easy by keeping your seasonal gear in our convenient Brooklyn, NY storage facility just east on Empire Boulevard. From our family to yours, Safeguard Self Storage wishes you fun in the park all year-round.


Follow the Trail of Civil War History Through New Orleans

It starts 65 miles south of the city, winds through the French Quarter and quietly comes to rest not far from Lake Pontchartrain. Civil War history takes fascinating turns through New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. Savvy history buffs start exploring this trail by staging their adventures out of nearby storage units in Marrero, LA. Put on your touring shoes, and join them on an amazing journey.

Forts, Battlefields and Reenactments

Fort Jackson stands as a monument to brave soldiers who held their ground in 1862. Six days after a fierce bombardment, Confederate forces surrendered, and Union troops began advancing up the Mississippi Delta. Located 65 miles south of the city, this historic fort and museum belongs on your must-see Civil War itinerary. If you thrill at being part of the action, raid self storage for your best reenactment gear. Fall into formation at the Chalmette Battlefield just seven miles downriver from New Orleans.

Museums, Houses and Mints

Head up to the city, and plot a course starting with the Confederate Memorial Hall on Camp Street. This venerable museum holds more Civil War artifacts than any other site of its kind. Swing over to Canal Street, and visit the Old U.S. Custom House where Union generals and Confederate prisoners shared space during New Orleans' occupation. Complete your trek with a tour of historic buildings along Esplanade Avenue. Be sure to stop by the Old U.S. Mint for an inspection of the quarters that served Confederate troops defending their beloved Crescent City.

Squares, Statues and Final Resting Grounds

Slow down, and stroll up Decatur Street to beautiful Jackson Square. Take it easy in the Big Easy enjoying a park that dates back to the early 18th century. At the Civil War's end, this original Plaza de Armas was renamed Jackson Square. The Battle of New Orleans hero still rides high as a magnificent equestrian statue in the park's center. Finally, pay respects to brave souls resting at Metairie Cemetery just south of Lake Pontchartrain. This serene site expresses Civil War history through uniquely artistic headstones, tombs and mausoleums.

Our part of the New Orleans metro area offers a perfect location for launching historic fun. When you want to keep your exploring and reenactment gear in a central location, count on us here at Safeguard Self Storage. Our Lapalco Boulevard facilities stand ready to serve you and fellow history buffs on all of your amazing journeys.

10 Tips to Keep Your Dorm Room Organized This Semester

Young woman sitting on a pile of cardboard boxes after moving into her new dorm room.

You can do this. A little smart planning makes it easy to get ready for a new semester. Both Kean University and New Jersey Tech are just a few miles away, so split the distance with self storage here in Elizabeth, NJ. You’re perfectly positioned to rock the new semester with these 10 tips for organizing your dorm room.


  1. Make the most of limited clothes storage options with plastic slide-out drawer sets. These stackable faux dressers help expand tight wardrobe space.
  2. Decorate a shower caddy, hang it over your desk, and enjoy compliments on your suspended solution to clutter. No one has to know that your clever wall organizer came from the bathroom.
  3. Put up inexpensive shelving for books and more. You can find great deals on easy-to-assemble sets at a local DIY store. This portable organizing solution lets you cubbyhole anything.
  4. Turn an over-the-door shoe organizer into a snack storage zone. The clear plastic compartments give you easy access to packaged munchies while they protect goodies from hungry bugs.
  5. Stretch small spaces with tension rods. Mount these tough suspension bars where no other storage can go, and turn tight corners into mini closets.
  6. Keep track of the little stuff with plastic ice cube trays. Put several in a top drawer for organizing everything from paper clips to vending machine change.
  7. Transition a plain, plastic silverware tray into your favorite desk organizer with a little fabric and glue. If things get really crowded topside, slip it in a drawer next to the ice cube trays.
  8. Tame chargers and cords by wrapping them with brightly patterned Washi tape. Trade fumbling and figuring out matches with a quick visual reference covering all your gadgets’ lifelines.
  9. Save limited floor space with a mattress caddy. Nightstands take up valuable indoor real estate, so keep your essentials tucked in a colorful organizer made just for beds.
  10. Turn wasted space under the bed into extra storage with handy roller trays. These smart catchalls also cut down on room cleaning chores by discouraging dust bunnies.


Stay centrally located with our Safeguard Self Storage facilities right here in Elizabeth, NJ. We’re at your service all year-long with student-friendly units and great amenities. When you store your stuff with us, you can enjoy campus life wherever you go in Union County.

Dog Days: Don't Miss the Chicago Hot Dog Festival This Month

Close-up photo of hot dogs cooking on a grill.

On the first weekend of August, Second City backyard chefs liberate their favorite grilling gear. Storage units across Chicago fly open as frankfurter fans get ready to celebrate our delicious Hot Dog Festival. Here's a tasty overview of the annual event that inspires so much mouthwatering fun.

History Starts at the Museum

Our wonderful Chicago History Museum holds more than 22 million artifacts and documents that chronicle local and national history. Our irresistible Chicago hot dogs trace their flavorful heritage back to hearty locals braving the Depression. The institution and the meal are revered across the city, so it seemed natural four years ago to celebrate them both with an outdoor party at Lincoln Park. Since then, the Chicago Hot Dog Festival has continued to grow and benefit the Museum's ongoing good works.

Ketchup Stops at the Fries

An authentic Chicago-style hot dog wears a bright yellow mustard coat. Some friendly debates try to put ketchup on top of everything, but purists know better. That all-beef frank belongs in a poppy seed bun that looks like it’s been dragged through the garden. Chopped onion, sliced tomato, sport peppers, pickle spears and relish give it a gloriously overloaded profile. This is a dog that deserves the works, and it delivers a satisfying snap with every bite. It's an original, and most natives here in Chi-Town savor the traditions that keep it a culinary classic.

Cooking Options Go Both Ways

Do you keep an heirloom Dutch oven in self-storage? Does your perfectly cured grill winter in your storage unit? The Chicago hot dog prefers a slow simmer, but it's become accustomed to a smoky barbecue. Originally, this street-perfect dish was prepared ahead of time and kept warm in vendors' steam carts. Today, the delicious dog plumps up with a 5 to 7 minute hot bath or gloriously grills in about the same amount of time. Depending on your preference, either technique produces an entree that lives up to its history and goes down best when shared with friends.

We tip our forks to everyone who supports our Chicago History Museum and annual Chicago Hot Dog Festival. If you need a little extra space for organizing your own yummy celebration this year, check out Safeguard Self Storage options for Chicago, IL backyard chefs. We keep your grilling gear in great shape all year-round.

Moving to Brooklyn? Get Expert Tips to Help You Downsize in NYC

Moving to Brooklyn, NY, is a demanding prospect, especially if you're accustomed to living in a larger space. Existing apartments are significantly smaller than average, and the lack of housing in NYC has led to the construction of many prefabricated apartments that are even smaller than most of the area's studio apartments. The new units range in size from 250 to 350 square feet. Don't worry. If you're planning a move to a Brooklyn apartment, you won't have to face the challenge alone. Safeguard Self Storage is here to serve as a helpful resource. 

Check Out Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Before your move, it pays to research Brooklyn's many neighborhoods so that you can find a space that meets your social and family needs as well as your budget. Here are a few highlights. 
  • Crown Heights is a sprawling transitional area that offers a broad range of rental prices and somewhat larger living areas. But it's a coveted location, so start your apartment-hunting early.
  • Bay Ridge has plenty of retail stores and restaurants and a range of housing options including smaller, older buildings and high rises.
  • Park Slope is considered by many to be one of the most desirable locations in Brooklyn. Apartments are pricier, but they offer perks like decks, gardening space and historic architecture.
  • Kensington and Windsor Terrace aren't as busy or as pricey as Park Slope, but they're close enough that you can easily visit upscale shops and restaurants.

Shrinking Your Stuff: Tips for Downsizing in Brooklyn

  • Measure your new space carefully before deciding what you can fit into it.
  • Buy smaller furniture, and choose multipurpose items like storage ottomans or sleeper sofas.
  • Utilize vertical space. Place shelving instead of artwork above furniture pieces. Use stacking storage boxes to fill empty space in closets.
  • Donate or store clothing that you rarely wear.
  • If you have sentimental items or collections that you can't fit into the new space, take pictures of them to put on display.

Affordable Storage Units Make Downsizing Easier

Downsizing requires some adjustment, but it doesn't mean that you have to lose your treasured collections, heirlooms or furniture that you may need at a later date. Simply store your belongings in a secure storage unit. Safeguard Self Storage offers great deals on clean, affordable storage units that can make adjusting to a compact lifestyle in Brooklyn NY, much easier. Contact us today for details.

Sharpen Your Hunting Skills This Summer

If you have the right equipment and arm yourself with knowledge, Addison, IL and the surrounding area is a great place to hunt. This summer, your friends at Safeguard Self Storage are offering a few tips to help you sharpen your organizational and hunting skills so that you can enjoy the thrill of success. 

Optimize Your Summer Hunting in Addison


  • Finding the best place to hunt is important. For your convenience, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) lists public hunting grounds near Addison.
  • For the best experience, research a hunting location beforehand so that you're familiar with its rules, limitations and layout.
  • Knowing when to hunt gives you an edge. At the start of summer, vegetation is less dense, and the clear weather gives you better visibility so that you can survey the terrain more effectively. Check weather reports regularly before making plans.
  • The best animals to hunt in the summer months include coyotes, woodchucks and fox or grey squirrels. Check the IDNR Season Dates and Limits Guide for more information about the best times during the season to hunt specific animals.
  • If you're hunting coyotes, start early in the morning when their activity level is at its highest. Take advantage of their predatory nature. Using a fawn decoy is a great way to attract them.
  • Stay out of trouble. Don’t target an animal if you’re not sure what it is. Check your animal identification guide to identify it and determine if it is a protected species.
  • Always check your hunting equipment for safety and proper performance before you begin using it.
  • If you're more accustomed to winter hunting, be sure to prepare for the summer heat, humidity and insect activity.


Where to Get Your Hunting License

To hunt legally, you'll need to obtain the necessary hunting licenses from the IDNR. The type of license required depends on a number of variables such as what type of animals you intend to hunt, your age and other factors. You can obtain up-to-date license information by visiting the IDNR License Sales and Information Page.

Storage Units Keep Your Hunting Gear Safe During the Off-Season

If you don't have extra space at home for storing your hunting gear, Safeguard Self Storage can help. Our Addison, IL area storage units can keep your equipment safe and secure during the off-season or any time you need to ensure that it stays out of the wrong hands. Contact us today for details.

Take Pleasure in the Magic City's Outdoor Water Recreation

Miami, FL is known as the “Magic City.” Its nickname is attributed to its rapid growth, but summer visitors may consider it magical for the seemingly endless list of ways to have fun. When the weather gets warm, people from every state flock to its beautiful beaches and lakes to enjoy a wide variety of exciting water sports and activities. If you're ready for to plan your visit, here is a quick overview of what awaits you in Miami. 

Play It Safe

The following activities require the special equipment listed. If you already have sports gear that's collecting dust in your Safeguard storage lockers, check to make sure that it's still viable and safe before using it. Sustaining an injury due to equipment failure is a quick way to ruin your Miami adventure. 

Water Recreation in the Magic City


  • Snorkeling is a good way to admire the beauty of underwater environments for extended periods of time. To go snorkeling, you'll need a snorkel mask, a snorkel and fins. A wetsuit may be needed in cool water.
  • Kayaking and canoeing are similar sports that are enjoyed in lakes and rivers. They are both elongated, lightweight boats, but there are key differences in their designs. Basic equipment needed for either include a stable boat and paddles, a life jacket or personal flotation device, a flashlight and a helmet.
  • Boating is extremely popular in Miami, and you don't need to own a boat to enjoy it. Boat rentals and guided boat tours are both available. If you do own a boat, be sure to supply it with flotation devices or life jackets, a working whistle or horn, a visual signal and a fire extinguisher.
  • Fishing is a relaxing way to enjoy the Magic City's natural beauty. The equipment needed will depend on where you're fishing and what type of fish you're trying to catch. In general, a fully stocked tackle box, a quality rod and reel and appropriate bait is a great start. Don't forget to bring boating safety equipment, sunscreen and plenty of drinking water.


Learn more about Miami, FL outdoor recreation venues, tours, sports events and other opportunities by visiting the Miami and Beaches website.

Self Storage Units Keep Summer Gear Safe and Secure

Unfortunately, the season of water adventures doesn't last forever. If you need extra space for storing your gear during the colder months, Safeguard offers secure self storage units in the Miami area. Contact us today for more information about our clean, affordable storage lockers, and let us help you get a head start on next year's summer magic.

Stand Out at the Baton Rouge Arts Market

Vibrant arts market in Baton Rouge, LA

If you love arts and culture, you're living in the right place. The Baton Rouge Arts Market showcases the best of local talent and artisanship. Held on the first Saturday of each month, the open-air event features handmade pottery, jewelry, photographic art, stained glass and much more. If you have a hobby or favorite craft, the Arts Market provides an opportunity to share your talent with the world. This month, Safeguard Self Storage is offering savvy tips for setting up your own booth at the market and becoming part of the Louisiana arts scene. 

Creating a Booth That Stands Out

  • Aim for an airy, open and welcoming ambiance. Avoid creating a cave-like space.
  • Decorate your booth with a variety of colorful, eye-catching materials such as fabrics, balloons, and streamers.
  • Cover display tables with a cloth. For the best results, choose a solid color that contrasts the color of your products.
  • If you can hang your items on a wall, do so; this makes them easier to examine and the items more noticeable from the street.
  • Avoid clutter. Too many items grouped together are distracting and overwhelming to customers.
  • Provide business cards. Customers who love your work may contact you later.
  • Make sure to provide clear, highly visible signage that employs theme and color as well as text. Your prospective customers should be able to get an idea of who you are and what you're offering from a distance.

Sales and Marketing Tricks

  • If your product can be sampled on-site, provide free samples to entice customers.
  • Make your prices obvious and visible. No one should have to hunt for them. Offer special deals for multiple-item purchases.
  • Talk to everyone who comes to your booth. Be friendly, helpful, and open, and don’t be afraid to sing the praises of your products.
  • Take advantage of social media to get the word out.
  • Make and distribute flyers ahead of the sale date. Use lots of color, and add a picture of one of your finest creations.
  • Get to know other Baton Rouge vendors who are familiar with the market. They can offer even more tips for optimizing your sales and having a great time.

Storage Units Make Your Project Easier

If you need extra space for your crafts, supplies or marketing materials, Safeguard Self Storage has air-conditioned and clean storage units with easy access at prices that won't cut into your profits. Contact us today for more information about rates and availability.

Join the World Movement on World Environment Day

In mid-June, Chicago hosts the Green Music Fest, an environmentally conscious festival that features green vendors, food and biodiesel bicycles. You'll also discover Remix Chicago, a festival of repurposed crafts and eco-friendly workshops. However, you don't have to wait until these events to go green in Chicago, IL. In fact, you can get started right away and help protect the environment even in the big city. Safeguard Self Storage has all the tips on going green!

Make a Difference on World Environment Day

World Environment Day happens annually on June 5 and raises awareness for protecting the environment. It started in 1974 and has since gone global as more than 100 countries now celebrate this event. You don't have to join a flash mob or hand out pamphlets on the sidewalks to participate. No matter how small, you can do your part and still help the planet in a big way.

1. Reduce

Don't throw away unwanted tools, clothes, toys or other belongings. Instead, donate them to charity. You'll help others in need and reduce the amount of garbage in the landfills. Buying in bulk can also help reduce packaging and help you save money at the same time.

2. Reuse

Buy used items such as clothing, books and furniture at consignment shops and thrift stores. Used items are normally less expensive than new items and serve the same purpose. Repair your belongings instead of throwing them away. You can also borrow or rent items when you need them.

3. Recycle

You can recycle almost anything and help conserve natural resources such as wood and water. Recycling also reduces the amount of greenhouse emissions that occur when factories produce more goods. If you recycle your glass jars, plastic bottles and cardboard, you'll also reduce the amount of waste in the landfills.

Daily Tips for Going Green

  • Turn the lights off when you leave a room.
  • Don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth.
  • Separate recyclable items from your trash bin.
  • Unplug electronics when they're not in use.  

Go Green This June in Chicago

You can make room in your home by reducing the clutter and either donating the items to charity or hosting a yard sale. As you collect more items, you can use one of the many storage units available at Safeguard Self Storage to organize everything in one place. In the end, you will have helped people in need, reduced excess waste in the landfills and created more space in your home.

Get Festive in New Orleans This Summer

What could be more entertaining than celebrating summer festivals in the Big Easy? How about being a part of the scene with a booth for your amazing artwork? From Greek Fest and Cinco de Mayo to the Bayou Boogaloo, festival opportunities in New Orleans, Louisiana are wide open. Get organized now with equipment, displays and storage lockers for arts and crafts success.

Pitch a Portable Tent

Before you get started, always check event guidelines for covering booths and tents. That canvas enclosure is your festival home for several days, so you want something sturdy and weather-proof. The best setups are lightweight and easy to transport from self storage units to festival locations. That portability needs stability in case of windy weather, so include weights and bungee cords in your tent-pitching inventory. You'll also need sturdy tables, quick-mount shelving, lighting and extension cords.

Show Off Your Best

Your festival booth serves as a gallery for your very best work, so plan a layout that really shows it off. Raise your goods in the public eye by elevating table legs with PVC piping. Display framed art and photography against neutral-colored walls, and showcase pottery and sculpture on pedestal displays. Position larger pieces of everything at the back of your booth to draw in appreciative buyers. Keep exhibitions customer-friendly with plenty of aisle space that encourages browsing without creating foot-traffic jams.

Invite Them Inside

You want the festival crowd to know what you offer with a quick glance at your inviting booth. Make it happen with signage that reflects your artistic style. Express a vintage take on jewelry with the right font, or announce contemporary quilting talents with bold colors. Catch the attention of people with colorful fabric and natural textures inside your booth. If the weather behaves, throw down patterned carpets that entice visitors into your creative domain. Make them feel welcome, and they will respond by making you their newest favorite artisan.

It's fun to turn your talent into a revenue stream, so go with the festival flow, and launch your success in the Crescent City. Whether you wow crowds at the Bastille Day Fete or show off your best at the French Film Festival, keep it all organized with our convenient,
affordable self storage units. You can always depend on Safeguard Self Storage here in New Orleans to keep your artistic endeavors festive.