5 Essential Storage & Packing Tips

five boxes stacked upon each other with a roll of toilet paper and two books situated on top

Moving and packing items to be placed in storage can be both frustrating and time consuming if you lack a game plan. If you are considering using self storage, the first thing you should put into storage is some thought. You will need to understand available unit sizes so you don’t rent too much or not enough space. You will also need to know how to pack and store your items properly to prevent damage during the moving and storage process. Here are a few tricks to ensue your moving and storage experience is effective and stress free.

Pack & Store Items Well – Use sturdy boxes or plastic containers to prevent scratches and dings to your items during the moving and storage process. Wrapping fragile items in newsprint or bubble wrap will add additional protection. Seal all boxes with tape to prevent dust from affecting the contents. Place heavy items in small boxes so they don’t become too heavy to move. Lightweight items can be placed in larger boxes keeping the large boxes manageable. Place heavy items on the floor of your unit and stack lighter items on top.  

Use Protective Covers - Plastic wrap or covers are essential for protecting furniture, mattresses, and box springs from getting damp or dirty during the move. Furniture pads will also prevent items from getting scratched during the moving and storage process. 

Lawn and Garden Equipment - All fluids inside lawn and garden machinery should be drained prior to storing to avoid corrosive damage. Lawn tools such as rakes, shovels or hoes should be stored in trash cans to prevent them from damaging other items in the storage unit.

Use Your Head, Not Your Back – Be smart and use hand trucks or carts to move heavy items around. Our stores are equipped with flatbed carts for our customers use while on the property. Use our carts and your back will thank you in the morning.

Make The Most of Your Storage Space – Use the cubic footage in the storage unit to store more items. Long horizontal items should be stored vertically when possible to save on square footage. Store items inside of large appliances, dresser draws or on shelves to maximize the available space. Label all boxes so items are easy to find and place frequently used items in the front of the unit for easy access. If you have a lot of items that you access frequently you should create isles in the storage unit. This will ensure you can access all of these items quickly and easily. 

Utilizing self storage should help alleviate stress about where to store your items. Packing and storing your items correctly should eliminate all moving related anxiety. For more information regarding proper moving and self storage techniques contact your storage professional today.

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