How Many Turkeys Could You Fit in an Illinois Self Storage Unit?

baked whole turkey

It's wild turkey hunting season in Illinois, just in time for Thanksgiving. All over the state and all over the country people have gobblers on the brain! In honor of our favorite Thanksgiving dish, Safeguard Self Storage has attempted to answer this all important question: How many Thanksgiving Turkeys could you fit into a Safeguard Illinois self storage unit?

To solve this mystery, we need to determine the dimensions of a turkey. Assuming these are cooked birds, of the average holiday turkey is 16-pounds, 13 inches long, 9.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches high. These measurements equal 926.25 cubic inches, or 0.55 cubic feet.

Safeguard offers lots of different storage unit sizes to meet various storage needs. For the purpose of this question will explore how many turkeys could fit in our 5-by-5, 10-by-10, and 10-by-20 self storage units. These units are about 80, 800, and 1600 cubic feet respectively. According to our calculations diving each unit's interior space by the dimensions of the average turkey, here is what we estimate:

animated turkey with a pilgrim style hat


5-by-5 small unit: Could hold 145 Thanksgiving turkeys!

10-by-10 medium unit: Could hold 1,454 Thanksgiving turkeys!!

10-by-20 large unit: Could hold 2,909 Thanksgiving turkeys!!!


Although food storage is not allowed (who would really want to store the superstar of a Thanksgiving Dinner in a storage unit), Safeguard's air conditioned and heated storage space rentals offer secure, convenient storage for many other items. We even offer aspace estimator to help you determine how large of a storage unit you need. If you are looking for efficient and affordable self storage, contact Safeguard Self Storage today. 

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