New Device Maximizes Small Spaces

Interior of a small apartment kitchen next to the living room.A new, high-tech invention, called CityHome, uses robotic technology to transform closets and small spaces into an area that provides greater storage and functionality than its size would suggest. The astonishing storage system includes kitchen appliances, a bed, table, and closet and storage space to maximize small spaces. A boon for New Yorkers, CityHome brings “Star Trek” spaceship technology to urban living in cramped quarters. (See the demo here.) This inventive device could prove life-changing for city dwellers, especially when used in conjunction with storage units to stow away excess belongings.

Self Storage in Manhattan

One of the mainstays for urban living is using NY storage units in Manhattan to make better use of living space, store seasonal items and provide air conditioned and heated storage for treasured mementos and family heirlooms. Safeguard Self Storage in Manhattan offers many custom storage options to keep your items safe, sound and out of the way of your daily life.

Designing Your Life so that Each Part Reflects Deliberate Intentions

Large homes might feel spacious and airy, but urban dwellers understand the premium costs associated with free space. People with large living spaces fill them with nonessential possessions, and the space generates stress for maintaining the space and affording rents, mortgages and utilities. Tips for maximizing space in small NY apartments include:

  • Regularly inventory your possessions, and discard unwanted items.
  • Store items at Safeguard NY storage units in Manhattan to make room for seasonal accessories.
  • Store items that aren't immediately needed on high shelves or under beds.
  • Closets are usually haphazard repositories, but careful organization can more than double storage space.
  • Store small wares in decorative baskets to stay organized and eliminate clutter.
  • Consider sharing large items with family, friends or business associates.
  • Rolling carts can conveniently store items that are only used occasionally.
  • Use ottomans, credenzas and end tables that double as storage space.

Thinking creatively and embracing an uncluttered lifestyle help NY residents get the maximum benefits from small living spaces. Safeguard Self Storage in Manhattan and surrounding areas offers signature benefits for the urban lifestyle in the most densely populated city in the United States. New Yorkers enjoy the greatest city in the world, and residents can proudly store those items they don't immediately need to maximize their small apartments and live large in America's urban utopia.

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