Hoof It to Chicago for Horse Racing Action This November

by Safeguard 3. November 2016 10:00

Two jockeys on horseback race down the backstretch of a racetrack as they head for the finish line.

Chicago, IL is known for many things, like pizza, the Bears and the Cubs. Those who love horse racing also know Chicago for its legendary tracks and rich racing history. Since the 1830s, Chicagoans have sat in the stands and watched some of the best thoroughbred racing of all time. The Breeders' Cup is held on November 4 and 5 this year in California, but people everywhere from Uptown and Beverly to Lake View and West Rogers Park will drag their good luck charms out of their Safeguard self storage units before watching and placing bets on the race.

A Brief History of Horse Racing in Chicago, IL

In the early 1830s, horse racing came to the Chicago metropolitan area. One hundred years later, the city had six racing tracks, more than any other city in the country. Legendary tracks such as Brighton Park and Dexter Park opened in the 1860s, paving the way for the illustrious Washington Park in 1883; it hosted many racing events until it closed in 1977.

Today, horse racing is still alive and well in Chicago. In fact, the Hawthorne Race Course opened in 1891 and still operates every spring and fall. Arlington Park, which opened in 1927, has hosted, and continues to host numerous races, including the Breeders' Cup in 2002. Racing fans from the Chicago suburbs, such as Lake View and Beverly, piled into Arlington Park to watch this prestigious event.

2016 Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita Park

The Breeders' Cup may not be in Chicago this year, but it doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy the fun from your couch in Uptown or West Rogers Park. Sports bars across the area will televise the event, or you can tune in to NBC and watch at home. You can also log on to the Breeders' Cup website and place bets without leaving your house.

Safeguard Self Storage Welcomes Horse Racing Fans

When you're in town for the races, store your items at a nearby Safeguard Self Storage facility. We have short-term storage units available to house your belongings while you're at the track. We also provide long-term storage units for those who fall in love with the area and want to make the Windy City their home.

Teaching with Tunes: How Music Expands the Minds of Students

by Safeguard 27. October 2016 10:00

A woman leads a group of small children in a song and playing small musical instruments like tambourines.

In your role as a teacher, there's nothing more satisfying and joyful than knowing that you're really connecting with the kids. Take a cue from the Brooklyn Center of Performing Arts, and put the power of music to work in your classroom. Add a collection of tunes to your teaching supplies at a Safeguard Self Storage facility here in Brooklyn, NY, and join the chorus of educators expanding young minds with a little music.

Local Resources for Teachers

Children and music have always been natural partners. Educators recognize that bringing songs into the classroom plays on that wonderful relationship. This isn't a new concept, but it's quickly moving from performing arts classes to campuses all across the city. Local teachers embrace tips from diverse programs like the Brooklyn Center's Target Family Fun program and SchoolTime series. The school's downloadable Performance Study Guides are excellent resources for connecting music to classroom time.

Why Tunes Work

From controlling a room of noisy kids to building a sense of community, music can be one of your best teaching aids. Children and adults respond to a good song with the same sense of enjoyment that opens up minds to creativity and critical thinking. It simply puts everyone in a good mood, and that fires up neurons that turn on the learning process. Used correctly, tunes in the classroom raise energy levels, increase attention and improve memory.

Music as Your Teaching Tool

Today's digital world makes it easy to introduce your students to sounds from around the globe. If you want a half hour of classical to quiet things down, selections are at your fingertips. Music for kids in the classroom today has become a compact, inexpensive and very effective teaching tool. Instead of storing vinyl and bulky record players in self storage, you can fill your unit with textbooks, notebooks and binders. Whether you use songs to teach vocabulary, explore poetry or set the mood for creative writing, a good tune makes the classroom experience more enjoyable.

The sound of happy kids learning and having fun creates a beautiful melody that never grows old. Our Flatlands storage facility is just down the street from the Brooklyn Center of Performing Arts and supports local educators with affordable, convenient options. You do a great job every day, and our teams here at Safeguard Self Storage applaud your dedication to inspiring young minds all across the city.

There's So Much Happening in Chicago This Halloween It's Spooky

by Safeguard 20. October 2016 10:00

Zombies, ghouls and ghosts – oh my! It's Halloween once again in Chicago, IL. It's a time for vampires to prey on greedy trick-or-treaters and witches to cross the moonlit skies from West Rogers Park to Beverly. For those who thirst for excitement and fun, Safeguard Self Storage has some spooky suggestions of festivities happening in Chicago and the surrounding areas leading up to All Hallows' Eve. 

5 Can’t-Miss Events in Chicago This Halloween

Halloween Festival in the Chicago Botanic Garden

Don't miss the Night of 1,000 Jack-o'-Lanterns starting on October 20. This festival takes place at the Chicago Botanic Garden and features everything from 1,000 hand-carved pumpkins to food and drinks. It ends on October 23, so put on your best costume and come join the fun.

Downtown Halloween Festival & Parade

The Halloween Gathering Festival & Parade takes place on October 22 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. You can watch live performances, take part in family-friendly crafts and view an amazing parade to close the event.

Halloween Flea Market

Put on your favorite costume, and head out to the Wheaton Haunted Halloween Flea Market on October 22. This event starts at 3 p.m. and lasts until midnight, giving you plenty of time to watch live performances or to take a hayride with your family. You can also play games and get autographs from various celebrities.

Boo! at the Zoo

Treat your kids to an early Halloween party at the Brookfield Zoo on October 22-23 or 29-30. The festivities, which include zoo chats, costume parades, haunted hayrides and more, start at 10 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. This spooky event welcomes kids and adults of all ages.

Halloween Costume Party in Schiller Park

Be one of over 400 people to attend the annual Halloween Costume Party at the Galaxy Banquets across from O'Hare on October 28. If you're over 21, you're invited to attend the party and meet, mingle and dance with everyone in attendance. This entertaining party starts at 8 p.m. and lasts until 2 a.m. and features everything from food and drinks to music and contests.

Store Your Halloween Decorations with Safeguard

Once Halloween has come and gone, don't cram your costumes, decorations and supplies in the closet. Make more room in your home while keeping your belongings safe in a Safeguard storage facility. Whether you're in Uptown or in Lake View, we have self storage available to keep your supplies protected and as good as new

Cast Your Net in the Massapequa Area for National Seafood Month

by Safeguard 13. October 2016 10:00

A man casts a fishing line off of a rocky northeastern beach under cloudy skies.

If you're daydreaming about a plate of stuffed fresh flounder, take a look at the calendar. October is officially National Seafood Month, so your appetite is on the mark for delicious dining this time of year. You can head for the local fish market and stock up, or you can really get out there and celebrate. Retrieve your rods and reels from a nearby Safeguard self storage unit, fish the Massapequa, NY area waters, and enjoy cool-weather angling fun here on our beautiful south shores.

Long Island's Favorite Fishing Pond

Whether you're setting a hook for stocked trout or native carp, you can always find plenty of action at Massapequa Reservoir. Anchoring the southern portion of the Nassau County Preserve, this fishing spot is a year-round favorite. The reservoir's outlet dam earns its reputation as a productive perch for catching crappie, catfish and bullheads. Leave your bass boat at the storage facility because waters here are reserved for bank fishing only.

The Best Docks on the Shore

Head south from the reservoir to the shores between Biltmore and Alhambra beaches. Bait your hook for carp, trout and largemouth bass. Cast into the waters of Massapequa Cove, and take in a bayside view that extends south all the way to Jones Beach. Hit the dock at sunrise, and tease up blues with your best lures. Stretch out the day with serious striper action, and wind down with a bounce off the bottom for big, hungry flounder. You can always find a fisherman-friendly dock around this scenic cove.

Boat Fishing on the Bay

Celebrate National Seafood Month by launching your luck on the open water. Get that boat out of your storage unit one more time before winter sets in, and head out for some fishing on South Oyster Bay. This time of year always sees a big increase in bass, bluefish and albacore. Be prepared for big pickerel too, but be willing to stretch out your day. Boat fishing on the bay always picks up when the sun starts going down.

With so many hot spots here in southeast Nassau County, you can make fishing daydreams come true year-round. With our Massapequa, NY storage facility east of the reservoir, you can make it out on the water every day. Just stash your gear with us here at Safeguard Self Storage, and you're always ready to cast your net for the big ones.

You Can Get Fighting Fit by Training Like a UFC Champion

by Safeguard 6. October 2016 10:00

Two men train in a MMA octagon in a dark gym.

Do it to get in shape, or do it for fun. Get into it because you're a fan, or jump in to change up your routine. You have more reasons to train as a mixed martial arts athlete than there are stars in the MMA world. With an official UFC gym right here in New Hyde Park, NY and nearby storage units for your gear, this exciting sport is yours to master.

A Foundation of Philosophy and Style

While MMA enjoys a global following today, it didn't really catch on here in the States until Bruce Lee kicked his way across movie screens in the '60s and '70s. Unlike most movie celebrities, Lee was the real thing and won over fans with both his philosophy and fighting style. His dedication and attitude laid the foundation for today's mixed martial arts success. Attendance at Ultimate Fighting Championship events grows every year as people enjoy the sport and the workout discipline that inspires it all.

One Attitude, Many Paths

Getting ripped doesn't have to be your goal because MMA stresses personal strength more than winning competitions. That healthy attitude keeps the sport accessible to anyone with determination, room for gear in self storage and a few spare hours each week. Training begins with classes that teach the basics from proper breathing techniques and dieting regimens to moves specific to your discipline. Judo, boxing, karate and jujitsu are just a few of the paths you can take when you train like a UFC pro.

Teaching Body and Mind

While it's thrilling to imagine knocking off an Ultimate Fighting Championship win, keep your eye on the real prize. MMA gives you the power to maintain maximum health by developing new levels of self-discipline. Workouts increase strength and energy, and gym matches build confidence. When you train to get fit like a UFC champion, you coach your body into maximum shape. When you finally reach an MMA level that satisfies your inner warrior, you've taught your mind to be prepared for any challenge.

MMA works for amateur athletes because the discipline stresses staying in shape instead of competing. Our Safeguard self storage facility in New Hyde Park, NY works because we're just a few blocks southwest of Long Island's official UFC Gym. Whether you work out for fun or train to turn pro, we're always here to cheer you on.

A Toast to Elmsford, Legendary Birthplace of the Cocktail

by Safeguard 29. September 2016 10:00

A craft cocktail in a frosted glass with a lemon zest garnish sits on the bar in a low-lit establishment.

Are those spirited stories true? Did the original Happy Hour start right here during the Revolutionary War? The answers remain as elusive and intriguing as ghosts from the past, but it's fun to speculate. Liberate your vintage highball glasses from self storage here in Elmsford NY, and prepare to toast the truth about the birthplace of cocktails.

Stirred, Not Shaken

The truth is simple in this case: No one really knows. However, the best story probably comes closest to historical fact. If you were a solider fighting for American independence back in the late 1700s, you knew the nearest taverns for enjoying favorite drinks. One of the most popular libations was a concoction of spirits, bitters, sugar and water. It wasn't shaken. It was stirred with a feathery quill plucked from the tail of a rooster. It was called a cocktail.

Based on True Tales

Some early references to the original highball credit a shortage of wooden spoons for this mixology innovation. However, author James Fenimore Cooper laid out an intriguing hypothesis in his 1821 novel "The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground." He drew his characters from true tales told by Revolutionary War veterans and referenced the Ledger House tavern. Betty Flanagan owned and operated this well-known watering hole where she served up classic cocktails stirred with rooster tail feathers.

Located at a Familiar Intersection

Betty's tavern was the place to unwind in the village of Elmsford. Local mythology notes Betty's habit of pilfering her British neighbor's chickens to feed her fellow patriots. After plucking and baking dinner, she used tail feathers to stir and garnish the drinks that roused revolutionary spirits. Oral histories placed Betty's bar at the corners of Saw Mill River Road and Tarrytown Road. Today, Tarrytown Road becomes Main Street as it travels northwest across town, but it still intersects Saw Mill at the location of what may have been Betty's place. That's part of the lore that you can explore at the Westchester County Historical Society, which just happens to be located on Saw Mill River Road.

Like fine wine, some mysteries become better with age. Betty's cocktail legacy will always hold a place in our hearts if not our history books. When you need a place for extra Happy Hour tools and supplies, put everything away in a nearby climate-controlled storage facility. Safeguard Self Storage always has room for spirited organizing here in Elmsford and all across Westchester County.

It's Easy to Celebrate International Literacy Day in Garfield

by Safeguard 22. September 2016 10:00

A stock image of a stack of hardcover books.

You love reading a good book. You love that great feeling you get when you help out other folks. Put the two together, and you have plenty of inspiration for celebrating International Literacy Day. This September 28, join your friends raiding those boxes of old books in their storage units. Garfield, NJ can be an exciting launch pad for spreading the printed word and giving back to our community.

Start a Bookstore Club

If you build a book exchange club, fellow readers will come. If you designate one of the 10 bookstores here in town as official headquarters, you can build a following. Speak with store managers about your ideas. Chances are good that you'll get invitations from several locations, so consider meeting at different stores on a rotating basis. That classic volume stashed in your self storage is destined to become a fellow club member's latest page-turner.

Support Your Local Librarian

Have you lost your library card? Just apply for a new one online. Our Garfield Public Library knows all the high-tech tricks that keep patrons happy, and they always welcome helping hands. This International Literacy Day, drop by and volunteer to assist the hardworking folks on Midland Avenue. Share your love of books with kids as one of the library's Reading Buddies, or get involved in fundraising through used book sales. Whether you help out with Family Story Hour or just put books back on the shelves, your efforts are very much appreciated.

Build a Free Book Exchange

They're small, they're free and they're open to everyone. The Little Free Library program provides everything you need to set up a book exchange wherever you like. The program offers online advice on finding the best location, ideas for building your Little Free Library and access to resources and support. Once you've established your literary outpost, register with the site to become an official member with your own charter number. You even get to add your Little Free Library to the program's world map.

The fun of reading a good book just gets better when you share. The satisfaction in contributing to our City of Champions just gets better when you know that you're making a positive difference. We congratulate everyone for spreading the printed word, and we're happy to do our part here in Garfield, NJ. Safeguard Self Storage stands ready to support your literary accomplishments all across Bergen County.

Make the Most of the Last Day of Summer in Lyons

by Safeguard 15. September 2016 10:00

A family stands in silhouette in a field as they watch the summer sun set.

Summer isn't over until it's over here in Chicagoland, and that doesn't happen until September 22. That's the day that the Fall Equinox brings this long, lazy season to an end. Still, you want one last shot at fun in the sun before packing away your favorite summertime toys in self storage. Lyons, IL stands ready to entertain with historic sites, water adventures and acres of beautiful parkland.

Explore the Portage

We take portage for granted today. Back in the 1600s, French explorers Marquette and Joliet considered it essential as they explored this part of Illinois. Without a crossing between the Chicago and Des Plaines Rivers, the adventurers might have taken a different turn. Fortunately, they found their way, and you can follow their trail. Join your friends, and break those bikes out of your storage units for a cycling tour through the Chicago Portage National Historic Site.

Get Wet, Cool Off

After you've taken in plenty of portage scenery, head up Ogden Avenue for a final summer splash. The city's Cermak Family Aquatic Center caters to kids with plenty of wet fun for grownups, too. Get soaked at the splash pad, sail down the water slide, and make waves on the lazy river. Stay cool in the shade of surrounding Cermak Woods before heading over to the quarry. That's where you'll find out if the fish are biting on the last day of summer.

Fire Up a Sunset Grill

Finish off the Fall Equinox over on Lawndale Avenue where two beautiful parks offer fantastic sunset views. Give your backhand a final spin with a game of tennis at Smith Park. Catch up with fellow skaters, and show them your best Casper slide. When you're finally worn out, it's time to cross the street and salute summer with a farewell cookout. Fire up a grill in Veteran's Park, feed friends and family, and then kick back and relax. You've celebrated the last day of summer in true Lyons style.

It's not hard to say goodbye to summer when you know that you're waving farewell to sizzling temperatures. It's easy to enjoy the season's last day with faith that you'll get to do it all over again next year. Between now and then, we're always happy to take care of your summer gear with storage units all across Cook County. Safeguard Self Storage stands ready to keep your stuff secure all year-round.

Sky's the Limit: The U.S. Air Force Turns 69 This Year

by Safeguard 8. September 2016 10:00

An archival photo shows U.S. Air Force bombers flying in formation during World War II.

If your heart soars when you see jets fly overhead in formation, get ready to commemorate one of our military’s most exciting milestones. This September 18, the U.S. Air Force marks its 69th birthday. Whether you fly your own or treasure a toy plane collection stationed in self storage, Miami, FL skies are wide open for celebrating this special day.

From Then Through Now

What started in 1907 as a small Army division wasn’t even fully funded until 1912. That year, our infant Air Force flew nine planes. On the eve of World War I, 12 officers commanded a fleet of only six planes. That rapidly changed over the years as the fledgling Air Service became the Air Corps in 1926. The expansion continued beyond World War II, and in 1947, the National Security Act officially created the Air Force as we know it today.

Our Very Own Homestead

Our area here in southern Florida played its own role in Air Force history with the establishment of Homestead Air Reserve Base in 1942. It stood as a war-time home for officers and enlisted men, but a massive hurricane in 1945 destroyed all operations. The field recovered and served as Dade County’s airport for another 10 years. Its strategic location led to reactivation as a military base in 1955. Homestead demonstrated its importance during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War, and it still plays a vital role in our nation’s defense.

Miami’s Tribute and Showcase

With so much Air Force history just down the Reagan Turnpike, it’s no surprise that Miami celebrates our aviation past and present with a dedicated hangar. The Wings Over Miami Air Museum stands as a tribute to veteran aviators and a showcase for vintage planes. Visitors enjoy a hands-on experience that includes World War I aircraft, mid-century sea planes and retired jet fighters. The museum is an ideal location for honoring the Air Force on its 69th birthday.

We salute the brave men and women who make our U.S. Air Force strong, and we appreciate their hard work and dedication. Whether you’re a member of the service, a resident in one of our neighborhoods or a local business owner, Safeguard Self Storage shares your pride in our great community. Wherever you are in Miami, FL, our storage facility solutions are always at your service.

Get Outside and Enjoy the Beauty of These Brooklyn Green Spaces

by Safeguard 25. August 2016 10:00

A family laughs and plays soccer together in a picturesque urban park.

Just west of the historic Ebbets Field site, more than 580 green acres extend an open invitation to residents of New York's most populous borough. It's impossible to resist the call of the great outdoors in Prospect Park. Choose your sport, pick your favorite spot, and get your best gear out of self storage. Brooklyn, NY natives are hitting the courts, running the courses and charging the fields.

Hold Your Parade Ground

The Prospect Park Alliance is proud of its recent efforts between Parkside and Canton Avenues. The restored 40-acre Parade Ground serves up tennis matches, fields baseball games and kicks off soccer competitions. Nearby self storage keeps lucky locals in close touch with everything they need to hold their favorite ground and play their favorite sports. If you love competition, you can't beat the action in this southern corner of the park.

Skate at the Lake

Head northeast from the Parade Ground, and get your game on for all kinds of activities in the park's Lakeside area. Duck inside the sprawling Lefrak Center for seasonal play that covers your love for both ice and roller skating. Satisfy casual taste buds at two of the park's best cafes, and then take the fun back out into the sunshine. Lakeside serves up boating, fishing and all kinds of water play with generous sides of jogging and biking around Brooklyn's only lake.

Relax in Dozens of Gardens

Once you've released your inner sports enthusiast, slow down, and stroll up to the park's north side. Immerse yourself in the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Relax, and explore more than a dozen carefully tended garden areas and botanical collections. Contemplate serenity at the Lily Pool Terrace, and treat your senses to a walk through the Fragrance Garden. This part of Prospect gives home to one of Brooklyn's best green spaces. You know that you've found it when you see all the happy, young faces growing flowers and tending crops at the Children's Garden.

Bring your biggest appetite for a barbecue picnic, or try your luck with a little catch-and-release angling. Make plans to party, play and relax outside in Prospect Park all summer long. Keep the living easy by keeping your seasonal gear in our convenient Brooklyn, NY storage facility just east on Empire Boulevard. From our family to yours, Safeguard Self Storage wishes you fun in the park all year-round.


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