Peace on Earth and Peace of Mind: Self Storage & Security During the Holidays

man dressed in black with ski mask attempting to unwrap a Christmas gift

Although the holiday season is supposed to be cheerful, happy and a time to help others, it can also be a time of increased theft. Many thieves target people during the weeks leading up to the holidays because they expect to find valuable gifts in their homes or vehicles. A theft could seriously put a damper on your seasonal cheer. However, there are steps that you can take to help keep yourself from being the target of theft this holiday season.

First of all, remember to keep valuables hidden and in a secure location at all times. If you must leave gifts in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk where they cannot be seen, and always make certain to lock your car doors. Make sure that gifts aren't visible from outside of your home to tempt burglars. If you will be traveling during the holiday season, you may want to leave a light on in your home and ask a neighbor to collect your mail while you are away to avoid the impression of an empty home.

As enjoyable as it is to share your holiday plans on Facebook or Twitter, this information can make you a target for tech-savvy thieves. Try and wait until after you return from a trip to share your location and travel photos on social media outlets

Another option is to rent a secure self storage unit as a safe place for your gifts and other valuables. Not only will stashing your presents in a unit help prevent theft, but it will also help prevent curious children from seeing "Santa's" stash and will keep the gifts out of your way as you prepare for the holidays.

Whether you are hiding gifts from thieves or sneaky youngsters, Safeguard Self Storage offers state of the art security features such as computer controlled access, digital recording, individual door alarms and facility-wide intercom systems to help protect your valuables. With a well-secured unit from Safeguard, you can enjoy greater peace of mind and holiday cheer this season. 

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