Protect Your Stored Belongings with a Secure Lock

A disc lock on a storage unit door.

Modern self storage facilities are not a particularly popular target for thieves as these types of structures typically have security features that act as strong deterrents to this type of activity. Security features should include computer controlled access, individual door alarms, digital video cameras and store-wide intercom systems. However, if you intend to store valuable possessions, be sure to select a secure lock for your Safeguard Self Storage Brooklyn, NY mini storage unit. Popular options include disc locks, cylinder locks and closed shackle padlocks.

Disc Locks

Disc locks feature enhanced security elements. This type of lock can withstand attacks involving picking equipment, sledgehammers and drills. A disc lock has a sturdily constructed shackle that attaches tightly around the door latch of a storage unit. This design element makes it next to impossible for would-be thieves to attach bolt cutters to the shackle of the lock. The locking mechanism of a disc lock also has anti-pick components. This kind of lock is the most popular securing device for self storage units.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are especially secure because they are placed inside of the latch of your Brooklyn, NY mini storage unit. This setup is similar to the locking mechanism found on expensive equipment. Cylinder locks cannot be cut off the door’s latch since they don’t protrude away from it. In addition, they are extremely tough and resistant to being drilled or picked.

Even More Protection

Some home insurance policies may cover the property that you store in an off-premise storage facility, but they may not protect you in all types of loss situations. Therefore, when you place belongings in storage, consider taking out a supplemental insurance policy for extra protection. By placing a disc or cylinder lock on the unit most insurance companies will waive the policy deductible should any issues occur. 

Safeguard’s Hollis, NY storage facilities strive to protect your belongings from temperature fluctuations, moisture, dust and pests. To make sure your unit is extra secure, purchase a lock that will discourage thieves. Before buying any lock, contact Safeguard Self Storage to confirm the securing device’s compatibility with the unit’s latches, or just purchase a high security disc or cylinder lock from Safeguard at a great price. For added peace of mind, take out an extended insurance policy for your stored goods. For your convenience there are different insurance policies available at Safeguard Self Storage with coverage provided by Bader Insurance. Safeguard Self Storage has locations throughout New York. Click here to find a Safeguard New York storage facility near you.

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