Safeguard Self Storage for Pharmaceutical Reps

A pharmacist holding several pill packets.

Pharmaceutical company representatives typically spend a lot of time on the road. Travelling is a must when samples need to be taken to dozens of medical offices, and reps visit between four and eight physicians every day. Carrying samples and other gear in a personal vehicle can become overwhelming, and these items take up valuable space at home. Safeguard’s Chicago storage units offer these professionals an option for keeping their samples and equipment close at hand without letting these products take over their lives.

Unique Requirements in Chicago Storage Units  

 Pharmaceutical reps have a unique set of requirements when they are searching for Chicago, IL private storage. 

 1.    Climate Control. Chicago, IL business storage allows reps to keep their samples safe from extreme temperatures. Many medications need to be kept in a cool, dry location, and indoor storage units meet this requirement.

 2.    Security. Supplies will need to be kept in a secure location. Safeguard Self Storage facilities are equipped with the security features such as computer controlled access, digital video recording and individual storage unit alarms to help protect your items. Reps can rest assured knowing Safeguard Self Storage facilities use state-of-the-art security features to safeguard your belongings.

 3.    Accessibility. Longer access hours and easy accessibility means samples are available from storage when reps need them. Safeguard’s Chicago storage units have drive-in loading areas for easy access. Pharmaceutical reps can drive in, load and unload their gear, and be on their way quickly. Convenient storage facility locations also make it easy for reps to get what they need and get on the road again.

 4.    Size Options. Different storage unit size options allow reps to rent a space that works for their needs. Bins or temporary shelving can be used in conjunction with labels to help reps find exactly what they need before a meeting with a medical professional. 

Investing in Chicago, IL Business Storage

Chicago, IL private storage units fulfill the needs of pharmaceutical reps. It is important for samples to be kept secure in a climate-controlled environment, and storage units ensure that this is possible. Invest in Chicago, IL business storage and start living a clutter-free life. Storage facilities help you to keep your business supplies nearby and conveniently out of your home. Safeguard Self Storage has storage facilities throughout Illinois. Contact Safeguard Self Storage to find a storage facility near you.



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