What Can I Store? The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

What can I put in self storage?

This is a common question which should be explored thoroughly prior to moving items into a self storage unit. Self storage units provide a temporary home for the items of individuals who are experiencing this thing we affectionately call “life”. Find a self storage location with plenty of amenities so you will enjoy peace of mind during the time your items are in storage. But before you let your imagination get away from you, there are some definite dos and don’ts to self storage. 

The Dos:

When deciding to store, understanding the way in which you will access the unit is very important. If you plan on making frequent trips, you should double-check your facility’s hours. Safeguard Self Storage offers 7 day-a-week access hours to your storage units. Most locations offer extended hours and some offer access 24 hours a day to business customers.

Make sure adequate airflow reaches delicate fabrics and that fragile items are spaced out accordingly. Stuffing your storage unit to the brim just to save a few coins could cost you more in damage to your storage items. If in doubt go a bit bigger when selecting storage sizes. A larger unit will also allow easier access to your items saving you time and effort during each trip to the storage unit.

Some items do not do well with fluctuating temperatures and moisture. Be sure to choose air conditioned and heated units or indoor storage where temperatures are regulated when storing sensitive items. Safeguard Self Storagespecializes in indoor 

storage but also offers outside accessible units at some locations based on our customer’s needs.

What are some good items that belong in self storage?

Any item that is not perishable, explosive, corrosive, flammable or harmful make for great storage items, but the list doesn’t stop there.

The Don’ts: 

Weapons are widely prohibited in self storage for reasons of security and safety. Ammunition and/or explosive materials could go off inside the self storage unit. Other hazardous materials such as gas tanks, corrosive liquids or harmful chemicals are not appropriate for self storage. The rules and regulations that prohibit the storage of harmful items are for your safety, the safety of your items and the safety of all other persons and items at the storage location. 

Although some storage facilities offer state of the art security, it is not advised to store extremely valuable items such as delicate family heirlooms, expensive jewelry or irreplaceable photos.

What are some items that don’t belong in self storage?

Weapons, explosives, gas tanks, corrosive liquids, harmful chemicals, expensive jewelry, family heirlooms and irreplaceable photos do not belong in self storage for safety purposes.

At Safeguard Self Storage we have been taking care of our customers storage needs since 1989. Now, with over 60 storage locations across the United States, Safeguard is a leader in the storage industry. When you store with Safeguard, you not only get clean, secure storage solutions—you get over 20 years of storage expertise! Those years of experience mean that you can trust your belongings with Safeguard. Our amenity-packed facilities, competitive pricing, on-site packing supplies, and professional staff make storing with Safeguard easy. Plus, our commitment to our customers’ complete satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. For more storage information visit one of our stores or call us at 1-877-779-6900 today.

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