Tiny Houses in the United States

A person holding a miniature model of a house in their hands.

If it seems like space is limited in your home, you should take a look at the many tiny houses that have been springing up around the country! You may have a pressing need for Darien, IL household storage, but the owners of these homes probably need it even more. With Lombard, IL extra storage, the owners of even the tiniest houses can have their cake and eat it too. Tiny houses are incredibly cute; they're also delightfully affordable. Owners can easily afford to store their extra belongings in Chicago, IL self storage facilities.

We've rounded up five great examples of tiny houses for your enjoyment:

  1. ProtoHaus - Located in Longmont, Colorado, this 125-square-foot abode is about as tiny as it gets. Built mostly out of recycled materials and decked out with solar panels, this itty-bitty house is also very energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  2. Painted Lady - Clocking in at 312 square feet, this charming little home in Round Top, Texas, packs lots of features into such limited space. Dotted with uniquely shaped stained glass windows and front and back porches, it's a great example of tiny home architecture.
  3. Shotgun Shack - Despite only being 320 square feet in size, this tiny house has full-size appliances. It's located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, and also features a built-in sofa that converts into a guest bed.
  4. Rancher - Featuring two cozy lofts, this 336-square-foot home is a real gem. You'll find it in Wheelock, Texas. Perhaps its best feature is its screened-in back porch.
  5. Gingerbread Cottage - This ultra-adorable, 240-square foot home is made out of reclaimed lumber. Located in Canyon Lake, Texas, it also features a round loft bedroom and antique wood floors.

As cute as these tiny homes are, you'd probably like more space – not less! Chicago, IL self storage offers an easy solution. By taking advantage of Safeguard’s Illinois storage facilities, you can free up much-needed space in the home without spending a fortune. If you're tired of feeling crammed in with too much stuff, find a Safeguard Self Storage facility near you and start packing.



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