Create Your Own Haunted House

An illustration of a haunted house on a hill under a full moon, with bats flying around and jack-o-lanterns and a graveyard.

Create Your Own Haunted House

This year, enjoy a fun family activity by creating your own haunted house for Halloween. With the right decorations, lighting and music, your home will be the place that trick-or-treaters will be delighted to visit. Once you're finished embracing the spirit of Halloween with décor, you can stash it out of the way in a self storage unit. With a New Orleans storage unit rental, you can keep your home's space neat and organized. 

Getting Started

 To create the scariest haunted house in your neighborhood, select a spooky theme. Consider making your home look like an abandoned asylum or eerie cemetery. Be sure to involve your family in the theme selection by taking a vote. Also, limit your use of commercially produced props. Instead, be creative and repurpose household objects or purchase a few affordable items from your local secondhand store.

You can create 'eyeballs' in a tree by painting two white beach balls with black 'pupils', and placing them in a tree in your yard. Do it yourself 'spider webs' can be crated with trash bags (cute them like a paper snowflake) or cotton batting. Spooky window silhouettes of spiders, bats, witches and ghouls can be cut from black cardboard for an eye-catching effect. Your imagination is the limit!

Keep in mind that you can use a Philadelphia storage unit to store your holiday décor once the season has passed.

Eerie Effects

If your family has selected a cemetery theme, raise the fright level with graveyard gates. You can even make them creak by including sound effects. On Halloween night, increase your graveyard's spookiness with a floating layer of hazy mist. To do this, use a fog machine or dry ice. Your children can enhance the eeriness of the fog by dropping glow sticks into the vessel containing the dry ice. When it's time to store your Halloween decorations, rent a Philadelphia storage unit that is large enough to hold all of your seasonal paraphernalia.

Storage Tips

If you own Halloween decorations that you want to enjoy year after year, be sure to store them safely in your New Orleans storage unit rental. For example, enclose breakable items in bubble wrap before placing them inside a storage crate or box. Also, set large items near the back of your self storage unit, and place your smaller belongings close to the front. With organization and meticulous packing, your Halloween décor will be ready to scare trick-or-treaters year after year.

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