Records and Information Management Month

A warehouse filled with stacks of folders.

Springtime means it's baseball season at Veteran's Park, but there's more to April than organizing team schedules. Did you know that this is officially Records and Information Management Month? Home and business owners all over the area take advantage of convenient Ridgefield storage lockers this time of year to set their records straight.

Centralize Your Storage Strategy

No one celebrates RIM Month with a parade, but you can celebrate it by making it part of your spring routine. Home desk drawers aren't the best filing systems for important receipts. A box in the broom closet doesn't protect business tax records. Still, these are go-to
storage solutions that work until you can't find that one critical piece of paper. If you've tried saving scanned documents to CDs, you know how easily the discs get lost. You need a simple, central solution to paper chases and record frustrations, and that’s the convenience of a nearby Ridgefield storage unit rental.

Separate, Save and Archive

Go through drawers, boxes and file cabinets, and separate routine papers from important records. It's a challenge to replace documents like birth certificates, social security cards and passports, so collect them for storage. Round up filed tax forms, financial records and estate papers. Don't overlook vehicle registrations, home and business inventories and insurance policies. Commit irreplaceable family photos to CD, and include them in your record archives. If the thought of losing it gives you a headache, it belongs in a secure self storage unit.

Pamper Paper and Digital Files

Important records headed for storage deserve a little pampering, so choose sturdy boxes with lids that tape shut or lidded plastic containers. Tuck paper files into plastic sleeves, and use anti-static packaging for digital media. This type of bundling lets you mark the outside of each item for quick reference. As you fill up containers, put older items in first, and label each box with an overview of its contents. Documents and CDs don't like humidity, but most Ridgefield storage lockers offer climate-controlled environments as well as pallets that keep everything off the floor.

Once you've organized important papers and records in self storage, take another look around the house or office. This time of year inspires everything from clutter cleanup to garage sales, and affordable Ridgfield storage unit rental makes it all easy. Spring is finally in the air, so put things in order with
Safeguard Self Storage, and go enjoy that ballgame.

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