Security Matters: Safeguard Self Storage Security Features

A professional digital recording camera.

When you opt to put your personal belongings in Philadelphia, PA storage units, you want to choose a storage facility that offers outstanding security features. Gain peace of mind by choosing a Philadelphia, PA storage unit from an industry leader such as Safeguard Self Storage. Here are the security features that Safeguard offers.

Computer-Controlled Access

Instead of offering a facility that is open to the general public, Safeguard Philadelphia, PA storage facilities feature computer-controlled access that ensures only customers have access to the storage units. Computers verify the customer code and then records the activity as access the storage area and their personal storage unit.

Individual Unit Door Alarms

Each Philadelphia Safeguard storage unit is equipped with a unit door alarm that will notify the store team should the unit be opened without the access code being entered into the system. The system works like a burglar alarm would on a home.

Digital Video Recording

Digital video recording is a security feature that offers two primary benefits. First, potential thieves will be deterred by the presence of cameras at every point of entry \ exit of the property. Second, any thieves who dare to brave the Safeguard security features should be caught on camera, making it easier to identify and prosecute them.

Store-Wide Intercom System

While Safeguard offers a plethora of security features intended to make you feel comfortable while you are in the facility, there are times when you might feel uneasy anyway. To give you total peace of mind when you are accessing your personal belongings, we offer a store-wide intercom system that lets you contact our store team for assistance during office hours. 

High-Quality Storage Unit Locks

If you want to go above and beyond the security features that
Philadelphia, PA storage units offer, you can purchase a high-quality unit lock directly from Safeguard. These locks are specifically made to keep storage units locked tight and deter would-be thieves from attempting to gain access.

Locate a storage facility near you today! Safeguard Self Storage has 7 Philadelphia, PA storage facilities:


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